Fighting in the Dark

To come to the point at once, I beg to say that I have not the least belief in the Noble Savage… he is a savage – cruel, false, thievish, murderous…

-Charles Dickens


Dryden first coined the phrase ‘noble savage,’ and Rousseau developed it into a religion. Since that time there have been two forms of noble savage worship. The intellectual Christians such as Wesley, Wilberforce, and the Quakers revered the negro, because he was ‘pure’ and ‘noble’ and much more receptive, in their minds’ eye, to the Gospel of Christ as expounded by Wesley, Wilberforce, and the usual array of anti-Christian Christian zealots. How black savages, who are subject to all the effects of original sin — just as the white man is — can be more noble and pure than the white man is not something the anti-European Christians took the time to dwell on. They were annoyed with white Christians for being less than perfect, and they sought to beat out their rivals by filling their own particular churches with humble, obedient noble savages. The anti-European bias of the Christian churches has not abated since the days of Wesley and company; in fact, it has intensified. And the intensity has reached such a fever pitch that the sacred negro has supplanted Christ as the center of Christian worship. In my younger days I vividly recall being denied access to a chapel, because an ecstatic nun told me they were “bringing blacks up from the city to worship with them.” It was obvious that the nun should have said, “to worship them,” rather than “to worship with them.”

The aforementioned Christian ‘inclusion’ has blended with the straight secular noble savage worship of men like Dryden, Addison, Bentham, and Rousseau – the forerunners of the modern liberals and their cult of negro worship. But in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries there was strong opposition to the new noble savage faith. Dickens’ essay on “The Noble Savage” in the Uncommercial Traveller and Reprinted Pieces is a classic. And Samuel Johnson (“Don’t cant to me of savages”) was not a believer in the noble savage. Nor was Burke, who saw the connection between Jacobinism and negro worship:

“How must we feel, if the pride and flower of the English Nobility and Gentry, who might escape the pestilential clime, and the devouring sword, should, if taken prisoners, be delivered over as rebel subjects, to be condemned as rebels, as traitors, as the vilest of all criminals, by tribunals formed of Maroon negro slaves, covered over with the blood of their masters, who were made free and organized into judges, for their robberies and murders?”

That was not only the plight of the French in Saint-Domingue, it was the plight of the Southern people during the northern Jacobins’ reign of terror that lasted through the “reconstruction” period of the South’s history. The anti-noble savage sentiments of Fitzhugh, Dabney, and Page reflected the beliefs of the entire Southern nation, which did not completely yield to negro worship until the second half of the 20th century. And in the main European sentiment, till the 20th century, was against negro worship. The tide shifted toward negro worship in the 20th century, not just in the liberal camps of historians such as Toynbee, but also in the deluded minds of many conservatives. Whittaker Chambers, for instance, might have divested himself of his communist faith, but he still maintained his faith in ‘the people,’ albeit they were no longer the white proletariat, they were the pure and simple negroes. (See “In Egypt Land,” 1946) Conrad, in The Heart of Darkness, also expressed a belief in the noble savage. It seems that once a European abstracts himself from his people and the Christian faith, he is open to the worship of the colored stranger, which is usually the negro, but Mexicans, Chinese, and Indians have also served as the pure and noble gods of color.

The only Christian doctrine that is harder for intellectuals to accept than the resurrection of the dead is the doctrine of original sin. Pelagius eliminated it, and Aquinas freed reason from its effects, but I think that the Christian’s belief in original sin is one of the few doctrines that has a mountain of evidence to support it. Just look at the evil that men do; are we not all in the position of the Ancient Mariner? We have shot the albatross. But the intellectual Christian and the secularized liberal refuse to admit that they share the guilt of the Ancient Mariner. Guilt is pain, and they want no pain. So they cast all original sin on the white man. He is original sin incarnate. From time immemorial he has sinned against the colored races and stopped them from living and loving in their black, brown, red, and yellow paradises. But how can the intellectual Christians and the liberals escape from their own original sin? They can take refuge in reason. Reason has no skin color, if you are one of the elect, a man of reason, you can worship the negro and remain free of the taint of original sin. The reasoning men and their negro gods will smite the white man who prowls about the world, seeking the ruin of the good and pure negroes. Why is it supposed to be a tragedy when murderous scum like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are killed in the midst of an assault? It is a tragedy, because they are the pure and noble, they are without sin.

