Multicultural Europe Must Die

A light seemed to spring up in his heart, and he darted on. But may he trust to this light? He stopped, and knelt down reverently, as if at the altar of his village-church, and poured forth this prayer: — “O Lord God, Who knowest that I go forth at my prince’s command to destroy the wicked brood, and to deliver my countrymen from danger; if it be a sin that I cherish yet another and glorious hope, root it out of my heart, or deny me the sweet prize, and give it to a better Christian; but yet grant me now victory, in Thy strength, for the good of my country; or, if this may not be, grant me a joyful death.” – Riesengebirge, The Shepherd of the Giant Mountains


And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God. –Ephesians 3: 9-10


The Paper Mill had stopped work for the night, and the paths and roads in its neighbourhood were sprinkled with clusters of people going home from their day’s labour in it. There were men, women, and children in the groups, and there was no want of lively colour to flutter in the gentle evening wind. The mingling of various voices and the sound of laughter made a cheerful impression upon the ear, analogous to that of the fluttering colours upon the eye. Into the sheet of water reflecting the flushed sky in the foreground of the living picture, a knot of urchins were casting stones, and watching the expansion of the rippling circles. So, in the rosy evening, one might watch the ever-widening beauty of the landscape—beyond the newly-released workers wending home—beyond the silver river—beyond the deep green fields of corn, so prospering, that the loiterers in their narrow threads of pathway seemed to float immersed breast-high—beyond the hedgerows and the clumps of trees—beyond the windmills on the ridge—away to where the sky appeared to meet the earth, as if there were no immensity of space between mankind and Heaven. – Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend


For roughly 1,400 years the nations of Europe had one common culture. Despite differences in degree, their cultures were one in kind: They were Christian cultures. The lesser cultures outside of Europe differed in kind from the European cultures: They were heathen cultures which never, despite the efforts of European Christians to convert the people of those cultures to Christianity, became Christian; they stayed heathen.

In the 20th century the democratic Jacobin leaders of the European nations started the transition from a Christian culture to a post-Christian utopia. That work in progress has just about been completed in this, the 21st century. The romance of revolt in the name of a utopian future has captured the imagination of the ruling elites in church and state. And the essential part of that romance is the destruction of the European people. They must be replaced by the colored heathens who have not been tainted with any of the prejudices stemming from old Europe. It might seem strange to the casual observer that church men are participating in the romance of revolt, but it isn’t strange if you make the distinction between faith in the Son of God and faith in an intellectual system about God. The former faith can only be passed on through the blood, which makes men and women with hearts of flesh necessary for the transmission of that faith. The latter faith, which holds an intellectual system about God before our eyes rather than a cross, does not require a flesh and blood people. The working principle of such a faith is the abstracted intellect. The modern utopian church men believe you can take abstract Christianity and place it in the minds of the heathens and then, presto change-o, you have perfect, Godlike individuals who are fit to worship their own divine image in the New Church of Jesus Christ Without Jesus Christ.

The reason that world leaders such as Angela Merkel do not care about the desire of white Europeans to live in a homeland free of Moslems is because it is the German people and all the other white Europeans who must be destroyed. They are the unnecessary people, they are not part of the romance of revolt. The Pope is not going to rescue a white South African child from death and torture, nor is he going to rescue a German child, an English child, etc. Those children are white; they are part of the European race, which is the race of prejudice, bigotry, and Christianity. So the Pope grabs heathen refugee children and escorts them across the borders of white nations. They will grow up to be murderers and rapists, which is all part of the liberals’ program – the destruction of the white race.

Modern Liberaldom has been constructed like the old Roman Empire: Whatever road you take leads you to liberalism. And the essence of liberalism is hatred for all things white and Christian. The demon Pope and his spiritual brethren in the Catholic and Protestant churches have united Christianity with liberalism, which has made organized Christianity into organized Satanism. No matter what road you take, the “Christian” road or the secular road, you will end up in Liberaldom.

When a man is sick, he needs to acknowledge his sickness before he can hope to recover. The European people need to acknowledge their sickness and then fight to recover their health. Their sickness is spiritual; they have divorced themselves from the Christ who came to them in and through their own people, the men and women with hearts of flesh, and have made terms with liberalism.

