Our Faith is Our Destiny

The original purpose of poetry is either religious or historical, or, as most frequently happens, a mixture of both. – Sir Walter Scott


Prior to the 20th century, the European bards wrote about the trials and travails of a Christian people, but when we come to the 20th century of the European people’s history, the bards suddenly started telling a different story. It was like unto reading Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, and just as we reached the chapter called “The Holy Grail” we found ourselves reading chapters from Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. What happened to the chapters on the last tournament and the passing of Arthur?

From the 20th century on, there ceased to be Christian bards who came from the heart of Europe, for the simple reason that the European people no longer had hearts strong enough to defeat the intellectual onslaught of science, which proclaimed the death of the Christian God. Henceforth the only Christian bards were those men, such as C. S. Lewis, who rejected the new scientific faith of the 20th century Europeans in order to return to the faith of the pre-20th century Europeans. As it was with the European bards, so it was and is with the European Everyman. Only the man who makes a conscious decision to place himself in the spiritual culture of the pre-20th century Europeans can retain the Christian faith of the antique Europeans.

Certainly the scientific onslaught did not begin in the 20th century; it was an ever-present danger throughout the Christian centuries of the Europeans’ history. But it was in the 20th century that the liberals, armed with an accumulated weight of scientific knowledge, the knowledge of ‘this world only,’ succeeded in destroying the filial relationship between Christ and the European people. A second fall of man became institutionalized in church and state. And I stress in church as well as in state. We would not be reading Endgame instead of “The Passing of Arthur” if the churchmen had not tried to graft Christianity onto liberalism. That break from a filial relationship with God to a ‘hedge your bets’ compromise with liberalism was the equivalent of a marriage to the devil. Granted the churchmen got the devil to sign a pre-nuptial agreement about respecting the rights of the church, but when has the devil ever dealt honestly with the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve? He told Adam and Eve honest trifles only to deceive them in deepest consequence. And that is what he did with the churchmen – he allowed them to hold onto their organizational, intellectual concept of the church, but he made them give up their connection to Christ. He has been so successful with the church gambit that he is now very disappointed whenever he sees church membership is decreasing. Nothing good will ever happen to the European people as a people until they become like unto the antique Europeans who made Christ the heart and soul of their civilization. And there cannot be a return to that truly European (because it was truly Christian) culture until the fusionist churches of organized Christian Jewry are seen for what they are – the bulwarks of Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth.

Instead of focusing on getting white candidates elected to office who want to slow down the extermination of white people, we need to clean the Augean Stables, the Christian churches, so that the mystery of God’s grace interacting with man’s free will can once again become part of the lay of the European minstrels. In order to do that we must see the connection between the European people’s loss of their racial identity and the loss of their Christian faith. When our racial identity is not viewed as part of our spiritual identity, if the flesh cannot be sanctified, what becomes of our belief in the incarnation of Christ? Christ’s entire life – His birth, crucifixion, and bodily resurrection – becomes a mere idea, an abstract concept that can mean all things to all people. The tyranny of biology, which Christ freed us from, once again becomes our master. And that is why the natural savage plays such an important role in the Christless Christian churches. If our pride of science tells us that nature is all, then we must look to the nature gods, the people of color, to lead us to the kingdom of heaven on earth. In that kingdom, the liberals tell us, there shall be no more pain and suffering, because pain and suffering are products of the Christian civilization of the demonic white race. Thus the liberals, who do not believe in the devil, demonize the white European hearth fire where Christ, the devil’s antagonist, resides.

The effects of the demonization of the white Christ-bearing race were not apparent in the first 60 years of the 20th century, because a Christian ethos — but not a Christian faith — still survived in the white cultures. It struck me when watching an old 1950s documentary that showed the viewer where Hans Christian Andersen lived and worked, that the Denmark of 1950 had not changed much in the 500 years preceding 1950. But in the fifty years that followed, from 1950 to the year 2000, the change in the people’s lives was a thousand times greater than any change in the their five-hundred year history prior to 1950. By the year 2000, all the constants were gone. Faith in Christ and the love of kith and kin, which had been at the core of Denmark’s civilization, were now gone. And in their place? Throughout all of the European nations, it is the same as in Denmark. There is no Christian presence, there are only post-Christian liberals, Moslems, and colored heathens battling for supremacy in a cesspool of iniquity that makes the Biblical cesspools of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah seem tame by comparison.

