His Europe Shall Not Pass Away

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give Him: give my heart.

Christina Rossetti


Dylan Thomas, the passionate, religiously irreligious poet, tells us that:

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

I think any man, that but man is, wants, in his inmost heart, to bring heaven to earth through his life’s work. He wants God to smile on his work, and he wants his fellow men to see the face of God in his work. But if he fails, does that mean that he knows, “that dark is right”? I do not concede that point. If we have given Him, as Christina Rossetti says, our heart, have we failed?

I bring this up because I am one of those old men whose words have forked no lightning. Nevertheless, I feel compelled, by something inside of me stronger than reason, to offer up my work to God. Perhaps in my final hours I will see that I was wrong, but until that time I have to obey that instinct inside. Which brings me, for the second time (I dare not say final time, because I thought the last time was the final time) to the subject of questions – or perhaps they could best be described as attacks – that I have received over the years.

I don’t have a comment section on my blog because I have discovered that if someone doesn’t understand what I took great pains to make clear in an article, then they are not going to understand me any better in a reply that I do not spend as much time on. And since most of the comments are of a ‘hostile’ nature – ‘Why are you so hostile to my church?,’ be it Catholic or Protestant, and, “Why are you a racist?” – I do not see much point in wasting my time responding. What I miss though, is a chance to come into contact with a kindred spirt. But then on the other hand I avoid being disappointed by finding out that there are no kindred spirits out there. But I do occasionally encounter (I won’t ‘out’ anyone) kindred spirits. I know a man in Canada who has kept the faith, a shotgunner from the Old South, a New Zealand farmer, and a Vanishing American who seem to be struggling to give Him their heart.  I always keep such individuals in my prayers and any others that I hear about. I want the man who was referred to me by Shotgun Barrel Straight to know that I have kept him in my prayers. And then there is the woman who calls herself Denise. I have also kept her in my prayers. As for the others, whom I don’t know by name, I have kept them in my prayers as well, because I always pray for the unnamed Knights of Europe. Of what good are such prayers? I don’t know. Our faith is not something seen. Before leaving this subject, let me ask for prayers for the Vanishing American who was absent for some time and has returned to tell us that she is dealing with an illness. She is a woman in the mold of Christina Rossetti, God keep her.

In regards to the hostile attacks from the denominational Christians, I can only say that they are right: I am not in sync with the orthodox Roman Catholics or the doctrinal Protestants. But my faith is not – in that which is essential, or so it seems to me – incompatible with the faith of the European peasants, Protestant, and Catholic, who lived and died prior to the 20th century. What I write are public prayers, addressed to my God and my people; I hope that they reach the heart of God and the hearts of my fellow Europeans. If I fail on both counts, I still do not concede that dark is right.

John Sharp Williams, a U. S. Representative and a U. S. Senator, cut through all the blather about states’ rights when he articulated, in a speech delivered to the Confederate veterans on May 31, 1904, the real cause for which the South fought:

But there was something else, and even a greater cause than local self-government, for which we fought. Local self-government temporarily destroyed may be recovered and ultimately retained. The other thing for which we fought is so complex in its composition, so delicate in its breath, so incomparable in its symmetry, that, being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed. This other thing for which we fought was the supremacy of the white man’s civilization in the country which he proudly claimed his own… = Confederate Veterans, Volume 12

The term “white man’s civilization” strikes us as something terribly unmodern. And it is certainly unmodern; no modern conservative would use such a term. He would talk about our democratic traditions and/or our Greco/Roman/Judeo/Christian heritage, but he would not under any circumstance talk about the “white man’s civilization.” That would be racist and we all know that racists are damned. And the liberals? They would pounce on that term, “the white man’s civilization,” and use it as proof positive that all white men, and Southern white men in particular, must be exterminated before the Brave New World, an enlightened world, can come to fruition.

The important point that Williams stresses is that the Southern people did not lose the Civil War. They lost on the battlefield, but they kept fighting after Appomattox to preserve the “white man’s civilization,” which was under assault by the Jacobins of the North. And at the time of Williams’ speech, the Southern people were victorious; they had preserved the white man’s Christian heritage.

