The Last Battle

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh. – Revelations 19:19-21


February, which has been decreed black history month, is the liberals’ Christmas. We are supposed to reverence our black gods during every month of the year, but during the month of February we are enjoined to be extra solemn and reverent and to reflect on the great blessings that the black gods have given us. It sounds quite ridiculous when stated so bluntly, but that is the essence of the liberals’ faith. They worship the negro.

Just as it was once a given that the Christ story was at the center of Western civilization, it is now a given that the negro is at the center of Western civilization. Every official in church and state is judged according to how well he serves the colored races, particularly the negro. The conservatives might demur and say that they do not worship the negro as the liberals do, but they differ in degree, not in kind. The conservatives are quite willing to jettison white people and place negroes, Mexicans, and Chinamen in their systems. It’s true that they worship their systems more than blacks, but they dream of a better, more compliant people of color who will live in some kind of conservative utopia, whether it is democratic capitalist or democratic Christian. But the given is always that the rise of the negro and the demise of the white man is a blessing.

It is necessary that we challenge the bedrock faith of the mad dog liberals and the conservative liberals. Why should the colorization of the European nations be considered a blessing? It is only a blessing if rape, torture, and murder are blessings. Why should white Europeans suffer the presence of a single black in a European nation? Is it because it is the Christian thing to do? It most certainly is not. To allow one’s own people to be cannibalized by black savages has never been the mark of a Christian European, but it is the mark of the Christ-haters who run the modern organized churches.

Church and Academy have been sacred cows in the European countries for 1500 years and more. Those institutions were sacred because of what they represented. The churches were the guardians of Christianity, and the Academies were the custodians of the culture that stemmed from a belief in the Christian faith. When the churches no longer guard the Christian faith and the Academy becomes the vanguard of a new satanic faith, should they remain sacred cows? Every major university was initially founded by a Christian sect. But the universities gradually became independent, militantly anti-Christian, anti-European institutions, and the churches became mere adjuncts of the Academy. On a weekly basis John Paul II used to meet with a panel of experts from every academic discipline. What kind of faith emerges from that kind of alliance? A faith in which Christ is relegated to the status of a social worker, the negro is deified, and the white man is demonized. That is the type of faith that emerges from the union of Church and Academy.

Conservatism can never be the mere preservation of the furniture of church and state. Such exteriorism does not conserve, it destroys. It is the spirit of our people that must be preserved, not their furniture. An old chair of my father’s only has significance to me because of what it represents, the spirit above the dust, or in that instance, the spirit above the furniture. As far back as we can remember, to our great, great grandsires’ time and beyond, good Christians went to church, and boys and girls who wanted to be learned went to school. That process no longer works: our churches are not Christian and our schools do not make us wise. If the European people had not been spiritually neutered from attending churches and schools, they would be able to see Church and Academy for what they are: citadels of Satan. Black, white, yellow, and brown people all learn to hate white people and the Christian God at those twin pillars of Liberaldom. The colored races have a built-in antipathy for the white race, but that natural antipathy increases tenfold when they are educated at Western universities or attend Christian seminaries. Jomo Kenyatta, the Mau Mau chieftain, was educated at Cambridge University, and Martin Luther King Jr. went to Boston University. And the list goes on and on. Church and Academy must be destroyed before the white man can begin to reclaim his own again.

When I was young I was very fond of the Norse mythology. I didn’t dislike the Greek myths, but I was particularly drawn to the story of Odin and his last great battle, the Day of Ragnarök, against the forces of evil. During that battle we get a sense that the last battle is not the last battle, that somehow the nobility and bravery of Odin and his fellow warriors will give his people a rebirth; they will reclaim a world renewed by the sacrifice of Odin and his kinsmen. Am I alone in seeing more genuine Christianity in Odin and his people than I see in the modern intellectual Christians? While lacking the whole vision, the men of the pre-Christian North seemed to have intuited in their blood the divine miracle that was to come: a brave, noble Hero, who was a God and a man, coming to destroy the devil and his minions. They couldn’t quite put a name to the Hero-God, but they knew, in the deepest regions of their soul, that He was coming. And when He did come, the Norsemen were ready to accept Him, because they had done the necessary work: they believed in kinship and fidelity to their racial hearth fire.

