In His Image

The Christian socialists are beautifully and energetically collaborating with the infidel socialists and abolitionists to bring about this millennium. They also are divided into two parties. The one would wait upon Providence – only help it a little, like Mr. Greeley – and permit our poor old effete world to pass out of existence by gentle euthanasia. The other and bolder party feel themselves “called” as special instruments to give at once the coup de grâce to the old world, and to usher in the new golden age of free love and free lands, of free women and free negroes, of free children and free men. – George Fitzhugh


This recent dispute between right-to-lifers and Planned Parenthood is part of the ongoing debate between secular utopians and Christian utopians. The latter spawned the former, but the secular utopians have become stronger than the Christian utopians, because they have a more vital faith in the negro than the Christian utopians. The Christian utopians have split their vote, so to speak. They want Christ, and they want the negro, while the secular utopians have abandoned Christ for the negro. But the addition of the negro to the Christian utopians’ pantheon of gods has made them part of Liberaldom and opposed to the guiding spirit of Christian Europe. The “pro-lifers’” liberal bias becomes apparent when we see that they routinely condemn the real pro-lifers who shoot abortion doctors. And whenever the modern pro-lifers try to impress the liberals with the evils of abortion, they cite the disproportionate number of black babies aborted and liken abortion to slavery. But don’t white babies matter, and didn’t slavery protect blacks’ from starvation, torture, and death in Africa? The pro-lifers show their liberal colors when they reference the harm that abortion does to blacks in order to make their case against abortion. Why is such a tactic used? It is used because the Christian utopians believe that the brave new Christian world must be a world of pure and noble colored savages. They will never condemn their secular, utopian brethren who are pro-abortion as much as they will condemn the white European racists who are against abortion, because at heart the aborting, secular utopians and the anti-abortion Christian utopians have the same goal: They want a perfect world of colored people, presided over by a few white Atticus Finches.

To Kill a Mockingbird is the Bible of both the Christian utopian and the secular liberal utopian. In that sacred liberal book, a white man defends a good darkie against the evil, racist, white Southerners. Nothing makes the secular liberal or the modern Christian utopian feel better than the To Kill a Mockingbird fantasy. It is fantasy, because the real life Tom Robinsons are not innocent victims of false accusations of racist whites; they are guilty as charged of the most heinous crimes imaginable. And it is pure fantasy, because the blacks themselves hate the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ narrative. They don’t want a white deliverer, they want their own black Messiah. The liberals and the New Age Christians picture grateful blacks standing with hats in hands, saying, “The great white liberal is passing. Let us all do homage to him.” Let’s not do homage to the great white liberal or the noble black savage. Instead, let’s do homage to the white European who has not succumbed to liberalism or bent his knee to the sacred negro, because he only bends his knee to Christ.

I spent a lot of time around pro-lifers in my younger days, and I discovered that we did not share the same Christian faith. The pro-lifers all came from churches that preached the Athenian version of faith: Wisdom comes from the mind of God to the clergy, just as Athena, the goddess of wisdom, sprang from the head of Zeus. But through the Christian centuries is that the way the faith, the real Christian faith, was passed down? Our history as a people contradicts the bloodless, intellectual Christianity of the modern church men and their followers. It is just as important for Europeans to reject the modern blended Christianity as it is for them to reject the liberals’ negro-worshipping faith, because both faiths are opposed to the ‘image of God’ faith that Europeans held to in their Christian days, before the 20th century Europeans became too ‘intelligent’ to believe in a fairy tale about a God of love and mercy who became incarnate in the European people.

