Born to Raise the Sons of Earth

God rest you merry, gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay,
Remember Christ our Savior
Was born on Christmas Day,
To save us all from Satan’s power
When we were gone astray.


Mau Maus walked the streets of New York City, demanding the death of white police officers:

                What do we want?
                Dead cops!
                When do we want it?

The liberals looked on with approval and then refused to acknowledge that their approval of “understandable black rage” had anything to do with the murder of two police officers, who were – ironically – not white but mistakenly taken for white by the black Mau Mau who shot them. White genocide will not cease until white people once again hate where they should hate and love where they should love. Europeans who love much will kill to protect their own. There is only one proper response to the type of satanic hatred that was on display in the liberal-sanctioned anti-white march in NYC and the anti-white marches throughout the anti-nation called the United States of America.

The white grazer, as a result of absorbing centuries of rationalist pap, lacks the ability to recognize evil. So long as the liberal cloaks his evil in some tangentially civilized, rational form the grazer will remain a grazer. The liberal always sanitizes his evil agenda with sugarized catch words and phrases such as “inclusiveness” and “combating racism,” but liberalism is pure negation; it is a parasitical ideology that feeds off the living organism of Christian Europe. This is the reason the liberal always speaks and acts according to the rules and principles of a bastardized Christianity. Lacking a soul of his own, he must feed off the ancient faith of people who did have souls. Once every last white Christian dies, liberalism will cease to exist and then colored barbarism, not liberalism, will envelope the earth. The conservative universalists tell us the colored races will usher in a new Christian era, but that will not be the case. We will either have a white Christian Europe or we will have a colored Babylon.

Liberal utopianism and Christian utopianism: The adherents of the former ideology make the destruction of everything white and Christian their raison d’être while adherents of the latter ideology stand by while the white race is destroyed, because they yearn for a Christian paradise where  only pure and perfect colored people preside. Of course they will need a few Christian Atticus Finches to preside over the brave new Christian world. Both groups, the liberal utopians and the Christian utopians, must camouflage their hatred of white Europeans with utopian rhetoric, because what they advocate is a march toward darkness and death. Who would march to that tune if it was not cloaked in utopian finery?

There is no mercy or compassion in the liberals or in the conservatives who try to appease them. The true European will grasp this and take steps to protect his people instead of begging mercy from liberals, who have no concept of mercy. How can anything humane come from a people who have renounced the humane God? The satanically inspired, inhuman liberals and their subhuman colored gods will never cease from their efforts to destroy white Europeans. We can either fight for our people or we can betray them by universalizing them into a cosmic trash heap. I believe we should fight, but then I am not a cosmic Christian.

In the great Christmas classics such as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Thomas Nelson Page’s Santa Claus’s Partner, which was inspired by Dickens’ work, the main character has a Christmas transformation: he goes from darkness to light. There is no finer scene in movies or literature than the one in which the spiritually transformed Scrooge goes from the dark streets of London into the light of his nephew’s living room where his kith and kin are making merry in honor of the Babe who was born in Bethlehem.

There are far fewer Christmas transformations now that the founder of Christmas has been blended with – and often replaced by – the negro, but there will always be some brave souls who will seek and find, in defiance of our modern negro-worshipping society, the God of mercy and love.

Although the conversion experience remains the same — that shall never change — the way a transformed sinner responds to society after his conversion will, of necessity, be quite different from the responses of Scrooge and Berryman Livingstone. Those repentant sinners were still living in Christian societies, so after their conversions they sought out the Christian people they had shunned all their lives in order to make amends and to become part of the mystical body of Christ. ‘Tis not so with today’s convertite. He must shun his fellow Europeans as he would the plague. And in point of fact his fellow Europeans do have the plague; they have a spiritual plague. The liberal contingent hates the Christ Child, and the grazers want to wrap Him in swaddling clothes and take Him to their Super Bowl parties where He can be placed in the cloak room and ignored. The modern repentant Scrooge must walk away from his nephew’s house, inhabited by liberal negro worshippers and stupefied grazers, in order to find that mystic thread to the past where his people dwell, the people who worshipped the Savior in spirit and in truth.

The repentant Scrooge of modern Europe does not shun his fellow Europeans because he lacks humanity, he shuns them because he has left the cult of liberal inhumanity behind, and as a consequence he needs communion with Christian souls rather than community with liberals, who worship Satan through the negro, or with grazers, who wander aimlessly over the fruitless plains of negro-worshipping Europe, trying to sustain themselves on the opiates of modernity, such as drugs, sex, and blood sports, while they let the ancient virtues of their ancestors – faith, hope, and charity – fade away into the dark night of Babylon.

Can a man live alone? No, he can’t. But a false, fabricated communion with liberals and grazers is not a true communion of souls. Such a coupling estranges a man from God and makes him feel as if he is wallowing in a spiritual pig sty. If we stay with our blood faith, prepared to hold to that faith though the whole world be against us, God will not abandon us. He will give us the human and divine aid that we need to sustain us in the day of battle. That was the belief of our ancestors and that is our trembling faith. If it sounds like the stuff that fairy tales are made on, that is because it is. The European people are the people who believe in fairy tales. We are the all-or-nothing people. Either the Christ tale is true, and He shall raise us up on the last day, or it’s all false and we are of all men most to be pitied. The ruling liberal elite in the Western world has, for virtually the entire 20th century and into the 21st century, proceeded on the assumption that Christ be not risen and our fairy tale faith is indeed false. The Europe of 2015 is the end result of that assumption.

