The Eyes of the Heart

Old Man. O, my good lord, I have been your tenant, and your father’s tenant, these fourscore years.

Glou. Away, get thee away! Good friend, be gone;
Thy comforts can do me no good at all;
Thee they may hurt.

Old Man. You cannot see your way.

Glou. I have no way, and therefore want no eyes;
I stumbled when I saw. Full oft ‘tis seen,
Our means secure us, and our mere defects
Prove our commodities. O dear son Edgar,
The food of thy abused father’s wrath!
Might I but live to see thee in my touch
I’d say I had eyes again!

-King Lear


And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?

And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.

Acts 9: 4-6


I would place an addendum after Whittier’s sad lament, “For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been.” The addendum would run: ‘For all the false words of tongue and pen, the falsest are these, You can’t go back to the past.’ Let us place the European people in the position of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge can’t go back and become twenty-one again, but he most certainly can go back to his spiritual youth and accept the grace of God which he rejected many years before. The European people can’t change the fact that they have lived for centuries under the government of the Archangel Satan, who rules them through Jacobin democracy, but they can renounce Jacobin democracy and become like unto their European ancestors who lived their lives in the shadow of the Cross.

Would a return to their Europe mean that we would no longer see sickness, war, and death? Of course not. But we would not suffer “the heartache and the thousand natural shocks the flesh is heir to,” in hopeless despair. We would have spiritual comforts to offset the tragedies of life, and we would have hope that the last great enemy, which is death, was not invincible. Black savagery would still exist in our new-old Europe, but it would be controlled. Moslems would still live in the Arab nations, but they would no longer live in European nations. There would still be some babies murdered in the womb, but there would be very few that suffered that fate, because instead of receiving big pay checks for the slaughter of the innocents, abortion doctors would be executed.

We must return to old Europe, because the new utopian Europe that has been imposed on us is not His Europe. Even if the rulers of Liberaldom would let us into their utopian Europe, would we want to abide there? What good is it to gain the world if you lose your soul in doing so? Ah, there’s the rub. If we don’t have souls, if we are just by-products of nature, then there is nothing but this world only. The liberals have decreed that there is only nature, so they can stop the only force on earth capable of destroying them; that force is the spirit-infused European. Without the faith that animated our ancestors the modern Europeans are left pleading for a place in the liberals’ anti-white, anti-Christian utopia. Far better to stop pleading, to stop bowing and scraping before the liberals’ colored gods, and to take up arms against the liberals and their colored allies in the name of Christ and our sacred heritage. But of course the post-Christian European does not believe in a sacred heritage that stems from a belief in the Man of Sorrows. He believes in his intellect, in his ability to intellectually manipulate history to serve his own ends. The neo-pagans, the mad-dog liberals, and the new age conservatives in church and state are all united in a Jacobin cabal that seeks the kingdom of God on earth, through the good offices of their god-all-mighty intellects. Lost by the wayside is the crowned King of Europe. He will not come to us unless we call on Him by name. We have to look past His beggar’s weeds and see the divinity within. And then? We will ask Him to come and abide with us by our racial hearth fire.

Modern Liberaldom is built on two assumptions. The first is that white men are evil. The second is that all white men, prior to the 20th century, were stupid, because they looked at life from an unscientific, which translates to unnatural, view of the world. The two assumptions are really coordinate, because the liberal views intelligence and morality as one. If you think about life as the materialists such as Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Adam Smith thought about life, you will think naturally and abhor the unnatural white Europeans. (1) From that naturalism stems liberalism, and because of that naturalism the white man is in the process of being eliminated from the face of the earth. “The thing which we have come to regard as history would disappear if students of the past ceased to regard the world of man as a thing apart – ceased to envisage a world of human relations set up against nature and the animal kingdom. In such circumstances the high valuation that has long been set upon human personality would speedily decline.” (Herbert Butterfield)

The high valuation we placed on human personality has not just declined, it has disappeared. And it has disappeared because His image in man has disappeared. Without the God who became man, there can be no human personalities. What we now have are aggregate herds of … of what? What is a human being if human beings are not created in the image of God? The liberals have told us – man is a glorified ape. But some apes are more natural than other apes. The unnatural apes, the white apes, must be exterminated so the natural apes can live as nature intended. They should live with no restraints on their natural appetites, because the natural appetites of the colored apes are good, while the unnatural appetites of the white apes are bad.

The religion of nature, the religion of the glorified colored ape, has its own system of manners, customs, and traditions. And that system has bound the European to the Promethean rock. He only exists to serve the liberal state. If he can prove useful to the state, if he serves the negroes and the heathens, he might be allowed to live some 70 plus years. But his children, if he has any, will not, if the liberals are not destroyed, be allowed to live out their lives. Their whiteness will be dealt with.

Modern Europeans on every side of the political spectrum see life in managerial terms. They think all life’s problems can be solved by rational analysis. But European genocide cannot be solved by rational analysis. It can only be prevented by white human beings who have not been anesthetized by over a century of liberal soul washing. ‘There is no soul, there is only nature,’ has been the constant refrain of the liberals for the past three hundred years. And the liberals have controlled church and state for the past one hundred years. Should it surprise us then that the only resistance to liberalism is a non-resistance? ‘Please, liberal sirs and madams, won’t you let the clever white monkeys play with the black monkeys?’