The worship of the negro and the other savages of color started out as the embittered attempt of white intellectuals to strike out at God by effacing His image in the collective face of the European people. If they are evil, then God must be evil, and He can be rejected in favor of other gods. But this belief is no longer just the belief of a few dissident intellectuals, it has entered the blood stream of the European people. They instinctively feel that black crime is their fault, that the white man must never defend himself against the black barbarians, and that Tony Blair’s command that they “must be multicultural” is the will of God. Can such a spiritual virus ever be cured? Not be ordinary means. Some power greater than reason and science must be invoked. There is power in the blood of Christ, just as the old hymn says, but that power, the power that makes a spiritual weakling into a hero, comes to us through the human channels of grace that the liberals have damned up. If we don’t love our own, we will never feel anything in the blood, we will be the walking dead, blindly serving the gods of color.

The consciousness that we are all tainted with original sin was what made the European wars, prior to the 20th century, limited wars. As grisly as the wars were, there was a modicum of chivalry in such wars, because Christian men knew that sin was not the exclusive property of the enemy. The one exception to that old concept of war was the American Civil War. The leadership in the North did not believe that all men were tainted with original sin; they believed that only the white southerners had that taint. Their belief has become the belief of the white race. Original sin exists, but it only exists in white racists. This is why the main concern of white people is to show they are not racist. When conservatives criticize a black leader, they always make sure to find some other black leader to praise. When a grazer shows outrage at rock-throwing black thugs, he is always careful to say that he is against thuggery, not blacks. The English Defense League spoke for all the grazers of the European world when they called on blacks, Muslims, Indians, and Martians to take a stand against hooliganism. Such a stand is not a stand at all, it is an admission of defeat. If you won’t fight for your own racial hearth fire, you won’t have the spiritual spine to fight for anything else. The liberals know this, which is why they condemn white racism. So long as whites remain in fear and trembling of being called racists they will be helpless and hopeless in the face of the liberal and colored barbarian onslaught.

The frameworks for negro worship and white genocide were in place in the European nations in the 1950s.  But the work of slaughter was just beginning, there were still white communities. I recently saw a short travelogue filmed in Holland in 1951. There were no blacks or Muslims in town or country. What a blessed sight! Many of the small children depicted in that film would still be alive today. What do they think of their nation now? Have they become true believers? Do they love multicultural Holland? At least those Europeans had a childhood. What do white children have today? They are told by every authoritative body in their respective European nations that they are evil, because they are white. The females are told that they can escape whiteness by repudiating the white male and cohabiting with the negro. And the white males are told that they will only be allowed to live out their pathetic existence if they serve as milch cows for the sacred negroes. “Black lives matter, white lives don’t,” is the liberals’ and the blacks’ mantra.

Rationalism and its child, negro worship, seem to be permanently ensconced as the religion of the European people. It is, of course, a suicidal faith, because the sacred negro is a god of sacrifice not mercy. But the historians of our race, the poets such as Scott, Shakespeare, and Dostoevsky tell us of a different type of European than the modern negro worshipping Europeans. They tell of men and women who had something in their blood that was worthy of redemption. They were not rationalist piano keys and recorders to be played upon by the men of the satanic intellects. The Europeans once loved and hated first hand. Now they love through the negro, trying to love what he loves, which is murder, rape, and pillage, and striving to hate what he hates, the white man.

When the Athenians were trying to decide whether or not to fight, the Spartan leader Leonidas said that, “Sparta will fight whether the others fight or not.” And when the Persians told Leonidas and the 300 that the Persian arrows would darken the sky, Leonidas replied, “Then we will fight in the dark.” Leonidas and the 300 represent the pinnacle of Greek culture. They were not rationalists; they did not believe in the dialectic approach to existence. Nor did the Christian Europeans, who fought, through the Christian ages, their own battles of Thermopylae. Now it is time, past time, for Christian Europeans to stand in front of the pass and face the negro worshipping liberals and their colored minions. Not likely? No, not likely, but then again there was nothing likely about the miracle of Europe. That is something to hold on to, something that bids us look inward to the spirit above the dust of negro-worshipping liberalism. +

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