The Bowstrings of the Spirit

It was a dry cold night, and the wind blew keenly, and the frost was white and hard. A man would die to-night of lying out on the marshes, I thought. And then I looked at the stars, and considered how awful it would be for a man to turn his face up to them as he froze to death, and see no help or pity in all the glittering multitude. – Great Expectations

When Walt Disney died, the entire technical crew, the cartoonists, the directors, the writers, who had been with Walt, remained. But Disney Studies never, after Walt’s death, put out anything even remotely as good as the type of movies and cartoons that came out of Disney Studies when Walt was alive. The heart of the studio was dead. In a similar vein there was the Inklings, a club of writers that C. S. Lewis started, to form a counter-culture within Academia that was opposed to the anti-Christian bias of Academia. When C. S. Lewis died, the Inklings died. In both cases, Disney Studios and the Inklings, the old forms survived, but the substance was gone, because the substance of Disney Studies and the substance of the Inklings depended on the heart and soul of one man. “But O for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still.”

We currently live in an anti-civilization, a world completely opposed to the civilization of old Europe, because we have lost contact with the God-Man who was and is the heart and soul of our civilization. Many of the outer forms of the old Europe still remain, but it is crystal clear that the substance of modern Europe is not the substance of old Europe. New Europe and old Europe are two diametrically opposed worlds. That fact seems too obvious to have to be stated, but it needs to be stated over and over again, because it is not obvious to the conservatives and the grazers, the people who constitute the great majority of the European people. Only the liberals realize that a new world, their world, has been built over the ruins of old Europe. The conservatives still cling to their Augustinian reading of history: “There can never be a Christian culture. Everything outside the organizational structure called the Church is the realm of the barbarians. Let us take refuge behind the hollowed walls of Christian academia.” Such logic leaves out the great miracle, the conversion of the European tribesmen that Thomas Nelson Page writes about:

On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating with all his heart—a Goth.

How can we forget those Europeans who saw that Odin was the forerunner of Christ and who carved out a place for Christ in the midst of a heathen world? All that was good, all that elevated the European people to another realm, a better realm of existence than mere paganism, stemmed from the European tribesmen’s leap across the pagan divide from Odin to Christ. If that conversion never occurred, if those Europeans were not really Christian, and the real Christian men and women are still in the future, a future purged of the false Christ of the European people, then we are of all men most to be pitied, for we have believed a lie.

“That is no tragedy,” the liberals tell us, “You can become like us and cavort around the throne of the sacred negro, which is true happiness and eternal bliss.” If barbarism is happiness and the extinction of the human personality is bliss, then the liberals are right: we should join them in their long day’s journey into the beautiful night of Liberaldom. The white grazers have no problem with the darkness of liberalism, because the conservatives tell them that “darkness is right,” that there never was a Narnian upper world, there is only the liberals’ world of eternal night. In that world there are the four freedoms, freedom to worship the sacred negro, freedom to speak the praises of the sacred negro, freedom from fear, namely the fear of the living God, and freedom from want, which is the freedom to give up the bread of life, which is Christ the Lord, in order to obtain the things of this world only. The white grazers have been bound hand and foot by their ‘conservative’ leaders and turned over to the liberal torturers. In the name of a pure Christian future that is always on the horizon, but never actually materializes, the conservative intellectuals have betrayed the only civilization that was genuinely Christian in order to join with the liberals in the building of a civilization that is a new Babel, a hell on earth.

The reason why the conservatives work within the perimeters of liberalism in order to effect change rather than attack liberalism itself is because the modern conservatives are not Burkean conservatives. It was Burke’s contention that prior to the French Revolution, “The nations of Europe have had the very same Christian religion, agreeing in the fundamental parts, varying a little in the ceremonies and in the subordinate doctrines.” Because the nations of Europe were Christian and the Jacobins were opposed to Christianity, Burke maintained that Christian Britain and the rest of the European nations could not, without betraying the moral essence of their nations, make peace with the Jacobin government whether Robespierre or the Directory was in charge of it. But the nations of Europe did make peace with the Jacobins, and we, the European people, have been paying the consequences of that ‘peace’ for centuries, in small dribs and drabs at first, but now, in the 21st century, we are paying the price with our blood.

During the French Revolution, Jacobin sympathizers throughout the European nations were either completely indifferent to — or, in many instances, they rejoiced at — the torture and murder of white Christians. And they justified their indifference and/or their exaltation by claiming that the murdered whites were insufficiently Christian, so they deserved to be killed:

What ferocity of character drew on the fate of Elizabeth, the sister of King Lewis the 16th? For which of the vices of that pattern of benevolence, of piety, and of all the virtues, did they put her to death? For which of her vices did they put to death the mildest of all human creatures, the Duchess of Biron? What were the crimes of those crowds of Matrons and Virgins of condition, whom they massacred, with their juries of blood, in prisons and on scaffolds? What were the enormities of the Infant King, whom they caused by lingering tortures to perish in their dungeon, and whom if at last they despatched by poison, it was in that detestable crime the only act of mercy they have ever shewn?

