In This Hope We Live

The Ash Grove

The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly ’tis speaking
The wind through it playing has language for me.
Whenever the light through its branches is breaking,
A host of kind faces is gazing at me.
The friends from my childhood again are before me
Each step brings a memory as freely I roam.
With soft whispers laden the leaves rustle o’er me
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.

Down yonder green valley where streamlets meander
When twilight is fading I pensively roam
Or in the bright noon tide in solitude wander
Amid the dark shades of the lonely ash grove.
‘Twas there while the black bird was cheerfully singing
I first met my dear one, the joy of my heart
Around us for gladness the bluebells were springing
The ash grove, the ash grove that sheltered my home.

My lips smile no more, my heart loses its lightness;
No dream of the future my spirit can cheer.
I only can brood on the past and its brightness
The dear ones I long for again gather here.
From ev’ry dark nook they press forward to meet me;
I lift up my eyes to the broad leafy dome,
And others are there, looking downward to greet me
The ash grove, the ash grove, again is my home.


Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11: 25-26


The prolife movement was and is a failure, and Trump’s victory will fail to stop the extermination of white people. And the reason for the prolifers’ failure to protect the unborn and Trump’s failure to protect white people is one and the same. Before proceeding to that reason, let me explain what I mean by failure. During the course of my involvement in abortion clinic protests, I saw some women who were dissuaded from abortion by the protestors, and I think many white lives will be saved by Trump’s policies on illegal immigration. Those victories are meaningful, because human life is precious, but they are rearguard victories. The prolifers are in retreat — in fact they never attacked — before the forces of Satan, and Trump has never claimed he was going to attack liberalism, he only promised to make room for whites within Liberaldom. In both cases, the prolife movement and the Trump movement, when the smoke of battle clears, there is one victor. The liberals still hold the field; they are still killing babies and they are still destroying the white race.

Now we come to the reason the prolife movement and the Trump movement have failed. They have failed because white people do not have a mythic faith in Christ. They no longer believe that Christ is the true Hero-God. No people can survive as a people without faith in a sacred myth that encompasses their God (or gods) and defines them as a people. Their God must be a mythic God or else their God is not God, and the people must be a mythic people or else they are not a people. And by the use of the term ‘mythic’ I do not mean to suggest something that is not true; I mean to suggest a faith that encompasses a man’s whole being, his whole heart, mind, and soul. A purely rational faith is not a faith. When the Greeks no longer believed in Zeus and the other Olympians, they tried to replace their mythic faith with rationalism. It didn’t work – it never has and it never will. No people can survive without a mythic faith.

The Christian theologians, especially the scholastics, made a great error when they over-emphasized the rational aspects of Christianity in order to separate the one true God from the pagan gods. Their rationalist minds were incapable of understanding what the poetical heart of St. Paul did understand – Men must love with their whole heart, mind, and soul in order to know the one true God. You cannot love a rational, catechism-God with your whole heart, mind, and soul. All sacred, mythic stories have some elements of truth, but only the Christian story is the Truth. If you make Christ a philosopher, you have cut your people off from the true faith. You have left Christians naked to their pagan enemies. John Sharp Williams, the magnificent defender of the Southern people’s heroic resistance to the liberal leviathan, was one of the last white men (Anthony Jacob was the very last) to articulate a defense of the one true mythic God and the European people who championed that God:

But there was something else, and even a greater cause than local self-government, for which we fought. Local self-government temporarily destroyed may be recovered and ultimately retained. The other thing for which we fought is so complex in its composition, so delicate in its breath, so incomparable in its symmetry, that, being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed. This other thing for which we fought was the supremacy of the white man’s civilization in the country which he proudly claimed his own; “in the land which the Lord his God had given him;” founded upon the white man’s code of ethics, in sympathy with the white man’s traditions and ideals. Our forefathers of the forties and fifties and sixties believed that if slavery were abolished, unless the black race were deported from the American States, there would result in the Southern States just such a condition of things as had resulted in San Domingo, in the other West Indies Islands, and in the so-called republics of Central and South America—namely, a hybridization of races, a lowering of the ethical standard, and a degradation, if not loss, of civilization.

