Lo! He Abhors Not the Virgin’s Womb

Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning,
Jesus, to thee be all glory giv’n;
Word of the Father now in flesh appearing;


After a verbal exchange with Feste, the Lady Oliva’s fool, Viola, the heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, realizes that Feste is anything but a fool.

This fellow is wise enough to play the fool,
And to do that well craves a kind of wit.
He must observe their mood on whom he jests,
The quality of persons, and the time,
And, like the haggard, check at every feather
That comes before his eye. This is a practice
As full of labour as a wise man’s art;
For folly that he wisely shows is fit,
But wise men, folly-fall’n, quite taint their wit.

In modern Liberaldom, any man who wants to make a living must not offend the principalities and powers of Liberaldom. He must be wise enough to play the fool. He must pretend, even if he is not a liberal, to be in complete accord with all the basic tenets of liberalism, particularly the main tenet: ‘Thou shalt love the negro with thy whole heart, mind, and soul, and thou shalt hate the white man with all thy heart, mind, and soul.’ If the white grazer is found deficient, if he violates the great commandment, he will be cast into outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Independent of the immorality of supporting liberalism, and we really can’t separate ourselves from that issue, is the problem of the ever-changing nature of liberalism. Liberalism is an express train. The first station stop is called “equality for all.” That is where the colored heathens are invited on the train with the whites. The second station is the “some are more equal than others” stop. At that station the whites are piled into the box cars, they are no longer allowed in the passenger section of the train. At the next station stop, the “white genocide station,” the whites are taken out of the box cars and herded into the stockyards where they will be slaughtered. And then the train moves on to its final destination – which is hell.

The difficulty in coming to some kind of terms with the engineers of the liberal train is that they move past the different stations so fast. A case in point – about 24 years ago I was asked, by a conservative magazine editor, to write a series of articles for his magazine. I jumped at the opportunity because at that particular time I was struggling to support a wife and children. I sent off the first article, full of hope and expectation. I honestly thought the article would be well received. There was nothing, from my point of view, controversial about what I had written. The article was not about race. So I was very surprised when the editor asked me to take out a reference I had made to “Christian Europe.” I refused to take out the reference, and as a consequence my career as a conservative pundit was over before it began. I had failed to see just how far to the left the political spectrum had shifted. Even the “conservatives” were too liberal to permit a good word to be said about the antique Europeans. And it has gotten much worse in the last 24 years. Men are fired for using words such as “niggardly” and terms such as “cotton-pickin’.” Nor is it enough to remain silent about issues pertaining to the sacred negro. Anything less than enthusiastic support is seen as hostility to the liberals’ regime, and that hostility is punished. How did we come to this pass? Why is white pietas, which is our only connection to the living God, proscribed in church and state? And why do white people submit to the proscription?

I must come back to the same theme again. White people are the only people who have made the hatred of their own people into a religion. All our major institutions – our churches, our schools, our universities, and the various media outlets – preach hatred of the white race. Why do the whites stand alone, hating their own people and worshipping the people of other races? The whites stand alone in their hatred of whites because they stood alone in their acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior. Christianity is a dangerous religion; it must be taken to heart, it must be lived, in order to be the life-sustaining force that once inspired our people. We must believe His cross, the cross that “leadeth us,” is our salvation. If we refuse to take up the cross we will become post-Christian intellectuals, we will become liberals who hate their own people, or we will become white grazers who tolerate the hatred of their own people. There is an overwhelming beauty at the heart of the Christ story. But it is a moral beauty that can only be seen by a human heart, a heart enflamed by His love in and through the channels of grace He has provided for us. Without white pietas we cannot know the Savior. We will be left with our intellects alone, and our intellects alone always produce men and women who see with, not through the eye. They see nature and nature’s god, the noble savage, they do not see the beauty of the Man of Sorrows who has redeemed the world.

