The Liberals’ War of Extermination

In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility;
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;

-Shakespeare’s Henry V


In a wise and sensible book, American Statesmen on Slavery and the Negro, written in 1971, Nathaniel Weyl and William Marina, after first describing how the great majority of American statesmen in the past had favored segregation, stated that most of the racial problems that currently existed in the United States could be solved by granting white people the right of private association. The two men basically outlined a system that existed in the Southern states after reconstruction ended. Schools, churches, and neighborhoods could be free, if white people chose, of colored people. But of course Weyl and Marina were laboring under the false assumption that the liberals wanted whites and blacks to live their lives free of racial conflict. Weyl and Marina were writing five years after the white genocide immigration law of 1965 had passed. Liberals officially declared war on the white race with that infamous act of treachery, much more infamous and treacherous than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. After all, the Japanese were not attacking their own people.

Weyl and Marina were quite right. Their “good fences make good neighbors” policies, if implemented back then, would have resolved the race problem to the extent that the race problem could be resolved. But as we have seen over the last 40+ years since that book appeared, the liberals did not want there to be peace between the races: they wanted a war of extermination in which only the colored barbarians, under liberal guidance, were doing the killing. Never in the history of warfare has a war of extermination proceeded so successfully.

The liberals first won the propaganda phase of the war: they gave their followers an ideological passion, and they killed the will to resist in the white grazers. Then they proceeded with the killing, which is — without the whites resisting — simply a routine mop-up operation. It reminds me of an old board game called Stratego that I used to play as a child. The purpose of the whole game was to get one or two high ranking pieces that your opponent could not kill, because you had killed all your opponent’s high ranking pieces. Once you had achieved superiority, the game was over except for the slow methodical killing off of every remaining enemy soldier. The enemy could not strike your higher ranked soldiers; they could only run and avoid being killed for a short time. That is the position the white man is in. He can’t kill the enemy; he can only avoid being killed for a short time, and then the game is over.

The sad fact is that the white man has lost the military board game of life, and he now watches helplessly as his opponent annihilates him. Is there no way out? Let me go back to that game of Stratego. There was no hope within the confines of the board game for a player who had no high ranking pieces. But because I thought the wooden pieces with the pictures of the various soldiers on them looked really neat, I often took my Stratego soldiers off the board and played a different game. In that game a lowly scout could take battlefield command and lead his men, by a surprise attack, over a secret mountain pass to victory over a seemingly invincible foe. The important thing was to take my army off the board where everything had a precise mathematical outcome and place my soldiers in a position to fight battles where imagination and initiative counted more than math.

It’s obvious where I’m going with the Stratego analogy. In the board game called democracy the white man is dead. He is doomed to just sit and watch while the white race is annihilated by the barbarian hordes of color, because that is the rule of democracy. South African whites didn’t play by the rules at first, but then they caved in to the rules, with the end result being that soon there will be no whites in South Africa. And the rest of the European nations, who have also agreed to play by the rules, will share the same fate as the whites in South Africa. Unless – yes, there is an ‘unless’ – white people decide not to play by the liberals’ democratic rules. Why should a white man consent to the extermination of his race because his democratic leaders and the barbarian hordes of color have voted in favor of the extermination of white people? Where is it written that what is morally right is to be determined by popular vote? Christ was crucified instead of Barabbas after a popular vote, and Christian Europe perished when the democratic age was ushered in. Truth is undemocratic, and the truth is that only one people made Christ incarnate in their civilization, and only a revival of the divine spark that existed in those “dear old people long ago” will give white people of the modern era the will to fight for and preserve the white race.

A few months ago on a public television station I saw the great great-grandson of Charles Dickens, Gerald Charles Dickens, doing a reading of some of his famous ancestor’s works. I cannot adequately describe how I felt. Dickens was one of the supreme poets of the Christian era of Europe. Through so many of his characters we feel closer to Christ, the true King of Europe. And here, in the flesh, was a descendant of the man who gave us Samuel Pickwick! My tongue cannot utter…

For most people, even Dickens aficionados, the public readings of Dickens’ work by his great great-grandson might be an interesting oddity, but not something to make the blood quicken and the heart soar. But for me it was something more than an interesting oddity, because Gerald Dickens was reading, with great spirit and heart, his great sire’s works. The blood and the spirit of Charles Dickens came alive on the stage during the readings. And this is what happened in Europe once the European people took Christ into their hearts and their homes. Christ himself took center stage in Europe! He was in the European people, spirit and blood, and the European people were in Christ, spirit and blood. However, when the work of abstraction was completed, a work that was first embodied in the French Jacobins, Christ became an intellectual construct, hovering on the fringes of Europe, to be completely denied or to be used only as a supporting deity in a pantheon of greater gods. He was no longer incarnate in and through the European people. And because He is no longer incarnate in and through the European people, the European people are being exterminated by the colored heathens with the encouragement and support of the liberals.