History accords us many examples of people preserving their culture after defeats on the battlefield. The Saxons lost the Battle of Hastings, but it was their culture that remained the dominant culture in England, because they stubbornly remained faithful to their Saxon hearth fires despite the efforts of the Norman rulers to destroy them as a people. Likewise the Scots, who lost time and time again on the battlefield, but ultimately made England grant them the religious independence they sought. And unfortunately, the Aztecs also preserved their faith, despite the fact that the Spanish defeated them on the battlefield. They stubbornly refused to give anything other than outward adherence to the Christian faith, and now, when the strong European presence has disappeared not only in Mexico but throughout the Western world, the ancient Aztecs’ faith has resurfaced in Mexico and the United States. The Mexican re-conquistadors represent the resurgence of the Aztecs who were beaten, but not destroyed, so many years ago by Cortez and his Spanish cavaliers.

What is that “incomparable” something that “being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed”? It is the faith that is “bred in the bone.” For centuries the noblest men and women of Europe gave Christ their hearts, and their heartfelt, passionate faith carried the faint of heart and the lukewarm along in their train. But once the Christian faith was ‘proven’ to be incompatible with science and reason, the European leadership succumbed in the early 20th century, to an irreligious, ethical Christianity devoid of any real faith. And by the second half of the 20th century, the European people had only a fast-disappearing respect for the ethos of Christianity divorced from a faith in the source of that ethos. That is not enough to preserve a civilization, as we have witnessed. The 21st century is the first century since the European people bent their knee to Christ in which there is not only an absence of faith, but there is also an absence of any Christian ethos. And as a consequence of the Christian void in Europe, there are no longer any Europeans. What the Saxons, the Scots, and the Southerners preserved, the “white man’s civilization,” has been ceded on all the white ethnic fronts to the liberals and the colored heathens, who are Satan’s minions.

Neo-pagans such as Kevin Strom look at the Aztecs, the Orientals, and the blacks and see that those people have maintained their identities during all the years of white dominance, and now they are strong in defense of their people while the whites are weak in defense of their people. And many whites, the liberals, have joined with the colored heathens to attack the white race. The neo-pagans then assume that the solution to white genocide is a return to the paganism of the Greeks and/or the Vikings. But that is a colossal misreading of European history. When the European people were Christian they ruled the world; when they ceased to be Christian they surrendered the world to the colored heathens. You can’t judge the Christian character of a people by their church attendance, which may be just a carryover from the habits and traditions of their ancestors. You can judge a people’s faith by their art work, their political structures, and their social organizations. By the 20th century a Christian artist was an anomaly, and secular democracies were all the rage. The bred-in-the-bone faith of the antique Europeans was no longer present in 20th century Europe, the century when the European people started on the road to oblivion.

You can’t — and I repeat myself with this assertion – make yourself believe that Christ rose from the dead because such a faith would help your people beat back the colored onslaught on the European people. But you can take the neo-pagan blinders off your eyes and see that all that was good and pure and noble in old Europe stemmed from the European people’s faith in Jesus Christ. And even if you can’t believe in the Christian fairytale, you might want to examine why that story once inflamed the hearts of so many white men and women of Old Europe. Then, if you have a heart, you might begin to respect the hearts of your Christian forbearers more than the minds of the philosophers and the scientists. Organized Christian Jewry has given up on the incarnate Lord. Perhaps the neo-pagans, who seem to have some respect for their racial hearth fire, can trace white pietas to its source and become men again.

What happens when the white man’s Christian culture has been destroyed? Is it true that we can never reclaim it? I don’t think we should see our demise in that light. It is certain that the continuum of European culture, preserved during the Reconstruction Era by the Southern people, has been broken by Southern and Northern Europeans since the time in which Williams lived. But if that continuum has been broken, does that mean we must simply accept the new European civilization, which is a non-civilization consecrated to Satan? Almighty God, forbid it! Nothing is written. We can’t re-create old Europe, but we can build a new Europe based on the faith of the antique Europeans. Individual people make up a nation. If it is possible for one individual to spiritually return to old Europe, then how can we say that our people cannot alter their headlong flight to the abyss?

Dylan Thomas was right to advise us to rage against the dying of the light, but his assertion that “dark is right” is an assertion stemming from a tortured heart defeated by the demons of modernity. The heart that loves much, the European heart, sees the light that shineth in darkness. We can’t escape our destiny — either we are the Christ-bearers, the people who have seen a great light, or we are of all men most to be pitied. The mind-forged Europe of the great men of reason and science is a fraud; it is a trick of the devil. Christ’s Europe, the Europe born of the union of His sacred heart with European hearts that loved much, is the real Europe that shall not pass away. +

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