The modern popes have been the spokesmen for the new Christianity which rejects the Christianity of the antique Europeans. They have been the most prominent spokesmen, but they are not the creators of the new Christianity; they only articulate the spirit of the scientific age. If there is a God, they assert, He must be a liberal, and He must not defy the rules of science. The secular liberal, in keeping with the spirit of the age, completely rejects the faith and the people of old Europe. So does the New Age Christian, with one caveat: The New Age Christian blends Christ with liberalism and comes up with a pagan-Christian combination that lauds feminism while condemning abortion, and deplores the “racist Europeans” of the past while praising the negro for being a pure, natural savage untainted by the unnatural religion of the antique Europeans. Surely we must see all this anti-Europeanism for what it is? It is Satan’s attempt to destroy the image of God in men. God became man so we could know Him through our common humanity; if He cannot be known through humanity how is He to be known and loved? The liberals tell us He can be known through the negro, and the Christian utopians tell us He can be known in the future if we follow the prescribed formulas of the Christian church men such as John Paul II and Pope Francis. But why must we wait to know God when our people passed on their faith through their blood? All we need to do is stay connected to them, and we will know Him in and through them.

A people’s faith cannot be compartmentalized. We can’t lock faith in a box over there, leaving it unopened except for special occasions, and then keep the democracy box, with liberalism and negro worship inside, open for our important everyday work. A truly European people meets every crisis with a full-blooded faith. “Stop! This must not go on,” was Nicholas Nickleby’s reaction to the inhuman torture of children. “We must protect abortionists from fanatics,” is the reaction of modern Christian utopians to the slaughter of the innocents. Whether the innocents are white people being attacked by the sacred negroes or babies being butchered by the local abortionist, it is white people who must stop the slaughter. They drank deeply from the cup of charity, the charity that never faileth, so they must fight with a ferocity greater than the colored heathens, and they must fight without regard to what the liberals will think of them. The liberals are not our parents, so why should we seek their approval? We should seek the approval of our honored dead, our fathers, our mothers, and our kinsmen in the faith, a blood faith that was bequeathed to us by the Man of Sorrows and was renewed from one generation to the next until the Europeans decided that faith in the European Christ, the one true God, was a stumbling block, because it was racist and therefore not universal, and foolishness, because Christ’s resurrection from the dead is unscientific.

No anti-abortion movement from within Liberaldom, no anti-anything movement from within Liberaldom, will be successful so long as the abortion of the white race from the womb of Europe is countenanced and sanctioned by the rulers of Liberaldom. From that initial abortion stems legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and every other state-sanctioned evil, because when the white Europeans were aborted, the Son of God was aborted with them.

Some careful observers on the right wing, pagan side of the coin have told me that there is no hope for the white race. It is too late to fight back: “Things have gone too far.” That analysis is correct if you look on European history as you look on a laboratory experiment. At a certain point in a laboratory experiment you can see the inevitable end of the experiment. But our people are not just biological entities. The liberals have labeled them as such, and they have determined that they are biological specimens that must be eliminated, but our lives, individually and collectively, as the people who have seen a great light, contradict the strict biological categorization of white people. The grace of God is the unseen force that can alter the destiny of nations. Neither the conservative nor the liberal is receptive to God’s grace, because they are wandering over the face of the earth looking for the magic talisman of universal racial harmony instead of tending their own racial hearth fire where the grace of God meets the outstretched hand of the “poor, unaccommodated” European man.

To be Christian we must first be human, and we can only realize our humanity to the extent that we reject the mongrelization of our people and the mongrelization of our God. A man needs ground to stand on when he fights. What other ground do we have than Christian Europe? In the absence of the hearth-fire virtues, the love of kith and kin and the love of God, what do we have? We have modern Satania, a world where “humanity must perforce prey on itself like monsters from the deep.” If we hold fast to our provincial Europe, which is racist, undemocratic, and militantly Christian, we will be one with the people who saw moral beauty on a cross. And we will be one with the people who wept at the death of Cordelia and stood in rapt attention during the Hallelujah Chorus. On our side of the divide is light and the charity that never faileth. On the other side, where the secular and Christian utopians have chosen to stand, all is “cheerless, dark and deadly.” In the midst of life we die, but whether we die with the comforting presence of the Man of Sorrows who presides over our European hearth fire, or whether we die in darkness, depends on which side of the divide we choose to stand. It’s not a little thing; it means everything if we choose His Europe over modern Europe. +

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