The European Fairy Tale

“Who is that boy?” asked Mr. Newby, as the horse was led away.

“A green country boy with a pedigree,” said a low voice at his shoulder.

“Where does he come from?”

“Virginia,” said Colonel Ashland. “And his name is Theodoric Johnston. It’s bred in the bone.”

–Thomas Nelson Page


The Netanyahu visit brought out all the contending factions of Liberaldom.  The Evangelicals praised him because they believe in a strange new faith that is a mixture of Christianity, Judaism, and Nostradamus-like prophecies. The liberal conservatives love Netanyahu because they believe that he, like Superman, supports truth, justice, and the democratic way. The mad-dog liberals have a problem with Netanyahu: On the one hand they must support the Jews, who are part of the liberal coalition and still fill many of the top posts in Liberaldom, but on the other hand the liberals know they must also support the Moslems, because all anti-Christian, and therefore anti-white, religious sects must be upheld. But American Jews are not all that concerned about Israel; the zealous support for Israel comes from the “conservatives” and the Evangelicals, which is a sure indication that the Evangelicals are not Christian and the conservatives are not conservative. The more perceptive, consistently radical liberals support the Moslem cause in Palestine, because they see the Moslems as the real anti-Western underdog. Likewise the neo-pagans and the right-wing Catholics support the Moslems over Israel, but for different reasons than the radicals.

The whole Netanyahu spectacle, like all modern, liberal extravaganzas, was hard to take, because one realizes when viewing such events that there will be no Christian European voice in the proceedings. Scott’s Ivanhoe, whose Christian faith was bred in the bone, knew how to protect his people from a militant, anti-Christian faith while still extending mercy and charity to those Jews who respected the ethos of the Christian faith, even if they didn’t believe in its tenets. Such a delicate balance is impossible in an either/or intellectual Christianity, but it is possible for those who believe, as St. Paul believed, that charity never faileth. From a practical standpoint, it seems that the Christian warrior who is obliged to fight under the constraints of Christian charity is at a disadvantage when fighting the Jew, the Moslem, and the colored tribesman, who do not practice charity and mercy. But our ancestors fought under such a disadvantage with more than moderate success. Of course, the Europeans have no choice in the matter. Win or lose, the Christ-bearing people must fight according to the code.

In right-wing circles, it is considered blasphemy to suggest that all problems cannot be resolved by the eradication of the Jews. But such a view is unhistorical. The Jews aided the Jacobins in the French Revolution, but it was lapsed Catholics, not the Jews, who led the charge against everything Christian and European. So it remains today: almost every radical organization has Jews at the forefront, but such organizations also contain lapsed Christians who would continue the anti-European work of those organizations if the Jews suddenly disappeared from the scene. Although most Jews are secularized (they no longer believe in the first five books of the Bible), they still retain an inbred abhorrence for all things stemming from incarnational, Christian Europe. For what is the essence of Judaism? It is a hatred for our incarnate Lord, which makes it particularly ironic that the most vehement enemies of the Jews are the neo-pagans, who deny the reality of the Incarnation, and the Roman Catholic traditionalists, who are uncomfortable with the main implication of the Incarnation, namely that our Lord has a human heart. Such a God makes it difficult for those who like to hurl ‘too much human respect’ anathemas at their flocks.

The secularized Jew is the more consistent Jew: He sees that having broken his covenant with God by rejecting Christ there is no need to retain Moses and the prophets because they existed for one purpose, that is, to prepare the Jewish people for the coming of the Messiah. Why are there no more prophets? The Christian says there are no more prophets because He whom the prophets said would come has come. Reject Him and you have no faith; you have nothing except an instinctive hatred for those who do have faith.

The Orthodox Jew is a more subtle danger than the secularized Jew, because the intellectual Christians such as Peter Kreeft take all those who affirm God, such as Orthodox Jews and Moslems, and put them in the same ecumenical stew, neglecting the essential fact of our existence here on earth: We are all doomed to die and only one God can raise us up on the last day. All other faiths, save the one, will leave us in the dust. The Christian European is not helping his own people nor any of the heathen peoples by allowing the Christian faith and the Christ-bearing people to be blended with other faiths and other peoples.

Most of us in the Western world, with the exception of the neo-pagan and Catholic right, are tempted to side with the Jews over the Moslems. This is only natural, because many of us went to public schools with Jews, lived in the same neighborhoods as the Jews, and mixed with the Jews socially. This was not a good thing, but it was the reality for most of us. In contrast – obviously this is now changing – the Moslems were a people that someone of my generation only saw in desert movies. (1) If I had to choose between the Jews and the Moslems, I would certainly, because of my upbringing, choose the Jews, but we are not supposed to choose between two evils. The Christian European should cling to his own with hoops of steel and forsake the heathen faiths and the tribes of color. But now that the Christian faith is a philosophy and Christ no longer has a local habitation by the Europeans’ racial hearth fire, the European people have gone whoring after new abstract faiths. The Evangelicals have created the aforementioned Judaic-Christian-Nostradamic faith, the conservatives have chosen democracy (“We must support Israel because it is a democracy”), the liberals have chosen negro worship… and on it goes. Our incarnational faith, our European hearth fire faith, has been left behind in the age of fairy tales and fables.

