Hell on Earth

Lear. My wits begin to turn.
  Come on, my boy. How dost, my boy? Art cold?
  I am cold myself. Where is this straw, my fellow?
  The art of our necessities is strange,
  That can make vile things precious. Come, your hovel.
  Poor fool and knave, I have one part in my heart
  That’s sorry yet for thee.


It’s worth noting that the hard-left rioters in Germany proclaimed “Welcome to hell.” That is the essence of liberalism. It starts out as a utopian movement to build heaven on earth, but the utopian heaven of the liberals is a world of negro worship, legalized abortion, legalized sodomy and the glorification of every abomination under the sun. It is pure hell. And when there is no visible resistance, the final generation of liberals removes the mask and makes explicit what was always implicit — at the heart of Liberaldom is hell.

In Hawthorne’s short story “The Celestial Railroad,” an intellectual Christian decides to take a trip to the Celestial City on a celestial railroad built by “Mr. Smooth-it-away”:

… who, though he had never actually visited the Celestial City, yet seemed as well acquainted with its laws, customs, policy, and statistics, as with those of the City of Destruction, of which he was a native townsman. Being, moreover, a director of the railroad corporation and one of its largest stockholders, he had it in his power to give me all desirable information respecting that praiseworthy enterprise.

Yes, that’s it precisely. With the sanction of intellectual Christians, Christians who have not circumscribed their hearts, the devil’s minions build hell in the name of heaven.

The intellectual Christian Everyman travels along on the Celestial Railroad while avoiding the pitfalls – at least according to Mr. Smooth-it-away, of an excessive passion – the love of God and the hatred of Satan:

“Where is Mr. Greatheart?” inquired I. “Beyond a doubt the directors have engaged that famous old champion to be the chief conductor on the railroad?”

“Why, no,” said Mr. Smooth-it-away, with a dry cough. “He was offered the situation of brakeman; but, to tell you the truth, our friend Greatheart has grown preposterously stiff and narrow in his old age. He has so often guided pilgrims over the road on foot that he considers it a sin to travel in any other fashion. Besides, the old fellow had entered so heartily into the ancient feud with Prince Beelzebub that he would have been perpetually at blows or ill language with some of the prince’s subjects, and thus have embroiled us anew. So, on the whole, we were not sorry when honest Greatheart went off to the Celestial City in a huff and left us at liberty to choose a more suitable and accommodating man.”

Need I go on? The “more suitable” man is, “Apollyon, Christian’s old enemy.” And the new Christian Everyman, the Christian without a heart, thinks that is wonderful –

“Bravo, bravo!” exclaimed I, with irrepressible enthusiasm; “this shows the liberality of the age; this proves, if anything can, that all musty prejudices are in a fair way to be obliterated. And how will Christian rejoice to hear of this happy transformation of his old antagonist! I promise myself great pleasure in informing him of it when we reach the Celestial City.”

And what happens when the train reaches the Celestial City?

And then did my excellent friend Mr. Smooth-it-away laugh outright, in the midst of which cachinnation a smoke-wreath issued from his mouth and nostrils, while a twinkle of lurid flame darted out of either eye, proving indubitably that his heart was all of a red blaze. The impudent fiend! To deny the existence of Tophet, when he felt its fiery tortures raging within his breast. I rushed to the side of the boat, intending to fling myself on shore; but the wheels, as they began their revolutions, threw a dash of spray over me so cold—so deadly cold, with the chill that will never leave those waters until Death be drowned in his own river—

Hawthorne’s traveler awakes to discover it was all a dream. But we, the European people, have made that dream a reality. We have turned Christian Europe into the citadel of Satan. The construction process started with the clerical liaison men, the Mr. Smooth-it-away men, who built the bridge linking Christian Europe and Satan’s Europe. And thus the terrible fusionist movement began, in which we were enjoined to divest ourselves of “prejudices” of every kind – our prejudices against race mixing, against sodomy, against Islam, against Jewry, and against sexual Babylon. But while we were enjoined to get rid of our “musty prejudices,” we were told to cling to new prejudices, we were to hate all things stemming from old Europe, namely the white race and the Christian faith, the Christian faith of the European people as distinct from philosophical Christianity and fusionist Christianity.

