The Fear of Racism

And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour. – Matthew 9: 20-22


The European people prior to the 20th century were like unto the woman with the issue of blood: They had faith in the divine humanity of Jesus Christ. And as a result of that faith, a power, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, went into the European people. That power, that divine charity of our Lord, did not make the European people into gods, but it did make them unlike the non-white cultures, because they, and they alone, gave a local habitation and a name to the one true God.

The liberals have launched a very successful campaign against those antique Europeans and their culture. It has been so successful that all of organized Christianity, which has become organized Jewry, has sided with the liberals against the Christian Europeans. Why have professed Christians sided with the abortionists, the sodomites, and the race-mixers against the people of old, Christian Europe? We know why the mad-dog liberals hate the antique Europeans – they worship darkness and not the light. But again, why do professed Christians join with the liberals? There is no question that it is the issue of race which has joined the liberals and the new age Christians into an uneasy, but nevertheless clear alliance against the antique Europeans.

It doesn’t appall the new age Christians that our ancestors were against abortion and sodomy, but it does appall them – in fact it horrifies them – that our ancestors abominated race-mixing. You might think that it was only the modern Roman Catholics, who do not place the same stress on the Bible as the Protestants do, who deplore the “racism” of the antique Europeans, but the modern Protestants with the Tower of Babel story right before them also abominate the “racism” of the antique Europeans. So let’s be clear on this point: The modern “Christians” have sold their souls to the devil, for just as sure there is a God in heaven and a devil in hell, liberalism is from the devil.

What makes a man fear the racist label so much that he will side with the devil and his minions against the faith of his ancestors? The answer lies in the Book of Revelation. Why does Jesus Christ tell us, in chapter 2, verses 6 and 15, that He hates the deeds and the doctrines of the Nicolaitanes? Is it because they are adulterers? Or is it because they think adultery and other such sins are of no account if you merely affirm an intellectual belief in Christianity as an organized system? I think it is the latter reason. But of course there is no general agreement on the identity or the sins of the Nicolaitanes. My opinion is based on the history of my people. Throughout their history, the European laity were in a constant struggle to maintain their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and kinsman over and against the clergy, who, in the main, preferred to champion an intellectual system, which they claimed was instituted by Christ, over and against the Europeans’ faith in Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and St. Paul. The first type of faith requires a willingness to submit to one’s intellectual superiors, the second type of faith requires a circumcised heart. That second faith, which is, I believe, the true faith, is sanctioned by the Gospels, by St. Paul, and by the witness of the great European poets such as Shakespeare and Walter Scott, who speak to us still and tell us that the heart’s prompting is the voice of God.

But why has the other faith, the unfaith of intellectual Christianity, become mainstream Christianity while the old bred-in-the-bone faith of the antique Europeans has become a hole-and-corner faith for outlawed men hiding in the bogs and fens of what was once Christendom? It is a very old story. It is the story of the pride of intellect. God was not bound to Adam and Eve by a legalistic system; He was bound to them by love. He loved them as a father loves his children. They should have felt bound to Him by filial love. But they chose to circumvent their heart to heart relationship with God and exchange that relationship for an intellectual relationship with Satan. The modern Christians have repeated the sin of Adam and Eve. Liberalism is clearly from Satan, but if their churchmen tell them that it is only through intelligence that a man can be saved, then the new age Christians feel they must cling to intelligence. And what is the stupidest thing a man can be? It is a racist. Thus the fear of the racist label keeps the new Christian-Jews out of the camp of Christ and keeps them in Satan’s camp. It must give Satan no end of satisfaction to hear the words, Lord, Lord on the lips of professed Christians who condemn, with righteous indignation, the Christians of old Europe that gave Christ a place by their racial hearth fire. Where is He now that those European hearth fires have been extinguished throughout the white nations?

So long as the clerical leaders preach intellectual Christianity, which consists of the unholy trinity of the Father – abstracted intelligence – the Son – the sacred negro and the other non-white races – the Holy Ghost – science – and so long as the laity follow those leaders, whites will never fight back against the liberals’ and their colored minions. And racism will always be the cornerstone of the liberals’ kingdom of hell on earth, just as Christ is the cornerstone of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The liberals have placed the fire-breathing dragon called racism at the gates of Liberaldom. Is there a Christian knight who dares face that dragon who spews the fire of “thou art a racist” at any white man who dares to equate his racial hearth fire, and the mysterious human relationships formed at that racial hearth fire, with goodness, light, and the unbought grace of life? If we denounce our racial hearth fire we are men without a nation and worse yet, we are men without honor. The Christian people who were “wont to conquer others have made a shameful conquest of themselves,” because of their fear of being racist and therefore unintelligent. And we all know, according to the liberals, that only the intelligent, the illuminati, can enter the kingdom of heaven. Oh, for a man who is not afraid of the racist label, a man who will confront the dragon who spews the “Thou art a racist” fire and drive a sword through the dragon’s heart.

If we look closely at intellectual Christianity we can see why the Europeans start every morning with the “I shall not be a racist” prayer. Their god is the abstracted intellect who views racism as a sign of damnation. Hence the best way to prove you are of the elect is to embrace the colored heathens, who are the collective saviors of the world. If we believe in them they will lead us to the paradise of the intelligent men. Such a paradise, where the intelligent pagans sit and talk about virtue, reminds us of the first circle of hell. That is where a man ends up if he forsakes the promptings of his heart for the mind-forged utopia of the godded men, the men of intellect.

The third person of the new Christianity, which is not Christian, permeates the European culture. Science is truth, and truth is science. Science is invoked to prove that there is no such thing as a white person. Science is invoked to prove that men are monkeys. And science is invoked to kill the pain of existence that the old-fashioned racist God of the Antique Europeans could not or would not do away with. The holy ghost of science holds out to men the false hope that they can accept the third temptation of the devil: They can have an earthly paradise without facing the consequences of the devil’s bargain.

But what is the price of that third offer? We must all bow down and worship Satan. Haven’t we done just that? When we renounce the non-abstract Christ, the Christ with a local habitation in the hearts of our European ancestors, for a new triune god of intellect, colored heathenism, and science, have we not made our choice, have we not chosen Satan over Christ?

The Moslem invasion has not roused Christian Europeans. What opposition there is consists of the “we are not racist Gnostic Christians,” which is no opposition at all, it is the airy nothings of intellectual Christianity. Any opposition to liberalism, and Islam is part of Liberaldom, must come from men whose hearts belong to the Christ of old Europe. That Europe was built on the charity that never faileth, the charity that cured the woman with the issue of blood.

The cold, heartless intellectual Christianity of the modern church men and their followers is not a sustaining faith. St. John tells us that “perfect love casteth out fear.” The racist dragon will never be removed from the gates of Liberaldom unless the European people return to their one true love, the Christ-centered Europe that was grounded in the love of the Savior who responded to His people when they reached out to touch the hem of His garment. We have an issue of blood that cannot be cured except by the Christ of our racist ancestors. Does Christianity really begin and end with the affirmation of “I am not a racist”? Or is Christianity about the faith, the hope, and the charity that was bequeathed to us by the racist Europeans? Why should we run and hide under the bed when the liberals and the intellectual Christians call us racists? What does it mean to be racist? It means we love our people and the Christ-centered civilization they bequeathed to us. If other peoples want to believe as the antique Europeans believed, which they steadfastly refuse to do, that is all to the good. But if they demand that we repudiate our people and eradicate every single white hearth fire on the face of the earth, which is exactly what they do demand, we should come out from under our beds, kill the racist dragon, and conquer Liberaldom in the name of our sacred ancestors and in the name of Christ the King. +

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