For Hearth, for Faith, for the Light of the World

Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. – 2 Timothy 3: 7


A Scottish minister recently proposed that 100,000 Islamic ‘refugees’ should be placed on the Isle of Skye, an island that only has an estimated population of 10,000 native-born Scots. In better times, say 50 years ago, the Scottish minister would have been sent to a madhouse and that would be the end of it. But nowadays such proposals are commonplace, and they usually become a reality. A man who was not tainted with the disease of liberalism might ask the Scottish minister a few questions, such as:

1) Why would a professed Christian allow 100,000 Moslems to invade his homeland? The answer would be that the Scottish minister is a ‘new’ Christian, a Judeo-pagan Christian, which means that he believes Christianity is a fusion of Judaism and all the pagan faiths. Thus, he is being true to his faith by inviting the Moslems into his nation

2) Where, Reverend Blasphemer, are you going to put the Moslems? The answer – We shall put them where the white Scots live.

3) Where will you put the Scottish people? Answer: We will dispose of the Scottish people.

4) How will the ‘new’ Scots sustain themselves? Answer: The rest of Britain will sustain them with their tax money.

5) What happens when there are no white Britons left to pay taxes to support Islamic refugees? Answer: I’m a cleric, a great thinker, I don’t bother myself with such mundane things.

And please don’t tell me, if you are not a Presbyterian, that your church is exempt from such blasphemies. This demonic madness has taken hold of all the churches in organized Christendom, which has become Satandom. The devil entered our churches in the guise of a rationalist. He seemed like a nice fellow because he was well dressed and very articulate. As time went by he seemed a bit unusual — his horns were showing. But still, he was very rational, and reason, we all knew, was next to Godliness. So the clerics got used to having the devil around them. And then they began to take his advice on everything. They wondered how they ever got along without him. Now, in the 21st century, the first of the non-Christian centuries in Europe, the devil rules.

Let us segue from the Scottish minister to the flood in Houston, Texas. White people are behaving nobly. They are giving aid and comfort to the victims of one of the worst natural disasters in this nation’s history. How can this be? Are not white people the evil ones, the people who must give way to the colored heathens? White people are allowed to be heroic during such natural disasters because the liberals have not yet discovered a way to ensure that natural disasters happen only to white people. If that were the case, all relief efforts for victims of natural disasters would be banned. They’d be banned because the defense and or the aid and succor of white people is racist and therefore damnable. The whites are only allowed to serve Liberaldom, which is committed to the destruction of the white race, so whites can only aid whites when whites are suffering through the same natural disasters as the colored heathen. When there are no whites left, the colored heathens will perish, because they are incapable of charitable outreach to their own people or any other people.

Whites will continue to serve Liberaldom, because they have no leadership willing to contradict the ruling liberal ethos, which states: “The good man is pure intellect. He is the psychiatrist, the theologian, the doctor of medicine, the doctor of philosophy, and the man of science.” But if man is pure intellect, then who is his master? It is the Archangel Satan, that great intellectual giant. Who is more intelligent than Satan? The end result of reason unfettered from the human heart is the worship of Satan. The Scottish preacher is an apostle of Satan. And so are they all – the men in authority in church and state throughout Europe. St. Paul warned us about such men:

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. – 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15

Doesn’t that describe our modern day clergymen who have joined with their secular liberal counterparts to make war on the living God in the name of their demon gods? The flood in Texas should be combatted, but that natural disaster pales in contrast to the man-made disaster of liberalism. Who will combat the negroization and Islamization of the European nations? It isn’t just the people of Skye who are in danger of being exterminated, it is the entire white race. And they are being exterminated by “ministers of righteousness,” the righteousness of Satan. Everything is reversed in the new church – right is wrong and wrong is right.

