The Outlaws of Europe

We declare war upon all of those thieves, robbers, extortioners and men evil whom we find among the nobles, the clergy, and burgesses of town – in particular those who follow or accompany Prince John; false abbots, monks, bishops and archbishops, whom we will beat and bind like sheaves of corn… Then, in that wild and lonely glade, while the owls screamed over the dark forest, and an occasional wolf howled in the distance, they all knelt down together and swore their oath – a pledge as high and as sacred, though they were but outlaws, as that sworn by the noblest knights of the round table. – The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green


The liberals, in loving adoration of the father of all lies, have built Liberaldom upon one lie after another. Their relationship to the truth is much like Dracula’s relationship to the light: they can’t bear it. The more thoroughly liberal the West becomes, the further the West slides into the abyss with the father of all lies. My own anti-nation is well on its way to the finish line in the race to achieve the liar’s laurel wreath. For instance, the Obama administration recently announced their opposition to terrorism without mentioning Islam, while the liberals’ conservative cousins confined their condemnations of terrorism to condemnations of “bad Moslems” and “radical Moslems.” None of the above, liberal or conservative, condemned Islam as a violent, anti-white, anti-Christian religion.

And along the same lines: Did you know that there are no black criminals in the United States? The mainstream media no longer report black crimes, so that must mean that black people do not commit any crimes. How wonderful! It is indeed fitting then that the negroes have become our gods. An entire race that does no wrong is surely worthy of our reverence and adoration.

We could go on to tell of the liberals’ truly wonderful efforts to reverse the previously distorted roles of men and women and their equally wonderful efforts to make sure that Aztecs are able to take over the once European dominated land mass called the United States. This would certainly please Pope Francis, who has expressed his support for the heirs of Montezuma. Perhaps the Pope would like to bring back the same fine dining that Montezuma enjoyed, once the Aztecs set up their new kingdom?

Need I go on with tedious examples of the liberals’ “truth”? We all have lived in Liberaldom our entire lives, and we all, on a daily basis, feel the giant coils of the liberal anaconda squeezing the life from our bodies. Despite what our leaders in church and state tell us, that liberalism is good for us, we know we are about to die. Should we who are about to die merely salute the liberal leviathan and die? Or should we fight back and just once, before we die, feel like men instead of wretched vermin destined to live for only a moment in the coils of the serpent, and then be crushed in its coils?

In the novel Farewell My Lovely, the main character, private detective Phillip Marlowe, says that whenever someone tells him he won’t need a gun, he knows definitely that he will need a gun. We should follow Marlowe’s basic precept. When the liberals and the conservative church men tell us that faith and race should not be mixed, that we should not put on the armor of the white race and pick up the sword of Christianity in order to do battle with the colored heathens and the liberals, then we know we should do precisely that: we should unsheathe our Christian swords and put on our white armor and go into battle for Harry, England, and St. George! If white people would once again join together what never should have been rent asunder, their race and their faith, they could actually start to break free from the serpent’s coils and become Europeans again.

I remember reading when I was boy, a book called Retreat to Glory, about Sam Houston’s victory over Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto. The author described how Houston’s men, who had signed on to avenge the Alamo, were becoming restless. Why wouldn’t their commander fight instead of constantly retreating and retreating? But when Houston thought the time was right, he turned on Santa Anna; no doubt he felt as Macduff did when he faced Macbeth: “Turn, hellhound, turn!” Cries of “Remember the Alamo!” rang out, and Houston and his men routed Santa Anna and his Aztec warriors. The white man has, like Houston, been engaged for the last one hundred years in a series of retreats. He has retreated from Africa, he has retreated from India, from South America, and now he is in retreat in the white nations. But unlike Houston, the modern white man does not plan on turning on his enemies and sending them back to the dark corners of the earth from whence they came. Far from it, the white man plans to turn over his family and his people to the colored heathens.

This retreat and surrender of the white man to the colored minions of Satan is the great story of the 20th century and the early 21st century. Will the Europeans’ reconquest of Europe and the other white nations be the story of the next one hundred years? It will be if the white Christian remnant takes the advice offered in the first verse of The Book of Psalms: “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” Who is more ungodly and scornful of all things white and Christian than the liberals and the colored heathens? But it is not enough to oppose just the secular liberals and the colored hordes. We must go after the ungodly clergy men who scorn all things white and Christian. At present all a clergy man has to say is, “That sounds racist,” and the white man runs and hides under his bed, vowing never to sound racist again. We have been hearing nothing but anti-white anathemas from the pulpit for too long. It is time to state unequivocally that our whiteness is an integral part of our soul; we will not become soulless zombies in order to please the spiritual eunuchs of the organized churches.

