The Christ Bearing People

Before the Altar kneeled the saint in prayer,
Fixed on the Crucified his steadfast gaze–
How hard his way with danger and contempt!
Sudden, with rapture thrilled, his heart beat stayed.
Was it a miracle or but a dream?
The chapel walls dissolved and heav’n appeared,
The cross of shame became a growing tree,
Raising its branches sun-ward fair and tall–
See how each twig is weighted down with fruit.
The close air of the church no more he breathes–
A gentle breeze bears scents of summer fruit.
He sees the Glorified with arms outstretched,
‘Thou in a holy hour has gazed on Heaven.
Thy dream is true. This earthly life is dream,
The holy cross, it is the tree of life.’
Now God be praised for pain that veiled His face.

-Otto Crusius


In his autobiography Yeats tells of an old-guard devotee of Thomas Moore who was fond of saying, “I’d walk ten miles through a bog to avoid the music of Wagner.” Yeats, because he was one of those ‘betwixt and between’ souls with Christian and rationalist sympathies, quoted the reactionary Wagner-hater with disapproval. I, with no modernist sympathies, approve of the old reactionary’s sentiments. I had similar feelings as a young man about books on Christian mysticism. I would have run ten miles through a bog to avoid reading about or hearing about Christian mysticism. My sentiments about Christian mysticism haven’t changed now that I’m older, only I would now have to walk the ten miles through the bog rather than run.

The problem with what has been labeled Christian mysticism is the problem with the modern Europeans. It is, and they are, too Oriental and too intellectual. Oriental mysticism stresses oneness with an impersonal spirit or force in which the devotee and the deity blend together into … what? Into nothingness. And the “Christian” mysticism of the European intellectuals is much too often a form of rationalism devoid of any depth or genuine mystic content. We’ve all seen the ten-point plans to sanctity and the mystic “spiritual exercises” that purport to build up our spiritual muscles like a Charles Atlas program builds up our fleshly muscles. But is living the life of the spirit as easy as solving a problem in math? Do we just lay out the factors, put them together in the right order, and come up with the correct answer to the problem of God? I don’t see anything of value in that type of mysticism, because I don’t see any divine-human connection. There is no God “who imparts to human hearts” in the intellectual mysticism of either the Oriental or the Christian rationalist schools of mystic theology. Why did our Lord and His most passionate and profound advocate, St. Paul, not leave behind a theology of mysticism or a theology of any kind? Maybe it was because they wanted us to respond to Christ’s divine charity with passionate hearts rather than contemplative minds.

In my own anti-European nation and the rest of the anti-European European nations throughout the world there is a strange phenomenon that occurs every time there is some natural or man-made disaster, like a flood, hurricane, tornado, power outage, and so on. The seemingly dead-to-life white grazers come out and work around the clock to help victims of the disaster and to put their community back on its feet. And while the white grazers, who cease to be grazers for the duration of the emergency, are working to set things right and protect the victims of the disaster, the colored tribesmen take advantage of the emergency situation and step up their rapes, murders, and pillaging. Then, when things are back to normal, the white rescue workers go back to the pasture and, at the bidding of the liberals, worship the sacred colored tribesmen who were raping, murdering, and looting during the emergency. It doesn’t make much sense, does it?

We must ask why the white grazer is so schizophrenic. Why does he act like a white man in times of crisis and then return to white-hating negro worship when the crisis is over? I think the answer lies in the subterranean depths, the mystic depths, of the European heart. Let’s put the European Everyman on the same heath where Macbeth and Banquo stood, facing the witches. Macbeth went the way of mystic rationalism: he sought to use the mystic powers of darkness for his own ends. Banquo chose the other way, the way of the Cross. Banquo saw that the cross of Christ leads upward to God just as those men on the Titanic saw, when they accepted their cross, Christ taking them from out of the ocean’s depths into the heavens where He resides with His heavenly Father.

The white grazers go about their daily lives under the spell of the liberals’ mystic rationalism because they have accepted, in their minds, the liberals’ faith. But their hearts, which are not sufficiently strong to fight the daily fight against the powers of darkness, occasionally revert to the ancient faith of their European ancestors, who choose the better part, and then they do heroic deeds. But such heroic deeds are mere lapses, just as non-heroic deeds of mystic rationalism were lapses for the antique European. The balance has shifted toward the mystic rationalism of Macbeth, and hell on earth is the consequence.

True Christian mysticism is grounded in charity. St. Paul, who spoke in tongues and had revelations from God, still said there was a “better way.” The man whose heart is connected to His heart will love his fellow men in and through Christ. There is no conflict between the Christian’s belief that Christ desires the salvation of all mankind and the antique Europeans’ racial exclusiveness. We cannot learn of God’s divine charity through mystic rationalism which concerns itself with abstractions and impersonal, cosmic oneness. We can only know the God of faith, hope, and charity at home, at our racial hearth fire, where God imparts to human hearts. Without that mystic, racial connection to God, we will not believe in a personal God above nature who desires the salvation of our race and every race. We will only believe in an impersonal, cosmic god of nature who doesn’t hear our prayers. The impersonal, cosmic nature god bids us join the universalist trash heap now, and at the hour of our deaths.

There are two Europeans. The one took the way of Odin: he stayed at his racial hearth fire and saw the living God, the God of Odin and all Europeans, on the sacred cross. By that cross the European conquered.

The second European was a satanic offshoot of the first. He turned from the cross and sought God in nature, in the mystic contemplation of nothingness. Inch by inch, a new satanic tabernacle was built in which the negro is worshipped. “We are of the negro and in the negro,” the mystic rationalists chant. “He is the beginning and the end of all our mystic strivings.” The grazers have not the will to resist the mystic rationalists, because they have lost the fire that can only come from a deep and abiding faith in the God of charity and mercy, who our European ancestors came to know and love at their racial hearths. So long as the grazers allow the liberals to keep them away from their racial homes, that other European ethos, the satanic ethos of death in life negro worship will rule the European world.

As Odin felt death approaching, he gathered his followers around him. “All my life I’ve fought against the forces of darkness for the sake of you, my kinsmen. But now I must leave you for a little while, and then I’ll return to fight with you in the final battle against Loki and the forces of evil. But I shall not lead you in the fight: He [pointing to the Crucifix above the throne of Odin] shall lead you. We belong to Him, the one true God, in Him and through Him we shall conquer. We are the Christ-bearers; remember that and all shall be well.”

The grazers have forgotten what their divine mission is, and the liberals have denounced their divine mission. The way of the mystic rationalists is not the way of the cross; they see life abundant in the blackness of Babylon, a Babylon in which the sacred negro is worshipped as the highest level of mystic contemplation. If the white grazer had any racial instincts left, he would fight the new Babylon with the same intensity that he demonstrates in his battles with natural disasters. But an intense hatred of Babylon can only come from those who love much. Men without racial homes do not have the passion to fight the daily battles that one must fight in order to defeat the forces of Babylon.

Shakespeare writes in Sonnet 116:

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

If our people have played us false, if their vision of Christ, the European Christ, whose love passeth the understanding of the white intellectuals and the colored barbarians, is not true, then there is no God, and we are all doomed to perish in the great cosmic garbage heap. But death shall have no dominion; we can learn from such convertites as the first Christian Goths. They loved their people in and through Christ. When thought is sifted through the heart, it becomes more than thought, it becomes vision. They saw with blinding sight, those Christian Goths, and so shall we, when we take up the sacred European cross bequeathed to us by our ancestors, which they received from their kinsman and their Lord Jesus Christ. As Odin told us, so long ago, “We are the Christ-bearers; remember that and all shall be well.” +

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