Black Voodoo Kills, White Faith Restores

“Imray is back,” said Strickland. “The question is, who killed Imray?”



With the possible exception of Russia, liberals hold the reins of power in every white nation even though they do not constitute the majority of whites in those nations. The majority of whites are grazers who support the liberals’ rule but do not have quite the same worldview as the liberals. For instance – the liberals hate the white race with all their heart, mind, and soul, while the grazers love the white race as part of the great universal race of mankind. They truly believe there is no such thing as race. The members of the English Defense League and American conservatives are perfect examples of white grazers who facilitate the extermination of whites by their support of liberalism, but who are not officially in favor of it.

The white grazer has had his reality genes removed from his body. He is so used to the universalist pap slung at him by the churches and the universities that he is incapable of declaring that “the Emperor has no clothes.” The liberals’ empire stays intact, because the white grazer cannot see that the reality of life points us away from the racial universalism of a Coca-Cola commercial and toward the racial provincialism of Nathan Bedford Forrest. The consequence of the grazers’ racial blindness has been the triumph of Babylon in the formerly white nations.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote a short story called “The Recrudescence of Imray.” In that story, a kindly British officer makes the mistake of telling his loyal colored servant that his child is a handsome child. Ten days later, the child dies of a fever.

“Walking among us, his servants, he cast his eyes upon my child, who was four years old. Him he bewitched, and in ten days he died of the fever. My child!”

“What said Imray Sahib?”

“He said he was a handsome child, and patted him on the head; wherefore my child died. Wherefore I killed Imray Sahib in the twilight, when he came back from office and was sleeping. The heaven-born knows all things. I am the servant of the heaven-born.”

Strickland looked at me above the rifle, and said, in the vernacular: “Thou art witness to this saying. He has killed.”

Bahadur Khan stood ashen grey in the light of the one lamp. The need for justification came upon him very swiftly.

“I am trapped,” he said, “but the offence was that man’s. He cast an evil eye upon my child, and I killed and hid him. Only such as are served by devils,” he glared at Tietjens, crouched stolidly before him, “only such could know what I did.”

“It was clever. But thou shouldst have lashed him to the beam with a rope. Now, thou thyself wilt hang by a rope. Orderly!”

You can just dismiss Kipling’s story as a racist fairytale, as the liberals and the grazers do, or you can attempt to deal with the reality of Kipling’s story. And the reality is that the black race will never be able to coexist with the white race, unless they co-exist as completely segregated races with the white race as the dominant race. The reason for the incompatibility of the black and the white is to be found at the mystical core of the different races. Black mysticism is focused on superstition and magic; their deities prefer sacrifice to mercy. The black tribesmen propitiate their gods in order to get something from them, they do not love their gods; it is alien to their nature. And since it is not in their nature to love their gods, it is also not in their nature to love their fellow men. Men, like gods, exist for what they can get from them.

The white man is still regarded by blacks as a magical being, just as Imray was, the only difference between now and then is that white grazers no longer view blacks with the careful eye that Strickland viewed them with. The grazers have all become Imrays; they see blacks as pigmented whites who will respond to kindness just as whites respond to kindness and who will respond to cruelty and brutality just as whites respond to cruelty and brutality. Such a view of blacks, that they are merely black white men, has brought the white race to the verge of extinction. The liberals constantly tell the grazers that the whites have been terribly mean to blacks. The grazers believe the liberals, and they try to be extra kind to the blacks so they will be grateful for the kindness and treat the grazers well. But of course blacks do not understand kindness; they view it as weakness. Nor do they believe that the white man has ever done anything for black people. Blacks believe that whatever evil befalls them, even if there is no evidence of white culpability or white involvement in that evil, is the fault of the white man. Somehow the white man has magically harmed the black even when there is absolutely no evidence to suggest white guilt. Whites are evil sorcerers and conjurors, and blacks should kill evil sorcerers whenever possible. It is possible more than ever now for reasons the black man can’t quite grasp. But he sees the power of the sorcerers lessening, and he kills them with impunity, while the grazers respond with more kindness. After all, no black would kill if all whites were kind. Such is the wisdom of the grazers, which they have been spoon-fed by the liberals.

