Democracy – The White Man’s Covenant with Death

So we are still at a loss to explain the White retreat, and always will be at a loss to explain it if we look for the explanation among the non-Whites. No, only too obviously we are being defeated from within; by the High Finance which with the help of its running dogs, the Liberals, organises the systematic brain-dirtying of the Western voting masses and university students, and either appoints its own puppet politicians or exerts enormous pressure against the ‘unappointed’ ones. It is a vast power of hatred, destructiveness and megalomaniac ambition spreading among us, its victims, the seeds of despair, futility, disorientation and even acceptance. It is a new ‘religion’ (or perhaps a very ancient one); and the majority of us cannot fight it because we are weak in love and, owing to the censorship of other than Leftist views, even weaker in understanding. The result is that those few among us who can fight it and do fight it are instantly attacked, not even so much by the ‘Liberals’ themselves as by those of us who cannot and dare not fight it — by the Empty Men, the men of parrot mind and parrot conviction.

-A. Jacob in White Man, Think Again!


And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. –Revelations 6: 8


In Witness, Whittaker Chambers noted that the courts in the Soviet Union were filled with reams and reams of paperwork for every single court case that came up. He concluded that the more illegitimate a government was, the more paper work they put out in order to cover up the fact that their government was illegitimate. This is certainly the case in all the nations of the West. They attempt to cover up for their totalitarian regimes by a mountain of legalese. The Tommy Robinson case in Britain is an example. His crime was a non-crime, an invented crime by an illegitimate, totalitarian government. Tommy Robinson wanted, in the true spirit of a British patriot, to prevent the Islamization of his nation. He followed all the democratic rules of peaceful protest, and he made the obligatory condemnation of racism — “Most of my friends are black” – but still the British government sent him to prison where he was tortured and deprived of uncontaminated food and water. He is currently out on bail, but he is not out of the woods by any means. He has become a person of interest to the state; the smallest infraction against the totalitarian British state will send Tommy Robinson back to jail.

What happened to Tommy Robinson was horrific, but not unusual; it was not an aberration of a normally humane British government. His case is the norm in liberal Britain. This is what Britons and all the European people must come to terms with. The liberals are devoid of all humanity. They have only one desire, they must destroy all white resistance to their totalitarian regimes. They will not be deterred by votes, petitions, protest marches, or public appeals to their humanity. They have no humanity. The European people cannot comprehend that the liberals want their blood, because they have not thrown off the mind-forged shackles of liberalism. The whites who are appalled by the cruel treatment of Tommy Robinson and others like him are classical liberals. They believe in rationality, equality under the law, and the democratic process. Some of those classical liberals, such as Tucker Carlson, are very courageous in their outspoken defense of classic liberalism. But classical liberals, who are now called conservatives, do not understand the liberal dynamic. It is a continually evolving ideology. Evolving toward what? The liberals claim they are moving toward heaven on earth, but it is quite apparent, from a Christian perspective, that the liberals are heading for the deepest pit of hell. Will they be satisfied when they get there? Of course not, but they will have reached their final destination.

The question that every white man should ask himself is, “Do I want to follow the liberals’ democratic process all the way to hell or do I want to fight back?” Currently the European people have steadfastly refused to step away from liberalism. No matter what the mad-dog liberals do, the conservatives respond with, “We must have faith in the democratic process, we must keep up the pressure on our elected officials, and slowly but surely we will win out.” When has faith in the democratic process ever resulted in anything good for white people?

In the democratic era of our history we have seen total war, the war “to make the world safe for democracy,” and now, under the mantle of the democratic ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity, we are witnessing the extermination of the white race. What has been the conservatives’ response to the attack on the white race? They tell us that we need more democracy! Instead of rejecting the devil and all his works, the conservatives bid us seek redemption from the devil. In the book of Revelations, Christ warns us, through St. John, that faith in Him cannot be blended with paganism, Judaism, or any other –ism. He, and He alone, is the beginning and the end. The blending of Christianity and democracy produces leaders such as Angela Merkel and Pope Francis the blasphemer, who are determined to attack God by destroying His image in man. When those two monsters of immorality meet to discuss “the problem of populism,” they are meeting to discuss how they can kill the last remaining remnants of white pietas, which is our only link to the living God.

