Armed with Cruel Hate

You are a thousand times a properer man
Than she a woman

–As You Like It


Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Matthew 25:40


Last week the American actress named Meryl Streep, whose physical ugliness is only surpassed by her moral ugliness, made a spiteful attack on Walt Disney. He had, according to the moral pariah named Streep, antiquated views on women and was anti-Semitic. Why Streep did not add the ‘racist’ charge, which is usually thrown at Disney because of his movie Song of the South, I do not know. It probably was because Streep wanted to file new charges against Walt Disney. The racist charge is already a codified part of the liberals’ case against Disney.

Let’s be clear about the reason for Streep’s attack on Walt Disney and the liberals’ ongoing war against him. Walt Disney was a twentieth century Hans Christian Andersen. His wonderful imagination was grounded in Christian Europe. Like Andersen, like Scott, like Burke, Disney had that charity of honor that belongs exclusively to the antique Europeans who had faith, hope, and charity bred into their bones. Everything Disney did buoyed up people’s hopes and made them much more likely to believe in His reign of charity. Everything Streep and her ilk do defaces the image of God in man and leads men toward the Kingdom of Satan on earth.

Thomas Hughes tells us in his book, Tom Brown’s School Days, that we come to know God through the mysterious human relationships we form with our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and the heroes of our racial hearth fires, the men and women who embody the virtues we hold dear. Walt Disney was my hero growing up, and he retains my abiding love because his vision of man was grounded in Christian Europe. All the true heroes of our race point us to Him. And we do not leave our mysterious human relationships behind when we find Him. Human beings are not stepping stones. We love Christ in and through our people.

Liberals such as Meryl Streep attack the heroes of the European hearth fire because they know such heroes are conduits to Christ. And conversely, liberals such as Meryl Streep love and support the negro because they instinctively know that the negro is a conduit to Satan. Streep vilifies Disney, whose life was gentle and full of Christian virtues, while she adds her voice to the choir of devils who sing the praises of men like Nelson Mandela, a man whose life was full of violent atrocities done in the service of Satan. So long as Satan rules Europe, the good and true heroes of our race will be an anathema, and the heathens of color will be worshipped.

Whites such as Disney whose work placed them on the European side of the Great Divide are attacked with the usual litany of abuse – he was racist, he was sexist, etc. – after their deaths. But those whites still living who maintain some connection to old ‘racist’ Europe must not only suffer the litanies of abuse, they must also face torture and murder. The South African whites, who maintained blessed apartheid into the 1990’s, are being exterminated with the blessing of the liberal world because they dared to carry white Europe to Africa and attempted to defend it against all the forces of Satandom. Now the liberals and the colored heathens are making sure that every last Afrikaner is exterminated.

There are no more prophets in the strict biblical sense. The age of prophecy ended with the coming of Christ. But there are modern day prophets in the poetic sense of the word. There are men so alive to the spiritual currents of their times that they can see into the future with blinding sight. Edmund Burke was a prophet, the greatest of the European prophets: he saw what would happen in Europe if the spirit of Jacobinism remained unchecked. Dostoevsky was a prophet as well; he saw the rivers of blood that would flow in Russia and throughout the world if the Bolsheviks came to power. And lastly came Anthony Jacob, who saw that negro worship was the final outcome of European Jacobinism. He warned that every European was a South African. We were all, because our leaders worshipped negroes, to share the same fate as the white South Africans. If South Africa fell, Jacob warned, the rest of the European nations would fall as well. And South Africa did fall, with the approval of the white-hating, Christ-hating leaders of Liberaldom.

Now we are all Afrikaners: the extermination of whites is not just ‘over there.’ It is here, just as Anthony Jacob told us it would be. “Once our grace we have forgot.” If we were still a Christian people we would fight for the Afrikaners: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Foremost in the fight against European negro worship in the past, the Afrikaners are now the particular target of the cruel hate of the liberals. They are the ‘least of these my brethren’ whom we must defend, because they are our people and because they are one, in their suffering, with the Man of Sorrows. They are being crucified because they tried to bring Christian Europe to Africa.