From a rational, philosophical standpoint, it seems like the liberals are supporting causes that are diametrically opposed to liberalism. They support Moslem and colored barbarians against the white Europeans even though the Moslems and the colored barbarians believe in the rape and abuse of women, which the liberals claim they are against.

In point of fact, the liberals and the colored heathens are at odds on every issue save one — the issue of the Christ-bearing race. The liberals hate that race and so do the colored barbarians. That is the essence of liberalism: “Welcome to hell.” They have already brought hell upon us. It is not a perfect hell – that will come in the hereafter – but our modern, liberal-forged world is a very close approximation to the eternal hell of the damned. If a man adheres to their world, if he gives internal assent to the principalities and powers of this modern world, he will go with Mr. Smooth-it-away to the kingdom of eternal night without feeling that he has passed from one world to another. And that is tragedy, that a man created in the image of God can be completely comfortable in the realm of Satan.

The devilish propaganda campaign of the liberals has had its effect. “You are not created in the image of God. You, the white man, are the waste product of nature, you are an unnatural aberration, a cancer in the bowels of the children of nature. You must self-destruct, but if you refuse to self-destruct, we will destroy you.” Divested of their faith in Christ, the white grazers wander through the pastures of Liberaldom trying to find something to sustain them against an enemy that they refuse to believe is an enemy. They still believe in the benevolence of the liberals who preach negro worship, religious tolerance (except for Christians), non-violence (except when directed against white people), and sexual Babylon for all. The operation has been complete; the white man loves liberalism, and he is more comfortable in hell than in His Kingdom come, on earth, as it is in heaven.

In the world of the colored barbarians, be they black, brown, yellow, or red, there is no great separation between the intelligentsia and the commoners as regards religious faith. They believe as one. So it is with the Moslems, by and large; the intelligentsia believes what the men and women in the ranks believe. This is not the case with the European people. In the 19th century many of the great men of letters (but not the philosophers), such as Tennyson, Dickens, Thomas Hughes, Scott, Austen, La Fanu, Dostoyevsky – the list is endless – believed what the European people believed. There was no great divide between the intelligent man and the common man. This changed in the 20th century. Members of the European intelligentsia who expressed a belief in the Christian God were men who consciously “regressed” to Christianity. A Christian vision was no longer respectable in enlightened Europe. Novelists such as C. S. Lewis were considered fantasy writers and/or children’s authors. A pseudo, rational Christianity was still espoused by churchmen and conservatives, but that type of rationalized faith was not the “as a child” faith of the antique Europeans. The “as a child” faith was gone.

In the first half of the 20th century, the existentialists said, “There is no God, life is unbearable.” By the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, the Western intellectuals were proclaiming that, “There is no Christian God, but we have the negro as our god; isn’t that wonderful!” The great migration of the European people has taken place. The common man has gone, as he always does, with the intellectual elite. As a result, the European people have shifted from Christ to nature and nature’s god. Let joy be the consequence? Only on the surface. The liberals say they have arrived at a better place, this new Europe, but they have created a world that even they, the happy ones, cannot live in. Why is drug use, suicide, and alcoholism increasing in the liberals’ happy new world? Perhaps this flight from Christ is not such a wonderful panacea after all? The liberals must enforce superficiality if they are to maintain the kingdom of hell on earth, because it is only those who live in an abstract, superficial world that can maintain the fantastical delusion that we are better off without the Man of Sorrows. Our Lord is not welcome at the liberals’ wedding feast, because He brings His death on the cross to every feast He attends. Who needs that death? We all do; without His death on the cross, there can be no wedding feast. His death brings us life, it brings us into a world of faith, hope, and charity. Outside of that world there is no reason to celebrate anything.