The devil wins when we accept his either/or: “Either you must be a mad-dog liberal or a classical liberal.” That is no choice at all, because either way we will be in the clutches of the devil. The classical liberals are quite different from true conservatives such as Edmund Burke and Anthony Jacob. Burke and Jacob wanted to conserve a particular people and their particular faith in a personal God. Burke and Jacob hated universals such as “the people” because they realized that such abstractions were used to destroy their own kith and kin in the name of an aggregate herd called “the people.” But the conservatives of the 20th century were quite willing to give up on their kith and kin and transfer their allegiance to a universal idea of mankind. They did this because they were and are Gnostics. All of life is an abstraction to the classical liberals. So long as you support the idea of Christianity, the idea of the family, and the idea of humanity, you will be on the right track. But a disembodied idea is nothing at all. It is mere air. The modern conservative thinks that once you vote or protest against an atrocity of the mad-dog liberals you have done your Gnostic duty. But it is not abstract ideas that are being tortured, raped, and murdered, it is individual white people, people who used to be called, in the non-Gnostic age of Europe, the conservatives’ kith and kin. There is something terribly wrong when we respond to the horrors inflicted on our people with democratic rationality. Men who love their own in Him and through Him do not – I repeat – they do not respond to the rape, torture, and murder of their people with a Thomistic-Buddhistic pacifism. They become Goths.

Mad-dog liberals such as Angela Merkel and the German councilwoman openly tell their own people they will be replaced by colored heathens. They taunt white people, fully confident that white people will not act against them in retaliation. Some whites might protest Gnostically, through marches or petitions, but Gnostic protests can be dealt with quite easily. Would Angela Merkel or any of the mad-dog liberals throughout the West ever tell any non-white race of people they were planning to exterminate them? Of course not, they would be in fear of their lives. But white people have been carefully trained to consent to their own extermination. Why must they consent? That is the given, it is supposed to be self-evident: “We hold this truth to be self-evident, that all whites are evil — except those liberals who have transcended whiteness — and must be eradicated from the face of the earth.”

The neo-pagans who blame Christianity for the decline of the white race are correct. But they are wrong when they fail to distinguish faith in Christ from the intellectual system called Christianity. The apostles’ hearts did not burn within them on the road to Emmaus because they encountered a Jewish Socrates who unfolded to them a philosophical system. Their hearts burned within them because they had encountered the living God. Our people, as a people, also encountered our Lord on the European road to Emmaus. We became one with the apostles, St. Paul, and Him.

The classical liberals want to Socratize Christ: “He left us a good system.” But Christianity as a philosophy is no defense against mad-dog liberalism. The mad-dog liberals hate Christ and the white race. How can a tepid belief in rationality and fair play counter the demonic fury of the liberals? It can’t. The moderate philosophical Christianity of the classical liberals ultimately becomes the enabling system that keeps mad-dog liberalism alive and well, because it encourages white people to stay within the confines of liberalism. They are told ad nauseum that good, polite Europeans submit to the rule of law, even though their leaders have told them they are going to be lawfully exterminated. And they are told ad nauseum by their church men that Christianity and democracy are one and the same. Where does that leave white people? It leaves them in the lions’ den. But instead of placing their faith in the living God to keep them safe, the modern Europeans look to the liberals who threw them into the lions’ den, to somehow, if they petition, vote, march, and plead, let them out of the lions’ den.

There are no white people left alive who have not grown up under the shadow of liberalism. Some of the oldest have known a few decades of classical liberalism, but every single white person alive today has been brought up to honor and respect the liberal faith. In church that means all whites must accept the blending of Christianity with the heathen faiths. Christ is not, we are told, the beginning and the end. He is the God who must give way to the heathen gods of color who are greater than Him. And in society adherence to the liberal faith means that the white race must give way to the black race, because the white race is evil. All revolutions succeed when the powers that be doubt their right to rule. The people who had seen a great light, the people who walked on water because they believed in the Son of God, lost their faith in Him and fled to the heathen gods of color and to rational, science-based systems for comfort. Now the liberals rule. The Europeans will come to their own again when they believe in their ancestral God, the God who enters human hearts, more than the liberals believe in their satanic faith. It is truly horrific to see what is happening to white people in what used to be called Christendom. And it is doubly sad and horrific to see white people respond to the liberals’ jihad with the Gnostic verbiage of liberalism. The Christian Europeans, our honored dead, speak to us from across the great divide and bid us fight. “We can’t fight,” is the modern Europeans’ response, “We can’t fight, because there is a huge chasm between our Europe and your Europe.” But then we hear our Savior’s voice: “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” Men who believe as the ancient European people believed do not permit their nations to become white slaughterhouses. Something within them, something called “that charity of honor” makes them rebel against the rule of the liberals. Until that something within becomes a burning passion in the hearts of the European people, the Tommy Robinsons, the Jonathan Fosters, and the entire white race will be offered up on the sacrificial alters of the liberals. The democratic process is, in all its essentials, the liberals’ satanic religious rite. We must break away from that covenant with Satan and renew our covenant with the Son of God. +

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