The same hatred that drives Meryl Streep to spew her venom on Walt Disney drives the liberals of the Western world to worship Mandela and countenance the massacre of the Afrikaners. In South Africa the liberals tell us outright, “The South African whites deserve to be exterminated.” When Terre Blanch was assassinated, the liberals labeled him a “white supremacist” to show that it was noble and good to kill him. But aren’t all the South African whites, in the eyes of the liberals, white supremacists? Yes, they are. “So it is good and noble,” the liberals proclaim, “to exterminate all the whites in South Africa.”

And what of the whites in Europe and the U.S.? Is it good and noble to kill them? Yes, it is, but the liberals are slightly more nuanced about the extermination of whites outside of South Africa. In Europe and the U.S., the liberals, when they can’t keep colored atrocities out of the news, generally call colored atrocities “regrettable” (in contrast to the non-regrettable atrocities in South Africa) “but understandable, considering the persecution and the years of oppression, etc.” Nothing is ever the fault of the black barbarians – indeed there is no such thing as a black barbarian – they are all noble savages, and black atrocities, which are not really atrocities, are not as dangerous as white retaliation against black atrocities. What we all must worry about is that some racist white person might love his own people enough to strike back at and maybe even injure one of the chosen ones, a noble black savage.

The accepted party line among the Christ-hating, Church idolaters of the West is that white South Africans brought on their own destruction because they refused to abandon apartheid which was opposed to Christianity. But if that was the case, why was abortion illegal in apartheid South Africa and legal in Mandela’s South Africa? The truth is that South Africa became part of Liberaldom when the white leaders, such as de Klerk, repudiated their Christian ancestors and caved in to the negro-worshipping liberal world that surrounded them. I would love to see an invading Army from Europe destroy the satanic black government of South Africa and reinstate a white apartheid government, but that will not happen because the leaders of the European nations hate the light and worship darkness. A counter revolution in South Africa, like a counter revolution in Europe or the U.S., must come from within the ranks of the oppressed whites’ own nation and from the ranks of the few who have not lost sight of what a European man fights for: his racial hearth fire presided over by the God of his ascending race. Are we in the West and those in South Africa completely devoid of men like Andries Pretorius who led the successful punitive attack against the Zulus at Blood River? It would seem that there are no such heroes anymore. But I find it hard to believe that every trace of the old bred-in-the-bone Christianity has been burned out of the European people. God has always sent us champions, men who know not seems, to smite the heathen and confound the wicked. I don’t see how the age of science and cosmic nature can change the ways of God.

It might seem like a strange juxtaposition I have made in this article, that of Walt Disney and the Afrikaners, but it does not seem strange to me. When I was growing up, a Disney movie such as Pinocchio, Snow White, or The Swiss Family Robinson seemed magical to me. There was something about a Disney movie that touched me deep inside. As I got older I realized what was so special about the Disney movies. The movies came from the heart of a man who knew, instinctively, that charity never faileth. A man with that vision has seen the face of God in His people.

When the spawn of Satan, Dingaan, chief of the Zulus, gave the orders to kill Retief and all his followers, he shouted, “Hither, my warriors! Kill the wizards!” Yes, there was something magical about the white man, something that a murderous black savage such as Dingaan could never understand. He only knew there was some magic within the white man that was antithetical to his satanic black magic. Every fiber of his being told him he must destroy the white man.

Their methods differ, but the hatred is the same. What Streep hates in Walt Disney, the Zulu chief hated in the whites whom he massacred. The “magic” is to be found in 1 Corinthians 13, and it was burned into the blood of the antique Europeans. Once the Europeans return to the wisdom of their blood, they will fight for their people in the name of the God whose divine charity never faileth. +

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