Is it possible to sup with the devil even if you possess the proverbial long spoon? No, it is not possible, because no matter what spoon you use you will be eating from the devil’s table. Very few Europeans want to eat all of the devil’s supper; they want only the dishes that they think will please their stomachs without hurting them. Thus a career-oriented woman wants financial independence from men, but she would like them to step forward and be men again when Moslem rapists attack. The white-hating academic reserves the right to criticize all things white and European in his classroom, but he still wants to enjoy the Black Forest of Germany, the restaurants in Paris, and the Lake District of England, which Wordsworth wrote about. The liberals think they can continue to serve Satan while indulging in all the pleasures stemming from a Christian culture. For a time they will be able to do just that. But their time is running out, which would not be a great tragedy but for the fact that before they are gone they will have destroyed the European people.

My one great quarrel with the statistical ‘death of the West’ men is that they treat existence as a math problem. Men are not recorders to be played upon as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern wanted to play upon Hamlet. Nor are they piano keys, as Dostoyevsky’s scientistic enemies suggested they were. If the Europeans would break free of the liberalism of the church, the state, and the academy, they would conquer still. “And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride,” is the response of the good, solid, practical man. But why isn’t it possible for beggars to ride? The proverbial practical wisdom – that we cannot make something come true because we want it to come true — is only partially correct. There is a deeper wisdom than proverbial wisdom. When the wish is joined with His will, beggars often do become Kings who ride the finest horses in the land. That is what happens in the European fairy tales, in which the people believe in the aristocracy of the spirit rather than in the democracy of the aristocracy. The third dumb brothers rise because they have that within which passeth show. Gottschalk the shepherd and Dummling from the Grimms’ story of the Golden Goose are the stuff that counterrevolutions are made on.

Nothing but evil will befall the European people if they do not respond to liberalism as heroes in the fairy tales respond to evil witches, griffins, giants, and wizards. The fairytale heroes venture forth with Christ, not their own brilliance, as their protector, to fight the good fight against all those who prey on innocence and attack their people. The external visages might differ (actually in Angela Merkel’s case she does literally look like a witch), but internally the liberals and the barbarians of color (the griffins) are just as evil as their villainous fairy tale counterparts. Cruel, Christ-less, intellectual Christianity is no match for the villainy of the Angela Merkel, Tony Blair (“Britain must be multicultural”) type liberal. In fact intellectual Christianity has spawned liberalism. When left unchecked, intellectual Christianity produced demonic Christ-haters such as Pope Francis. Too strong? What else can we call those anti-European “Christians” who out-liberal the liberals in their hatred of God? They constantly attack Him by defacing His image in man.

It was and still is the mission of the European people to keep the church of Christ free of the men who have hardened their hearts against the living God and replaced Him with a pagan Christ who is part Socrates, part Gandhi, and part Nelson Mandela. Such blasphemy cannot and shall not be countenanced. The mystical body of Christ’s church consists of those who believe as St. Paul believed: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” That is the Promethean fire, the fire of Christ in man, that made the European nations different in kind from all other nations. The European pagan cultures differ only in degree from the colored heathen cultures. That is why intellectual Christians of the white race can join with Hindus, Aztecs, Africans, Buddhists, Moslems, etc. They have more in common with such heathens than they have with the Christian Europeans who have made Christ part of their blood faith. In the name of a higher Christian faith, a purified intellectual faith, the intellectual Christians have joined forces with the liberals to denounce the God with a heart of flesh, and to denounce the European people who still believe in that God. Pope Francis wants to build bridges to Moslems, Aztecs, Voodoo men, and the usual array of fiends, but he wants to burn all bridges to the European people. “Let them be an anathema.”