There are two ‘natural’ cultures in the white man’s history. There was the culture of what Walter Scott called our natural affections – the love of kith, kin, and God. And now a new natural culture has supplanted the older natural culture. The new natural culture consists of the love of the natural black savage and the earth as a biological entity. All sentiments stemming from the old natural culture have been anathematized by the modern, nature-based liberals. What were called virtues are now vices – the love of kith and kin is racist, chastity and monogamy are unnatural and therefore sinful… Need I go on? A vast organization that encompasses the once Christian churches, which have become like unto organized Jewry, has come into being with the sole purpose of propagating and defending the natural religion of liberalism, which is held together by a psychological mumbo-jumbo that was summed up by Lev Shestov, “Man is an Ape therefore we must love one another.” Of course we must not love the unnatural white apes, they won’t be allowed into the liberals’ natural paradise. Is this fair? The request for fairness comes from the older natural culture, it is rooted in Portia’s articulation of the Quality of Mercy. What is right is what concerns the liberals. And what is right is their ‘natural’ view of existence. Hence the ethics of the jungle, the ethos of the natural black savage, is the ruling ethos of the European people. But are the liberals wrong to assume that the whites cannot become glorified apes? Yes and no. Whites have descended to the level of apes. The naturalization process has worked. But they can never quite achieve negrohood. They still, even in their debased, naturalized state, cannot quite become like unto the negro and the other colored races. It will be the destiny of the not quite naturalized whites, if the liberals are not defeated, to serve in the tents of the children of Ham. And the most subservient of the white apes will be the rationalized Christians who read the Bible with the exterior eye only, while ignoring the vision of their European ancestors who read the Bible with the interior eye of the heart.

The extraction of the white man’s heart from his mind took place in the Christian churches. The church men saw that they were losing the battle with the liberal Jacobins. So to save Christianity they killed it. By making the Christian faith a philosophy, which could be passed to receptive colored minds by men of great intellect, the church men destroyed the Europeans’ connection to God. They touched Him through their hearts, through pietas. If white pietas is proscribed, if the mark of a Christian becomes his willingness to renounce his racial hearth fire, the Christian faith is transformed into an ugly witch, it becomes the unchristian faith, and to oppose Christian Jewry is to oppose the devil.

The American Civil War was very close to a one hundred year war. It started in the 1860s and ended in the 1950s when the Southern people finally decided to become fully integrated members of the United Jacobin States of America. The Spanish counter-revolution ended in 1975 when Franco died. The Chilean counter-revolution ended in 1998 when Pinochet left office. And the white South Africans gave up their counter-revolution in 1991 although their will to resist ended with the death of Dr. Verwoerd in 1966. What all the aforementioned counter-revolutions have in common is that their leaders had some official position in the military or in the government. They had an aura of authority. People seem unwilling to follow a leader who has never had any official position in the regime that they want to oppose. All seems hopeless then. The people will not follow a leader who is completely from outside modern Jacobin Europe, and the Jacobins have thoroughly cleansed their system. There are no leaders in church or state that oppose Jacobinism. The blogger CWNY can scream about the evils of Jacobin liberalism till those proverbial cows come home, but he will not be able to start the counter-revolution. What is needed is a road to Damascus experience in the ranks of Europe’s nobility. A von Stauffenberg or a St. John of Austria needs to arise. Not likely? No, it is not likely. But even if we are going to have to proceed without a leader, we should still fight back, because the charity of honor demands that we fight even if we face certain defeat.

One final word on the conversion of a member of the European nobility as depicted in Remembrances VI: Thy People [Note to reader: not yet republished]. My grandparents on my father’s side were very conservative Americans of German and Welsh coal-mining stock. My grandfather used ‘liberal’ as a pejorative term, and he didn’t think anyone who did not read the Bible from a fundamentalist perspective was a Christian. My father went to college on the GI Bill and became much more liberal than his parents. Likewise my mother. I was raised to be a liberal as were my siblings who became much more liberal than my parents. That is what educating the young means in a Jacobin state: every generation becomes more radicalized than the previous generation until we come to the Kingdom of Satan on earth. But something happened to me. I regressed and became an enemy of Jacobin liberalism. And I started, when I became a father, an anti-Jacobin counter-revolutionary cell within the Jaws of Liberaldom. The ultimate counter-revolutionary will always be a Christian father. (2) We need an anti-Jacobin leader, a man who believes that leadership is akin to fatherhood. Such a leader loves his kith and kin as Christ loves His people. We don’t need more rational analysis of white genocide. We need to love much and fight the Jacobin liberals and their Moslem and colored shock troops. If a leader emerges who is a true hearth-fire European, we should follow him. But we cannot figure out history — we only know that our Lord enjoins us to fight. Maybe this time we are not to be vouchsafed a leader. Or maybe it is our Lord Himself who will lead us. +


(1) Never eliminate the capitalists from the Jacobin cabal. Witness the radicalization of the ‘conservative’ magazine National Review. One of their writers recently wrote a book called Hillbilly Elegy in which he argued for the extermination of the white race.

(2) William Tell is our model. His counter-revolutionary instincts stemmed from his instincts as a father. When men like Tell arise in Europe the reign of the Merkels and the other liberal tyrants of Satandom will come to an end.

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