The Last Enemy

Oh, Death, king of terrors! The body quakes and the spirit faints before thee. It is vain, with hands clasped over our eyes, to scream our reclamation; the horrible image will not be excluded. We have just the word spoken eighteen hundred years ago, and our trembling faith. And through the broken vault the gleam of the Star of Bethlehem. – Uncle Silas by J. S. LeFanu


It used to be the socialist-left that opposed free trade and massive immigration because it hurt the proletariat. Now the socialist-left has joined the capitalist-left – I refuse to call the capitalists right-wing – in support of immigration and free trade. And they do this despite the fact that NAFTA and other such free trade and pro-immigration policies have been decided failures. We were told, for instance, that NAFTA would reduce illegal immigration and help the native born workers because the new “stimulated” economy would create jobs for Mexicans in Mexico and Americans in America. That was not how things turned out, of course. Illegal immigration increased, and more Americans lost their jobs. Only corporate America benefited from the cheap, illegal labor. So why, if immigration and free trade are bad for the proletariat, whom the left claims they support, is the left not condemning immigration and free trade? The answer comes to us in Orwell’s Animal Farm. The leftist pig who is running things proclaims: “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” It’s all about race. The white, blue collar workers are no longer part of the proletariat because they are not “the people.” I recently heard a ‘60s Marxist lamenting that the left no longer supports the white working class but only supports the Hispanics and black working class. That ‘60s radical was one in a thousand: he was actually trying to be a consistent Marxist. But he really didn’t understand the religious nature of utopian liberalism. When nature replaces God, then only the noble savages, the colored people, are considered to be human.

The idea of the white proletariat had its day in Jacobin France and communist Russia, but ultimately the spiritual dynamic of liberalism has turned the liberal toward negro worship. Igor Shafarevich, the Russian dissident of the ‘60s and ‘70s, saw the Western liberals’ movement toward negro worship: “Hope for the future has been transferred to the peoples of the developing countries, to disaffected national minorities, for example, the blacks in the U.S.A.…” But will whites become the people again when they are the minority? Were the South African whites considered “the people”? Of course not. Whites can never be the people, because the white race is tainted with the stain of the new original sin: they once believed that Christ was the Son of God.

The liberals are entrenched against the white race, and they will always side with their colored brethren against the white man because of the white man’s Christian past, which they hate. But there is another breed of white-hating white whose betrayal of white people has prevented any European counterattack against the liberals and the colored hordes. They are the conservatives in church and state, who claim to respect the Europeans’ past but who maintain that the Europeans’ cultural heritage can be preserved and transmitted by other races. Such conservatives are more dangerous than the liberals who openly despise the antique Europeans, because they destroy the mystical body of the church from within much like the man who says he is pro-family but thinks children can be raised by multiple fathers and mothers destroys the family unit.

The propositional theologians of the Protestant and Catholic camps tell us that you can take their intellectual recipe for Christianity and transmit it to the colored races. Then — Presto Change-o! – we have an exact replica of European Christianity, only the people in the pews are colored people. Such theologians come from the ‘race has nothing to do with Western culture’ school of thought, but if race had nothing to do with Christian Europe, then why didn’t the red Indians, the black Africans, the yellow Asians, and the brown Mexicans develop Christian cultures? And why, now that the whites have become negro worshippers rather than the Christ bearers, have the colored races not picked up the Christian mantle? Why is Islam and Voodoo triumphant in Africa; the old time religions of sexual perversion, cruelty, and Fu Manchu-ism triumphant in Asia; and the blood faith of the Aztecs reappearing in Mexico? Why is it necessary to state the obvious? Race matters. The Europeans must reestablish their blood relationship with Jesus Christ, or the European people will be consumed by the colored hordes, who will not preserve the true faith – quite the contrary, they will have a religion of Satan.

My father is currently on his death bed in one of those modern monstrosities called a hospital. The tortures of the damned in Dante’s Inferno pale in contrast to the tortures inflicted on the poor souls in modern hospitals. Run by nameless bureaucrats who have only a financial, statistical interest in generic humanity and staffed by hard-hearted Asians at the higher levels and savage blacks at the lower levels, our hospitals are monuments to the inhumanity of man to man that the liberals told us would pass away once the Christian white man passed away. (1) But if the Christian white man passes away, our vision of Christ will pass away, and in the face of that “king of terrors” called death what do we have to comfort us but the vision of Christ bequeathed to us by the European people? Our trembling faith in the blessed Savior does not come to us from the brain of one theologian or from a host of theologians. Our faith comes to us from the heart of our people who attached themselves to His sacred heart.