What softening of character is to be had, what review of their social situations and duties is to be taught by these examples, to Kings, to Nobles, to Men of Property, to Women, and to Infants? The Royal Family perished, because it was royal. The Nobles perished, because they were noble. The Men, Women and Children, who had property, because they had property to be robbed of. The Priests were punished, after they had been robbed of their all, not for their vices, but for their virtues and their piety, which made them an honour to their sacred profession, and to that nature, of which we ought to be proud, since they belong to it. My Lord, nothing can be learned from such examples, except the danger of being Kings, Queens, Nobles, Priests, and Children to be butchered on account of their inheritance. – Letters on a Regicide Peace

Is such liberal ferocity in the past? No, it is not, it is still with us. Have not the liberals countenanced the massacre of the whites in South Africa because they were ‘racists’ and therefore outside the ken of humanity? And haven’t the conservatives ignored the plight of pro-Apartheid whites in South Africa because they were insufficiently Christian, because they were – horror of horrors – white separatists? But South Africa really is the entire Western world. The liberals must destroy everything white because old Europe was Christian, and the conservatives will not defend old Europe or the continued existence of whites who champion old Europe, because the antique Europeans, from their utopian viewpoint, were insufficiently Christian. Belloc, the ‘conservative’ Catholic, was an ardent supporter of the Jacobins because he felt that the murdered aristocrats were insufficiently Catholic, so they deserved to be purged. That ‘conservative’ angelism is what enables the liberals to reign unopposed. And if the great purgers are not opposed, they will enlarge their vision of the purge. It is no longer the aristocrats who must be destroyed, it is all the non-illuminated whites who must be blotted off the face of the earth. Rich or poor, all whites have become aristocrats in the eyes of the liberal Jacobins.

The liberals’ onslaught has intensified in the 21st century because there is no longer any Christian check on their hatred, and it has intensified because every individual white fears that he will be found wanting, that he will be seen as too white, making him one of the non-illuminated whites who must go to the guillotine. This is why white liberals scream ‘racist’ at the top of their lungs at the slightest pretext and more often than not with no pretext whatsoever. They must prove that they are illuminated whites who have transcended whiteness. They live in the hope that the dark gods of liberalism will place a mark on their door so that the angel of death will leave them alone. But the dark gods of liberalism are not gods of mercy: they will kill the illuminated whites just as readily as the non-illuminated whites.

And the conservatives? Will they resist the liberals’ onslaught? No, they won’t. Their mission in life is to preserve impersonal, cosmic, Chardinian Christianity, and impersonal, abstract democracy. Individual human beings, particularly non-illuminated white human beings, do not interest them. They live for the future, a future in which they have won the illuminated debate with their liberal cousins and the world is run according to their Socratic, white minds, which have transcended racism, provincialism, and all feelings, including a passion for the living God, that stem from the human heart. The European with a heart that still lives must reject the inhumanity of Christless liberalism and its cousin, intellectual Christianity, which is also Christless because it lacks a heart of flesh, grounded in pietas.

If the words and sounds mean nothing–
‘people’ and ‘the fatherland’—
if for us they have no meaning
more than numbers, earth, and strand,
futile is all formulation,
all talk of ‘God’s congregation’
or God’s kingdom’s hills and vales.

If our hearts lack any feeling
that we are a race divine,
if no pain that with this calling
we ourselves could not align,
we mock words we cannot follow,
make ‘redeemed’, ‘reborn’ sound hollow,
though God wants us as His own.

In the people’s mouth the Word tells
what the world has never seen;
when the Word sounds in the heart’s depth,
only hearts know what it means;
for the bowstrings of the spirit
and the flaming heart’s sweet lyric
are the echo of God’s Word.

-N.F.S. Grundtvig

Throughout the gospels, the scribes and the Pharisees follow Christ around in order to mock Him and to tally up His transgressions against the law. When He tells them why He heals people on the Sabbath and why He eats with publicans and sinners, the scribes and the Pharisees never listen to His explanations. They are not interested, because they have only one concern – their own power. And Christ is a threat to their power. Some of the scribes and Pharisees might even have suspected that Christ was indeed the Son of God, but that doesn’t matter to them. It is this world, and this world only, that they care about. The modern scribes and Pharisees in the liberal-conservative camps have applied the sneer and the tally sheet of transgressions against the liberals’ law to the antique Europeans who gave their hearts to Christ. “Seek and ye shall find.” The friends of the man who was sick with the palsy found a way to bring their friend to Christ. They lowered him down from a hole they made in the ceiling. Is it really so difficult to find the Son of the living God if we go to the heart of old Europe? Isn’t He the moral essence of that civilization? We must have a ground to stand on, the words ‘people’ and ‘the fatherland’ must be our connection to the God who enters human hearts. My God, who is Jesus Christ, and my people, who are the antique Europeans, formed a union of hearts with Christ. Who shall sever us from that union? Certainly not the liberals, and certainly not their conservative brethren. The bonds of the heart should never be broken. And they shall not be broken. Outside of those bonds is cold, merciless death – within those bonds is mercy, love, and life. +

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