The Bitter Fruits of Diversity

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death. — Revelations 6:8


And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. – Revelations 22: 12-13


Dr. Seuss wrote a large number of great children’s books from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. By the 1960’s he had become radicalized and ceased to write great children’s books, but the New Age liberals hate their own just as Robespierre hated all his fellow Jacobins. “No one is pure enough except me,” is the credo of our modern Jacobins. Which is why a mural from Seuss’s book And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street was recently removed from Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts for perpetuating racial stereotypes (there is a Chinese boy in the book running with chopsticks). The demonizing of the white race is right and proper, but the stereotyping of the colored races is evil. Thus The Song of the South is banned in the United States because it depicts a good darkie who respects his white masters. The Belgian author of the wonderful Tintin books of the 1920’s and 1930’s later repudiated his book Tintin in the Congo because he was sorry that it perpetuated the true stereotype of ignorant, superstitious and bloodthirsty black men. His book is also banned in the United States and Europe. The list goes on and on. Nor have I mentioned all the appropriations of white culture by black barbarians. Most of Shakespeare’s plays, when they are performed in the United States (which is not very often), feature black actors and actresses. Dickens’ Christmas Carol features a black Ebenezer Scrooge, and the new musical group Black Violin celebrates the fact that there are black violinists. But wait – aren’t whites supposed to be totally evil? Why then do blacks want to appropriate their culture? I’ll tell you why. Because nothing of any value has ever come from the colored cultures and nothing of any value has ever come from our modern liberal culture. And that is why Satan is a modernist: he supports the synthesis of colored barbarism and modern liberalism, because the two entities, when joined together, constitute hell on earth.

White people should tell the blacks that if they hate us so much — and we must conclude that they do judging by their words and actions – then they should stay away from whites and have nothing to do with them. Let us live out our lives deprived of diversity. Let us have cities that are white and hospitable, parks that are safe to walk and recreate in, concerts, plays, and movies that are negro-free, and let us have it immediately. It will be a great hardship, but we will try to suffer through life without the negro.

But of course we cannot have life without the negro. And why is that? The white man was certainly better off when he lived apart from negroes, and the negro was better off when he was segregated from the white man. Then the white man could sustain his own civilization and materially and spiritually aid the black man. It’s ironic – only the so-called racist societies such as segregated South Africa and the pre-Civil War South ever aided the black man. And they aided him by maintaining their own race and civilization and making their aid to the black man conditional – he had to adhere, at least outwardly, to the ethos of white civilization.

Do the Atticus Finch liberals, who have made the black man a god, really care about the black man? Of course they don’t. They need a god, a suffering servant, that they can sacrifice for and to. And they have chosen the black, noble savage. They will cling to their savage gods with all their heart and soul, but will they die for them? They hope it will not come to that. They want the racist whites, thee and me, to die for the black gods. After all, someone besides the liberals, who have gone beyond whiteness, must die in atonement for the original sin, which is the sin of whiteness.

We have now reached a new level of white-hating. The conservatives, who are the classical liberals, were tried and convicted of racism decades ago. But now the Jacobins are preying on each other. Liberals are condemning other liberals. Isn’t that terrible? Maybe the liberals will kill each other off in one big Antifa rally. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished, but I don’t think we will be rid of the liberals that easily.

I do not follow current events that closely, because I know, like Melville’s Bartleby, where I am. I live in the kingdom of hell on earth. I live where what is good and decent is spit on and what is evil and vile is lauded and applauded. And all that is good and decent stems from the people, the antique Europeans, who are constantly being denounced, by conservatives and liberals, as the most evil people that ever walked the face of the earth. So why should I listen to them, the liberals and the conservatives, spew their venom on my honored dead who are not alive to defend themselves? And they are never defended by anyone in public life. Conservatives will defend themselves against charges of racism by denouncing the antique Europeans. “Conservatism is about ideas, it has nothing to do with race.” Oh really? From whence comes our “idea” of God incarnate? Does it come from a particular people with hearts of flesh who gave Christ a place by their racial hearth fire, or from the airy nothingness of the cosmos where all ideas dwell in limbo without a local habitation in the human heart? The conservatives’ religion is called Gnosticism, and their liberal brethren have gotten the better of them by adding the negro into the mix, in order to give their Gnosticism an earthly home.

I play a game with my cat in which we simulate the reality of the jungle. I throw a rolled up sock around the living room and he “attacks” the sock. But he doesn’t actually catch the sock. He runs by it and gives it a wave with his paw. But he thinks he has won. In his cat’s mind he has beaten the evil sock. Of course I perpetuate his fantasy by telling him he is a good boy for conquering the bad sock. The conservatives play a similar game with the liberals. But the conservatives are not as cute as my cat nor do I have an urge to applaud them at the conclusion of the game, because the conservatives play a deadly game with the liberals, a game that leaves white people naked to the enemy.

