The Shroud of Liberalism

“You bid me seek redemption of the devil.” – Measure for Measure


There have been practicing psychiatrists who were professed Christians. And there are professed Christians who use the terminology and ‘insights’ of psychology in their work. But we should never lose sight of the fact that psychology is a system created by an atheist to explain existence from a purely biological standpoint. Freud thought faith was a mental illness that had to be eliminated before the patient could be ‘healthy.’ Subsequent psychiatrists have sugarized Freud and allowed patients to keep their faith — “if it makes you feel good and doesn’t hurt anyone” — but the atheistic assumption of psychology has remained the same: Christ the Savior is a figment of the Europeans’ imagination.

Like most of Satan’s attacks on the Christ-bearing race, psychology came to us dressed in the benevolence of science. Mankind now had a tool to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness. But what if ‘mental illness’ is caused by something called original sin, which can only be alleviated,  but not eliminated, through the mediation of the Man of Sorrows, who those old ‘clinically insane’ Europeans thought was the Son of the living God? In Shakespeare’s will he states, “I commend my soul into the hands of God my Creator, hoping and assuredly believing, only through the merits of Jesus Christ my savior, to be made partaker of life everlasting.” What a sick man! Why did Ben Jonson think that “he was not of an age but for all time”? Psychology has shown us that he is not for our enlightened age.

Psychology comes to us as an advance, but it is really a return to paganism. The Europeans, through psychology and other such scientific mumbo-jumbo have returned to the paganism that always lurked in the dark holes and corners of Christendom:

“To be resolved into the elements,” said the hardened atheist, pressing his fettered arms against his bosom; “my hope, trust, and expectation is that the mysterious frame of humanity shall melt into the general mass of nature, to be recompounded in the other forms with which she daily supplies those which daily disappear, and return under different forms—the watery particles to streams and showers, the earthy parts to enrich their mother earth, the airy portions to wanton in the breeze, and those of fire to supply the blaze of Aldebaran and his brethren.—In this faith have I lived, and I will die in it!—Hence! begone!—disturb me no farther!—I have spoken the last words that mortal ears shall listen to!” – Quentin Durward

Quentin Durward is horrified when the gypsy expresses his faith in a natural world, devoid of God. But in the 20th century that faith became the faith of the European people. Some years back I saw a 1950s movie called Houseboat, starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren. In the movie Cary Grant is a widower who has rented a houseboat to get closer to his children. Sophia Loren is an heiress in disguise who is running away form a planned marriage. She becomes Cary Grant’s maid. Who wouldn’t hire Sophia Loren for a maid? Of course the story has a fairy tale ending, and Cary Grant and Sophia end up as husband and wife. But the movie makers had no right to place a fairy tale ending onto a ‘family movie’ that celebrated atheism. In the middle of the film, Cary Grant consoles his son, who can’t accept the death of his mother, by throwing a glass of water into the river. “You see,” he declares, “your mother is still there, she has just been changed.” What comfort. That is the expressed faith of the blasphemous gypsy, “to be resolved into the elements.” The heroes in the European fairy tales do not respond to existence with the faith of the blasphemous gypsy, they believe in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection of the dead through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In bygone times there were some strict religious sects that refused to use the same terminology for the days of the week as the rest of the European people, because the terminology was pagan in origin. And there are still some Christian sects who refuse to celebrate Christmas for the same reason. We don’t need to be that rigid in our use of psychiatric terms, but we should be inflexible as regards the essential nature of psychology. It is a tool of the devil. We cannot react to existence with a spirit informed by psychology. I bring all this up because the term ‘death wish,’ first coined by Malcom Muggeridge in 1979 in his article, “The Great Liberal Death Wish,” has come up again as the anti-French Frenchmen are preparing to vote for the death of France. The vote has been called a death wish. Is it? If you look at life through the exterior eyes of the psychiatrist, you will always believe a lie, because the psychiatrist does not see the spiritual dimension of life. He only sees delusions that are good or bad depending on how they help the patient cope, in a positive way, with life. The French liberals who are preparing to make France a Moslem nation do not have a death wish. They have a life wish. They cannot live without faith, and they have placed their faith in the French Revolution which has become the faith of our modern liberals who worship the father – abstract reason, the son – the negro, and the holy ghost – which is science. That faith will surely result in the liberals’ death, and our death as well, but death is not what the liberals desire. They desire the death of all whites who refuse to acknowledge their trinity, but they live with the hope that they – who are black, pure black, inside – shall be spared the wrath to come. Their liberalism is the mark on the door that will let the angels of death, the colored barbarians, know that they must be spared. Of course they won’t be spared, but they believe they will be spared – that is their faith. They will see the triumph of their savage god, and they will dwell in the house of their lord forever.

