More Precious Than Gold

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matthew 6: 21


I want to continue with John Sharp Williams’ mediation on sentiment, because it lies at the heart of the white man’s dilemma. The white grazers are divided men: They watch football games, shoot deer, and support the troops. They are not racists, yet they have a vague feeling that something is not right on the racial front. They have been told by the liberals in church and state that black violence is the result of white prejudice. “If whites were kinder, blacks wouldn’t have to be so violent,” is the liberal party line, which the grazer hears ad nauseam and does in part believe. But he only believes in part; hence there is a certain uneasiness in his soul that hinders his enjoyment of the football games.

Does a grazer ever wonder about the liberal inconsistencies? Does he ever ask himself, late at night before he passes from conscious to the unconsciousness of death’s counterfeit, why the liberals are so obsessed with date rape by white males that they now have issued legal documents that must be signed by both parties at each stage of intimacy, yet they are completely unconcerned about the violent rape of white women by Moslems and black savages?

And what about the discrepancies between ‘black lives matter’ and ‘white lives matter’? Does the grazer ever wonder why black lives, even the lives of murderous black thugs, are of vital importance, while white lives, even if the lives taken are innocent ones, do not matter? I hope the grazer is at least troubled by such things. But I really can’t be certain about the grazer, because he is so unsure of where his treasure lies. His heart is divided between liberalism and the un-liberalism of old Europe, so he grazes in the pastures of oblivion.

Ahab was able to over man the soul of Starbuck, his first mate, because Ahab had an overriding passion that ruled his heart: he wanted to kill the white whale. Starbuck, the grazer, had no overriding passion, so he was swept away by Ahab’s passion. In the end the grazers will support the liberals, because they, like Starbuck, cannot match the liberals’ passion, which is their hatred of the Christ-bearing race and their love of the savages of color.

What appears to be a death wish, the liberals’ hatred of the white and their love of the colored stranger, is really a liberal life-wish. A man cannot live by bread alone; he must have a faith. The liberals’ faith will destroy them, just as the demons’ hatred of Christ made them go over the cliff, but the liberals haven’t the moral vision to see that. All they see are colored gods who will rid them of the dreaded one, Jesus of Nazareth. The first apostles said to Christ, when He asked them if they would leave Him: “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.” The liberal is too smart to be fooled by that gambit. He feels that he has a place to go: he will go to the new Babylon where he can worship the colored noble savage, free of the burden of the God-Man.

I’ve seen, on alternative news sites, that there is some resistance to the Moslem invasion of Europe in England, Hungary, and Poland, and I trust there are pockets of resistance in every European country. Any resistance to any part of the liberal agenda is certainly to the good. But if the resistance is to be sustainable, it must be anti-democratic; it must take its inspiration from the chivalric ideals of the antique Europeans. Burke was right when he saw that the loss of chivalric spirit was the main reason for the success of the French Revolution. And all the subsequent French Revolutions throughout Europe have succeeded, because “…the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded…”

If some stirring of the old chivalry has entered the hearts of white European males as a result of this recent Moslem invasion, that is all to the good. It will be an enduring good when white men return to their ancient faith, eschewing the anti-white, anti-Christian faith of the clergy, and fight in the name of Christian Europe. It is something we can work for and hope for.

When you voice your lack of faith in the democratic process, conservatives and right-wingers call you a ‘defeatist’ who believes there is no hope. Such people simply do not understand the older chivalric ethos of the antique European. I have absolute faith that nothing can defeat Europeans who follow the code of chivalry – the chivalry of Prince Phillip in the Sleeping Beauty story and the chivalry of the hero in Thomas Nelson Page’s short story called “The Goth”:

On the instant stood revealed, as though he had blown down the ages, a pure Goth, unchanged in any essential since his fathers had left their forests and through all obstacles, even through ranks of Roman legionaries, sword in hand had hewn their way straight to the goal of their desires. He was a Goth in all his appetites and habits, a Goth unchanged, unfettered. True to his instincts, true to his traditions, fearing nothing, loving only his own, loving and hating, with all his heart – a Goth.

