The Cure for Racistaphobia

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day: –Psalm 91: 5


The Alcoholics Anonymous organization has always insisted that there can be no recovery from alcoholism until the alcoholic steps forward and admits he or she is an alcoholic. The modern, white grazer must step forward and make a similar admission about his racistaphobia before he can start the long road back to spiritual health. He must stand up and say, “I am racistaphobic. I live in constant terror of being called a racist, and I am incapable of fighting back against any white group that threatens to, or does, call me a racist. I am also incapable of fighting in thought, word, or deed any colored person or group of colored persons. I admit I am helpless against racistaphobia, and I need the aid of a Higher Power to rid me of my racistaphobia.” That admission, or something like it, is what we need to hear from white grazers before anything wonderful can happen to white people.

If you’ve ever had a family member or close friend addicted to alcohol you know how heart-wrenching it can be. They have many good and humane qualities, but those good and humane qualities are being washed away in alcohol. So it is with the racistaphobic white grazer. He is not an outright liberal; he has not, like the liberal, lost all semblance of humanity, but his good qualities are being destroyed by his racistaphobia. The South Carolina whites who protested the trashing of the Battle Flag are a sad case in point of white racistaphobia. “Heritage, not race,” they asserted. But isn’t the Southern peoples’ stand against the Haitization of the South the most important part of their heritage? Of course it is. So there is no getting around it: If you want to truly defend what the flag stands for, you must defend the segregated, Christian civilization that the white Southerners fought and died for. Otherwise you are simply someone who likes to get warm and fuzzy over vague platitudes such as “heritage, not race.” If that is your desire, then you don’t need the Battle Flag; your flag should be a big picture of a slab of jello.

This racistaphobia is not just a disease of white Southerners or even just of American whites. It is a disease that has infected every white man, woman, and child in every white nation. And the disease has only infected white people; no person of color ever contracts racistaphobia. One of the peculiarities of the disease is that the man suffering from it generally doesn’t even know he has it. The disease sinks into the spine and heart and makes a man unable to stand upright and feel normal human sentiments, but still it remains undetected because the disease protects itself by making spinelessness and heartlessness seem normal to the man who has racistaphobia.

We do know the cause of racistaphobia and we know the cure, albeit very few victims of racistaphobia ever seek to be cured. The cause of racistaphobia is theological Christianity and the cure is European Christianity. Human beings see life “feelingly”; their organ of sight is the heart, not the head. When the churchmen made the great shift, when they shifted the European’s vision to the analytical eye of the mind, away from the visionary eye of the heart, the Europeans began to look at existence askew. They gradually became unable to love the good, because they couldn’t see the good. Instead of loving God in and through their people, the Europeans became acquainted with a concept of God as seen through the mind of the theologian of their choice. Many white grazers – probably most of them – no longer even attend church, but the damage has been done; they don’t see existence feelingly as St. Paul and the antique Europeans did. They have made existence a second-hand intellectual concept. For white people, words are not connected to their souls; they are only tools of the intellect. When an antique European said he loved his people, he meant a very specific people, the people of his own race and his own house. When a modern European says he loves his people, he means he loves a universal concept of “a people.” And his love is slanted toward colored people, because the intellectuals, whom the white man is in the habit of obeying ever since his church-going days, only recognize people of color as genuine people.

No matter what issue comes up in the white man’s life, his frame of reference is the great, disembodied minds of the liberals. He makes his plea for respect for his heritage, for tax relief, for the right to exist, in terms he thinks will please the liberals. So he always makes the case for himself in racistaphobic terms. Welfare is bad because it breaks up black families; the Battle Flag represents heritage, not race; we need tax relief so that small black businesses can thrive…and on it goes. The liberals have changed the European’s heartfelt vision of Christ to a mind-forged vision of a utopia consecrated to the negro gods and the lesser demigods of color. Just as the antique Christians were enjoined to love their God with all their heart, mind, and soul, and to love their neighbor as themselves, the modern Europeans, the racistaphobic Europeans, love their negro gods with all their heart, mind, and soul, and love all colored people as their neighbors, lest the great liberal minds, the conscience of the modern Europeans, should call them racists.

A few years back I saw a back issue from the 1970s of a neopagan, white nationalist magazine. After some black riot somewhere, the magazine’s editors had predicted that white people were beginning to wake up. Fast forward to our present day, and the same type of white nationalists are saying the same thing: “White people are beginning to wake up.” But of course white people aren’t beginning to wake up. It is 40 years later and white people are still racistaphobic. The logical conclusion is that white people will remain racistaphobic, and as a result they will die out as a distinct race. But there is one caveat to that logical conclusion. The ‘wake-up’ boys are part of the problem. They appeal only to the minds of the racistaphobic whites. Let’s take a typical atrocity story – the New Orleans Superdome debacle, for instance. The ‘wake-up’ boys call the attention of racistaphobic whites’ to the blacks’ subhuman behavior during the course of the flood, and racistaphobic whites deplore the blacks’ behavior. But when the wake-up boys go further and try to make a point about the savagery of the black barbarians, warning bells go off in the racistaphobic whites’ heads. “It’s not all blacks,” and, “Anyone would have done the same thing in their place,” takes control, and the racistaphobic whites remain unchanged. They will remain racistaphobic no matter how many black atrocities occur, because they see existence through the eyes of the intellect, not the heart. They will never see life as their white Christian ancestors saw life, and without that vision, racistaphobia can never be cured.

