The Narrow White Gate

I am a woodland fellow, sir, that always loved a great fire; and the master I speak of ever keeps a good fire. But, sure, he is the prince of the world; let his nobility remain in ‘s court. I am for the house with the narrow gate, which I take to be too little for pomp to enter. Some that humble themselves may; but the many will be too chill and tender, and they’ll be for the flow’ry way that leads to the broad gate and the great fire. – All’s Well That Ends Well

Let us begin with the four white public school teachers in New York City who were recently demoted or removed from their duties for “toxic whiteness.” The brave new world is here. The liberals have left incremental Jacobinism behind in order to proceed with the last act of the drama in which they throw off their masks and stand before us in all their satanic fury, confident that the white grazers are too spiritually gutted to distinguish good from evil and the remnant band of Europeans who can still distinguish good from evil are too few and too marginalized to resist them.

We have taken “too little care of this.” The attack on all things white, because whiteness was wedded to all things Christian, started in the devil’s workshop. The academy in church and state was and is the place where Satan reigns. It is there, where the men of intellect, unaided by hearts connected to the living God, join with Satan to go on an unsentimental journey to a mind-forged heaven on earth. Men were supposed to become as gods if they went with Satan on that journey, but they have become worse than beasts, they have become un-men.

I first heard the concept of ‘toxic whiteness’ articulated in my college classroom in the early 1970s. A radical sociology professor (are there any other kind?) called the Leave It to Beaver television show of the late 1950s an “insidiously white” show. Later, throughout the 1970s and the 1980s, I frequently heard the liberals refer to the Leave It to Beaver show as a hideous manifestation of evil. Only Walt Disney was demonized more than Leave It to Beaver. And why was Leave It to Beaver demonized? The show was demonized because it was the Jane Austen of television shows, depicting the ordinary activities of a white, middle class family (Austen’s characters were mostly white, upper class families) with warmth and humor. Why is that evil? Let’s go to the heart of the matter – whiteness is evil because whites were and are still called to be the Christ-bearing race. If you hate Christ as the liberals hate Christ, you must attack every manifestation of whiteness, because whiteness is indeed toxic to liberals and to all the non-white races who reject the God of mercy in order to serve the heathen gods of sacrifice.

We wouldn’t want to follow Wally and Beaver into their college years, because their world, the world of the 1950s and early 1960s, was the twilight world of ethical Christianity. The full-fledged faith in Christ crucified, Christ risen was gone, but the ethical remnant of that faith still remained, soon to be extinguished. Mother Goose, in The March of the Wooden Soldiers, tells us we can never return to the childhood of our race. She was wrong – through Christ that return is possible. We, like Wally and Beaver, can return to whiteness, but only if we renounce incremental Jacobinism and go all the way back to Europe, when it was white and Christian. 

The great betrayal of Christ in the 20th century took place within the ranks of the conservative intelligentsia. I do not cite the liberals as traitors, because they were and are the avowed enemies of Christ. It is the conservatives, who expressed (at least intellectually) a belief in Christ, that were and are the traitors. And their betrayal consists of this – they had no sympathetic connection to Christ through their people, they had only a Socratic belief in a mind-forged, abstract God. Without that sympathy, they became as tinkling cymbals and sounding brass, fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. Pope John XXIII stood for all the conservatives when he expressed loving forgiveness for the black savages who tortured and murdered his fellow whites and his Catholic brethren. Is not such forgiveness genuine Christian charity? No, it is not, because without what Burke called “charitable rancor,” without a protective, loving impulse to fight for one’s own people when they are attacked, a man is worse than the heathens, he belongs to the dark angel who has made the hatred of Christ and His people his one deep and abiding passion. The godless, inhuman popes, and the think-tank conservatives, who want to preserve systems while they blissfully accept the death of their people, are one in their repudiation of that which is essential, a heart of flesh connected to God through kith and kin. They made common cause with the liberals who have made common cause with Satan. Let God judge their souls, but we shall judge their actions. They are false to their people and their God. When the conservatives in church and state bid us abandon our “charitable rancor” in the name of a nonracist, universalist love of generic mankind, we shall reject them as we reject the devil and all his works.

“See how they love one another,” was the mark of the Christian. “See how they hate one another,” is the mark of a liberal. The liberals, in the name of liberalism, have made whatever is bestial, whatever is cruel, and whatever is anti-Christian the basis of their satanic faith. It is no longer possible, now that the liberals have proceeded with the last act of their anti-white drama, to see the race war in any other light than the true light. The race war is a war of faith. Our people once believed that when Christ came to this earth, divine mercy walked among us in the flesh. We were redeemed from Satan’s power by the “heroic munificence” of Christ the Lord. Can the liberals’ hatred for whites possibly be understood without reference to the God that the whites took into their hearts and their racial hearth fire? Surely such hatred, a hatred of epic proportions, must have something supernatural that fuels it.