The neo-pagans are like the ancient Jews. They reject the liberals’ savior, but they have embraced abstract reason, which is the father, and science, which is the holy ghost. They tell the religious Jacobins that they are mentally ill, they have a death wish. Surely they must see that the Moslems will destroy their France, their England, their Belgium, etc.? No, they don’t see. They are blinded by faith, a faith in Satan and all his works. How can the blind lead the blind? The neo-pagan does not see that men do not live by bread alone. You will never get liberals to turn from their faith if you express your opposition to them in purely secular, psychological terms. Is the appeal to the Christ of faith any more practical than the neo-pagans’ appeal to the liberals’ self-interest? It might be equally non-effective, but the religious appeal is, in contrast to the neo-pagans’ appeal, based on reality. Christ was incarnate in every European nation before every single European nation, in one form or another, made the ethos of the French Revolution their guiding light. When we bid the European people remember and love their past, we bid them build on something real, a faith that can supplant their unholy faith in the negro.

If we use the language of psychological mumbo-jumbo in the way the Christian Europeans used words like Thursday and Friday, as figures of speech without any deep consequence, it would not be of any significance. But that is not the case. The language of psychology has become “sermonic” — the modern Europeans, conservative and liberal, believe in the psychological world more than in the world of the antique Europeans. It is words such as soul, redemption, and Christ that have lost their significance in this our modern age. It will be better for France if Le Pen, rather than Macron, wins the upcoming election just as it was better for white Americans that Trump defeated Hillary. But we cannot ultimately put our faith in elections. Neither Le Pen, Trump, or any other leader of the Western world has repudiated modern, Jacobin democracy, which is the strong right arm of the new paganism. If we place our faith in that system and the psychological, scientific mindset that goes with that system, we will cease to exist as a people. Our biological extinction will follow our spiritual apostasy, because the body cannot survive without a spiritual center. Freud isolated reason in order to cure. But reason, isolated from the human heart, cannot cure; it leaves man, poor “unaccommodated man,” alone in the storm.

 Psychology was not new, as Freud claimed, it had its origin in medieval scholasticism. The scholastics also thought that they could isolate reason from the sinful human heart in order to “help” human beings. But where is it written that reason is the final moral authority on this earth? What if our reason is also tainted with original sin? Man is not God, but there is God in man. God planted His image in man and that image became flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ. When we go to the depths of our heart, with the sure and certain hope that He is at the center, we will not be at the mercy of the new paganism. We will be men and women like unto the antique Europeans; we will love and hate with human hearts connected to His divinely human heart.

When the ancient Europeans embraced Christ, they went from death to life. Now that the modern Europeans have rejected Christ, because they see only Christ crucified and not Christ risen, they have returned, through the negro and philosophical speculation, to what they hope is a life sustaining faith. The new paganism will fail just as miserably as the old paganism, because the European cannot be sustained by pagan rationalism or by the pagan blood faiths. The liberals’ “death wish” is a life wish that stems from their new faith. Satan has been encouraging the Europeans to seek death in the name of life ever since Christ made the European people His champions. Tempted and tried, the antique Europeans resisted Satan, while the modern Europeans have succumbed to Satan. Lincoln was correct when he stated that the white Europeans on the American continent were engaged in a great civil war between the forces of democracy and the forces of reaction. But Lincoln was on the wrong side. The forces of democracy represented the new paganism, the rationalist paganism of the French Revolution that was placing a shroud over all of Europe. That shroud is held together by the ‘science’ of psychology and faith – faith in the sacred negro and all the auxiliary gods of color. To invoke psychology (“you have a death wish”) in the war against the liberal Jacobins is to seek redemption of the devil. Let our opposition to the new paganism be like unto Alfred’s opposition to the old paganism – “By the Cross we conquer.” If we invoke the Cross, not as some magic talisman, but in the same spirit that we pray, “Our Father who art in heaven…,” we will be part of the European counter-revolution, which is the only war worth fighting. +

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