The Liberals’ Holy Ghost

But ‘tis strange;
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

-Banquo in Macbeth


Melville’s statement about the works of Shakespeare – “All that we seek and shun is there, man’s final lore” – was on the mark. If we shun his harsh truths we will never get to the core of his one, great, beautiful truth: Christ is “the grave where buried love doth live.” The rejection of that truth is the reason the European people are on the brink of extinction. They have allowed the devil to fool them with “honest trifles” while betraying them “in deepest consequence.” That we inhabit bodies and our bodies are subject to certain natural laws is the honest trifle the devil has used to make us discard what is of deepest consequence. We have discarded our faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ because the resurrection from the dead is unscientific, it is against the laws of nature. And we are all part of nature, are we not? I had a secularized Jew for a teacher in one of my college literature classes. He was quite fond of attacking the notion of a loving God by pointing to all the suffering in the world. His case against God was Ivan Karamazov’s case against God. There is no rational argument against that type of attack. But there is a response, there is Alyosha’s response to Ivan. He bid his brother look to the cross of Christ.

Let’s look closer at modern atheism. Is it suffering that has turned modern man against God? If it is, then why didn’t the Europeans prior to the 20th and 21st centuries turn against God? Were not their lives just as full of suffering as the lives of the modern Europeans? And if we can believe the medical establishment, human suffering has lessened in the 20th and 21st centuries. Then we must conclude that the pain of existence is not the reason modern man has ceased to believe in the “grave where buried love doth live.” There must be another reason. The atheist, George Bernard Shaw, told us the reason in the preface of his play called Back to Methuselah – Science has triumphed over Christ. (1) The scientific world view was the sword that the liberals used to destroy the European people’s will to survive as a people. If science says that Christ be not risen, then to whom do we turn? The Europeans have returned to nature and nature’s God, the noble black savage. Rousseau was not an outright atheist, he combined his faith in Christ with his faith in the Noble Savage, but where your treasure lies so lies your heart. Rousseau’s successors kept to the heart of his new faith, which was the worship of the negro, and discarded the dross, which was Christ the Lord.

Science and truth have become synonymous in the modern era. Psychiatry is supposed to tell us more about mankind than the bards of Europe did, because psychiatry is scientific. Sociology and anthropology tell us great truths because they too are scientific disciplines, in contrast to the Gospel of Christ which stems from a primitive people who believed in myths rather than science. Science has been the bridge — the Holy Ghost — that links the Europeans to the gods of nature. The liberal taking his walk through the woods is not communing with the Christian God of his forefathers, he is communing with the gods of nature, the colored heathen, even though those ‘natural’ gods want nothing to do with nature.

In my mid-twenties I was very naïve about the Christian clergy. I thought Christian clergymen, of all denominations, believed in Jesus Christ. I vividly remember walking away, stunned, from a conversation with a Roman Catholic priest who told me that the essence of Christianity was a belief in the truths of all religions. When I asked the priest if he meant that all religions had some elements of truth, but Christianity was the one true faith, I was told that he did not mean that at all. He meant that Christianity was not true in the literal sense. And by literal sense, he meant that Christ had not risen from the dead. No man could believe something so unnatural. Now, you might say that priest was an extreme case, but I have found, over the years, that he was just a little more frank than his contemporaries. Most of the clergy have wrapped Christ in ‘this world only’ mysticism. He is a civil rights worker, He is a Marxist, He is a prophet like Mohammed, or He is the son of God just as we are all sons of God. But is He the Son of God, who rose from the dead on the third day? If He is not, then let us proceed to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. And isn’t that the promise of liberalism? That we can be happy in this world if we shun the unscientific Christianity of reactionaries such as St. Paul and the pre-20th century Europeans and cling to the Christ-hating, white-hating civilization of the 21st century? But can we really be happy, to the extent that anyone can be happy, in this world without our faith in the risen Lord? I’m at the age when many of my friends and relatives are suffering from terminal illnesses. For some reason, the fact that Europe is moving toward Islamification and the sacred negro has been made the lodestar of the United States does not give them any comfort in the face of death. And science? There are pain killers for the physical pain, but can science help the man or woman who has spent his or her life within the confines of the scientific worldview? No, it cannot. Such a man or woman has been deceived in deepest consequence. They are now facing death naked to the great enemy of mankind, the arch angel Satan. “Die in despair,” he tells the devotees of science on their death beds. My prayer for all my dying friends and relatives is my prayer for myself as well: “Help of the helpless, Lord, abide with me,” – and abide with them.