The liberals’ hatred comes from Satan. He cannot abide the God of mercy, because he does not believe that mankind is deserving of mercy. The Shavian sneer, the hatred of all things human and Christian, is the essence of Satan. The liberals have made the satanic sneer and the detached intellect, detached from pietas, the harrowing essence of their faith. Just as Christ harrowed hell to save poor sinners, the liberals harrow whites to save themselves from Christ’s mercy, which insults their intelligence, to build a new Tower of Babel that will place them above the angels and above the Lord God.

Kurtz, in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, looks at the evil he has done and the evil mankind is capable of and pronounces judgement on that evil: “The horror, the horror.” The democratic leadership of the West, liberal and conservative, does not look at liberalism and say, “The horror, the horror.” Without the perception that liberalism is a satanic, reptilian entity, we will be destroyed by it, because we will not have the will to resist. If we don’t feel the flames of hell when we come into contact with liberalism — “Your soul deserves the place to which it came. If having entered Hell, you feel no flame” – we will not feel the need to call on Christ, the hero of great “munificence,” who descended into hell itself in order to save poor sinners from Satan’s power. We cannot look at pure hell without being paralyzed with fear, unless we look at that hell knowing our Lord goes before us in the battle against Satan and his minions. The conservatives who will not champion that which must be conserved, their people, and the church men such as Pope Francis the Blasphemer, who court favor with the liberals and their heathen gods of color, have no problem with white genocide because they have become spiritually anesthetized; they do not feel the flames of liberalism. What is impossible for a European Christian — to live in the midst of liberals without feeling the flame — is possible for the anti-European ‘Christian’ intellectuals — they are content to live amongst liberals and become co-heirs of the kingdom of hell on earth which shall become a reality when whiteness is purged from the face of the earth.

When there is no “charitable rancor” in our hearts that makes us want to defend our people when they are the victims of cruelty and injustice, and when there is no “charitable rancor” in our hearts that makes us want to defend our honored dead and the civilization of unparalleled spiritual beauty they bequeathed to us, we become the accomplices of Satan in his assault on all things white and Christian. The late Samuel Francis and the late John Tyndall tried to get whites to defend themselves by pointing out the impracticality of liberalism – it is bad for whites in the material realm. But people won’t fight – at least white people won’t – for materialism. What is the spiritual force driving mere materialism? The liberals have a religious zeal that will destroy their white enemies unless their white enemies come at them with an unshakeable faith in the Man-God who harrowed hell.

The logical, pragmatic conservative refuses to believe that the liberals will go through with their stated plan to destroy whiteness, because he believes that common sense will prevail and the liberals will see it is against their self-interest (since they are white) to destroy whiteness. This is where mere pragmatism fails the conservative. If we see through, not with the eye, we can see that the liberals have replaced the mystery of the Christ story with a new mystery religion. They believe that they have been changed, that their repudiation of whiteness has purged them of whiteness. They believe if they endure to the end, if they love the black man and all the colored races while hating all whiteness, they will be saved. After raising Estella to hate all humanity, particularly the male half of humanity, Miss Havisham is shocked when Estella has no love for her. The liberals will be shocked when their colored minions, whom they have loved and nurtured, turn on them, but they will cling to their religion to the end, because they hate Christ and all those who believe in Him.

Is liberalism a religion? Yes, it is. The liberals have institutionalized the hatred of the white race and the love of the colored races with one exception: the colored people who embrace the white man’s religion must be purged along with the white man. The murdered black Christian Nigerians earn no tears from the liberals because they, in the liberals’ eyes, are apostates — they have left the true religion to embrace the hated white man’s God. But is the liberals’ religion a faith? Can you just create an abstract faith with no basis in reality because you can’t stand reality? The liberals’ religion is a non-faith.

When Robespierre saw that straight atheism did not work, he instituted harvest festivals in which he made his people bow down before nature. Is that faith? No, it is not. Nor is the liberals’ nature-based religion of the noble savage a genuine faith. Real faith is of the spirit and blood, it reaches into the depths of the heart. Our ancestors’ white faith was of the heart. They loved their people in and through the Savior. When the heathens attacked their hearth fires, they struck back because such attacks were directed at their people and their God, who were united in one incorporate union. That is the union, not the union of American atheistic states, or the anti-white European Union, which we must fight to preserve. If we love much, if we renew our covenant with the Christ of old Europe, we will strike back in defense of our people and our God. The first step back must be an internal conversion — we must reclaim our white souls by embracing our white Christian heritage and rejecting, as we reject Satan, all those who tell us our redemption lies in our repudiation of all things white and Christian. Within provincial, white Europe is a narrow gate that leads to His house of many mansions. Outside that world is the broad gate which leads us to Satan and his kingdom of eternal night. +

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