It is no pagan Goth that Page celebrates; he speaks of the Christian Goth who has not become enslaved to the Caiaphases in Christian garb that believe a Christian should kill his instinct to defend his racial hearth fire and become a universalist Christian who loves all mankind with a lukewarm ‘niceness.’ There is no real devil in modern clerical Christianity; Satan is only a wayward child who can be reformed by a few visits to the shrink. And there is no Christ, the Lord; He is now merely a captain on the Love Boat. The real gods are the noble savages of color, because they are the stuff that the liberals’ dreams are made on.

Burke’s assertion, “I hate abstractions,” was the equivalent of a declaration of war against the Jacobins in church and state. The Jacobins used abstractions to kill. The murder of a Christian King and Queen was called, ‘liberty, equality, and fraternity,’ and the defacing of the image of God in man was called, ‘moving mankind onward.’ The Muslimization of the nations of Europe along with the negroization of those same nations has been thrust upon us in the name of multi-culturalism, but what does that abstraction really mean? (1) It means the rape of white women and the torture and murder of white children, white women, and white men. No matter how fancy the clerical dress-up parties are, no matter how many football games our government provides, can a European man with one tiny ounce of chivalry left in his blood do anything else but cry, “Havoc!” and descend upon the liberals and their colored allies with a determination to fight to the knife against the devilish destroyers of our racial hearth fire, where our loved ones and the one, true God reside?

If we view the pagan European hero-gods as ends in themselves, as celebrations of the greatness of white genes, we miss the point of preserving those hero-gods. They are part of the Christian story. The hero-gods were preparing a place in their people’s hearts for the one true hero God. Prometheus stole fire from the gods in order to give it to man. For his charity, he was punished by being tied to a rock while birds of prey pecked at his liver. You can look on that story as proof that the crucifixion story is just a genre story repeated over and over again in the Jungian oversoul of mankind, or you can see that story as an indication that our Lord plants the means to know Him in all valiant hearts. Christ is the real Prometheus, but He did not have to steal fire from the gods, because He was God, the God who brought the fire of His divine charity to man.

The pagan hero-gods, like the fairy tale characters in the Grimms’ fairy tales (see The Inhumanity of Utopian Europe, CWNY) are dependent on the historical Jesus for their continued existence. If Christ is no longer embodied in a people as the one true God, He becomes an abstraction, a philosophical concept that can be used according to the whims of the ahistorical Christian atheists. There is no chivalry in Christian atheism, because the Christ who sets hearts aflame is not present in systems, and where there is no Christ, there is no chivalry, and Satanism in all its many guises reigns supreme.

In modern circles you label yourself an idiot if you talk about the devil as anything other than a Halloween bogeyman. But he is real, just as our Divine Savior is real. The devil wants the ‘intelligent’ men and women of the West to regard him and Christ as myth. That way he can work his will upon the intelligent ones who haven’t the spiritual wherewithal to call on Christ to aid them against the wickedness and snares of a devil they don’t believe in. But if we look at the world the liberals have built we can see Satan’s imprint on every aspect of it. In the new movie about Sleeping Beauty, put out by the anti-Disney, Disney Studios, Maleficent is now the heroine (see We Labor and Weep, CWNY). The satanic faiths and the anti-European people of color are welcome in Europe while the Christian Europeans are seen as pariahs to be pushed off the earth. And to add a satanic spice to the New Babylon, the sodomites have been given free rein. The liberals, while denying the reality of Satan, have built a kingdom of Satan on earth. They must put down any uprising of the real Europeans, the men and women with hearts of flesh, who are connected, through their people, to Jesus Christ. The liberals will allow organized, intellectual Christianity to stay around as part of Babylon, because the church men support liberalism, but there must be no chivalry in the ranks of the European people. That would indicate the resurgence of the true faith in the hearts of the European people, which would bring about the destruction of Liberaldom. When the real Christ enters human hearts, real miracles of chivalry occur. That is the nightmare of the liberal. We should want nothing better than to be the liberals’ worst nightmare. +


(1) The negroization of a nation goes hand-in-hand with the Muslimization of a nation, the pagan ethos of Islam appeals to the negro, whereas the poetic of Christianity does not appeal to the negro.

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