The anti-European intellectuals studied their people with the intent to improve them by destroying them. When people are abstractions, they have no race, no gender, no humanity. The great replacement of the European people for the purer people of color began in the 20th century. The fruits are all around us now. Is it a better world? No, in point of fact we have exchanged heaven for hell. Yes, I know that when the focus is on the sins of the people of the white European villages of Christian Europe that we are not looking at heaven. But we are, I maintain, looking at heaven through a dark glass. This was brought home to me a few months ago when I saw a newsreel of a Dutch town in the early 1950s. The newsreel showed the Dutch people – it could have been any small European town – going about their daily lives much as the people of 100, 200, or 300 years ago must have gone about their daily lives. And their lives were free from black barbarism, Moslem blasphemy, and every other anti-European activity. But somewhere in that village was an academic. A man who was studying how to bring enlightenment, which means diversity, to that disgustingly white, provincial Dutch village. And that academic, and his fellow serpents, were successful. That Dutch town now only exists, as all such European towns now exist, in the memories of the old villagers and in the hearts of those who have died in the arms of the Lord.

The difference between heaven and hell — that is what we fight for. The non-diverse culture of the antique Europeans gave us a glimpse of heaven. We could believe that there was an eternal Europe presided over by Christ the King, because amidst the pain and suffering of this world we saw, through the love of our people, that what was good in this world was a reflection of a better world to come. “His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” It is that glimpse of heaven contained in the European village that we forfeit when we allow Europe to become diverse.

It is not, or at least it should not be, a matter of limiting the immigration of Moslems, blacks, Hindus, or Mexicans. It should be a matter of evicting all the non-European people from Europe. Protest movements only are effective when the government cares about the people making the protests. (1) When Europeans protest the invasion of Europe who are they protesting to? They are protesting to Ganelon, the same traitor who sold out his people to the infidel. We can’t give up that glimpse of heaven that our ancestors vouchsafed to us. We need that vision and our children need that vision. There is no sustainable life on this earth without the vision of the non-diverse European village consecrated to Christ the King. +


(1) There are two fables by Jean de la Fontaine that speak directly to the Europeans. In the first, “The Wolf and the Lamb,” we see the futility of seeking mercy from those who are intent on destroying us. It’s a cautionary tale for Europeans who think that democratic protests will make the Angela Merkels of the West have mercy on the European people. And the second fable, “The Brach and Her Friend,” is like unto the first. We, the European people, have befriended the black barbarians and the Moslems and in return for that friendship we have lost our homeland.


Might has a conquering logic of its own,
As will immediately be shown.

A Lamb one morning to the brink
Of a clear stream went down to drink.
A Wolf adventuring in quest of food
Came to the spot, and flew into a passion,
Saying: ‘I like your hardihood,
To foul my drink in this disgusting fashion.
Now for the chastisement I owe you!’
‘Nay,’ said the Lamb, ‘so please Your Grace,
Your Lordship’s wrath is out of place.
A moment’s thought will clearly show you
I’m drinking twenty yards below you,
And therefore cannot possibly
Befoul your beverage in the least degree.’
‘You do,’ he snarled; ‘moreover, I’ll be sworn
‘Twas you maligned me last July.
‘How could I, when I wasn’t born?
I’m not yet weaned’ was the reply.
‘Well, if it wasn’t you, it was your brother,’
‘I have none.’ ‘Then it was some other
Of your insufferable crew
‘Tis common talk on every side.
I’m sick of being vilified
By sheep, lambs, dogs, and shepherds too:
‘Tis time I made my vengeance good.’
Thereon he haled him to the wood,
And ate him in a righteous fury
Without recourse to judge or jury.

A Brach, whose time drew near apace,
Being at a loss for a convenient place,
Prevailed upon a friend, by much persuasion,
To lend her kennel for th’ occasion.
But when the owner in due course returned,
The tenant begged a fortnight’s grace.
Her babes, she said, had scarcely learned,
As yet, to walk. She did not ask in vain.
That term elapsed, the hostess claimed again
Her house, her chamber, and her bed.
This time the mother showed her teeth, and said:
‘We are all quite prepared to go,
Provided you can turn us out.’
The pups, you see, were now grown large and stout.
Gifts to a rascal, as this tale will show,
Are always matter for regret.
Only a lawsuit, or a blow,
Induces him to pay a debt;
And once he has a foot within the door,
Your dwelling is your own no more.

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