If a man does not look at modern Europe and proclaim, “The Horror, the Horror,” and consciously return to old Europe, he will either become part of the horror or he will be annihilated by the horror, because having lost his faith he has no spiritual spine to resist the horror. Liberalism is an ever-evolving organism of destruction. A sixties liberal who remains a sixties liberal is now a conservative in the eyes of the modern liberals. And it will always be thus with liberals. They will consume each other in a satanic feeding frenzy: “It will come, humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters from the deep.”

As the liberals take liberalism to its logical conclusion, which is the destruction of everything white and Christian, we can see a remarkable change in society. There was still, when the liberals of the 1960s had not completely abandoned the Christian ethos of old Europe, some possibility of interaction, on certain issues, between a European of the old school and a liberal. But now there is no such possibility. Liberalism has permeated our culture from top to bottom, making it impossible to communicate on any level with the creatures who now inhabit the land masses of the European nations. It is impossible to exaggerate the extent of the decline of the European people. I am in agreement with Gratiano who, when confronted with the merciless cruelty of Shylock, proclaimed,

Thou almost mak’st me waver in my faith,
To hold opinion with Pythagoras
That souls of animals infuse themselves
Into the trunks of men. Thy currish spirit
Govern’d a wolf who, hang’d for human slaughter,
Even from the gallows did his fell soul fleet,
And, whilst thou lay’st in thy unhallow’d dam,
Infus’d itself in thee; for thy desires
Are wolfish, bloody, starv’d and ravenous.

The Merchant of Venice

Yes, the liberals’ desires are wolfish, bloody, starved, and ravenous. Their appetite for white blood can never be satisfied because that appetite is fueled by Satan, the ravenous wolf who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls. There can be no compromise with the people fueled with Satan’s cruel hate. And their hatred is no longer the abstract hate of a sixties liberal, it is a very real, tangible, venomous hatred that manifests itself in daily acts of merciless cruelty against the white race in general and against white males in particular. No force on earth, except the spiritual force that comes from a Christian European, can put a stop to the cruel merciless reign of the liberals.

The 1950s and early 1960s were the final years in which a Christian ethos still survived. Television shows such as Robin Hood and William Tell still depicted the heroes of Christian Europe in a favorable light, and liberals such as Ralph Nader still had some genuine concern for the poor and disenfranchised. But now the logic of liberalism has taken us into a realm of darkness devoid of light. And as a result of the liberals’ triumph in church and state, there are no longer any Christian voices raised in opposition to the liberals’ merciless cruelty. Spiritually, the liberals have become like unto Shylock. They hate everything white and Christian; without that hate they would have nothing left to live for.

I have an acquaintance in the neo-pagan camp who still deems to talk with me because we both oppose the colorization of the European nations. But he has grown increasingly intolerant of my refusal to get off my Quixotic, romanticized view of Christian Europe. From his standpoint Christianity has been the death knell of Europe. But there are two assumptions there that should be dealt with before we can put an amen to my “romanticized” view of Christian Europe. The first assumption is that the apostles’ account of Christ’s birth, crucifixion, and resurrection from the dead is false. Certainly, if Christ be not risen I should stop perpetuating such a myth. But what if I believe, along with the pre-20th century Europeans, that Christ is risen? Then it simply doesn’t matter whether that belief is good or bad as a practical plan to preserve the white race. We must seek His Kingdom Come no matter what the cost. Dostoyevsky said that the most important question was, “Can a rational, civilized European believe in the divinity of Christ?” My neo-pagan acquaintance and the modern Europeans have given their answer. They have built a new Europe based on the assumption that Christ did not rise form the dead on the third day.

The second assumption of the practical, realistic neo-pagan is that faith in Christ as the Son of the living God has been a detriment to the white race. The historical record shows that the reverse is true. The white race thrived in the European nations and in the colored nations during the historical epoch when they believed that Christ was the Son of the living God. We cannot invoke Christ, as the vagabond Jews did in Acts, Chapter 19, verses 13 through 16, for the sake of material gain, but it is important to note that our God is not as cruel as the neo-pagans make Him out. He wants us to seek Him first without a thought for the material gain, but He has not been unmindful of our material needs. “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things I will add unto thee.” As a people, not every individual, we thrived when we believed.

In our second fall from grace, when we institutionalized the pride of science, we lost the inner harmony, our integralness, which Christ restored to us through His death on the cross. We can’t restore the European people unless we restore that which is lost, the inner harmony of a people connected to the living God through their familial and racial hearth fire. No political program from within the framework of ‘pride of science’ liberalism can save the European people. It doesn’t take a liberal village, it takes a European hearth fire and a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. +

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