It must be stressed that there is a cure for racistaphobia, but the cure does not lie in an enlightened intellect; the cure lies in the visionary heart – the heart that perceives truth and acts according to the truth it sees, undistilled and unprocessed by philosophy and theology. All whites are born into a racistaphobic world. A few fight through their racistaphobia and become Europeans again, but very few do so, because of the dual nature of the enlightened-mind trap. Every European with racistaphobia is a victim of the enlightened-mind trap in the university or in the church. The appeal in both institutions is to the pride of intellect: “Only primitive people, people with inferior minds, believe in prejudices stemming from race.” This is the constant refrain we hear, but it only applies to white people. Colored people, who are ‘so authentic,’ can and should be prejudiced, because their prejudices are …‘well, they are so organic.’

In every organized church there is a division in the church between the more conservative element and the more liberal element – there are the fundamentalists vs. the mainstream Protestants and the Catholic mainstream vs. the traditionalists. But this is a false dichotomy; the seemingly divergent groups are united in the one essential – essential, that is, for the continuance of liberalism. What binds the groups together is theological Christianity. Neither liberal Protestant or fundamentalist Protestant, or liberal Catholic or traditionalist Catholic is connected to the body of Christ, because they are not connected to the people who loved Him, the antique Europeans. If the church of Christ is only a ‘this world only’ church, like the type of church fashioned by the Pharisees who were condemned by Christ, then we are worse off than the heathens of color. We have no God of our ascending race. But if the church consists of those who love much, then we have a God who can sustain us against the racistaphobia that terrorizes the white race.

This spiritual pestilence of the soul, this racistaphobia, governs every aspect of the white man’s life. When an atrocity occurs against the white race, liberals always respond with an attack on the white or group of whites who express either outrage against the colored perpetrator of the atrocity or concern for the white victim of the atrocity. But racistaphobia still infects the second group of whites, those whites who express outrage and concern. These whites immediately form discussion groups to decide ‘what must be done’ to prevent future atrocities. All well and good? No, it is not well and good. Their first order of business is always to denounce racism: ‘We don’t hate all Mexicans,’ or, ‘We condemn violence, not blacks…’ We’ve all heard the constant refrain of the racistaphobic white who will never, never face the racial issue head on. While the liberals and the colored hordes scream death to all whites, the racistaphobic whites spend all their time explaining why they don’t hate liberals and colored people; they are not racists, you know. And does it ever work? No, it doesn’t. No matter how much the white man fawns, begs, and appeases, he is found guilty of racism. And for that crime, he must die.

What would it take to hear that the white man, like Tiny Tim, “did not die”? It would take one white man and then another and then another to break with the academy and the church. (1) The European poets of the Christian era, separate from the academy, speak to us from a better world, His world. And the holy Scriptures, separate from the theological experts in the organized churches, touch our hearts and souls and make us feel that we are in communion with Christ. Those two sources of revelation, intimate contact with our people, the people who loved much, and intimate contact with our Lord, through His word, unadulterated by theological experts, are the cure for racistaphobia. (2) The repudiation must be complete. Academy and church hate the European people and their God. They must die if the European people are ever going to walk away from that sickness unto death, racistaphobia, and live life abundantly as our Christian people of long ago once lived. +


(1) It’s probably a sign of old age that I find myself citing things as recent that happened many years ago. So with that caveat, let me say that I ‘recently’ read a blog by Wheeler McPherson in which he related how he had left “Churchianity” behind in order to be closer to Christ. What a wonderful way to describe one’s progress away from the church-induced stupor of racistaphobia to the light of His Europe!

(2) Once every year and a half, approximately, I read Great Expectations with my family. My children know my two favorite scenes in the book and they always, quite generously, allow me to read those scenes, which are close together near the end of the novel. The first scene is when Pip, having found out what truly makes one a gentleman, promises to be loyal to Magwitch:

“Lookee here, dear boy,” said he. “It’s best as a gentleman should not be knowed to belong to me now. Only come to see me as if you come by chance alonger Wemmick. Sit where I can see you when I am swore to, for the last o’ many times, and I don’t ask no more.”

“I will never stir from your side,” said I, “when I am suffered to be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!”

And then there is the final death bed scene:

With a last faint effort, which would have been powerless but for my yielding to it and assisting it, he raised my hand to his lips. Then, he gently let it sink upon his breast again, with his own hands lying on it. The placid look at the white ceiling came back, and passed away, and his head dropped quietly on his breast.

Mindful, then, of what we had read together, I thought of the two men who went up into the Temple to pray, and I knew there were no better words that I could say beside his bed, than “O Lord, be merciful to him a sinner!

In those two passages we see what the miracle of Europe was all about. The truths of Scripture entered the blood of the European people. The modern churchmen bid us look to the natural, authentic creatures of nature, the colored tribesmen. Don’t do it. Look back to the only truly ‘authentic’ people, the antique Europeans, and the only truly ‘authentic’ civilization, Christian Europe.

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