The Red Death of Liberalism

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matthew 16: 26


And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. — Matthew 18: 2-3


In Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Masque of the Red Death,” the revelers at the party thought they were safe from the Red Death that was ravaging the surrounding countryside, but in the end they too were devoured by the Red Death. It does not take a prophet to know that the European people are in the position of the revelers, because the Red Death of Liberalism is not in the future, it is in the present. The European people are partying while the Red Death kills them off.

Despite differences in politics, the various mainstream news outlets, such as CNN, NBC, and Fox, and the various alternative news sites such as Breitbart, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and the Drudge Report are all united in that which is essential to perpetuate the Red Death; they are united in their belief in the democratic process. You get the information out to the people, and then they act on that information by participating in the democratic process, which includes voting, writing letters to Congress, and participating in nonviolent protests.

The alternative news sites have sprung up because the moderate liberals think — and they are correct – that the mad-dog liberals are suppressing the truth, they are not reporting the story of white genocide. But despite the fact that the mad-dog liberals control the content of the mainstream news organizations and reserve the right to regulate the alternative news sites, the moderate liberals, who are called conservatives, still cling tenaciously to the  hope that somehow the democratic process, which is the tool of Satan, can be used to dethrone Satan. This can never be. Isabel’s heartfelt plea to the Duke in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is just as true today as it was then: “You bid me seek redemption from the devil.” We must look to someone besides the devil for our redemption.

Many of the post-World War II conservatives expressed a sympathy for and/or a belief in Christianity, but they prefaced their stated belief in Christianity as a religion with the rejection of the antique European people’s faith in Christ. They did not go into the future holding on to the strings of the past, because they rejected their racial hearth fire where the Christ of old Europe dwelt and replaced it with a universalist religion without a place for the Christ of old Europe. The ‘conservatives’ did not believe, in contrast to Burke, that democracy and its accompanying universalist platitudes was incompatible with the Word made flesh. They blended Christianity with democracy and came up with Christo-liberalism, which is liberalism salted with some Christian phrases, but is still, at its core, liberalism. The shipwreck of the European people took place when the conservative leadership in church and state steered the good Ship Europe onto the rocks of philosophical speculation and racial amalgamation.

I don’t want to leave the ‘progress’ heresy that I touched on last week, because that heresy is the link between the mad-dog liberals and the conservatives who claim to be in opposition to the mad-dog liberals. When you accept the premise that democracy and its universalist assumptions of racial and cultural diversity is progress, how can you oppose the progressive reforms of democracy? You can’t. The conservatives never tell us we must kill abortion doctors, because a Christian people do not permit the slaughter of infants. Nor do they tell us that we must imprison the liberals and drive the colored heathens from our nations. Instead they tell us that we must work through the democratic process to limit abortions and we must work through the democratic process to restrict immigration. Can you be moderate when dealing with the devil?

Why, now that the liberals have thrown off their false humanistic masks and revealed themselves in all their satanic inhumanity, are the churchmen and the ‘conservatives’ more willing than ever to compromise with them? Part of the reason is the obvious one. The liberals are in power, and it is dangerous to oppose the powers that be. But that is only part of the reason. The modern conservatives would not continue to adhere to the democratic process out of sheer cowardice, because there are many conservatives who are not cowards. The mad-dog liberals could not rule without the consent of the non-cowardly conservatives. Why then do they consent to the rule of the mad-dog liberals? The conservatives consent to the liberals’ rule because the conservatives believe in the democratic heresy. They believe that democracy and its attendant customs and traditions is superior to the governments of old Europe with their attendant customs and traditions. But is the democratic culture, which has given us race-mixing, legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and transgenderism, really superior to the customs and traditions of old Europe? By some magical hocus pocus the modern conservative thinks we can have democracy without the above-mentioned evils. Is that possible? I recently saw a travelogue by James A. Fitzpatrick, the man who traveled the globe for MGM Studios. He was visiting Denmark, which at that time (1950) seemed like the ideal democratic state. But was that wonderful 1950s nation wonderful because they were a democracy or because the evils that come with democracy had not surfaced yet? Denmark at that time was still white, and her people were still living according to the Christian ethos of their forefathers. Now that democracy, with its racial diversity and sexual perversity, has taken root in Denmark, is it still the ideal state that Fitzpatrick lauds? No, it is not. Denmark, like all of the European nations, has succumbed to the Red Death of Liberalism, because Denmark followed the path of democratic diversity.