The great error, the heretical error that the church men rammed down the Europeans’ throats, was that the followers of Christ had to lessen their ties to their kinsmen and abandon their ties to the people of their racial hearth fire in order to become fit for a universalist religion. That pernicious doctrine, the doctrine of intellectual Christianity, is diametrically opposed to the Christian faith. Christianity is a religion of depth; only those men and women who have learned to love much at their familial and racial hearth fires can come to know and love the Son of God. The intellectual Christianity of the church men tells Christians to kill their hearts so that they can know God. For centuries the Christian faithful resisted the satanic temptations of intellectual Christianity, but once they succumbed to the relentless pressure from the twin pillars of Satan the consequences were staggering. Wars became cold-blooded democratic affairs, babies in the womb became collateral damage, and the love and defense of one’s own kith and kin became mortal sin. We need Christian Goths who love and hate with all their hearts, and we need them very badly. That which is opposed to Christ’s reign of charity – and Church and Academy are opposed to His reign of charity – must be fought to the death, just as Odin fought against the devil and his minions in the last battle.

In my late twenties, I had a chance meeting with an old classmate whom I had not seen since high school. Unlike myself and most of my other classmates, Bob had always known what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to go to college and then enter a seminary to prepare for the ministry. I remembered Bob’s plans and asked him if he was now a minister. He laughed and told me his story, which is the story of the modern Europeans. Bob majored in religion in college, and there he studied Christianity along with all the other religions. Bob’s studies led him to conclude that Christianity was not the one true faith, it was just one more ‘dying and rebirth’ religion, significant only because it emphasized man’s yearning for some transcendent being, etc. Every student of Religion 101 has heard that blather. I differed with Bob, because my own experience was quite the opposite from his; the study of other religions had made me appreciate the uniqueness of the Christian faith. But Bob, like the dwarfs in C. S. Lewis’s seventh volume of the Narnia Chronicles, The Last Battle, was not going to be fooled again.

I have had many years to reflect on Bob’s loss of faith and the loss of faith of all the other Europeans like Bob. And I think it comes to this: I did not study Christianity; I saw Christ’s image in the people who loved Him, the first apostles such as St. John and St. Paul, and then in the collective face of the European people as depicted by the bards of Europe. That bardic road, the road less traveled upon in the 20th century, is the road we need to travel in order to see Christ above and beyond the nature religions. When we study Christ, we lose Him, but when we listen to our people, gathered around our racial hearth fire, telling us stories about Him and His people, we come to love Him. King Lear is a Christ story, Scott’s Ivanhoe is a Christ story, the lives of our people, when they were a people, was and is the Christ story.

The lonesome road in the old hymn is the road of intellectual pride. The devil was persistent, just as Delilah was persistent, and he eventually convinced the European to go down the lonesome road. Now his intellectual pride makes him too proud to bend his knee to Christ but not too proud to bow down to the negro gods and support all religions except the one true religion. Is this an ascent? Church and Academy tell us that it is. But Church and Academy are the twin pillars of Satan, so why should we listen to them?

In the church histories written by the intellectual Christians, one looks in vain for Christ the Savior who fights with His people against the forces of evil. Instead we are told of a God who came down to earth to give His blessing to a system, derived from Judaic and Roman laws, and then went back to some remote heaven where He waits for an intellectual elite to come and discuss things with Him in the manner of the virtuous pagans in Dante’s first circle of hell. Christ is so much more than a Socratic Buddha. He is our Lord, He is our kinsman, not in the flesh that perishes but in the spiritual flesh that never perishes. The same spirit of kinship that binds us to the people of our own race binds us to our Lord. Where there are no familial and racial ties, there is no connection to Christ who comes to men through such ties, not by way of a philosophy or a religious system. Negroes are worshipped instead of Christ because white men have followed the commandments of Church and Academy: Thou shalt have no Savior but the negro, and thou shalt have no racial or familial hearth fire.

Every February I try to do something that is in contradiction to black history month. Last year I reread Anthony Jacob’s book White Man, Think Again! This year I listened to Christmas carols every day during the month of February. The old Christmas carols are in direct contrast to the type of theology that spawns negro worship. They tell us of a Savior who is also an intimate friend; He rules over our racial hearth fire, but He also resides with us there. He is the God and comrade that Odin longed for, the True God and true kinsman that gave us second birth. That little house on the river was all that Ratty wanted or needed. Our racial hearth fire presided over by our Lord and Kinsman is our equivalent of Ratty’s home on the river, the European river. When the European walks away from Church and Academy and returns to his European home, he will be a man again. And he will be ready for the last battle whenever his Lord and Kinsman calls on him. +

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