The Invisible Empire of the European People

Abstractedly speaking, government, as well as liberty, is good; yet could I, in common sense, ten years ago, have felicitated France on her enjoyment of a government (for she then had a government) without inquiry what the nature of that government was, or how it was administered? Can I now congratulate the same nation upon its freedom? Is it because liberty in the abstract may be classed amongst the blessings of mankind, that I am seriously to felicitate a mad-man, who has escaped from the protecting restraint and wholesome darkness of his cell, on his restoration to the enjoyment of light and liberty? Am I to congratulate a highwayman and murderer, who has broke prison, upon the recovery of his natural rights? This would be to act over again the scene of the criminals condemned to the galleys, and their heroic deliverer, the metaphysic knight of the sorrowful countenance. – Edmund Burke


I have yet to read of a white policeman’s shooting of a black ‘youth’ where I thought the white police officer had murdered the black. In most cases I have heard about, the police officer killed a thug who needed killing, and in the other cases the shooting was an accident brought on by some ill-advised action of the victim. Of course I am prejudiced. But are not the liberals and the black barbarians prejudiced? I’ll stick with my prejudices, because I think they are in line with the truth.

Although I support individual police officers who have confrontations with black criminals, I am not a big supporter of the police. And I am not a big supporter of the police for the same reason I am not a big supporter of ‘our troops.’ The police and the military work for the liberals; they are far more likely to come down on white people who have committed crimes against the state, which means ‘racist’ resistance to liberal abortionists, black murderers, and Moslem jihadists, then they are likely to aggressively attack Moslem and black hooligans. America is not a city on a hill, exempt from the same problems that plague the whites in Europe. And in the European nations the police are trained to go after whites who oppose the barbarians of color and to leave the colored barbarians alone. Likewise the United States. When I worked as a police officer some twenty-five years ago, we were always being sent to ‘special training’ courses. At those training courses we were taught about the evils of white racism and the need for a sensitive new police force that would stop brutalizing blacks. I’m sure the anti-white propaganda has gotten worse in the last quarter century. And the anti-white propaganda works. When the Rodney King affair occurred, I was the only officer on the force who supported the police officers who were accused of beating the poor, helpless Rodney King while he was driving home from his nightly charity work at a hospital for the incurably ill. The young men who become police officers come from our culture, which is liberal. They have been fed anti-white propaganda since the day of their births. What makes them different from their white counterparts who do not work as police officers? Nothing. They are marked for death just as whites are marked for death in society at large. The essence of liberalism is hatred – hatred for the white Christ-bearing race. Whites are bred for sacrifice.  They all are destined to die on the liberals’ altars, dedicated to their heathen gods. When Moslem or black violence is too blatant as in Dallas and in Orlando, there are some white rumblings, but they never amount to anything, because whites will not attack liberalism itself by squarely facing the fact that we are in a race war which only one side is fighting. Any white protest of Moslem or black violence is always preceded with the ‘we are not racist’ plea. For instance, the Britain First party, which has all those nice parades, regularly condemns racism and gushes about all the Pakistanis and blacks who support the Britain First party. “We support all those who respect our traditions.” What traditions are we talking about? Fish and chips? If a man is not white and Christian how can he be a Briton? The Britain First party seems to be the end of ‘white Britain party,’ just as the American Republican party has become the ‘stupid party’ that plans to win by appeasing the non-white Americans who hate white America.

Most middle of the road whites tend to respect the police just as they respect their clergy. But in both instances, they have failed to look past the symbols of what used to be to the reality of the present. The police and the clergy are adjuncts of Liberaldom; whites should not rely on either adjunct to support them in their ongoing war with the liberals. But of course that is the problem: the ‘decent’ whites are “so far from doing harm that they suspect none.” But the liberals do mean to do them harm. And whites must learn, as Edgar learned, to look past the outward forms and look within. Behind the smiling, liberal façade – the sporting events, the church services, the patriotic celebrations –is the cold ruthless figure of Satan, and he is laughing, as only Satan can laugh, with contempt and with malice.

The Norman Rockwell painting of a policeman giving a lost child an ice cream cone is still the image that many white people have of the police. But the same artist’s painting of Federal marshals escorting a negro girl to school in order to desegregate the South is more in keeping with the role of the police in modern Liberaldom. They live to serve the state. If they are killed by black murderers, my heart goes out to them as it goes out to all whites who are being victimized by black barbarians, but when they defend the abortionists, the integrationists, or any part of Liberaldom, the police are my sworn enemies. To say you are just doing your job does not excuse you if your job entails the defense of liberalism.

