The European Side of the Great Gulf

Unfortunately liberals do live and they govern us. But we must guard against the fatalistic assumption that we can’t ever throw off the yoke of liberals. Such would be the case if men were only biological specimens with no animating spirit within. Then men’s lives would be as predictable as the ocean tides or the turning of the earth. But Europeans, more than any other people, should know that history is as complex as the human soul. The spiritual tide of human events can be turned by men who live in the spiritual realm. Nothing is written, except the character of the enemy. We must fight them even to the edge of doom because of whom and what we fight for and because of whom and what they fight for. There can be no peaceful accord with liberals. – CWNY


The late Malcolm Muggeridge came to Christianity very late in his life after he had already achieved a prominent position in British journalism. I’m sure the liberals would have liked to get rid of him because he caused them a great deal of embarrassment. A British journalist espousing Christ in the very citadels of Liberaldom was a very rare phenomenon. Muggeridge could have kept his new convictions private and maintained his status as a first-rate journalist, but he chose to become a clown, in the liberals’ eyes, for the sake of Christ. He was, by his own admission, not the best spokesman for Christianity, but he was the one placed in a position to publicly defend it. To his credit he did not shirk his duty.

There were two Malcolm Muggeridge moments that stand out in my mind. The first was when he told a panel of experts, who were criticizing Solzhenitsyn for his attack on European liberalism, that the liberals were incensed because Solzhenitsyn left Russia and came to the West to tell us that Christianity, not liberalism, was the answer to communism.

The second moment came when he confronted the heinous, homosexual comedy team called “Monty Python” after they had made a blasphemous, hate-filled attack on Christ in a film called The Life of Brian. In front of a sneering, hostile audience and the sneering, mocking Monty Python crew, Muggeridge pointed out that everything of value in the Western world stemmed from the singular event called the incarnation of Christ. To mock and ridicule that event was the most destructive thing a person could do. The Python team’s response was the expected one: “He is just mad because the audience liked us more than him.” Should such creatures be permitted to live? The last thing Muggeridge was expecting or seeking when he went on that talk show was applause from the howling jackals of the devil. Let the Python team have their applause in this world; Mr. Muggeridge will get his applause in a much better world on a more important stage. One is reminded of the scriptural contrast between Lazarus and the certain rich man.

And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

In a previous column I focused on the evil that Monty Python represents (O Nation Miserable). What I want to focus on now is the “great gulf” that exists between Lazarus and the certain rich man, because that great gulf also exists between the modern Europeans and the antique Europeans. And until the “conservatives” plant themselves firmly on Lazarus’s side of the great gulf, there will be no conservative movement. Reading through the literature of the post World War II conservatives (and I did that when I was a young man) is like wandering through a desert looking for a water hole that doesn’t exist. There are volumes of literature about preserving various systems – our democratic system, our economic system, our classical, Greco-Roman university system – but there is nothing in respectable conservative journalism about preserving the white people of Europe and the faith of those white people. And it remains the same today. Even those conservatives who express concern about the wholesale liquidation of white people and their culture do not take their stand against the liberals because the liberals are the great despisers of Christ and His people. Instead the conservatives invoke democracy, and democracy’s attendant gods: capitalism, science, freedom, and equality. We should not go down that road because democracy is a false messiah. Even if white people could obtain equal rights within a racially mixed, democratic society it would ultimately be their death, because the forbidden fruit of multiculturalism would eventually kill them.

Of course in reality white people will never be allowed into the new democratic world that they have created. Their own logic forbids it. All democracies are oligarchies in which a handful of bureaucrats run things in the name of “the people.” And in a post-Christian democracy the people who are more equal than others are the black savages. The managerial conservative types, who are constantly trying to come up with a plan to win in the great board game called Democracy, do not understand that a board game without Christian Europe on the board is not worth winning. We need to go back, beyond the quicksand of democratic Europe and find firmer ground, the ground of Christian Europe, from which we can launch our attack against the white-hating, Christ-hating liberals and their colored barbarian allies.

