No Longer Under Their Dominion

They know, that he who fears God fears nothing else; and therefore they eradicate from the mind, through their Voltaire, their Helvetius, and the rest of that infamous gang, that only sort of fear which generates true courage. Their object is, that their fellow citizens may be under the dominion of no awe, but that of their committee of research, and of their lanterne. –Burke, A Letter to a Member of the National Assembly


And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24: 15


Although I went out and voted straight Republican in the midterm elections, I did not vote because I believe it is a citizen’s duty to participate in the democratic process. I voted to support a man who is fighting a courageous, rearguard defense of a white Christian army retreating from the battlefield after losing a war to an implacable, merciless foe who will not take any prisoners; they will kill all their enemies.

Trump is the best we’ll ever get within the democratic process. His conversion to millennialist Christianity is sincere. That faith is not my faith, nor is it the faith of the antique Europeans, but it is closer in ethos to the Christian faith than liberalism. I don’t believe anything good will come from within the democratic process, because the democratic process is from the devil, but when one courageous man is fighting a rearguard action that might save a few white lives, I think we should support him.

Having said all that in defense of Trump, I must add that I believe it is against the interest of white Europeans to place too much stock in elections. Despite the Orbáns and the Trumps, who are both anomalies soon to be supplanted by more thoroughgoing liberals, it is clear that the democratic process is a very effective weapon of the liberals, which they are using to destroy the white race. The formula is simple: The liberals come to power through the democratic process. Once in power, they try to make the white grazers dependent on them through government jobs and medical programs, but in the long run, the liberals plan to phase out the white grazers by replacing them with the colored heathens from abroad. That is a winning hand, because in a democracy all you need is an aggregate herd in order to justify your bloodletting. Once you achieve a majority, whatever you do has ‘the sanction of law.’

It is already too late for whites in the United States and in the nations of Western Europe to save their nations, because even if they close their borders immediately, there are just too many colored heathens already in their countries. In Eastern Europe it is a different story. If the people in those nations learn from the mistakes of the Western European countries and repudiate democracy in favor of nationalist dictatorships, they might survive. However, the nations of Eastern Europe have universities, and where there are universities there are liberals. Only a complete repudiation of liberalism will save the people of Eastern Europe from being destroyed by the liberals’ democratic formula, which is massive colored immigration under the sanction of the liberals’ law.

Sadly, the white grazers who voted for Trump do not see him as a rearguard defender of a defeated people. They hope that somehow he can actually do something to help them against an enemy that seems, for reasons they cannot understand, to hate them. There is a great deal of white rage out there. If a non-democratic leader could direct that rage, the liberals and the colored barbarians could be defeated. A case in point – where I vote, there are not enough registered Democrats in the area to make it worthwhile to the Democrats to have someone at the polls. So, on election day there was only one Republican passing out literature, a man in his mid-sixties, wearing a hunting jacket and a NRA hat. Before and after voting I talked with him. He complained of the caravan and of the liberals’ underhanded tactic of paying women and children to march in the caravan. He complained of the new wave of Mexican immigrants who had no intention of learning English or preserving “our way of life.” He complained about the American schools, which are polluting young Americans, and he complained about our cities, which had become unlivable because of high crime rates the liberals seemed to be indifferent to. I let him talk, and when he was finished, I pointed out that all the ills he was talking about were not going to be changed by Republican victories. “You and I are a dying breed; when our generation passes, the liberals will have an overwhelming majority. They will impose their will on the white minority.” He conceded the point and said he didn’t know what else could be done. That is sad, because there is something else that can be done, but it is not democratic. We should follow Alfred, Havelock, and Forrest, who put the defense of their people above the democratic process.

The white males of the European nations might be very confused – how could it be otherwise when the leaders in the churches are like unto Francis the blasphemer and the leaders in most of the Western nations are like unto Angela Merkel? But the white males do understand that the liberal elites hate them. They know that they have been marked for economic disenfranchisement, and they know that they are considered moral pariahs, not fit to live with decent liberals and the glorious colored races of the earth. So far their rage has been self-destructive – drugs, alcohol, and suicide. But what if that rage could be harnessed? (1) We, the white remnant, must raise nondemocratic leaders who think with their hearts, hearts committed to their people and their God.

The leadership of the white Europeans is currently leading the European people astray. Let’s take Rush Limbaugh and the English Defence League as examples. Right before the midterm elections at a rally with the President, Limbaugh correctly stated that Trump was the best we were ever going to get, but then he went on to say that we had to defend our culture and the Constitution. That’s not good enough. What is our culture? It is not ‘1776’ and our ‘democratic way of life.’ All that is good in our culture comes from our white Christian heritage. If we are ever to become a nation instead of an aggregate herd, we must be white and Christian. We cannot tolerate liberals or colored heathens within our nations. And what about our Constitution? It is a meaningless piece of paper when it is referenced independent of our white Christian traditions –

Throw our paper platforms, preambles and resolutions, guaranties and constitutions, into the fire, and we should be none the worse off, provided we retained our institutions – and the necessities that begot and have, so far, continued them. –Fitzhugh, Cannibals All! Or Slaves Without Masters

Members of the English Defence League are like unto the Rush Limbaugh conservatives. They want a Britain that protects the people from terrorists, but their Britain is a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain that provides a haven for the colored heathens and the Moslems. The white working class Britons, who are the true Britons, are taxed out of existence in order to support the non-white and therefore non-British element that wants to destroy the white Britons. You are not a defense league, you are not English — you are one with the liberals if you will not defend your own people and the God of your people. White people are currently being used to serve the colored races and their heathen gods. Is that our destiny? Are we not a people and do we not have our own God whom we should serve, while forsaking all other gods? It seems so obvious that I shouldn’t have to say it – white people have a right to be a distinct people separate from the nonwhite races. It shouldn’t be left up to the Dalai Lama to defend white people’s right to exist.

