Europe Shall Not Die: We Triumph Still If He Abides with Us

Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes;
Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies.
Heaven’s morning breaks, and Earth’s vain shadows flee!
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me!

-Henry Francis Lyte


I try to keep track of where the Moslems are settling, so I can brace myself and my family for the battle. But of course there is a limit to what one individual can do if the government is determined to allow Moslems to enter your country. While reading an article by a woman who reports on the Moslem invasion of America and Europe, I noted that she was of the opinion that “Europe was dead.” I certainly understand why someone would say Europe is dead, but it is not an accurate statement. Civilizations are not like vegetables, which have a certain shelf life and then they rot and decay. Civilizations are moral essences that will continue as long as human beings love their people and the civilization they built. Europe is dying (and when I say Europe, I mean all the white nations) because Europeans do not love her. If they did, she wouldn’t be dying. At every deathbed scene in print, film, and life, the person dying tells his surviving kith and kin that he loves them, and his kith and kin tell the dying man of their love. We speak to our loved one, if we are still Christian Europeans, of the sure and certain hope of the resurrection from the dead. At my father’s deathbed, my daughter sang the hymn “Abide With Me,” which Henry Francis Lyte wrote on his deathbed, and my father’s eyes lit up. He told my daughter that “Abide With Me” was the first trumpet solo he had ever played, some 75 years ago. Everything in life and death depends on that: Does He abide with us?

Bertrand Russell, the infamous atheist philosopher, was fond of pointing out that “no force of will” and “no outpouring of human sentiment” could resurrect the dead. Was he right? It would appear so. My father died despite my daughter’s love for “Pop-Pop” and despite my love for him, but did he die? St. Paul, Shakespeare, John Donne, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sheridan Le Fanu, Walter Scott, C. S. Lewis, and the people of Christian Europe who those bards wrote about all believed that death was conquered by the divine love of Jesus Christ. Am I comparing apples and oranges? No, I am not. There is eternal Europe, which will live on no matter what happens to the geographical entity that has now been turned into Islamabad. But I am not referring to eternal Europe only. I am talking about the modern Europe that seems dead. We cannot say that she is dead, because the grace of God is something that works in the hearts of men, and can only be seen when it comes to fruition in their lives. We do not know what can happen if Europeans once again unite their hearts to His divine heart. What seems impossible now, that Europeans will arise and drive out the Moslem and colored barbarians from their nations, could become a reality if the love of Christ, which intensifies and purifies our love of kith and kin, once again becomes the raison d’être of the European people.

Scrooge asks the Ghost of Christmas Future why he is being shown all the hideous mistakes and wasted years of his life if it is too late for repentance. By the same token, why describe the Moslems’ and the black barbarians’ atrocities if you believe the European people are irredeemable? If that is the case, that the European people are unwilling to defend Europe, why take the trouble to tell the atrocity stories? We must come back to the deathbed scene. Is there a loving God who cares about His people? If there is, then we should not look on our existence here on earth as subject to the laws of biological determinism that social scientists such as Spengler, Unwin, and our modern cataloguers of the Europeans’ demise always refer and defer to. We should look at the spirit above the dust and ask ourselves why that spirit that transformed Europe no longer animates the European people.

The spirit of Christ crucified, Christ risen was in the blood of the antique Europeans who created Christian Europe. The spirit of Satan is in the liberals, the Moslems, and the barbarians of color. Blake vowed that he would not cease from mental fight, “Till we have built Jerusalem, In England’s green and pleasant land.” The liberals have taken a similar vow, although they have no awareness of the satanic angel that has inspired their vow: The liberals have vowed to build Satandom in Europe’s green and pleasant land. Never, never, never will the liberals cease their efforts to destroy the Christ-bearing people. They will never fight the Moslem or colored barbarians. They view all those who are non-European and non-Christian as their spiritual allies who are united with them in a holy war against the European people. If the European people – and it is not written that they will or that they will not – renounce liberalism in all of its many guises, Europe will become a green and pleasant land once again.

The main enemies of the European people, and Satan’s greatest allies, are the Christian church men. They have killed all Christian resistance to Satan by making Christianity into Satanism. The externalism of the Grand Inquisitors of Churchianity has made the European people into sheep-like creatures waiting to be slaughtered. It has now become de fide that a white man must hate his kith and kin and give them up as sacrificial offerings on the Babylonian altars of the liberals and their fiendish Moslem and black allies. Pope Francis said we are all God’s children as he washed the feet of a Hindu, a Moslem, and some creature of color, but what God is Pope Francis referring to? It is most certainly not the Christian God. I fail to see His image in the heathen faiths and heathen people whom Pope Francis worships. Our European literature is filled with descriptions of the good pastor and the good priest, and our church music was often written by church men. Besides that, many of the church men of the past led good and holy lives. For instance, one of the most Christ-centered men who ever walked the earth, Henry Francis Lyte, was a clergy man. But what was good in our pastors and priests of the ancient times was their commitment to Christ in and through the people of their racial hearth fire. When subsequent church men walked away from Christ and their people, we should not have followed them just because they owned the buildings and the religious costumes. Satan made his attack on the mystical body of Christ by making use of the external symbols of Christianity to serve his own end, which is the destruction of the image of God in man. St. Paul asks us, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” Should we allow ourselves to be separated from Him simply because Satan has occupied the formerly Christian churches and made the church men his stooges?

