The Precious Cornerstone

Wherefore hear the word of the LORD, ye scornful men, that rule this people which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves: Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste. Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place. –Isaiah 28: 14-17


During World War II, Coventry suffered the greatest damage from the German bombing in England. The pictures of the city right after the war ended are a depressing sight, just as the pictures of London during the war are a depressing sight. But in both cases, Coventry after the war and London during the war, one does not feel a sense of despair when viewing the bombed out cities. Far from it – one feels spiritually fortified, because amidst the rubble, the British people, the white British people, were going about the business of rebuilding their nation, which at that time was still a nation bound together by the British people’s common faith and their common race. If you look at the major cities of Britain now you see cities much more devastated than the war-torn cities of the 1940s; you see cities inhabited by people who have lost their souls, because they have no racial or religious identity. And the two are linked. You cannot despise your own kind in the name of a universal love for all mankind, and still maintain the heart and soul that makes a man a human being rather than an inhuman caricature of a human being. And you can’t love a God who enters human hearts if you have decided to deny your humanity by renouncing all ties to your kith and kin. Men without a racial hearth fire must eschew Christ the Lord and embrace a cosmic universalist Christ who can only be revealed to men through mind-forged theories about God. But such a God, a man-made abstraction, is not God. Men can no more love a theory of God than they can love a theory of family. They must love their own, their fathers and mothers, their sisters and brothers, and their wives and children. Those are the ‘mysterious human relationships’ that connect us to the living God, and all those relationships are part of our racial identity, which the liberals have systematically set out to destroy.

The conservatives of the 20th century, men such as Weaver and Kirk, who are now called paleo-conservatives, were not conservatives. They were not conservative because they did not want to conserve that which was essential to conserve, their own people, the white Christ-bearing race. There is no doubt that Weaver’s and Kirk’s theories about government were superior to the theories of their more liberal contemporaries, but still their ‘conservatism’ is insufficient. If life is all theory, things go a lot more smoothly for the intellectual. He merely pulls an abstraction called ‘the people’ out of the air and then proceeds to show how his theory can serve ‘the people’ better than another man’s theory. But what if there is no such thing as a generic people? What if people are individuals whose souls are connected to their racial identities? If that is the case, the conservatives’ systems are thin air, they are the insubstantial pageant that Prospero spoke of.

Trump recently gave a speech about Iran, in which he delineated the reasons why he was canceling Obama’s treaty with Iran. I have no problem with the cancellation of the treaty; however, nothing of any value will come from the cancellation, because Trump is proceeding according to a false premise. He is presuming that the United States is a nation. If we were a nation, it would follow that our President should protect our nation, but a nation is faith and race. Is there any American official who has proposed that we deal with our internal enemies, the barbarians of color and the liberals, before we deal with our alleged enemies on foreign soil? We should be a nation first, then we should act to protect our nation. Why should I, or any white European, want to fight Iranians over there if my government refuses to expel Moslems, blacks, Mexicans, and liberals over here?

No liberal is ever going to consent to do what is necessary to protect the European people, because what is necessary is the expulsion of the colored races from the white lands. Such a policy runs counter to what the liberals passionately hope for – the destruction of the white race and the triumph of the colored heathen. The conservatives of the 20th century could not halt the destruction of the white race, because they refused to admit that a man’s race is part of his soul; it gives his soul strength and substance and prevents him from fading into spiritual oblivion. The triumph of the mad-dog liberals and the colored barbarians in the 21st century has shown us the tragedy of replacing white pietas with theories, both liberal and conservative, about the generic people.

The mad-dog liberal is separated from the conservative-liberal on one point: The mad-dog liberal wants white people excluded from the utopian future while the conservative-liberal wants white people, providing they are not racist, to be part of the great future in store for the human race. In practical terms the modern conservatives and the mad-dog liberals are one, because if you deprive white people of their pietas you have spiritually murdered them, regardless of your theoretical support for their survival as members of the generic human race.

The 20th century produced very few genuine conservatives, men who were not ashamed to fight for the survival of their own kith and kin. Enoch Powell and Anthony Jacob were notable exceptions to the wholesale treachery of the rest of the white intelligentsia. And it was treachery, because it was not, as Jacob pointed out, the advance of the colored heathens that was destroying the white race, it was the white liberals’ determination to permit the colored encroachment into the white lands that was destroying the white race:

It is remarkable how the invincible African Giant quakes in his big bare feet at the prospect of meeting with a dose of his own medicine. It is no wonder that Sir Roy dismissed this supposed African invincibility in one contemptuous word – Poppycock! But it is thought in the West that loud noises and large-scale hooliganism denote powerfulness. Because African chaos is widespread it is therefore irresistible. Because Englishmen hate scenes and Africans cannot go for five minutes without scenes, therefore the Africans are irresistibly strong in their convictions. Yet we might well ask what Africans have ever done in a positive sense, apart from killing and destroying and disrupting. They cannot make a Federation but they can break one up. They cannot make motorcars but they can throw stones at them. They cannot make railways but they can pull up the lines. They cannot construct industries but they can paralyse them with strikes. They cannot erect buildings but they can set fire to them. They cannot frame constitutions but they can tear them up. Precisely because they cannot make anything at all apart from a rumpus, they have to prove how “terrible” a people they are by smashing everything in sight. The white man’s marvels of constructive ingenuity are a constant affront to their self-esteem. Yet it is to these sub-people that the West is surrendering – nay, has surrendered. Their mental derangement is made all the worse, their paranoia all the more intensified, by the ludicrous ease with which they are triumphing over advanced white peoples at every juncture. How can we hope to earn their respect, or their fear (the words mean the same in their languages), when we are propounding the Communist philosophy that we are no better than they? How, in other words, can we earn their necessary respect when we have been taught to lose respect for ourselves – to despise ourselves and simperingly reject the necessity of our being the masters? How, indeed, can we sink any lower than we are except by obligingly going six feet under? – White Man, Think Again!