The liberals and their allies in the clergy invoke race for everything. It gives them the moral high ground. But why should it? What is higher, in the moral sense, about race mixing and all its Babylonian children, such as legalized abortion, legalized sodomy, and negro worship? While playing the race card every chance they get, the liberals still insist, when they speak to whites, that there is no such thing as race. Then they should stop demonizing the white race and deifying the colored races, shouldn’t they? They will have it both ways so long as whites allow them to have it both ways. Nothing good will ever happen in the European arena until the white man recovers his white soul and confronts the liberals as a white man and not as a cringing, fawning caricature of a man begging to be given a third class ticket on the liberals’ multicultural express train to Babylon. In point of fact the white man cannot cringe or fawn enough to get on the liberal express. His whiteness, even if he tries to deny it, makes him unfit for the liberals’ “paradise.”

Even the “conservatives” of the 20th century, such as James Burham and Russell Kirk, considered white racists outside the ken of civilization. How can the people who constituted the heart and soul of Western civilization prior to the 20th century suddenly be considered outside the ken of civilization in the 20th century? “We have evolved beyond whiteness,” the conservatives told us. Which indicates to me that the 20th century conservatives were wolves in sheep’s clothing. They were conserving liberalism, not the European people. There is no escaping the reality that the religious and secular conservatives of the 20th and now the 21st century are not conservatives as Burke was conservative. Burke wanted to conserve a very particular people, his people, and a very particular faith, the European Christian faith. The modern liberal-conservatives, despite differing with the liberals on such issues as gay rights and legalized abortion, will always side with the multi-cultural liberals against the conservative, racist white man, because the race issue trumps all other issues. The conservatives will break bread with the liberals and the colored barbarians, but not with the white “racists.” Maybe it’s time to stop looking on the people who hate us as our friends.

When Obama attacks the Christian faith and defends Islam it is not because he is a Moslem, it is because he is a puppet for the liberals. And the liberals will always side with the non-Christian, nature religions against the Christian faith. Their first preference is the outright destruction of the Christian faith, and their second preference is the blending of the Christian faith with other religions, which is not as exciting to the liberals as the outright destruction of the Christian faith, but it accomplishes the same thing and does it much more efficiently. All non-Christian religions are nature religions, differing in degree but not in kind. It was and it is the destiny of the white race to champion the one true faith which is “something more than nature.” The fact that the white man is currently afraid to go to Nineveh does not change what he is meant to be. He cannot blend with the nature religions without losing his moral essence, which is what liberalism is all about, Charlie Brown: destroying the white man’s racial hearth fire and leaving him a nameless, soulless creature who wanders the earth, trying to find a nature religion that will give him a home. The liberals of the 60’s and 70’s had a fascination for the eastern religions, and many still do. Islam is now getting more white converts and sympathizers than ever before, but the great bulk of liberals still prefer negro worship, because it gives them a savior, the noble black savage who is nature’s god.

The current conflict between Islam and liberalism, a conflict the liberals refuse to acknowledge, is a conflict between a nature religion that fuses Judaism and paganism and a nature religion that fuses Christianity and paganism. It is not a question of which one is better. The white man whose Christian faith is bred in the bone shuns them both and all the other nature religions, whose names are legion. If a white man looks at existence with the exterior eye of the colored heathens and the white scientists and theologians, he will try to cling to one of the nature religions for support. And if he does not find support in the nature religions, which many of our white youth do not, he will despair and die. The seeming strength of the nature religions is a mirage. The spirit alone giveth life. But we must circumcise our hearts if we want to see the spiritual realm that exists over and above the nature religions. A divinely human God showed us that the spirit of the living God, the God who enters human hearts, is the only true source of hope on earth. How can a white man, a man whose people saw a great light, find comfort in the nature religions, which are all creations of the father of lies?

The most colossal lie, the lie that Satania is built on, is the liberals’ assertion that the white Christian culture of the antique Europeans was evil. That lie robs the Europeans and all mankind of the hope that He came and dwelt with His people so that we could know the divine love. “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him.” We Europeans believe that we have seen Him and know Him through our people. If Christian Europe was a lie, as the liberals tell us, then we are of all men most to be pitied. But it was not a lie! The spiritual separation of the European’s white soul from his Christian faith must end. That charity of honor bids us rise and ride: one faith, one race, one purpose, to love Him in and through our people. +

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