Judaism in its secularized and Orthodox form has remained the same over the years. So has Islam and the various tribal faiths of the colored peoples. It is the European peoples’ Christian faith that has changed. The Europeans were the only people who stood in the presence of the living God. But they couldn’t stand the light, so they sought to distance themselves from the living God by abstracting the Christian faith and blending it with the heathen faiths. The modern clergymen’s obsession with racial blending is the result of their desire to escape from God’s light and return to the Egyptian night of the heathens. They won’t be welcome there. Is it really so terrible to follow in His train? Haven’t we, the Europeans, by rejecting the burden of race and faith, a burden that becomes a source of grace when it is accepted, brought down every evil under the sun upon our heads? The one common denominator between all the European factions now choosing up sides in the Moslem and Jewish debacle is their rejection of their European heritage. And why have they done this? Is it because the old fairy tale seems too hard to believe? “Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?”

There is no other. There is one Christ, and He is to be found in the midst of His people. Walter Scott was a rare poet, a poet who lived up to his vision of what a man should be. And what was his vision? He believed that the only true mystic vision came from the charity that never faileth, the charity learned at home, at our racial hearth fire. Likewise Scott’s American heir, Thomas Nelson Page, the greatest writer on the American side of Europe: his happy endings did not stem from a man who couldn’t see reality, they came from a man who could see reality. He saw the reality of a spiritual realm presided over by our Lord and kinsmen.

In the old stories, the climax used to be considered attained when the young couple became engaged. Like the hero and heroine of the fairy tales of our youth, in that golden land of “Once-upon-a-time,” all that was to be told after they became engaged was that “they married and lived happily ever after.” In the modern stories, however, this seems to be but the beginning of new adventures. Marriage, which used to be the entrance to bliss unending, appears to be now but the “gate of the hundred sorrows;” and the hero and heroine wed only to find that they loved someone else better, and pine to be disunited. They spend the rest of their lives trying to get unmarried. Nothing is so unconventional as to love one’s own husband or wife, and nothing so tame as to live pure and true to one’s vows in spirit as well as in fact.

It must be said, at once, that this is not a story of that kind. The people described in it knew nothing of that sort of existence. Any reader who chooses to go farther in this history must do so with the full knowledge that such is the case, and that the married life of the young couples will be found as archaic and pure as that of our first parents, before modern wisdom discovered that the serpent was more than the devil, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil more than a tree of knowledge. Still, when we have come so far together, it is necessary to go a little farther.

Red Rock by Thomas Nelson Page

All of us need go no farther than our visionary ancestors, men like Walter Scott and Thomas Nelson Page, who believed that the highest wisdom was contained in the ever-ancient and ever-new fairy tale faith of the European people. What good is an intellectual faith if our hearts wither and die? White women abort and white men let them abort, because of the clerical abortion of the white race from the Christian faith. Save the mother and abort the child is a devilish ploy of the liberals. You save both mother and child, because the mother’s heart will die without the child. So it is with the Europeans: separate the European people from bred-in-the-bone Christianity, and a living faith becomes the dead philosophy of a soulless people.

When I was a young man, I used to go to the local mall with some prolife groups to pass out anti-abortion literature. We had good intentions, but I came to realize that we, the prolifers, were operating under a false premise when we passed out information designed to show that the baby in the womb was a human baby; we were assuming that the abortion plague was just a result of a lack of knowledge. We thought that once we got the information out, all would be well. But legalized abortion is the result of a deficiency of the heart. People know the baby in the womb is a human being, but they have hardened their hearts against God and His Creation, and they are willing to kill in order to defy God.

Islam, Judaism, negro-worshipping liberalism and all the other satanic faiths that are resurfacing to fill the spiritual void in the formerly Christian lands of Europe will lose their power if the European people regain their heartfelt faith in their people and their God. The first Christian Europeans bent their knees to Christ and rose up free men, willing and able to conquer the world for Christ. The shriveled up men and women of modern Europe are cringing, crawling creatures, afraid of offending the heathen gods of multiculturalism. Let us kiss the hilt of our swords, bend our knees to Christ, and once again rise up as free men, loving and hating with all our hearts. +


(1) The old mantra used to be: It doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, Jew or Christian, so long as you are an American. The new mantra is: It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, Christian, Jew, or Moslem, so long as you are an American. But what is the moral essence of such a melting pot? There is no moral essence; hence, there is no nation. Our anti-nation, like the multi-cultural anti-nations of Europe, is a collection of warring tribes united in one thing: their hatred of the white race.

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