For God So Loved the World

“Wondrous was the cross of victory.” – The Dream of the Rood


Liberalism is from the devil. That is so obvious it seems rather unnecessary to say it, but we must say it over and over again for the simple reason that the modern Europeans do not see that liberalism is from the devil. They are morally blind, because they have rejected the light of the world in order to return to nature and nature’s gods.

Our faith is determined by what we see. When the Europeans saw with their hearts, as St. Paul enjoined them to do, the European people saw Christ clearly: He was their Lord and Savior. And they saw the devil clearly: he was Christ’s mortal enemy who prowled about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. When the cord is cut, when the love that once was there, at our racial hearth fire, is replaced by the intelligence that is out there, in nature, we become as tinkling cymbals and sounding brass, we become unmen in search of a God.

The modern Europeans do not see liberalism as the work of the devil, because they no longer see that our God, “our Jesus,” is more than nature. The devil no longer has to slink around and hide in the holes and corners of Christendom with the intent of ruining souls. Now he merely goes on inspection tours of his kingdom, because Satanism is the ruling ethos of the European nations. Satan has a little checklist that he takes with him on his tours.

“Are the abortion mills running at full speed?” he asks his junior devils.

“Yes,” the junior devils reply.

“How about the organized Christian churches – are they still blending negro worship, Judaism, and Islam with Christianity?”

The junior devils reply, “Yes, the nature religions have more than a foothold in the Christian churches, they dominate them. Your enemy, Jesus Christ, has become a non-entity, a mere figurehead who is called upon to bless nature and nature’s gods, the sacred negro being the primary god.”

“How about the schools?”

The junior devils reply, “Ah, that is our greatest triumph. The liberals, inspired by your satanic hatred of Jesus Christ, relentlessly pound home the same Christ-hating, white-hating message in preschool, elementary school, the secondary schools, the colleges, and the graduate schools.”

“I am pleased, but you must never forget that the attack on Jesus Christ must always be linked to an attack on the European people. If they, the Europeans, have a change of heart and return to old Europe, to His Europe, millions and millions of souls who belong to me will go to Him.”

“No worries, mate, we will always center our attack on the European people.”

Satan frowns. “Don’t address me as ‘mate’.”

“I’m sorry, your exalted and magnificent one.”

“That’s better. You are doing well, but let me stress that eternal vigilance is necessary. We cannot rest until Christendom becomes Satandom.”

“But Christendom is Satandom, your excellency. You have done it!”


“Yes, Christendom is now Satandom – or Liberaldom — they both amount to the same thing.”

“Then we must not rest until we make heaven itself part of Satandom!”

“That, your exalted majesty, will be hard. We couldn’t break Him on the cross. He forgave those miserable humans in the midst of mortal pain.”

“Yes, but that is His weakness. He loves those miserable wretches. We will break Him through His love for them. Once they all turn from Him, rejecting His sacrifice on the cross, He will despair, and I will supplant Him.”

“Your cause is our cause, your Majesty.”

The unknown Saxon poet who wrote The Dream of the Rood saw the Cross of Christ as a “wondrous” sign of our salvation. He didn’t see the Cross as the unnatural, sick creation of a degenerate people. His faith was the faith of St. Paul; it was grounded in the vision of his heart. The great and tragic transformation from St. Paul’s faith and the great Saxon poet’s faith, both of which were centered on Jesus Christ, to a faith in Christianity as a nature-based philosophy has made the European people a soulless aggregate herd without a human identity. The Pope Francises and the Angela Merkels try desperately to find their identity, their spiritual core, by worshipping the colored heathens. Such worship does give them something to live for, but can that kind of devotion ever result in anything but spiritual death? Of course it can’t. But that is the end result of the revolt against the cross of Christ.

It is the utmost folly to think that the European people can survive as a people without destroying the breeding grounds of liberalism, the churches and the schools. In church and school the hatred of white people, past and present, is preached and taught with an unrelenting, singular, all-encompassing hatred. I recently saw an American literature anthology that is being used in some of our schools. There were ‘true life’ accounts of black slaves, supposedly written in the 19th century but obviously written in the 21st century, all sorts of poems by red Indians and radical feminists, and then a few selections from ‘dead white males’ in which the editor explained why the white male authors were evil. I think I would prefer a complete ban on white male authors, as the Brits do, rather than see them pilloried by liberal editors.  But in either case the central point is the same – our people and our heritage are demonized at every educational level while we dutifully send our children, young and old, off to have their minds and souls dirtied with the stink of liberalism.

