The Return

Thou know’st the marksman—I, and I alone.
Now are our homesteads free, and innocence
From thee is safe: thou’lt be our curse no more.

– Schiller


Whenever the liberals rejoice, we know something horrendous is taking place, because liberals only rejoice when Satan’s kingdom of hell on earth is advanced. So let us take a look at the most recent cause of the liberals’ rejoicing. Behold, it is a 13-year-old girl, who is pitching successfully for a championship Little League team. Now there really is nothing unusual about a girl pitching well against boys. My sister’s girls’ softball team had a girl on their team who could have done quite well pitching against a boys’ team. As we know — or used to know before the age of ideological stupidity — girls develop sooner than boys and can, before boys hit puberty, often perform on the same or higher athletic level than boys. And even after boys become men, the female of the species can perform equally as well or better than the male at sports where physical strength is not important. But our ancestors, the ones who believed the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton, knew that boys, if they were to become manly, Christian men, needed to compete against other boys and other boys only so they could learn to be stout-hearted and chivalrous. But that is precisely the point.  The liberals do not want young men to grow up and become virtuous, strong, Christian males; they want them to become weak, feminized, liberal, unisex creatures devoid of all masculinity. Nowadays if a male shows any masculine traits, he is evil: only women are supposed to be masculine, and men must be feminine. This is why the liberals rejoice when a young girl excels at a young boys’ game. And you thought the liberals had suddenly taken an interest in Little League baseball. Of course, as in all utopias — and our modern feminist utopia of masculine women and emasculated men is not an exception — some are more equal than others. Boys are still generally better at sports than girls, even prepubescent boys, so boys are not allowed to play on girls’ softball teams, but girls are allowed to play on boys’ Little League teams. Isn’t it wonderful the way equality works?

If you think this is just a little, cute, feel-good story about an exceptional little girl athlete you couldn’t be more wrong. This story is about women in combat, legalized abortion, and the destruction of the Christian patriarchal family, the primary channel, along with the racial channel, of God’s grace. Liberals use whatever they can to further their satanic agendas. The 13-year-old girl’s success in Little League furthers the liberals’ myth of equality – there is no male or female, no black or white. But of course there is such a thing as a male when it is necessary to demonize masculinity, just as there is such a thing as a white man when it becomes necessary to demonize whiteness.

The entire liberal agenda is based on redefining what is natural. A Christian European would use the term ‘natural’ to describe the ties between a mother and her child, the protectiveness a man feels toward the woman he loves, and the ties between brothers and people of the same race. However, all those natural ties are called unnatural by the liberals. What is ‘natural’ is whatever reduces men and women to mere biological entities. There can be no spiritual significance to masculinity or femininity because there is no such thing as a spiritual realm of existence. This Little League debacle is simply another propaganda campaign of the liberals to convince themselves and the world there is no God over and above nature who has infused His divine spirit into His creation.

The feminists and the feminized liberal males seem to run into a contradiction when they confront the black male. On the one hand, masculinity is supposed to be evil, but then on the other hand the black male is supposed to be divine. How do we reconcile the two? This is what the liberals have done: they condemn all masculine behavior exhibited by white males, whether it be the spiritualized masculinity of the Christian Europeans, the Havelocks and Walter Scotts of Europe, or the mere pagan variety exhibited by modern white athletes. Either way it is white masculinity; therefore, it is evil. But black masculinity, better described as bestiality, is never condemned (the feminists were silent during the O.J. Simpson trial) and is usually lauded because it is anti-white. So everything evil always comes back to whiteness. There can be no white males in the world, because they are the Christ-bearers. And if there are no white males in the world, there will soon be no white females as well, because they will breed with the colored races and produce demon children. Such is the liberal agenda, but it is not written: white men can forsake liberalism and forge a different, non-liberal world. In fact, they must do so, because this modern world of Liberaldom is the synthesis of all things blasphemous, cruel, unnatural, and inhuman.

What was called the ‘civil rights’ movement was in reality the negro-worshipping movement. And from that movement came the “sexual revolution” which spawned feminism and “gay rights.” And the most sickening aspect of the Europeans’ return to Babylon was the churches’ non-resistance to – and often their support of – the new Babylonian world of the liberals. The shocking non-resistance to evil came because church men were peddling formulaic, philosophical Christianity for so long they had lost the European people. If Christianity is whatever the church men say it is, and the church men are devoid of a blood faith, then Christianity is nothing at all. The European people became a coalition of liberals and grazers with the liberals at the top giving edicts and mandates to the docile grazers.

The white male lives in a state of constant fear and trembling lest he offend one of the gods of Liberaldom, whether it be Isis or the great black god who presides over all the other gods of Liberaldom. The recent police shooting in St. Louis is an example of the craven state to which the white male has been reduced in the European nations. Instead of awarding a medal to the white police officer who took a stand against black barbarism, the white liberals and the white grazers are rushing to denounce the white police officer and appease the black barbarians by allowing them to riot in the streets of St. Louis. By some twisted logic of self-hatred, the whites accept the fact that all black atrocities against whites, which are as infinite as the sands of the desert, must be countenanced because “after all, blacks are only responding to years of oppression… blah, blah, blah,” and all resistance to black barbarism must be treated as “racism.” But if whites are not permitted to respond to black barbarism in kind there will soon be no white people. It’s now time to give blacks their own state where they can prey on each other like monsters of the deep and leave white people alone.

Of course I know that the liberals will never consent to a separation from their black gods, which is why Christian Europeans should be at war with liberals. Didn’t our Lord say something about the evil of serving two masters? When will the craven-souled modern European walk away from his negro-worshipping liberal masters and become a European again?

The celebration of a female Little League pitcher and the negro riots in St. Louis are interrelated, because in order for the negro to reign supreme the white male must be feminized. He must never resist black barbarism in any form, because the negro is the god of the new natural world of the liberals. The Christian Europeans felt it was unnatural for Christian men to allow colored barbarians to murder, rape, and pillage their own people, while the liberals rejoice at such acts of barbarism and hurl anathemas at any whites who protest. There can be no “coming together,” no compromise between two such divergent peoples as the Christian Europeans and the liberals. The liberals know this, which is why they fight a war of extermination against the white race. The ‘neither fish nor fowl’ European grazers do not know there is war going on, which is why they are being exterminated.

The old hymn asks, “Who with me my burden shares? None but Thee, dear Lord, none but Thee.” And Burke asked why there were no Frenchmen left to defend their Christian Queen. In this age of the feminized male, we know the answer to both questions. There is no one but the Man of Sorrows who can give men the grace to fight Satan and his minions, and without that grace the modern European is like the cravens of France who would not fight to defend their Queen. Eschew the intellectuals of church, state, and academy and cling to your racial hearth fire, where the grace of God will come to you and you will be a European again. Is moral cowardice a sin? Yes, it is. There is no greater rejoicing in heaven than when a sinner returns to the fold. Let us put an end to the liberals’ rejoicing over the ongoing ‘evolution’ toward Babylon and make them lament the return of the Christian male. +

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