I do not look on the European people’s current fallen state as a permanent turning-away from Christ, because I believe in the one essential part of the European fairy tale – the hero who sets the kingdom right. He defeats the powers of darkness arrayed against his people, because his strength comes from a heart infused with a divine charity that comes from the heart of our Lord. The dragon that the hero must overcome is the dogmatic theology which is spewed out by the religious systematizers, the men who think that God can be put in a little box only they can unlock. If the hero can break the rationalist spell, he will be like unto the Ancient Mariner:

                The self-same moment I could pray
                And from my neck so free
                The Albatross fell off, and sank
                Like lead into the sea

The systematizers and their adherents, who are ever ready to impose their systems on Christ’s people, do not love Christ in and through His people; they have rejected the divine-human channels of grace. What they love is their own minds, so they create a god that is a reflection of their minds and put that man-made reflection in a box labeled ‘God.’ Then they bid men come and worship that box. But the true God? He cannot be placed in a theologian’s black box, He is the spirit who will go where He lists. His love is revealed to us in the hearts of His people. The image of Satan, which is seen in a mind concentred in itself, is revealed to us in the hermitically sealed black boxes of the religions systematizers. Dickens depicts the conflict between the systematizers and truth in a comic sequence in Great Expectations:

By that time, I was staggering on the kitchen floor like a little drunkard, through having been newly set upon my feet, and through having been fast asleep, and through waking in the heat and lights and noise of tongues. As I came to myself (with the aid of a heavy thump between the shoulders, and the restorative exclamation “Yah! Was there ever such a boy as this!” from my sister), I found Joe telling them about the convict’s confession, and all the visitors suggesting different ways by which he had got into the pantry. Mr. Pumblechook made out, after carefully surveying the premises, that he had first got upon the roof of the forge, and had then got upon the roof of the house, and had then let himself down the kitchen chimney by a rope made of his bedding cut into strips; and as Mr. Pumblechook was very positive and drove his own chaise-cart—over everybody—it was agreed that it must be so. Mr. Wopsle, indeed, wildly cried out, “No!” with the feeble malice of a tired man; but, as he had no theory, and no coat on, he was unanimously set at nought—not to mention his smoking hard behind, as he stood with his back to the kitchen fire to draw the damp out: which was not calculated to inspire confidence.

The conservative Pumblechooks are in the same camp as the liberals: they drive different chaise-carts, but they both believe that abstract theoreticians in chaise-carts possess the truth. White genocide will not be halted until we abandon the rationalism of the systems and return to our fairytale faith in the God-Man. A case in point: When the NYC policemen, at the funeral of the two officers shot and killed because of the liberals’ support for the sainted Michael Brown and Eric Garner, turned their backs on the liberal Mayor of NYC, they were protesting the liberals’ policy of always supporting the negro criminal over the white police officer. That is all well and good. But the officers’ mild protest was still within the parameters of liberalism. They had not come to a realization that white people cannot just stick their tongues out at liberals, they must fight them and their colored allies to the knife. There will be no justice or compassion in a society run by liberals for the benefit of their black gods. A counter-revolution, not a reform, is needed. But in order to see this, a man must divest himself of his rationalism and see the world as it is.

The world is as the European fairy tales describe it: there is a devil and there is a God, who is at war with the devil and his minions. We cannot seek redemption from the devil, we can only call on Christ by name and fight the devil and his minions. Once my mad-dog liberal sister heard me reading one of Grimm’s fairy tales to my children. She was appalled, because that particular tale was about two children who died and came back to life. That was “unrealistic.” My sister’s reaction to the fairy tale was symptomatic of all liberals and the conservatives and grazers who kowtow to them. The spiritual transformation that took place in the European people after they saw with their hearts and believed in Christ, has been rationalized away. Instead of judging and condemning modern Europe for abandoning the ethos of the European fairytale, the modern conservatives, both lay and clerical, try to show the liberals that Christianity is just as logical and scientific as liberalism. And they are right. Christianity, as a system, is just as logical and scientific as the liberals’ system, which is why the Christian systematizers are not Christians. Their logic and science stems from the minds of men while the ethos of our European fairyland comes from the heart of God and enters into the hearts of men who seek Him still. The true Europeans, the fighting remnant, still believe in the “sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying” God who was born in a stable in Bethlehem, and rose again from the dead on the third day.

Because liberalism is pure negation and no one can live on pure negation, there will always be some remnants of humanity in liberals. They sometimes retain a few private virtues, for instance, they might be kind to animals or read a story – albeit a liberal story – to their children, but at the core of the liberals’ faith, the faith that they act on, is Satan. They are adamantly opposed to everything human, to every value and virtue that comes from the incarnate God. The Europeans won’t stop white genocide until they see that the liberals are the evil half of the European fairytale. Through their worship of the negro, they worship and serve Satan. It’s no coincidence that the Mau Maus are now regarded as the good guys, the much maligned and persecuted black gods. Such blatant Satanism cannot be ‘dialogued’ out of existence. We need European heroes who see with blinding sight, the blinding sight that comes from a heart connected to the Lord God incarnate, Jesus Christ. +

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