If the organized Christian churches were actually Christian, they would constitute a bulwark against liberalism. But this is not the case. The churches are one with the educational establishment. In many instances, certainly as regards the extermination of the white race, the liberal clergy have exceeded the secular liberals. They want to avoid accusations of racism, so they zealously support the liberals with a devotion that leaves them, they hope, above reproach. When the secular liberals, such as Theresa May and Angela Merkel, support the confiscation of the land of the white farmers in South Africa, the church men shout even louder for confiscation. When the secular liberals demand an end to the white race, the church men demand that end at a faster rate. The Academy, in all its tentacles, and organized, Christian Jewry are one; they have set up a vast network of unmen who continually attack the European Christ and His people.  

The reasonable, moderate Christians always roll their eyes and change the subject when you use terms such as Satandom to describe modern Europe. They do not want to acknowledge the fact that liberalism is from the devil, because they are in love with the superficiality of dialogue and democracy. If they keep things superficial, if they maintain that liberals are reasonable people that you can work with, without recourse to extreme measures, they can continue to hold elections and talk endlessly about getting the right candidate into office. How can any candidate for any office make a dent in liberalism if he is not permitted to eradicate the breeding grounds of liberalism? There I go again – asserting that liberalism is from the devil, but is it not from the devil? Is Angela Merkel open to pity for the German people whom she has gleefully turned over to Moslem rapists and murderers? Does Theresa May feel remorse for her support of the land-grab and murder of white South African farmers? Does Pope Francis feel any guilt over his relentless campaign against the white race and his blasphemous attacks on Jesus Christ? We are dealing with the devil when we deal with liberals, and we must deal with them as Alfred dealt with the heathen Danes. We must defeat them. And then, if they are truly repentant, we can extend mercy. But we can’t dialogue with them while they are at the head of a demonic horde of colored heathens who feed on the blood of white people.

Whenever classical liberals such as Paul Joseph Watson or Alex Jones are taken off the air by the mad-dog liberals, there is always a cry of ‘unfair!’ amongst the classical liberals. Of course it is unfair. The liberals say they are for free speech and then they suppress free speech. But free speech, democracy, liberty, equality, and all the other ‘god’ words that the liberals use are mere verbal subterfuges. The liberals have only one rule. They must prevail, because they are the godded men and women who rule in the name of their colored gods. White racists must be eliminated. Anything that aids that cause is not only permitted, it is laudatory. Such is the liberals’ creed, a satanic creed that can only be defeated by men who have embraced the cross of Christ and are determined to fight the devil and all his works without recourse to democracy, dialogue, and compromise.

Let me refer to a short story, or, more accurately, a short parable written by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the parable there is a scholar, a priest, and a Germanic everyman. The parable is set in pre-Christian times when Odin was god and king. The scholar proves to the priest that Odin is not god, and the priest decides he will find another god. Then the priest and the scholar ask the Germanic everyman what he thinks of their intellectual findings about Odin. The German replies, “I must go and die with him.”

Our commitment to our people and our God cannot be conditional, depending on what new theory our educational establishments and our clerical organizations come up with. There is one God, and there is only one people who took that God into the heart of their civilization. We can’t become part of another civilization that is completely opposed to our people and our God. The little brown church in the vale and the country school house might have been good things once when the Dream of the Rood was preached in the churches and all things taught in the schools pointed to that dream. But now that the little brown church in the vale and the little country school house have become the breeding grounds for Satanism, we must destroy those breeding grounds and return to the hinterlands of Europe where we can regroup and come back against the liberals as Christian Europeans instead of weak, vacillating unmen who are neither Christian nor pagan.

It’s quite easy to go through European history and find nothing but evil. After all, the European people were all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve; they were not without sin. But the antique Europeans declared their belief in “the best of dreams,” the dream of “a wondrous tree rising aloft, encompassed with light.” That light was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What is the liberals’ dream? They dream of a glorious breed of man-gods who are without sin, who will destroy the evil whites while allowing them, the whites who have transcended whiteness, to share their kingdom of heaven on earth. Needless to say, the liberals’ kingdom of heaven on earth is hell on earth. We see their new kingdom of hell all round us. If we love the European people and the Christ of old Europe enough to oppose the liberals with our whole heart, mind, and soul, He will not forsake us in the day of battle. He will vouchsafe us a dream of the Rood that will sustain us till the ending of the world.

It is certainly not a discernable scientific fact that Christ will be with us in the day of battle against the liberals. Our belief that He will be with us comes from a very unscientific organ of sight, the human heart. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” is only a depressing thought if we equate all dreams as emanating from nothingness, from unreality. But if we view the dream as the reality, the dream of Christ crucified, Christ risen, we will see that it is Satan who rules Liberaldom, and we will know that Christ will not abandon us in our battle against Satan and his liberal minions. But we must fight liberalism in His name, not in the name of democracy, philosophy, or racial equality. +

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