Burke saw the Achilles heel of the virtuous whites when they failed to respond to the French Revolution with fire and sword: “Above all, good men do not suspect that their destruction is attempted through their virtues.” It is the same with the whites of the modern Western nations. They cling to the virtue of being non-racist while the white-hating liberals and the colored heathens use the race card to destroy them. It is time, in fact it is past time, to leave mere virtue behind and follow the way of the cross, the way of passion – a passionate self-sacrificing love for our kith and kin and a passionate hatred for the enemies of our kith and kin. Aslan is not a tame Lion, which is why the Grand Inquisitors of Liberaldom want to do away with Him. They do not want white hearts which are enflamed with a passion that they, the Grand Inquisitors, cannot control. “Give me the merely virtuous,” the Grand Inquisitor says, “I can always keep them in check by holding the ‘racist’ label over their heads.”

The abortion of the white race starts with the abstraction. When white people allowed their racial identify, which is part of their soul, to be thrown on the junk heap of history, they lost their connection to all those heartfelt passions that connect them to each other and to their God. Why do we support the police? Because they fight for us? No, they don’t. They fight for an abstraction called ‘the people.’ And only heathens and colored barbarians can be ‘the people.’ (1) If you are lucky enough to live in an all-white neighborhood, a police officer might aid you when a white hooligan attacks, just as a psychologist who works in a satanic profession might still give some practical advice that works, but in the war against the liberals and the colored barbarians the police will become your enemy, because white people must be abstracted and then aborted.

The police and the military units that serve the liberals stem from the abstraction the liberals call Christianity. If Christ does not dwell within us, but is only out there as an abstract God, then we have no spiritual armor. We are defenseless against the wickedness and snares of the devil. He can outsmart us without working up a sweat. But if we can trust our instincts, because our instincts are grounded in a faith in the God who dwells within our heart and at our racial hearth fire, we can fight the devil and his minions without the aid of a liberal-based system.

The ‘conservative’ Thomist, Frederick Wilhelmsen, once wrote that the West had nothing to do with race. Really? If the West has nothing to do with race, then why was the cultural entity called the West created by white people? And why have the non-whites never created a Christian culture? So let me disagree and state that the Christian West has everything to do with race. It is St. Thomas Aquinas who has nothing to do with the West. In a similar vein, the ‘conservative’ Francis Canavan, while professing an admiration for Burke, tells us that Burke was right about Jacobin democracy, but he was wrong to condemn all democracies.

Once again I must disagree. Where is the ‘good’ democracy? It was Burke’s contention that a nation could thrive under a monarchial, aristocratic system as in pre-Jacobin France, or it could thrive under a monarchial, aristocratic, democratic system as in Great Britain. But no nation could exist as a pure democracy, because a democracy was the most tyrannical government imaginable, where a few tyrants ruled in the name of an aggregate herd called ‘the people.’ Christian utopians such as Wilhelmsen and Canavan are more dangerous than their secular counterparts, because they deceive the merely virtuous by convincing them that Christianity consists of supporting the right abstractions, such as racial equality and democratic principles.

The word ‘organic’ is generally used nowadays to distinguish real food from plastic, chemical food, but I use the word in its ancient context. We need to stop looking to organizations that were founded by the liberals – the churches, the military, the schools, and the police – and start looking to those invisible, organic ties of blood and faith that bound the antique Europeans to each other and their God. It was Robert E. Lee who first used the term “invisible empire” to describe the Ku Klux Klan. And it was Robert E. Lee who suggested that Nathan Bedford Forrest should be the man in charge of that invisible empire. We must go down to our European roots and become like unto the men who made up that invisible empire. We shouldn’t literally copy the Klansmen, but we should be like them in spirit. They were a conquered people, in the material sense, who were ruled by a cabal of liberals who had loosed the barbarians of color upon them. And yet they triumphed. They preserved their people and their civilization, because they refused to submit to liberal rule. They didn’t respect any institution that was not organically part of their culture and their heritage. The South didn’t lose the war until they became part of Liberaldom in the 1950s. My contention is that all of us, we Europeans, should be Klansmen. We should stay loyal to the invisible European empire of the antique Europeans. It is not Western science or our democratic systems that made Europe great. It is the moral vision and the greatness of heart that infused that vision into a civilization that made Europe different in kind from all other civilizations, which, in comparison to European civilization, do not even deserve the name civilizations. Christ dwelt among us; He still does. He dwells with those Europeans who have not for forsaken their white blood. I know that term ‘white blood’ appalls the modern churchmen, but the modern churchmen appall me. Is the incarnation of Christ true or is it not? If it is true, then it is also true that spiritual values can be passed on through the blood. Let us stop living a life of abstract virtue and live the life of a European who loves and hates with all his heart.

You won’t see the invisible empire of Europeans on any of the major news sites or the alternative news sites, but they are the spirit above the dust of Babylon that will rebuild Christian Europe. “For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?” +


(1) The negro Dallas police chief delivered a disgustingly inappropriate eulogy for the white Dallas police officers who were murdered. He used the occasion for self-aggrandizement, and the media used the occasion for negro worship. That police chief represents the real face of our modern police force. (Watch the unedited Fox version, not the heavily edited CNN version.)

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