The Extremism of European Christianity

In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish Leviathan the piercing serpent, even Leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

Isaiah 27: 1


Every Christmas I try to do what Scrooge did every Christmas before his conversion: he tried to shut out the world, because the rest of the world did not view the Christmas season as Scrooge did. But of course I try to shut out the world in order to celebrate Christmas, while Scrooge tried to shut out the world in order to avoid the celebration of our Lord’s birth. While the liberals blather on about climate change, we have overlooked the incredible spiritual change that has taken place in Western civilization. The Christian European now finds himself outside the orbit of Western civilization because the civilization that once was synonymous with Christianity has become synonymous with the hatred of Christ and the Christ-bearing race.

The naysayers will dispute my claim that the European Christian has no home in modern Europe by citing the celebration of Christmas in the churches and in many European homes, but the Christmas of the antique Europeans has disappeared, except for a few isolated cases, from the face of the earth. One does not need second sight to see the spiritual desolation of Western civilization — it is all around us. We see the desolation of a land consecrated to Satan in the abortion mills, in the worship of the negro, and in the degradation of all things and people connected to European Christianity. And that is the key – ‘all things and people connected to European Christianity.’ It is all right to be a Christian as Pope Frances the blasphemer is a Christian. He condemns the antique Europeans while supporting a new fusionist Christianity which was condemned by our Lord in the Book of Revelation. But the Christianity espoused by the men and women with human hearts, the antique Europeans, is not permitted in modern Satandom.

When the Jacobins assumed power in France, there were small cabals of Jacobin supporters in all the European nations. They were not appalled by the bloodletting of Robespierre; on the contrary, they rejoiced in it. The vast majority of Europeans, however, recoiled in horror from Robespierre’s purification process. (1) In some cases Jacobin advocates such as Priestly in England were driven into exile. But once the wholesale slaughter halted with Robespierre’s death, the other European nations were willing to make peace with Jacobin France, despite the fact that France was still a regicide nation opposed to Christian Europe. This spirit of conciliation with the forces of liberalism spread throughout Europe, because men tend to try to appease and/or befriend an adversary that appears too formidable to defeat. When liberalism took the form of a monstrous leviathan, the Christian churches decided it was best to feed the leviathan the European people in order to save intellectual Christianity. But if Christ comes to us through humanity, how can we jettison the people with human hearts and still retain our Christian faith? It cannot be retained under those circumstances. Ever since liberalism became institutionalized throughout the European nations (and the United States is not excepted), organized Christian Jewry has made the survival of their Christian, Gnostic organizational structures their sole mission. With such a mission their main concern is to show that their branch of the Christian church is compatible with liberalism:  “We are the most pro-black, pro-Moslem, pro-Jewish church in Liberaldom.” And on it goes, into the dark night of Babylon.

In the past year I have heard both Al Gore and Eleanor Clift, two mad-dog liberals, praise Pope Francis to the skies. How is that possible? It is possible because Pope Francis is an anti-Christian Christian. He hates the Christ who enters human hearts, because that Christ, the European Christ, threatens his vision of utopia, which is a multi-racial, multi-religious world of Jacobin liberals and pure and simple natural savages of color. He, like all his anti-European brethren, is determined to have a Christless Christianity by blending Christianity and liberalism. The liberal leviathan might reward the liberal churchmen by eating them last, but eventually the leviathan will consume them as well. Let us turn from the putrid pigsty of liberalism and face the leviathan, not in the spirit of compromise, but with a spirit of defiance and a determination to fight to the death. The spiritual imperative is not separate from what is practical, because the leviathan will consume the prudent compromiser as well as the uncompromising extremist. When dealing with Satan and his minions, prudence is not practical. Only the extremists, men who love and hate with all their hearts, will have a chance to defeat the liberal leviathan.

The liberals and the colored heathen are not invincible. They only appear invincible to Europeans who no longer believe in the God who lives in human hearts. When I listen to the old Christmas carols of the European people, I hear the voice of a people who genuinely loved and believed in the promise of the Christ Child. How could they believe such a fairy tale? How could they believe that God would make himself dependent on the mercy of men? It is not just the crucifixion of Christ that staggers our imaginations, it is also His willingness to be as vulnerable as a little child. Only love could make someone do what Christ did, and only people with hearts of flesh can understand the moral beauty of His divine condescension.

