The Great Denial

Of a ‘people’ all are members
who regard themselves as such,
find their mother-tongue sounds sweetest
and their fatherland love much;
All the rest like goblins evil
turn their backs upon the people,
bar themselves from kindred tie
and their birthright too deny.

-N. F. S. Grundtvig

Why is white pietas, which is our only connection to the living God, proscribed in church and state? And why do white people submit to the proscription? – CWNY

I see that some bloggers have tried to point out that the last two mass shooters in America fit more into the category of crazed liberals than right wing extremists, but that is an exercise in futility. The liberals are in power, and they will use their power to impose their vision of reality on the people that work and slave under the all-seeing eye of the liberal leviathan. Satan still prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls, but he no longer has to prowl about as an outsider trying to destroy the Christian culture of the European people. Now that liberalism, which is Satanism, has been institutionalized throughout the European nations, Satan prowls about the European nations, as an old-time inspector of the dikes in Holland might have prowled about the dikes trying to ascertain where they might spring a leak. Satan looks for weaknesses in his institutions. He checks on the pro-life movement to make sure it stays democratic and useless. He checks on the churches to make sure their Christianity is in lock-step with the liberalism of the academy. Nor does he neglect the elementary schools – he makes sure they stay liberal and satanic. And he checks the various media outlets to make sure there is a steady stream of vicious hate-filled rhetoric directed against the white race, and a steady stream of propaganda in favor of the sainted races of color.

I remember, back in the beginning of the internet era, listening to conservatives such as George Gilder, who told us that the internet would be a great means of countering liberal propaganda, because it would democratize free speech by taking it out of the hands of the mainstream media pundits. But the exact opposite has taken place. The internet has become the liberals’ main means of attacking the white race and ensuring that all whites stay in line with the liberals’ program, which is a program designed for the complete and utter destruction of the white, Christ-bearing race. How did that happen? It happened because you cannot restore that which is of the spirit with purely mechanical restoratives. Computers can improve the record-keeping of a company, they can facilitate the flow of information, but they cannot provide the faith and hope that sustain a people. That was and is the fundamental mistake of the conservatives. They did not put Burke’s assessment of the European people into their computers:

“The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines.”

You can’t leave incarnate Europe behind as an undemocratic relic of the past and replace it with a democratic, technologically savvy, modern civilization and hope to survive as a people, even if you do computerize your democracy. What difference does it make if Satan speaks to us through the older print media or through the modern internet media? It is still Satanism that is being disseminated.

I’ve noticed, since the liberals’ internet crackdown, that many sites that were formerly aggressively pro-white have become much less so. They have censored themselves in order to survive on the liberal-dominated internet. I used to compare the dissenting internet sites to the samizdat publications in Soviet Russia. But I now see that was a poor comparison. In the samizdat publications the Soviet dissidents printed the truth. They did not write from within the Soviet system, relying on the Soviet government’s belief in free speech to keep their publications in circulation as the American internet bloggers currently do. “But the Soviet regime did not permit free speech whereas our regime does permit free speech,” you reply. Is that true? The American and the other Jacobin nations of Europe permit “free speech” so long as that free speech does not constitute a danger to liberalism. The liberals do not always get it right, they often censor right-wingers who do not constitute a real danger to liberalism, but they do try to keep their kingdom in order just as thoroughly as the Soviet leaders of communist Russia tried to keep their kingdom in order. And the American experiment has proven more successful than the Soviet experiment, because incremental Jacobinism is more long-lasting than instant Jacobinism: It weakens and destroys the spiritual substance of a people much more effectively than the “Jacobinism now” regimes of revolutionary France and Soviet Russia. None of the Russian communist regimes achieved the total ascendancy over their people that the incremental Jacobin regimes of the European nations of America and Europe have achieved. When a liberal government moves incrementally, the people accept Satanism while bragging about their freedoms. If Lady Macbeth feminism, gay rights, and negro worship had been immediately institutionalized after World War I, there would have been much more resistance to those evils than there is today, because the European people of that time were only one generation removed from believing Christians. They still retained a Christian ethos. It took time for the Christian hangover to disappear. Now, after over a century of incremental Jacobinism, the European people accept all the major precepts of liberalism. They are quite willing to give up their faith in their God and themselves, as a distinct people connected to God through pietas, in order to have a place in Liberaldom. “Be it ever so humble, please let us have a home in Liberaldom.” But there can never be a place for white people in Liberaldom, because at the heart of Liberaldom is Satan. He will never allow white people into his earthly kingdom because of their Christian past. When they die, unrepentant of their liberalism, then Satan will welcome them into his kingdom, but not before their deaths. In this world, Satan will keep the white race at bay.