At my father’s deathbed, I felt an incredible desire to anesthetize myself from existence – to divorce myself from humanity, because my humanity was giving me pain, the pain of watching my father die slowly by inches and the pain of knowing that this too was my promised end. Only His words of the life eternal and the witness of His people that He was truly the Suffering Servant who redeemed the world gave me the trembling, shaky faith to stay within the confines of humanity and continue to “see life feelingly.”

We are all on that sad height that Dylan Thomas wrote of so eloquently and feelingly. That depth of feeling, a spiritual horror at the extinction of a human personality, is the lasting, irreplaceable legacy of the antique Europeans to all mankind. From that deep, deep European longing for the “touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still” we derive our faith in Christ. We are all, we Europeans, part Ivan Karamazov, rejecting God because of suffering and death, but are we not also part Alyosha Karamazov, loving the Man of Sorrows and placing our hope in Him? We Europeans once chose that better part represented by Alyosha Karamazov, and we must go back to that Faith, the one, true, life-sustaining faith, and leave the propositional Christianity of the theologians and the barbaric heathen faiths of the colored tribesmen in hell where they belong.

I think the liberals’ incredible, intense, Shylockian hatred of the white man and their reverence for the colored barbarians stems from the fact that the white Christian Europeans did not provide their people with an anesthetic to help them deal with the fact that all mortal men must suffer and die. The Asians were able to distance themselves from humanity with Confucianism and amuse themselves with their cults of cruelty while the black and brown tribesmen found oblivion in sex and blood. The antique Europeans, the white Christian warriors of the spirit, disdained spirit-deadening opiate creeds and faiths. Armed only with their vision of Christ Crucified, Christ Risen, they looked the great Gorgon Death in the face and saw that death was swallowed up in victory through Christ. Without that vision, the white man is a pathetic caricature of a human being, slavishly worshipping the colored races and trying to lap up the blood from their heathen altars in the hopes that those nightmares about pain, suffering, and death will cease. But the nightmares won’t stop – they will just get worse – and the liberals will step up their attack on white people and intensify their slavish adoration of the black race in a desperate effort to end the nightmares.

We do not have to passively submit to our own extermination. The liberals’ nightmare, life without the opiates of the colored races, is not our nightmare. Our nightmare is a world devoid of the faith, hope, and charity that existed in Christian Europe. Such is the nightmarish world we live in, but those of us who carry the vision of another world in our hearts must fight for it. The vision of Christ, our only hope in this world and the next, comes to us through the people of our racial hearth fire. We must abide there and fight there if we are to prevail against the pestilence of liberal despair and colored barbarism.

As the darkness deepens, Lord, with us abide. +

(1) My father lives urban, so he caught the brunt of our brave new world. Cold-hearted bureaucrats make up the hospital rules that dictate illegal aliens get treatment while old white men who paid for the illegals’ medical care are left to languish alone in emergency waiting rooms. If you do get a room, you will be treated by Asian doctors and black aides. Is this the promised end? The masters of cruelty presiding over a staff of black barbarians?

If you live in a rural white area, you might have better luck than my father, but can there be any doubt the hospital my father went to is the utopian model of the future? Not only have the liberals failed to alleviate the physical pain that goes along with sickness and death, they have also succeeded in undermining man’s hope that his suffering and death will be redeemed by Christ. Sentry, are you there? The liberals say, “No, He is not there, but you can leave all your money to the N.A.A.C.P. to insure that diversity will continue.” And the clergy tell us, “He may or may not be there, but you can leave all your money to some Christian organization that supports diversity.” What a comfort! The old European way to die is still the only way to die:

Bring us, O Lord God, at our last awakening into the house and gate of Heaven, to enter into that great gate and dwell in that house, where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light, no noise nor silence but one equal music, no fears nor hopes but one equal possession, no ends or beginning but one equal eternity, in the habitation of thy Majesty and thy glory, world without end. Amen. +

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