This was the battle cry of Burke who was the first to face off against institutionalized liberalism. The British constitutional monarchy, which was unique to Britain, having developed over the years in response to the ‘Divine Right’ monarchs, was developed for one reason – to allow the Christian faith to flourish among the people of Britain. That faith was the life blood of the people. Any change in the British system had to be a change that was necessary to maintain the Christian institutions of Britain. This is why the new Whigs ran into conflict with Burke. Burke only wanted changes when those changes strengthened the Christian fabric of British culture. The new Whigs wanted to jettison Christian Britain and replace it with a new utopian, democratic Britain, modeled on the new atheistic French republic. It is quite a heart-rending moment when Burke says good-by to the men he thought were his allies in his efforts to keep Britain free of French Jacobins:

The Whigs of this day have before them, in this Appeal, their constitutional ancestors: They have the doctors of the modern school. They will choose for themselves. The author of the Reflections has chosen for himself. If a new order is coming on, and all the political opinions must pass away as dreams, which our ancestors have worshipped as revelations, I say for him, that he would rather be the last (as certainly he is the least) of that race of men, than the first and greatest of those who have coined to themselves Whig principles from a French die, unknown to the impress of our fathers in the constitution.

If your faith in Christ is a living faith, your ties to your ancestors and the laws they made which stemmed from their living faith will be unbreakable. Burke would not break faith with his ancestors because he was one with Christian Britain. Like St. Paul he fought the good fight and he kept the faith. And the faith that Burke kept was one and the same as St. Paul’s. Both men were able to fight the good fight in this world, despite the fact that the forces of darkness seemed to be overwhelming superior, because their faith was not in managerial systems designed for triumph in this world only.

Even if the managerial conservatives could win an electoral victory by jettisoning Christian Europe and making themselves appealing to the citizens of the new Babylon would such a victory really be a victory? What does a man win if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? If we jettison our past we jettison our souls. And for what? Contrary to what the conservatives maintain there is no dichotomy between what is morally right and what is practical. It is not only immoral to jettison your Christian past in order to survive in the pagan present, it is not practicable either, because a man – particularly a European man – needs something outside of himself to motivate him. If he won’t be moved by Christ, then he will be moved by Satan. This is the great error of the conservatives. The liberals have a fighting faith, they have faith in the new Babylon presided over by the negro. What is the conservatives’ rallying cry? Onward to reduced taxes? Upwards to a balanced budget? In Stevenson’s “Ebb Tide” he writes about the light in the eyes of the European. What is the source of that light? Does it have a name? All of our ancestors speak with one voice on that subject. Christ is not a metaphor for the good that is in men, nor is He an auxiliary god in a pantheon of gods, with the negro as the foremost god. He is our Lord and Savior. The liberals can mock and jeer at that singular and heartfelt belief of the antique Europeans, just as the certain rich man mocked Lazarus, but their mock and jeer will double back on them and destroy them in the end. Like the swine in the Gospel they trample each other in a mad rush to plunge headlong over the cliff.

I sometimes get stuck behind local school buses if I am traveling at the wrong time of the morning or afternoon. It’s sad to see the older students with their green hair and tattooed, pierced bodies. And it’s even sadder to see the younger children going off to or coming home from the indoctrination centers. We know what goes on in those fiendish, inhuman institutions. White children are taught to stay on the wrong side of the gulf, a gulf which separates them from their past. They will never know what it means to have a racial homeland and a special connection to the people and the God of that homeland. They will be taught to hate the white and to love the negro, and they will learn to sneer and mock the good and to love all that is ignoble and base. All this they will learn in the name of “education.”

A truly conservative movement should work to place those children on the European side of the gulf. But that is the tragedy. The conservatives are on the wrong side of the gulf as well, trying to use Satan to further their more moderate agenda. It never works: the enemy of mankind is far more clever than the most brilliant of humans. You can’t traffic with the witches on the heath and expect fair dealing.

There is no fighting faith emanating from the conservatives, because they stand with the liberals. They don’t believe in the God of the antique Europeans enough to fight in His name. They have chosen to try to mollify the devil rather than fight him. This essential liberalism of the conservatives was brought home to me when I read a self-professed conservative theologian’s defense of the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the dead. He started off by ridiculing the notion that we meet our loved ones in the flesh with the purified bodies of incorruption that St. Paul wrote about. No, that was too quaint and old-fashioned. The new concept of the resurrection did not involve a bodily resurrection. It involved vapors and gases and indeterminate, vague, inhuman conglomerations of atoms. This was called blending science and religion. What utter nonsense. It’s all or nothing! Christ is who He said He was, and our resurrection in Christ means exactly what our ancestors believed it to be, or else Christ be not risen, and we are of all men most to be pitied for believing and living a lie. If we look at Christ as He revealed Himself through His people, we cannot come to any other conclusion than the one our ancestors came to: “Christ is the Son of the living God.” Keep Christian Europe before your eyes, and then take a quick sidelong glance – that is all that will be necessary – at the sneering Monty Pythons of Liberaldom. You will know which side of the gulf you stand on and you will have a fighting faith. +

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