A few months ago I made reference to four public school teachers in New York City who were demoted or removed from their duties for “toxic whiteness.” If, as the liberals assert, whiteness is a disease, then shouldn’t we be told why whiteness is considered a disease? No, the liberals tell us, we need not be told, that is a given; and if we have to ask why whiteness is a disease, then it is proof we are toxically white.

The disease of whiteness was condemned long ago by Plato and by Caiaphas. Both men banned the poetic of life from their republics, because that which is poetical is not subject to the iron-clad logic of philosophy and theology. Are there depths to life that cannot be reached by the human mind? “No, there are not.” Thus spoke Plato and Caiaphas. And thus speaks the devil. If there is a poetic heart to existence, if the mythic world is real and the material world is the unreality, then Christ is risen and the devil shall be defeated. The European people once defied the logic of the devil to proclaim the reality of the epic myth of Christ’s victory over death. Now we have closed that epic chapter of our history and submitted to Satan, but Satan has not forgotten, nor will he ever forget, that white people once saw the poetic essence of life in Jesus Christ and proclaimed that truth to all the world. They mustn’t ever be allowed to proclaim that truth again. That is why the liberals have made “toxic whiteness” a crime.

In every denomination of organized Christianity, throughout the history of the European people, there have always been clergymen and theologians who proclaimed that the hatred of humanity is the mark of a good Christian. They tell us that we must hate what is inside of a man in order to love God, but did original sin so deface His image in man that we must hate our humanity in order to love God? No, ‘tis not so. Christ will build His kingdom on human hearts that love much: “Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

The liberals have taken the perverted theology of the anti-human faction of the organized Christian churches and made it their own theology, only the liberals have exempted the colored races and the illuminated whites. They are worthy of redemption, but the unilluminated whites are totally depraved, they are damned. The churchmen do not oppose the liberals’ anti-white, anti-Christian faith because it is in line with their theology of the greatness of God and the depravity of humanity. But why would God take the form of human flesh if humanity was totally depraved? “He didn’t take flesh and dwell among us,” the liberals tell us. Likewise the Jews and the Moslems also tell us that He did not take flesh and dwell among us. They face the contradiction that the perverted theologians are not willing to deal with: If we are too depraved for the kingdom of God to dwell in our hearts, then the Incarnation is a lie. And the intellectual Christians are acting as if it were all a lie by joining the liberals in their condemnation of the white pietas that sustained and animated the European people before white pietas became a disease.

If we cannot act on the love that we feel for our own, if we must hide our noblest and best instincts in order to show the liberals that we truly love the sacred gods of color, then we will perish from the earth and suffer the pains of hell in the next world, because we cannot be connected to Christ except through our humanity. We touch His sacred heart because we have human hearts. Once we become part of Liberaldom, we renounce our humanity and our God.

By a tragic irony what the old hard-hearted theologians used to tell us, that man was filth and God was all, has become much closer to the truth than it was during the Christian European era of history. Liberals, having divested themselves of their humanity, do seem to be totally depraved creatures without one single spark of humanity. But we must remember a time when liberalism, not white pietas, was considered a disease. And we must remember that we belong to His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God that He has placed in our hearts, and not to the liberals’ kingdom of evil, which was conceived by Satan and is consecrated to his unholy will.

There are no supports left for the Christian European. Everything Christian and European has been torn asunder. Only our hearts are left. Inside His Kingdom of the heart, we must find the strength to resist liberalism and cling to our European hearth fire. All is indeed cheerless, dark, and deadly – we have only our “trembling faith,” and His promise that He will be with us “alway, even unto the ending of the world.” +

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