Before you simply cry ‘racism’ after reading that last statement, stop for a moment and tell me what is untruthful in the statement. What do blacks bring to white civilization but violence and mayhem? Is London a better city now that it is dominated by the colored heathen? Is any city in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada better off now that they are diverse? And yet the rush for diversity is the passion driving the ruling elites of the European nations. Those are indeed prophetic words of Sir Anthony Jacob (I have designated him a Knight of the Realm): “How indeed, can we sink any lower than we are except by obligingly going six feet under?” It has become abundantly clear, 53 years after those prophetic words were written, that that is exactly what the liberals intended to do, to put the entire white race six feet under.

I do not blame a non-liberal white person who has money if he moves to another section of his own country or to another country entirely in order to avoid diversity. I do blame a rich white liberal, however, who moves away from the colored heathens. The liberals should be forced to face the consequences of their own treachery. Of course they never are, because they are the rulers of Liberaldom. But the blood-red tide of color has been loosed on the European people, and no European nation is safe so long as the European people are under the influence of a false Aslan who tells us that the love of God and the love of the colored heathen are one and the same thing.

Some conservative-liberals within the confines of Western Europe have been willing to make some tepid, negative remarks about the Moslem invasion. And some government officials in Eastern Europe have opposed the Moslem invasion of their nations. But a critique of Islam is not enough. No European leader, West or East, has been willing to state unequivocally that Europe must be white and Christian. Some Europeans have been willing to criticize Islam because they can justify their criticism with the statement, “I am not racist – Islam is not a race, it is a religion.” But the liberals who call European opponents of Islam racist are fundamentally correct. Islam is a religion formed for the dark races to give structure and purpose to their onslaught on the white Christ-bearing race. Some apostate whites have embraced Islam, but is Islam really the faith of the European people? Can Islam ever be the faith of any people other than the people of the darker races who prefer sacrifice to mercy? The colored heathen fights so he can conquer and be merciless. The Christian white fights for mercy’s sake and then he extends mercy. But mercy is only seen as strength to another white man. When Alfred conquered the Danes and extended mercy to them, their leader, Guthrum, was so impressed that he converted to the Christian faith. (1) And the Christian faith, in those “dark ages,” meant something. A pagan warrior such as Scott’s Harold the Dauntless, who bent his knee to Christ, remained a man still, but his love of kith and kin was purified, because it was consecrated to the Savior, who is at once our Lord and our kinsman.

God decided to “destroy man” when He saw that the daughters of men were sleeping with demonic angels. We can dismiss God’s obsession with bloodlines in two ways. First, we can dismiss the Old Testament stories as mere fairy tales. Secondly, we can say that bloodlines were only important until Christ became man; after that we all became one universal race of mankind. The second reason might hold some weight if the Gospel of Christ were passed down from mind to mind. Then the great idea of a universal people with one universal abstract God would hold sway. Is, and was, the faith passed on in that way? The various churchmen have said so, but the Gospels tell us a different story. Faith in Christ was passed on from heart to heart. It was the apostles who loved much who told us of Christ. The Word was made flesh in loving hearts and passed on from one generation to the next. Which brings us back to our racial hearth fire. Can we love God without a deep and abiding love for our own kind? We can’t love in the abstract, we must love a particular people and a particular God. Why, if bloodlines mean nothing, are the liberals, who are Satan’s minions, so obsessed with destroying the Europeans’ bloodlines? Why are they obsessed with creating a mongrel race of inhuman savages without faith, hope, and charity?

Much more is at stake in the race war than was ever at stake in any of the previous European wars. Bombed out cities can be replaced, but the people who built those cities cannot be replaced. Robert E. Lee refused the command of the Union troops because he refused to place his sword at the service of the enemies of his own people. That is the spirit that needs to be rekindled in the European people. If we don’t love our own, how can we love the God who enters human hearts? We can’t. And that is the underlying reason for the liberals’ betrayal of their own people. They have hardened their hearts against the light of the world, so they must kill that light in the hearts of others. “Destroy the European hearth fire and the light will die,” is the liberals’ credo. I can only speak for myself. I will stay by the European hearth fire, because outside of that hearth fire there is no warmth, no love, no honor, no God. +


(1) “The ceremony of baptism was performed at Wedmore, a royal residence which had probably escaped the fate of Chippenham, and still contained a church. Here Guthrum and his thirty nobles were sworn in, the soldiers of a greater than Woden, and the white linen cloth, the sign of their new faith, was bound round their heads. Alfred himself was godfather to the Viking, giving him the Christian name of Athelstan; and the chrism-loosing, or unbinding of the sacramental cloths, was performed on the eighth day by Ethelnoth, the faithful Alderman of Somersetshire.” – Life of Alfred the Greatby Thomas Hughes

Of course the key to Guthrum’s conversion was his white soul. He was able to see moral goodness in a great warrior who extended mercy. Alfred was a human link to the God of all true heroes.

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