Like a mad scientist who seeks to put together a human being by collecting body parts and fusing them together, the 20th century conservatives have sought to reconstruct the Christian faith by fusing all the theories of God together – Greek, Roman, Hebrew, and Moslem – in order to make a universalist Christian façade that was acceptable to the scientized brains of modern Europeans. But like the mad scientist, the conservative intellectuals forgot the animating spirit. They forgot pietas. The love that once was there, at the Europeans’ racial hearth fire, the love for their people and for Christ, was missing. You can’t kill pietas and still expect a man to love a generic God and a generic people. In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham, who has raised Estella to shun mankind so that she will not be deceived by an excess of sentiment for individual members of mankind, is horrified when Estella grows up and has no heart to love “even her,” Miss Havisham. The atrocity stories reported by the alternative news sites fall on deaf ears because the European people have no heart left for their people or their God – the scientized intellects in church and state have killed white pietas.

What is missing in the scientized Christian façade of the modern churches is the incarnate Lord. Why do the church men make common cause with Jews, Moslems, and academics while denouncing the white European Christians who have not cut their ties to the ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ antique Europeans? It is because the scientized mind always has a problem with the Word made flesh. It goes against the tenets of Gnosticism. And when our incarnate Lord’s incarnation is Gnosticized, so is His resurrection from the dead. Do we believe as little children, do we believe that we will see our Lord in the flesh along with all our loved ones in the place which He has prepared for us? Organized Christian Jewry now serves as a halfway house for Europeans who can’t quite quit the Christian habit. In the halfway house churches, the recovering Christians are shown how they can have a little bit of faith in Christianity while giving their heart and soul to the colored gods of liberalism. Those gods are scientific because they are natural. And what is natural is sacred, is it not?

I had a philosophy teacher in college who was a devotee of Nietzsche and his doctrine of eternal recurrence. Nietzsche was not a great favorite with the liberals. On the one hand they liked his anti-Christian polemic, his devotion to the “eternal cosmos” instead of the ‘unnatural’ Christian God. But they did not like his doctrine of eternal recurrence, because that doctrine was in conflict with the liberals’ doctrine of progress. Liberalism combines paganism with a secularized Christian theory of history. The Christian Europeans believed history would end with the return of Christ, while the liberals believe that history will end when they have set up the kingdom of God on earth. And that God must be a natural God, because nature is all. Enter the sacred negro. Nietzsche would have deplored the worship of the negro, just like our modern neo-pagans deplore the worship of the negro, but Nietzsche is at one with the liberals in his rejection of the unnatural God-Man who died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day.

The Christian Everyman has not fared well in the age of science. Under the auspices of scientific truth, the neo-pagan and the mad-dog liberal have launched an unrelenting attack on Christ and His people. And the Christian Everyman has surrendered to the enemy because the leaders in church and state who were supposed to conserve that which was essential, the love which sees beauty on the cross, have compromised with the devil who bids mankind look at God through the eyes of a scientist examining a bug under a microscope.

The Christ-haunted playwright Eugene O’Neill once wrote a play called Lazarus Laughed. At first those who saw Christ raise Lazarus from the dead rejoiced and laughed at death. But over time, the eyewitnesses began to doubt what they had seen. “Maybe it was a trick, maybe Lazarus didn’t really return from the dead.” What happens to Lazarus’ friends over the short space of O’Neill’s play has happened over a longer period of time to the European people. Doubt set in. The European people could look at nature unflinchingly because He had conquered nature, but as their knowledge of nature increased, their faith declined. Did Christ really conquer nature, or was He still subordinate to nature? Was He and is He the precursor of the sacred gods of color, the cosmic God of Teilhard du Chardin, or is He Jesus Christ, our sovereign Lord and Savior?

From whence comes the spiritual virility to resist the scientific onslaught on our sacred faith? Is there anything that can stop the Red Death of Liberalism? The answer to those questions lies in our past. They, the European people when they were a people, believed in Christ more than in science. They trusted the Word made flesh more than the research of the scientists. If it be neo-paganism, it shall fail, if it be liberalism, it shall fail, if it be Christo-liberalism, it shall fail, but His charity shall not fail. He has left us a Comforter until He returns, and I have never known one single man or woman with a heart of flesh who failed to find comfort in the Man of Sorrows. If we return to pietas, the love of our own, we will find Him, the God above nature, the God with a human heart. +

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