And yet the liberals do celebrate. They celebrate death, the death of all things European and Christian. Why do they hiss and spew venom any time a man or woman in public life says anything good about old Europe? Why do they cheer and applaud whenever a new right is signed into law for the feminists, the black barbarians, the sodomites, or the Moslems? They celebrate because they are the devil’s own. They love what he loves. Do you think for one moment that the liberals and the colored heathens will be democratically persuaded to give up their assault on the white race and the traditional God of the white race? No, they won’t. What Antonio said of Shylock can be said of the whole legion of modern liberals:

I pray you, think you question with the Jew.
You may as well go stand upon the beach
And bid the main flood bate his usual height;
You may as well use question with the wolf,
Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb;
You may as well forbid the mountain pines
To wag their high tops, and to make no noise,
When they are fretten with the gusts of heaven;
You may as well do anything most hard,
As seek to soften that — than which what’s harder?–
His Jewish heart.

The “Welcome to hell” riots in Germany, the surrender to Islam throughout Europe, and the worship of negroes in America and all the European nations signals the end of the silken glove seduction of the Europeans. The iron fist era has begun, because the liberals do not see any signs of life in the European people. They have no blood faith, because they have been defeated in the intellectual arena. They have accepted the scientific attack on Christ, and that acceptance has left them naked to their enemies. Until they see with their hearts and realize that the liberals’ ‘smartness’ is superficial blather they will remain a bovine race grazing in the fields of modernity until it is their turn to be slaughtered. Revolutions succeed when those in authority start to believe the propaganda of the revolutionaries. The churchmen of Europe thought they could improve the Gospel of Christ to make it more compatible with the mind-forged philosophies of men. They kept retreating before the innovators and the destroyers until there was nothing left of Christianity – the church of Christ was consumed by the liberal leviathan. But was that church, the church that has become the church of organized Jewry, the Church of Christ? St. Paul says that it is not. He believed that the church of Christ was in the hearts of men and women who believed that the foolishness of God was wiser than the wisdom of men. And the antique Europeans believed as St. Paul believed. Shakespeare has Mark Antony ask the Roman commoners, “What cause withholds you now to mourn for him?“ For what cause do we refuse to mourn for Him who is greater than Caesar?

Europeans live in exile in their own nations. We owe no allegiance to the liberal-barbarian mix that rules the formerly Christian European nations. After describing the horrors of Jacobinism, Burke asks if a Jacobin nation can be a European’s nation:

Would this be the England that you and I, and even strangers, admired, honoured, loved, and cherished? Would not the exiles of England alone be my Government and my fellow-citizens? Would not their places of refuge be my temporary country? Would not all my duties and all my affections be there and there only?

We are not of modern Europe; we belong to Christian Europe. Wherever we find two or three gathered together in the name of the Christ of the European hearth fire, there is our nation.

I have not discussed specific tactical issues about this war that we are not fighting, because I think that individual Europeans in their own nations can come up with the best military strategies for their country. But I do believe that there is now only one option for the exiled Europeans, and that is the military option. What else can you do with a people who bring you hell?  The liberals and the colored barbarians are going to kill every white European who shows any sympathy for old Europe, and they will kill a good deal of European grazers even if they don’t show any sympathy for old Europe. Why? You know the answer. Because the liberals fear whiteness; they are never quite certain that a passive white grazer might leave his pasture and become a European again. It’s not likely, but the liberal wants to make sure.

It would be heartening to know that we could be sure that there were some Europeans ready to fight for old Europe. But we can’t be sure; the liberals have not labored in the vineyards of modernity in vain. They have raised up a mutant race of whites who have no loyalty to their true country, which is Christian Europe. The European people have turned their nations over to liberals and colored heathens; they have, in imitation of King Lear: “Let their folly in, And their dear judgement out!” But unlike King Lear they have not gone to the depths of despair and repented their folly. Instead, they look to the liberals in church and state to save them. But it is only those who shake off the “superflux” of liberalism that can see their way out of liberalism. Lear’s moral awakening in the manger reminds us of another moral awakening in a manger. When we were very young as a people, we saw that event as the one sure and certain hope of our people. Now, once again, the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders, have taken hold of our Lord. They crucify Him anew by crucifying His people. Life is a crucifixion — what do we gain if we throw in with the liberals to avoid the cross of Christ? We gain hell and lose heaven. +

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