So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. – 1 Corinthians 15:54


A brilliant morning shines on the old city.  Its antiquities and ruins are surpassingly beautiful, with a lusty ivy gleaming in the sun, and the rich trees waving in the balmy air.  Changes of glorious light from moving boughs, songs of birds, scents from gardens, woods, and fields—or, rather, from the one great garden of the whole cultivated island in its yielding time—penetrate into the Cathedral, subdue its earthy odour, and preach the Resurrection and the Life.  The cold stone tombs of centuries ago grow warm; and flecks of brightness dart into the sternest marble corners of the building, fluttering there like wings. – The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Only the antique Europeans and those modern Europeans who have striven with might and main to stay connected to the ancient Europeans can truly understand the height and depth of the Easter miracle, because only the European people, as a people, believed in Christ’s resurrection from the dead. They did not adhere to the religion of Christ crucified, Christ risen in order to please the mighty of the world. They were the mighty of the world: they had conquered Rome.  They bent their knees to a divine humanity that was like unto their own humanity, but greater, greater because it was more human than their humanity. Now, the same people that showed us the face of Jesus Christ are being demonized, as Christian Europeans once demonized African and Aztec Satanists. This should tell us something about our modern society and make us question, if we claim the name of Christian, whether we can serve negro-worshipping Liberaldom and Christ at the same time.

The battle for the church of Christ – where two or three are gathered together in His name – and the battle for the white race is the same battle. If the ancient Europeans were wrong about God, if the Christ of Handel’s Messiah is not the living God, then to whom shall we turn for the words of eternal life? Surely not to the negro, nor to any of the Asian gods of nothingness. It is essential that the true European, the European who has stayed close to his racial hearth fire, remain faithful. He is the Christ bearer who knows that His Redeemer liveth, that death has been defeated by the very same Savior his European ancestors believed in. The European Christ is the Living God! This Easter, and every Easter, blessed be His name. +

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