The liberals’ attack on the European people is not as they maintain, an attempt to give the colored races equal rights with white Europeans. It is an attempt to eliminate the white race from the face of the earth so that men can live their lives free from the love of Christ. Why do the liberals seek to banish Christ by destroying the people who took Him into their hearts? For the same reason that Adam and Eve ate the apple. They sought equality with God through a mind enlightened by the devil. That is the real equality which liberals seek. But isn’t it more than equality? Can the enlightened mind stand for any rivals?

The faith that endureth to the end is the faith that is grounded in the Word made flesh. If His word has no place in human hearts, it cannot come to fruition. Christ is always the Babe in the manger, dependent on human hearts. He has willed that dependence because He loves much. If we accept any part of the liberals’ agenda, we have rejected His love in order to embrace the enlightened intellect of Satan, the great deceiver, who fills our minds with honest trifles in order to destroy our hearts with the one great lie – there is no Blessed Savior who loves us.

Still, even in this, the first century that began with Satan solidly ensconced on the throne of Europe, there are more grazers who have lost their way than mad-dog liberals who have embraced Satan. But it is the mad-dog liberals who rule in church and state. And they keep the grazers in line by feeding them bits and pieces of intellectual Christianity. “You can attend Christian churches so long as you worship the negro in those churches.” – “You can wave the flag so long as your patriotism consists of a utopian idea of a universal nation rather than a feeling of reverence, which is pietas, toward your kith and kin.” The white grazer needs to go off the intellectual opiates of liberalism, but he cannot see beyond liberalism to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world and gives His people something much greater and more lasting than the intellectual opiates of liberalism.

If we accept the liberals’ scientized view of the world and attempt to put Christ in that world, we will continue to be the slaves of the liberal leviathan. The modern obsession with esoteric knowledge within the ranks of practicing Christians illustrates the gap between intellectual Christianity, which serves the liberals’ purpose, and the Christianity set forth in Handel’s Messiah. (2) In the Catholic ranks there are all kinds of disputes over which revelation of the blessed mother is the true revelation of the mind of God. Is it Fatima? Is it that seer from New Jersey or some other conduit of God’s will as told to us through Mary? And in the Protestant ranks, the Book of Revelation is not seen as the testimony of the apostle John’s great love for the Lamb of God, it is viewed as a book which tells us secrets – it tells us the day and the hour. In both cases, the Catholic and the Protestant, the divinely human and the human elements are left out of the picture. The Virgin Mary is worthy of our love and respect because she consented to be the hand maiden of the Lord. She is not the source of hidden secrets and special knowledge like some pagan goddess. To treat her as such demeans her and blasphemes against the Son of God. And if we view the Book of Revelation as a book that enlightens our minds about the end times, we miss the profoundly moving story of Christ’s love for us and His love for His servant John. We miss the heart of the story.  John weeps when there is no one worthy of opening the book with the seven seals. Then he sees that there is one who is worthy to open the book.

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Revelations 5: 1-5

Why is John vouchsafed this miraculous vision of the Lord? Is it because He is smarter than the rest of mankind? Has he studied Aristotle? Did he put out study guides for the understanding of scripture? No, it was because he placed his head on Christ’s sacred heart at the Last Supper.

John is given a vision of the living God because he loved much. He responded to God’s heart with his heart. He was an extremist, just as Daniel and St. Paul were extremists. And our people, when they were Christians, were extremists. They didn’t know as much about the natural world as we do, but they knew infinitely more about the real world, the world of the spirit, than we know. They knew that all things bright and beautiful come from the Christ of Europe, the same Christ that St. John saw when he was lifted up to heaven on the island of Patmos. We are never far from Christ if we stay by the European hearth fire, because our people were the mystics of the heart. They eschewed the wisdom of the Pharisees, the philosophers, and the academics, and embraced the love of the God who comes to human hearts. Life is a crucifixion, but at the heart of Europe was a faith that the crucifixion led to the resurrection. No intellectual system about God can give us the faith to believe that the grave is not the end of everything. Look to our people, to their moral vision of the Lamb of God. +

(1) Now even the ‘conservatives’ are advocates for the purification (which translates to extermination) of the white race. See Hillbilly Elegy.

(2) I think that Handel’s Messiah is the proper antidote for all false intellectual versions of Christianity.

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