The European Undines

The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity; the rest is crime.

-Edmund Burke


And what do we call a government that is anti-family, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-nationalist? We call it a regicide government that has no moral right to exist. All white men are honor-bound to oppose the regicide governments of the European nations. But of course regicide governments come into existence when the philosophers and debunkers have killed the white man’s code of honor. There is no more disgusting spectacle than the Memorial Day celebrations in the U.S. and their equivalent in other European nations, in which white grazers gather together to celebrate white genocide. “Support our troops,” they say, as they show us a scene of a negro singing a jazzed-up version of some formerly patriotic song. How can the soldiers of multiculturalism be our troops?

When Stalin discovered, during World War II, that the Russian people would not fight wholeheartedly for international communism, he let the Orthodox priests out of jail to bless the troops and pray to God for the deliverance of Mother Russia. A small cabal of utopian lunatics will fight for universals, but the bulk of mankind needs to feel that what they fight for is local. (1) There was no great desire amongst Americans to get into World War II until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. You are not a conspiracy theorist if you say that Franklin Delano Roosevelt engineered that Pearl Harbor bombing, because his actions leading up to the bombing are too well documented to label the anti-Roosevelt historians conspiracy theorists. They were simply accurate recorders of a historical event. But the point is that Roosevelt, as a card-carrying utopian universalist, needed to make the war seem local before he could safely label America-First patriots such as Charles Lindberg, who wanted America to stay out of the war, as unpatriotic kooks. Once the hurdle of the genuine Lindberg-type of patriotism was overcome, Roosevelt could proceed with the business of building utopia with the blood of white men. Every phase of the Second World War to make the world safe for democracy and its cousin communism was buttressed up by pin-up girls, mom’s apple pie, and the girl you left behind. If the old honor code of the European, which consisted of that charity of honor, had been in place during the 1940s the white males would not have been left morally defenseless when the democracy propaganda machines went into action. In the absence of a deeply held faith, a merely virtuous man can be deceived by the wicked. And the American government, along with the other European governments of the 20th century, were wicked to the first degree. Twentieth century wars were not ‘good guys’ vs. ‘bad guys’ wars, they were wars between regicide nations determined to leave Christian Europe behind and to forge new European nations based on universalist abstractions such as communism, democracy, and national socialism.

A great number of Thomas Gradgrind-type conservatives have written about the dumbing down of American school children. You can now get a Ph.D. without being able to write a sentence, and you can get an undergraduate degree without being able to read or write. But that ‘dumbing down’ process has simply been a utilitarian adjustment to the new technological age. Modern students are taught computer skills and negro worship, which are far more practical skills for success in the modern world than reading, writing, and arithmetic. The Gradgrind conservatives have no reason to grumble then, because our students are learning what is utilitarian.

But the European conservative does have a reason to grumble. He has a reason to revolt. Our white children have been stripped of their cultural heritage so that they will not be able to resist the anti-white, anti-Christian propaganda of the liberals. They will go to war to make the world safe for multiculturalism, and they will worship the negro and hate the white man with all their heart and soul. It is the moral emasculation of white men, not the dumbing down process, which has turned Christian Europe into Liberaldom. A literate population that reads books about the sacred negroes is even worse than an illiterate population that can only get the latest party line from the oral culture. Whether the glass hits the rock, or the rock hits the glass, the glass is destroyed in both cases. The moral essence of the United States and the other European nations will remain Jacobin, whether they are literate or illiterate nations. Whatever is opposed to white Christian Europe is good, so Islam is good, Judaism is good, and the negro is sacred. Satan’s legions will always be at odds with the Christ-bearing people.