The fight for European culture, which cannot be divorced form the fight to preserve the European people, is the fight for our common hope. The liberals tell us we can only have hope if we abandon Christ and the European people and replace them with a Christless, colored paradise sustained by science. Our European ancestors speak to us from the grave where buried love doth live and tell us to cling to the God who sustained them in the day of battle and stood by them at their dying hour. Is it His “kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” that we should seek, or is it the scientized, ‘natural’ hell of the liberals that we should seek?

The essentials of liberalism – that Christ be not risen, and the Europeans, who foisted the belief in Christ on the world, had to be replaced by the heathens of color, were the guiding principles of all the liberals from the second half of the 20th century to the present. But in my lifetime I have witnessed a great shift in the liberals’ tactics. When there were still a sizeable portion of European grazers who had lost the faith of their European ancestors but retained much of the ethos of that ancient faith, the liberals debated things such as abortion and race-mixing, defending such evils in the name of compassion and charity, which were virtues stemming from the faith the liberals renounced. But in recent years, now that the grazers have lost the ethos of their immediate ancestors, the 1950’s grazers, the liberals have done away with discussions. They have obtained absolute power, and they are using their power to suppress all opinions contrary to liberalism and to kill all whites who oppose liberalism. It is a brave new world we live in. It is a crueler world, a more hopeless, darker world than mankind has ever known before. In this new world we see the forces of scientized liberal atheism joining forces with the Moslems and the colored heathens to eliminate faith, hope, and charity from the face of the earth. If that military maneuver is to be successful, the European people must be eliminated. The devil understands that Christ works in human hearts. If you destroy the European people’s hearts of flesh, you have very effectively destroyed their connection to the living God.

Jacob Marley tells Scrooge of the chains he forged for himself, link by link. The European people have forged similar chains for themselves. They are chained to a pagan wheel of fire because they believe that science is truth and truth is science. And ironically the ‘facts’ of science are just as irrational as the belief in the resurrection from the dead, for it is just as impossible for a human being, mere vegetable matter according to the liberals, to become a human personality as it is for that same human personality to perish and rot in the grave. “Behold I show you a mystery.” Once we enter into the spiritual realm, and we have to if we are to explain the existence of human beings, then truth, the truth beyond reason, seems to point to the faith of our European ancestors – “though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God… for now is Christ risen from the dead, the first fruits of them that sleep.”

Trump’s election has saved some white lives and allowed some whites to hold onto their jobs that might otherwise (had Hillary been elected) have lost them, so his election was not a complete waste. But no election within the confines of liberalism will accomplish that which is needful. The Europeans live in chains forged by the men of reason – the academics in church and state. Until those chains are broken, they will not see the one great truth that once animated the European people – the empty tomb.

I suppose I should have saved such mediations for Easter, but as the darkness of liberalism engulfs every nook and corner of what was once Christendom, the spirit reacts, in self-defense, by holding the three great events ever before his eyes – Christ’s birth in the manger, His death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead. When the eleventh hour has passed, when the great god democracy has failed, we must look to the Help of the helpless, who broke the chains of death and rose from the tomb on the third day. +


(1) It’s worth noting that the neo-pagans and the liberals do not diverge on the third person of the liberals’ trinity. They too believe in the holy ghost of science. Nor do they diverge from their liberal cousins on the issue of the first person of the liberal trinity. They too believe in the father, which is the abstracted intellect. It is on the issue of the second person of the liberal trinity that the neo-pagans part company with the hard left. They do not believe in the liberals’ savior, the noble black savage. Can the neo-pagans compete with the hard left without a Savior? No, they cannot. But you can’t just invent a savior for practical purposes. You must see something more than nature in existence before you can do battle against an enemy who sees only the natural world presided over by the natural black savage. Christ is that ‘something more than nature.’

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