We must ask why the grazers feel they must listen to the liberals. The obvious reason is that the liberals are in power in church and state, and the grazers respect the powerful. But the liberals could not maintain power without a moral rationale, because the white man, unlike the colored tribesman, must have a moral ethos with his religion.

The liberals’ moral ethos is their racial universalism. They are not racists; therefore, they are morally superior to all Europeans who came before them. And the grazers accept the liberals’ Apologia Pro Liberalism based on that one central point – the liberals are not racist and anyone who opposes them is racist. But by accepting racial universalism as the litmus test of morality, haven’t the grazers turned themselves over to Satan? Why should post-Christian liberals have a right to rule? The recent Planned Parenthood tape in which PP employees were filmed in the midst of bartering the body parts of aborted babies is a perfect example of the absolute, satanic evil of liberalism. I hear pro-choice conservatives saying that now Planned Parenthood has gone too far. Why is now too far? Why is it okay to kill babies, but not okay to sell their body parts? The reason rests with the white man’s past: because the white man was once Christian he must couch his post-Christian evil in moral terms. It is much easier to justify baby killing with liberal platitudes such as ‘pro-choice’ and ‘a woman’s right to choose,’ if the baby killers do not sell the babies’ body parts after they slaughter them. Montezuma ate the hearts of little babies, and the liberals sell their body parts, thus the white techno-barbarian and the colored barbarian are united in their Satanism. And yet the grazer is united to the liberal, because the liberal is not racist. Of course the liberal is not racist; the colored races won’t condemn him for his satanic lust for human flesh and perverted sex because such is the ethos of the colored tribesmen as well.

When the white, pagan nationalists frame the white vs. colored argument in terms of “I’ll respect your culture if you respect mine,” they make a grave error. There has only ever been one culture worthy of respect, and that is the white, Christian culture of old Europe. If a white man truly respects the colored heathens’ cultures and thinks he can grant them equal rights, he has given his own people their death warrants. The barbarians of color do not seek co-existence and mutual understanding, they want to conquer. Nor can the white Christian seek to be part of Liberaldom. The liberals want to destroy everything white and Christian. How can a white man co-exist with such people? And why would he want to co-exist with inhuman ghouls who kill babies and then sell their body parts on the open market? Christians do not kill indiscriminately like that man in South Carolina, but they do kill in defense of the weak and the helpless. Should Planned Parenthood and their abortion doctors, and every colored heathen who spills the blood of white innocents, be allowed to slaughter with impunity? Almighty God, forbid it.  And the day may come – we cannot see God’s grace working in human souls – when the liberal, techno-barbarians and the colored barbarians face a foe who fights in the name of the God of mercy against the Babylonian gods of sacrifice.

The church men are fond of telling us that God does not need the Europeans. Well, He doesn’t need them in order to exist, but hasn’t He chosen to reveal Himself through human channels of grace? If we discard the image of Christ that we see in the collective face of the Christian Europeans — and we have discarded that image — then to whom do we turn to see the image of Christ? The church scholars say we should turn to them. The negro worshippers tell us to look to the negro and the other colored tribesmen. But aren’t we reaping the bloody harvest of such anti-Europeanism? The 20th century was the century when the Europeans abandoned God for technology and the negro ‘Noble Savage.’ What a grand century it was. And now, in the 21st century, a century in which Satan has been installed as the Europeans’ supreme ruler, we have seen a new age of light, haven’t we? No eleventh hour political movement will impede the onward march of Satan and his minions, because it is well past the eleventh hour. We have been plunged into the darkness of Babylon, where the ghosts of aborted, dismembered babies and the mutilated white victims of black savagery ask us why we did nothing to defend them. Our “racist” ancestors would have fought for them. The restoration of faith, hope, and charity in European lands starts at the racist core of our European soul. Only a white racist loves his own enough to fight for them. And only a white racist loves the image of God in man, an image he sees in the face of the antique Europeans, enough to make that discarded image of the one true God the cornerstone of a new Europe, built over the ruins of Babylon. To rage against the dying of His light in His people is the European’s defiant answer to the Babylonian rulers of Liberaldom. +

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