The game goes like this – picture the generic talk show format. There is a conservative commentator and a liberal guest. The conservative very politely points out the error of the liberals’ position. Pick whatever issue you want, it doesn’t matter because the liberals’ response will always be the same: “You are a racist.” Now the debate shifts to the “conservative’s” defense. He outlines all the reasons why he is not racist – he is not against immigration, he is just against uncontrolled immigration. He totally abhors segregation in any form. He condemns the racism of the white race prior to the 1960’s, he condemns the South African whites, and on, and on, he goes. Like my cat, he thinks he has won the game even though he has actually achieved nothing. He has not made a dent in the liberal’s armor. The liberal just sits there with a smug look on his face while Mr. Conservative goes through his litany of why he is not a racist. At the conclusion of the litany, the liberal repeats his charge of racism. The conservative thinks he has won, but in reality the liberal has won — the charge of racism has won the day for the liberal. No white man can win a debate with a liberal when he accepts the liberals’ terms of engagement, because the liberals have already predetermined the results of every debate. The white man is racist, and white racism (not black racism) is the unpardonable sin.

Some years back I mentioned to a Roman Catholic priest of my acquaintance that I was taking a few days off to visit my parents who had retired to a little house by the sea. The priest immediately asked me if there were any blacks residing in that town by the sea. When I told him that there were not, he acted like he had won some kind of contest. I went away from the priest with the distinct impression that he thought my parents were in a state of mortal sin for choosing to retire to a town that was not – Horror of Horrors! – racially diverse. And of course I was in mortal sin as well for wanting to visit my parents in that non-diverse town by the sea.

The conservatives’ rhetoric is just empty rhetoric because the conservatives accept the liberals’ theology – white racism is evil. But what is white racism? White racism is white pietas, it is loving one’s own kith and kin in and through the God-Man, Jesus Christ. It does not consist of the hatred of individual human beings, especially one’s own kind, under the auspices of a universalist, Gnostic love of an aggregate herd of colored heathens. So long as the conservatives see existence through the eyes of the mad-dog liberals, who see the negro as the Alpha and Omega of existence, there will be no white counter-attack against the liberal leviathan.

The United States is not a city built on a hill pointing upward to heaven. It is a city built in the midst of the valley of the shadow of death. Negro worship is the worship of Satan. And from that worship stems every other evil under the sun – sexual Babylon, feminism, legalized abortion, and legalized sodomy are the result of the European people’s shift from the worship of Christ to the worship of Satan through the medium of the noble black savage. “Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” has been replaced by, “Our sacred negroes, who art the gods of Liberaldom, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done in this our kingdom of mother earth.” There now is no heavenly Father, there is the negro, who presides over hell on earth. Is this civilization what we want to conserve? Does it matter one jot who gets elected in a nation consecrated to the sacred negro?

The Christ-bearing people must break the mind-forged chains of negro worship or they will be consumed by the enemy of mankind, who never gives quarter to his enemies. “Diversity, diversity!” the liberals cry – “You must become diverse!” But what is diversity? It is the blending of the white Christ-bearing race with Satan. And that blending has resulted in an equality of sorts. We have come to an equality of Satanism:

African fitness in the realms of the Gruesome and the Grisly is however very well testified. The witchcraft practiced by Lord Graham’s ancestors was nothing compared with the witchcraft practised by Savanhu’s contemporaries. Even the witches of Macbeth were literally pallid amateurs compared with average twentieth-century African witches. A casual little news item informed us, for instance, that in the Gwaai Reserve a female witchdoctor cut the body of a still-born infant in half, cooked the top half and, together with her sister, ate it. It transpired that the mother of the infant had been severely and repeatedly beaten by her husband, and had gone to the witchdoctor asking for a love potion. To obtain the ingredients for the potion, the mother, who was pregnant, was given something to cause an abortion. And the witchdoctor and her sister made a meal of what was left. –White Man, Think Again! by A. Jacob

Hasn’t the white man duplicated that African demonism with legalized abortion? We can’t live as a diverse people, because we cannot live in hell, we can only surfeit and die there. St. John warned us in the Book of Revelation of the dangers of blending Christ with the principalities and powers of this world only. That blending is called hell. Everything good and noble comes from non-diverse Europe. If we do not hold on to that essential truth and make it our all in all, we will lose our hope for heaven in the next world, and we will live in the hell of Liberaldom in this world. +

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