While an undergraduate I attended a conference sponsored by the ‘religion’ department of the university, the topic was the decline of religion. At the conference a collection of priests, ministers, and religious experts decided that rationalism had killed the Christian faith, but they also concluded that there was no returning to the age of faith, because, “We are all Hegelian rationalists now.” But are we, the people of Europe, all Hegelian rationalists? This is the issue upon which our destiny on this earth and through all eternity hinges. Is the Christian faith a philosophy that has been proven false by the rules of logic and reason? The intellectuals of the West, not excepting the intellectuals in the church, have conceded that the Christian faith is not true. And the European peasantry has been morally neutered because they have been educated to view life through the minds of the philosophers. It’s a second fall of man, this descent into rationalism, and it has been the death knell of the European people. I must assert, against the intelligentsia of Western Europe, that there is a wisdom that transcends rationalism. I am not a Hegelian rationalist. There is more wisdom in Hank Williams’ famous song, “I Saw the Light,” in which he expresses his heartfelt faith in Jesus Christ than there is in all the tomes of philosophy ever written. Faith is not a philosophy, it is something beyond philosophy. When our people break the chains of rationalism they will see the light and they will be a people again: They will be the Christ Bearers.

When the Jacobin-organized mob gathered outside the Palace of Versailles with the clear intent of storming it, Louis XVI ordered his soldiers not to fire on the mob because there were women and children in their ranks. Was Louis acting the part of a Christian gentleman? No, he was not. He was acting the part of a man who had come to doubt the legitimacy of his position as the defender of the faith and the defender of his people. The philosophical speculators, the caustic wits, had planted doubt in Louis’s mind. Maybe just a little bit of liberalism could appease the mob? But what kind of people use women and children as cannon fodder for their cause? Is it possible to deal kindly with such people? It was Louis’s duty to protect his family and the families of the loyal French citizens, who, because of Louis’s folly, were all massacred along with the loyal Swiss guards and Cossacks who never left their posts.

It seems as if, so long as the Europeans remain in thralldom to the philosophical speculators in church, academia, and the media (the pamphleteers), that we are doomed to repeat over and over again the fatal mistake of Louis the XVI.

If we look at the caravan invasion of the United States, we can see the Jacobins at work. They are paying women and children to walk along with the invading army in the hope that Trump will either be unable to order his troops to fire on them or that he will order his troops to fire on them, thus giving the Jacobins a chance to label him a moral pariah. I do not think any of the European leaders have the will necessary to stop the caravan-type invasions of their nations. In fact, most of the European leaders, Putin, Trump, and Orbán excepted, are welcoming the invaders into their nations. Only a white Christian leader, a man imbued with pietas, will fight for his own people against the Jacobins and the colored heathens. The Christian does not fight against non-combatants, but if the enemy makes women and children into combatants, then it is a Christian’s duty to fight the enemy. It is a painful duty, but if there are no Europeans willing to defend their own, there will soon be no more Europeans.

The battle for Europe and its people was lost when the philosophical speculators such as Rousseau, Voltaire, and Shaw were allowed to attack the European people from Mt. Utopia. The European people were found wanting in every aspect of their lives, from the viewpoint of the self-anointed Olympians. We must do what is necessary to defend our people – yes, we must stockpile arms and develop our own militias — but all that will follow from the one thing that is needful. We need to reestablish our connection to our past. The antique Europeans were not moral pariahs, they were moral giants. They loved their own and they loved the stranger to the extent it was humanly possible to love the stranger. Why is it that the most demonized whites are the pre-Civil War Southerners and the pre-1990 South Africans? They were the only people in history who managed to elevate the black savage to a level above sheer bestiality, and yet they are demonized as racists. That continues to be the fate of all the European people who lived and died during the Christian centuries of Europe: They have been demonized and thrown into the dustbins of history. And now the modern Europeans are told that they can only survive if they denounce their ancestors and do homage to the liberals’ colored gods. And the leaders of the West have complied with the liberals’ edicts. From Merkel and Trudeau to Francis the blasphemer, it is the same litany – whites must die in atonement for… for what? The only thing the modern European needs to atone for is his acceptance of the liberals’ attack on the antique Europeans. Our ‘racist’ ancestors knew the living God; if we embrace them we too shall know the living God. And then we will fight, not as the colored heathens and the liberals fight – they fight to eradicate all that is good and decent and Christian. We will fight as Alfred fought, in defense of what is good and decent and Christian. +


(1) The recent murders by and subsequent suicide of the white Marine is an example of the white rage that must be properly channeled. Maybe that man had that within him that was not amenable to nobler actions than indiscriminate killings. But possibly, had he lived in a Christian European culture instead of a liberal culture, he would have been a different man.

We should be clear about the nature of liberalism. The liberals are determined to destroy all white resistance to their regime. We cannot respond to the violence of the liberals with doctrinaire pacifism. Shedding blood for the sake of shedding blood is evil, but it is also a great evil to refuse to shed blood in defense of your own kith and kin. The recent assault on Tucker Carlson’s home is just one more indication that you can’t deal peacefully with liberals. They do not fear whites because they know whites will not meet liberal violence with a violence commensurate with the liberals’ violence. In the name of the God of Mercy, we must defend our people against the liberal and the colored barbarians who have no mercy, because they hate Christ and love the devil.

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