If the Bible and the European poets are right, and the philosophers and theologians are wrong, then it is possible to see why the European people have forsaken Christ for the negro. The Bible and the European poets stressed that wisdom comes from a heart that loves. The modern white Jacobins of the lapsed Christian and Jewish varieties have deliberately cut themselves off from the heart so that they can build a new Tower of Babel. This new Tower of Babel will unite all religions, save the Christian religion, and all races, save the white race. This rational divorce of the head from the heart unites the disembodied brains of the West with the colored tribesmen. The Western intellectuals cannot understand European Christianity, because they have chosen the path of Louis XI and Bakunin:

In short, the manners, sentiments, and actions of Louis XI were such as were inconsistent with the principles of chivalry, and his caustic wit was sufficiently disposed to ridicule a system adopted on what he considered as the most absurd of all bases, since it was founded on the principle of devoting toil, talents, and time, to the accomplishment of objects, from which no personal advantage could, in the nature of things, be obtained.  – Introduction to Quentin Durward

“All tender and gentle feelings of kinship, friendship, love, gratitude and even honor itself should be choked off in the revolutionary’s breast by the single cold passion of his revolutionary task. He is not a revolutionary if he has pity for anything in the world. He knows only one science—the science of destruction. He lives in the world with a single aim—its total and swift destruction.” – Bakunin

The colored tribesmen are united with the Jacobins of the Western world in their hatred of the white European, because Christianity has never penetrated to their hearts. For them a blood faith is not a heartfelt faith, it is not something spiritual and noble, it is a blood faith that bypasses the heart and remains in the glands, finding gratification in all that is bestial and ignoble. So the two faiths, the rationalist, bloodless faith of the western Jacobins, and the heartless, bloodthirsty faith of the colored tribesmen, are conjoined to make war on the European people.

In the silent film Metropolis, the director Fritz Lang ends his long film masterpiece depicting the struggle between capital (the head) and labor (the hands) with a reconciliation of the head and the hands. The reconciliation takes place through the mediation of the heart. That is what is lacking in our modern world. The great intellects of the post-Christian West and the colored tribesmen have not sought to be reconciled through the mediation of the Christian heart. They have united together to kill the Christian heart. Thus their union is not a true union. The liberal loves an abstraction of the black and colored noble savages, and the colored tribesmen do not love as Christian Europeans once loved; to the extent that they love at all they love the liberal as a tiger loves his prey.

In his novel Undine, Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué depicts creatures called Undines, who resemble humans in their outward appearance, but who are less than human inside, because they have no souls. They can only acquire souls when a human loves them. It seems that the white Europeans have reversed the mythological story of the Undines. The negro and the colored races had potential souls that only came into being when they adhered to the deeply held faith of the European people, who loved their own so much, in and through Christ, that they shared that love with the colored races. So long as the colored races were kept in a position of subordination to the white race, like Uncle Remus in Song of the South (2), they could learn to love and thus acquire souls. But once the white Europeans walked away from the heartfelt, bred-in-the-bone Christianity of their European forefathers, they became Undines, resembling men and women on the outside, but lacking the humanity of men and women with souls. The European Undines now worship the black Undines, because they sense that the black is more of the earth, more Undine, than they are. They aspire to be like unto the black, but they will never quite make it. Because they once had white souls, they have a slight “remembrance of things past.” If that slight remembrance ever becomes a burning heartfelt desire to love as their ancestors once loved, and to respond to life ‘feelingly’ as their ancestors once did, they will become human beings with souls.

The Undine story is just a mythic romance, but it resonates with me, because of the essential truth of the story – a European can, by denying his heartfelt intuitions about life, intuitions that are born and bred at our familial and racial hearth fires, become a mere semblance of a human being, a man who, for all practical purposes, has no soul. When a white European mixes negro worship and patriotism or negro worship and religion, there is something spiritually wrong with that white person. He has become like unto an Undine. We can only help such an individual by not becoming like him.

The sight of antique Europeans who have not forsaken their European hearth fire might evoke a shadowy remembrance that the European Undine can use to reclaim his soul. After all, he, unlike the storybook Undine, once had a soul. Nothing of a spiritual nature is impossible, because nothing of a spiritual nature is subject to the inexorable laws of mathematics and the physical sciences. “There is something more than nature here.” Yes, thank God, there is something more than dumb nature in the heart of the European. +


(1) The heroic Texan, Audie Murphy, was the most decorated hero of World War II. When he was asked what made him fight alone and wounded against such impossible odds, he replied, “They were shooting at my buddies.”

(2) Uncle Remus is an invention of a white man; he doesn’t really exist. But that romanticized story does have a grain of truth: Colored people become human to the extent that they adhere to the Christian culture of the white Europeans.

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