Williams was merely asserting what the European faithful of the 19th century believed, that their race and faith were one. They had a mythic faith in Christ and their people’s connection to Christ. This was not just a Southern thing, it was a European thing. The leadership of the North — the academics, the “free” press, the clergymen, and the government officials – was adhering to a new Jacobin, rationalist faith, while their people were still clinging to the old mythic faith. So long as the Southern people maintained their mythic faith, they remained a free people even under the infamous Reconstruction period:

There is no grander, no more superb spectacle than that of the white men of the South standing from ‘65 to ‘74 and ‘75 quietly, determinedly, solidly, shoulder to shoulder in phalanx, as if the entire race were one man, unintimidated by defeat in war, unawed by adverse power, unbribed by patronage, unbought by the prospect of present material prosperity, waiting and hoping and praying for the opportunity which, in the providence of God, must come to overthrow the supremacy of “veneered savages,” superficially “Americanized Africans”—waiting to reassert politically and socially the supremacy of the civilization of the English-speaking white race.

But when the Southern people, along with the European people in every nation, succumbed to the rationalism of the academics, the “free” press, the clergymen, and the government, they lost their faith and their place in the world: they became spiritual nomads, wandering over the face of the earth looking for a God with a local habitation and a name. Can they not see that they have a God and a people? No, they cannot. They have severed all ties to their mythic past, where He dwells with His people. Wither do they go without the one true God, the God of the European hearth fire?

The mad-dog liberals have made gods of the colored heathens, with the negro at the pinnacle of the heathen pantheon. The colored heathens worship their race, devoid of the spirit, and the rationalist Christian sects have gone whoring after the various heathen gods, be they the Jews, the Moslems, and/or the negroes. There is a direct connection between the type of rationalist, syncretic Christianity recommended by Peter Kreeft in his book Ecumenical Jihad and the atheism of the modern, mad-dog liberals. All anti-racism in the name of a universalist God and a multi-racial people ends up as atheism. Men such as St. Paul, Edmund Burke, and R. L. Dabney, who upheld chattel slavery, also believed in a God with a local habitation and a name. Men such as Blackstone, Montesquieu, Locke, and Rousseau, who believed in the equality of the races (Rousseau actually believed in the superiority of the black savage), also believed in an impersonal, rationalist, non-mythic God. Such creatures always end up adding a ‘natural savage’ to their rationalism in order to obtain the mythic strength that their rational system lacks.

There is a curse for future generations of white Southerners and their fellow Europeans contained in Williams’ address to the Confederate veterans: “The other thing for which we fought is so complex in its composition, so delicate in its breath, so incomparable in its symmetry, that, being once destroyed, it is forever destroyed.” The “other thing,” Christian Europe, has been destroyed. Must we then simply despair and die? I do not think Williams, being a man of mythic Europe, would recommend despair. He was praising the brave sons of the South in his speech, not prophesizing.

We, the remnant Europeans, must acknowledge that the worst has happened: Christian Europe is no more. But if it once was, and our honored dead tell us that Christian Europe once existed, then we must rebuild it. It is quite likely that all the paintings, sculptures, and architectural wonders and monuments that tell the story of the Europeans’ connection to Christ will be destroyed. You can’t invite colored heathens to rule in what were formerly European nations and expect to retain any of the artistic testaments to old Europe. But the word of God and the history of His people that is contained in the works of the European bards and chroniclers will survive, because the Holy Scriptures and the literary works that were inspired by the Holy Scriptures can be circulated in the European underground as a testimony to the fact that there once was a European overworld in which the white Europeans thought and felt mythically. They saw their race and their faith as one entity, and when they fought the colored heathen and the whites who betrayed their race, they did not fight democratically, they fought as they loved, with their whole heart, mind, and soul.

We, the European people, have entered into the world depicted in C. S. Lewis’s Chronicle called The Silver Chair. The liberals have conquered the Overworld, and they keep telling us that there never was a Christian Narnia. The dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 was wrong about the nature of the future — in that book the author projected a right-wing dystopia (only Orwell, C. S. Lewis, and Kipling wrote of left-wing dystopias) — but the author did accurately present the way out of a dystopian state. The hero starts to reconnect with his European past, he starts to read a copy of David Copperfield. When the European people sicken of modernity and seek to reconnect with their mythic European past, they will throw off the yoke of their liberal oppressors. Until that time they will continue to be sacrificial victims that the liberals offer up to their colored heathen gods.