In the plays of Shakespeare, the works of Scott, the works of Dickens, and the European fairy tales there is a reoccurring theme – the theme of a man on the periphery of great events because he is thought to be too inconsequential to have any significant influence. In other words, he is considered a simpleton. But the simpleton steps out of the shadows at a crucial point in the drama and turns the tide for the forces of good. In Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, it is the bumbling constable, Dogberry, who brings the villains to the bar of justice, causing one of the villains to remark, “I have deceived even your very eyes. What your wisdoms could not discover, these shallow fools have brought to light…” And in King Lear it is Kent and Edgar in disguise and seemingly only minor figures who do the villains and villainesses in. Likewise in Scott’s Quentin Durward and his The Heart of Midlothian. Jeannie Deans and Quentin Durward are like unto the third dumb brothers in the fairy tales. Seemingly of no consequence, even foolish, they step forth and win the day. And Dickens? The third dumb brothers walk through his novels in a glorious quixotic parade, but none are more exemplary than Wilkins Micawber, the king of the third dumb brothers. When Uriah Heep, that evil minister of Satanic righteousness, seems like he is about to destroy Mr. Wickfield, Wilkins Micawber steps forth and produces the evidence that can convict Heep and save Mr. Wickfield. He concludes his damning indictment of Heep with the following immortal words:

I ask no more. Let it be, in justice, merely said of me, as of a gallant and eminent naval Hero, with whom I have no pretensions to cope, that what I have done, I did, in despite of mercenary and selfish objects, For England, home, and Beauty. “Remaining always, &c. &c., WILKINS MICAWBER.”

That brief montage of third dumb brothers in our literature seems like a mere bagatelle of no consequence. But that is precisely the point. Shakespeare’s plays, the novels of Scott and Dickens, and the European fairy tales are mere fairy dust in the eyes of the world. But of what does our world consist? Shakespeare, Dickens, and Scott were third dumb brothers themselves. They saw a spiritual realm inhabited by men and women with immortal souls. That made their story, the story of the European people, a story worth telling. If we have souls, if we are not just vegetable matter, what we do in this vale of tears is of eternal moment. And what we fail to do is also of eternal moment.

The Bible is shunned by some of the organized churches because they fear that it will weaken the clerics’ power over the laity. And in other organized churches the Bible has been demythologized and made into a handy dandy guide book for ‘this world only.’ But if a man goes through the Bible as if he is reading a novel or a historical work he will find something of infinite value, something that the intelligent men have yet to discover, because they have hardened their hearts against it. That something is a Man. He is the third dumb brother who breathed life into the European people. He is the heart of our hearts and the summit of all our aspirations and hopes. The new Europe, which has been forged in hell, the Europe of Satanic clergymen and fiendish hell hounds in high places, is opposed to that Man of Sorrows who was the promethean fire of the European people when they were a people.

In de la Motte Fouque’s story, Undine, he tells how the Undine acquires a soul. She acquires a soul when her heart is pierced with love and compassion for a human being. The European people have reversed the process of the Undine: they have divested themselves of their souls by denying their humanity. If this sounds too dark, or too extreme, just look at the negroization and Islamization of the European nations. People with souls, people with hearts of flesh, do not allow that to happen. When we accept the intellectual Christians’ faith in pure intellect and deny the truth that was bred in the bone of our Christian ancestors – that our racial identity is an essential part of our soul – we lose our souls and become Undines.

The Light of the World is dependent — He has willed that dependence — on His people to make his Light shine. He works through us. Satan has willed, through his people, who are the liberals and the colored heathens, the destruction of the light shining in darkness. That is what the race war is all about. Will the ancient ‘image of God in man’ culture of the antique Europeans be eradicated from the face of the earth? Or will the people who saw a great light rise up and become Europeans, the people of God, once again? It seems ludicrous to even suggest that the Europeans will not be completely destroyed when you look at the naked horror of Liberaldom. Everything stemming from old Europe is proscribed. And what used to be the unspoken, underlying passion behind all the liberal clergymen’s and academics’ sermons and lectures, the destruction of the white race, is openly preached in the pulpits, taught in the classrooms and shouted from the rooftops of Liberaldom. What can be done in the face of such a monolith of evil? The European people should become like unto the third dumb brothers of European fairyland. With absolutely nothing but our faith in the Man of Sorrows we should step out of the shadows and fight for our racial hearth fire. Are we likely to succeed? No, we are not. But whether we win or lose in the temporal realm, we will have achieved a great victory, we will have reclaimed our souls. God’s people will once again be able to say that they have seen a great light. How can we be Europeans, how can we be men, without the light that shineth in darkness? +

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