All heresies emanate from the clergy, and then spread outward to the laity. The reason the heresies start with the clergy is because the clergy are the men of intellect. They think about God until they think Him into a closed box of their own devising. It is always the humanity of God that gives the churchmen problems. They can’t really accept the incarnate God, the God who took flesh and dwelt among us. So they take refuge in either a non-incarnate Pharisaical-Sadducean God who would not deem to soil Himself by taking human flesh, or else they take refuge in the Socratic Christ, who hands down his philosophical precepts to the thinking men.

The liberals’ religious hatred of the white race stems from the churchmen’s qualms about the incarnation of our Lord and Savior. St. Augustine, who never quite left his Manichaeism behind him, asserted that there was the City of God, which was the organized Catholic Church, and the City of Man, which consisted of the human flotsam that had to be avoided at all costs. If we excuse St. Augustine, which I do not, because he lived in a time when the European barbarians were at the gates of Rome, we still must ask why the churchmen who followed St. Augustine, the churchmen who could see the Word made flesh in the European nations, still maintained that there was no such thing as Christian Europe. We are told that the people from whom Rembrandt, Handel, and millions of other witnesses to the Word made flesh came, were an illusion. They didn’t exist. But if they didn’t exist, to whom should we look to in order to see the Word which was made flesh? Should we look to the men of intellect? “Yes,” say the churchmen. “You must look to us!” But if we must look to the men of intellect, why should we not look to the men of intellect outside the church? If intellect is all, let us look to the men who were too smart to be fooled by the Christ story. The churchmen acquiesce to the demonization of the white race in the hopes that their modified philosophical Christianity, a Christianity that demythologizes the incarnate Lord, will prove acceptable to the liberals who will then leave the organized churches intact and allow them to be part of the brave new world of science, reason, and the noble savages of color. But that world is not a world that men and women with hearts of flesh can live in.

The mantra of the heretic in every age is that he equates the hatred of humanity with the love of God. The heretic thinks he must hate all things human in order to champion God. But doesn’t that leave the God-Man out of the picture? Our Lord took flesh and dwelt among us so that He could join the human with the divine. If we renounce our humanity we renounce our connection to the living God. This is where the connection between the liberals and the Christian heretics comes into play. The heretic denounces the Word that was made flesh in the European people, because he refuses to accept the fact that humanity can be sanctified by the grace of God. The liberals agree. They refuse to see the moral beauty of the antique Europeans because they hate, like the fallen angel, the Word made flesh. The maniacal hatred of the liberals for white people is an ancient hatred that is fueled by the devil. He cannot strike God directly, but he can attack God by attacking the people who formed an incorporate union with Christ. Wherever the image of God in man appears, Satan strikes. Has he totally effaced that image? No, he hasn’t, but we are in dire straits. The image of God in man has been banished to the catacombs of Europe where men and women who “receive Him still” hold a place at their racial hearth fire for the Son of God.

We cannot continue to deceive ourselves about the nature of liberalism. Donne said that, “No man is an Island,” least of all John Donne, “because I am involved in Mankinde.” But John Donne was speaking as a European who had discovered, through the grace of God, that his humanity was part of Christ’s divine humanity, he knew the worth of his soul and the souls of his fellow men. However, if we take that faith in the Word made flesh away from the Europeans, what is left of our humanity? We see the birth of the non-humans, the liberals. They have built an island unto themselves: it is an island inhabited by creatures devoid of all humanity. And is not such an island the devil’s isle? For him, paradise is an island of dead souls, an island inhabited by creatures who have renounced their God-given humanity and hate the God-Man as Satan hates the God-Man.

The modern European grazers are trying desperately to carve out a niche for themselves in Liberaldom. That can never be, because the liberals must destroy the people who once championed the Word made flesh. Nor should we want to be part of Liberaldom. Don’t look to Christian democracies – they are snares of the devil. Christ always loses when the veracity of His word is put to a vote. We do not want Barabbas, we want our Lord and Savior, we want our Jesus. +

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