The liberals have their colored gods, the colored heathens have made gods of themselves – they believe in “the race” – and the white, neo-pagans have made a god of their minds. Which of those three groups will die before they come to maturity? The mind-forged neo-pagans, of course. Men must have a mythic god. The liberal and the colored heathens will completely rout the alt-right, which is an alternative version of liberalism — rationalism without a God — and they will completely rout the rationalist Christians. Only the mythic Christ, the one true God, the God of the European people when they were the European people, can defeat the satanic forces arrayed against the white race.

The liberals have created a mythic culture of the noble colored savage, which they support with their whole heart, mind, and soul. They hate the antique Europeans because the antique Europeans supported a different myth, the one true myth of the one true God. The rationalist Christians and the rationalist neo-pagans share the liberals’ hatred of the Europeans of the past. But both groups are ambivalent about God. What is to be done in their world, a world without faith? Can rationalism replace faith?

There is no mythic opposition to the liberals. When there is such an opposition, liberalism will crumble. Castle Liberaldom is only a cardboard castle, but even a cardboard castle must have someone willing to knock it down before it can be replaced. The white man is in a mind-forged prison. He can’t believe in the Christian myth, so he must submit to the liberals’ rule. There are places to hide in America, because of the country’s size, and there are places to hide in the nations of Eastern Europe, because of their poverty (i.e., the colored heathens prefer the wealthier European nations), but all the European people are in imminent danger of becoming a non-people, because they do not think of themselves and their God in mythic terms. It’s not true that we can’t go back to the past. We can’t literally go back in time, but we most certainly can and must grab hold of those sacred ties of honor and faith that link us to the past. We must be like unto them, the antique Europeans, because they were of mythic Europe, which is our world. We need no other world, nor should we seek any other world.

The liberals treat white pietas as a disease that must be stamped out. When I was growing up, they used the Monkey Vomit method of treating the disease (see The Gingerbread House) — they didn’t actually ban the literature and the historical chronicles of the past, they simply poured the monkey vomit of ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ and ‘religious intolerance’ on the European past so that our sacred heritage appeared as a loathsome pestilence. Now, although the monkey vomit method is still used, it is not used as often as the iron-fisted ban on all things European. The young people of my generation knew about European history, but they learned about it through the eyes of the Christ-hating, white-hating Jacobin liberals. The young whites of today, more often than not, do not even know anything of old Europe. They only know of that civilization as some hideous monstrosity that must be avoided and combated as a plague should be avoided and combated. And how do you combat a plague? You kill the breeding grounds for the plague.

When the AIDs plague started spreading, the liberals did not close down the gay bath houses which were the breeding grounds for the plague, because they refused to acknowledge that the AIDs epidemic was a plague caused by men acting according to the ethos of liberalism. But white pietas is different. That is a plague. And the breeding ground for white pietas is the European hearth fire where the Christian, European myth is honored and revered. Should the love that dwells there, for God, for kith, and for kin, spread, the liberals and the colored heathens would be driven to the swamps and the hinterlands of the European nations where they would be treated as a disease that had to be guarded against and combated. I’m well aware of the fact that church, state, academy, and media have declared war on the plague of mythic Europe. And I’m well aware of the fact that they have been quite successful. There seems to be nothing left of the Christ-centered, mythic Europe of the past, but there is a line of George MacDonald’s poetry that keeps coming to the forefront of my memory: “Of hopes not credible until they are.”(1) If we are still, by some miracle of God’s grace, connected to mythic, Christian Europe, then we must act according to the code of the people who dwelt therein, despite the fact that our actions seem a hundredfold more Quixotic than the actions of Don Quixote. All or nothing must be our battle cry. We will settle for nothing less than the Savior, who presides over the Europeans’ racial hearth fire, and His kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. “In this hope we live” – without that hope, we perish. +


(1) Go, my beloved children, live your life.
Wounded, faint, bleeding, never yield the strife.
Stunned, fallen-awake, arise, and fight again.
Before you victory stands, with shining train
Of hopes not credible until they are.
Beyond morass and mountain swells the star
Of perfect love–the home of longing heart and brain

Diary of an Old Soul

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