If our attack on liberalism stays within the confines of rational debate, we are not really attacking liberalism. And sadly, I’ve noted that some of the best critics of the white man’s rush to oblivion make their criticisms in the name of classical liberalism. Such critics are like the witches on the heath that Macbeth and Banquo encountered:

But ‘tis strange;
And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

If you attack liberalism in the name of liberalism, you are an unwitting instrument of the devil. Mortal men cannot go against the devil, armed with their own puny reason; they must fight the devil in the name of Christ, armed with His weapons, not with the preferred weapon of the devil. In Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip is armed with the shield of virtue and the sword of truth. He does not debate with Maleficent, lest he be deterred from his avowed purpose, which is to destroy her. Instead he hurls the sword of truth into her heart, and Maleficent disappears, leaving only the cross of Christ. That cross is the only reality here on this earth and in the world to come. If we have the moral vision to see that reality, and if we keep that moral vision in our hearts as we go forth to war, we will not have to write detailed reports of the enemies’ conquest of the European people. We will write of great victories over the powers of darkness and the return of the Christ-centered people to the European nations.

The code of dueling allowed the challenged party to choose the weapon. Not so with Satan. He is the challenger — he has walked right into the center of Europe and hurled down his gauntlet — but in spite of that the Europeans have allowed him to choose the weapon, and he chooses abstract reason. It all dates back to the Garden of Eden. Satan told Adam and Eve that they would not die if they violated one patently absurd commandment of God. He made his appeal to reason – God’s arbitrary command was irrational while Satan’s advice was quite rational. That is always the case. The white man is supposed to cease loving his own, because there is not supposed to be any such thing as “my own people.” But that rational rule, that there is no such thing as “my own people,” applies only to white people. Why does that rule only apply to white people? It is because the colored barbarians are wedded to Satan, so it is his will that they should love their own race (though they do not love as men should love, in and through the Savior), because whenever the colored races triumph Satan triumphs. It is different with the white race. White people formed an incorporate union with Christ. His word dwelt in their civilization. Wherever they prevailed against the heathens there was light in the darkness. Satan attacked that light by building a rational wall between the Christian faith and the white man’s love for his own people. When the European people, at the command of their clergy, agreed to stay behind that wall, apart from their racial hearth fire, Satan became the ruler of Europe through his liberal minions. Now when Europeans protest against their own extermination, they protest while adhering to the rules of Liberaldom – “Don’t break down the racial wall, don’t be violent, don’t be extreme,” the liberals command. “We will not break down the racial wall, we will not be violent, we will not be extreme. We will calmly and rationally state that we should have some rights within Liberaldom.” Isn’t the absurdity of that appeal obvious? The liberals want the blood of the whites, and their colored and Islamic allies are quite willing to give it to them. (1) We are not called upon to debate whether or not we should be allowed to exist, we must tell the liberals, the Moslems, and the colored barbarians that they must leave the European nations, because they belong to Satan while we belong to Christ.

You can’t debate with an enemy that has made your destruction the basis of his religion. The stentorian forces in the churches, the governments, and the various media outlets of the European people deluge us, on a daily basis, with propaganda that proclaims the evil of the white man. There is still original sin, but it only exists in the white male. And this new original sin that has become the white man’s burden can never be forgiven, because there is no divine love, and hence no human love, in the liberals’ religion. Satan does not forgive; he cannot forgive, because he is incapable of love. But if we, the despised and rejected, turn to Christ, eschewing the satanic rationalism of the liberals, we shall see that the age of miracles has not passed. Europe is on her deathbed, but she will not die if we see His cross before our eyes and love our kith and kin in and through our Lord and Kinsman, Jesus Christ. +


(1) If you ever had any doubts about the satanic desire of the liberals to eradicate the white race, your doubts have now been removed by the liberals’ attacks on Donald Trump.  He said that he was sick of Mexican illegals coming into the country and murdering people and that he would put a “temporary” halt to Moslem immigration. For those mild statements, he has been branded a racist and sentenced to death. The “conservatives” from Fox News and the mad-dog liberals have called for his assassination. What does that tell us about the liberal establishment? It tells us something we should already know – the liberals and their colored barbarian allies will not rest from satanic strife until they have destroyed the white race.

The Trump candidacy does not reveal to us the futility of opposing the liberals, it reveals to us the futility of opposing the liberals within the confines of their demonic, democratic system. Even if Trump lives to assume the Presidency, and I hope and pray he does, he will not be able to do anything to stop the liberal juggernaut, because he is still operating within the confines of liberalism. In for a penny, in for a pound – let’s break the democratic chains of the liberals and turn this genocidal slaughter of whites into a war for the preservation of our people and our faith.

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