The intellectuals (as distinct from intelligent men) in the church have been treating white people for centuries now like white rats in a lab experiment. At first white people represented generic mankind, and as such they could be poked, probed, and experimented upon at the pleasure of the intellectuals. There was no concern for the survival of the white race, because in the opinion of the church intellectuals there was no such thing as a ‘people.’ They had certain abstract ideas about different peoples, which they did not bother to examine closely for truth. One race of people was as good as any other: they were all cannon fodder for the church intellectuals. Then, when the church intellectuals discovered that the abstract mass of colored people were more easily manipulated and controlled, less troublesome, the church intellectuals’ attitude toward white people shifted from indifference to open hostility. Their abstract Christianity was not dependent on the incarnation of a living savior within the hearts of a flesh and blood people, it was only necessary that the churchmen amass an aggregate herd of people who would rubber stamp the new abstract Christianity of the churchmen. The same process was at work in the secular society. After dethroning the monarchs and the aristocrats, the Jacobins sought out “the people” in order to elevate them to the divine status once held by the God of the European people. But when “the people” of Europe were found to be too European (which, translated, means too Christian) to truly represent man in all of his pristine, primitive glory, the liberals sought out the noble savage in all his many guises. He was the oh-so-intelligent-and-spiritual Asian, he was the noble and persecuted red man, he was the hard-working Aztec, and above all he was the godlike black man.

The secular liberal and the abstracted-from-his-God clergyman all embraced the gods of color, with the black man as the foremost god, while banishing the evil white man from the liberals’ pleasure dome. But in doing so they banished God from their pleasure dome as well.  Christ comes to us through human hearts, and if the only people who showed they had a human heart are banished then… Yes, that’s right, then God does not enter in, He stays outside the borders of Liberaldom. So now we have a war being waged against a people who have no will to fight, because their God has been taken from them and they know not where He is to be found.

The living God is to be found in the depths of the human heart, depths that only the antique Europeans plumbed. The liberal has repudiated the God who listened to His people crying out to Him from the depths. And the colored barbarians have never known the God who lives in the depths of the human heart, except when they saw the light of that God emanating from the people of Europe, the hideous white people who are supposed to be the cause of all the evil that is in the world. Without the moral force that can only come from the Christ of old Europe, white men can either become maniacal, white-hating, negro-worshipping liberals or grazers, men without a spiritual home, waiting to be exterminated by the colored barbarians with the full approval of the liberals. It’s ironic that the colored invasion of every European nation did not come at a time when the European nations were militarily or economically weaker than the colored nations. There were no armies with tanks, modern weaponry, or nuclear arsenals that made the European nations surrender to the colored hordes. No colored army made the white government of the United States in 1965 begin the process of making the United States an anti-European, Christ-hating nation. No Moslem army made Britain or France turn their nations over to Moslems: both countries had armies that could have turned back any invading force, but instead they opened the gates and let the enemy flood in. And in every nation of Europe the scenario is the same. Without a shot being fired the armies of color are destroying the white nations. All of this is happening because there is no European will to fight, because the European has said in his heart there is no God to fight for. Dostoyevsky posed the question, “Can a civilized man, a European, believe in the divinity of Christ?” He – a man of spirit and blood — answered that question with a resounding, “Yes, he can.” But Dostoyevsky knew that wisdom comes from the heart, not the head. An ego maniac — and ego mania is the mark of the liberal – cannot know God. He can only know his own sick utopian dreams of a satanic black god who presides over a Babylonian pleasure dome. He dreams of spreading his evangelical faith in the negro throughout the whole world. Like the apostles of old he has gone forth to preach the gospel, but his gospel is the gospel of Satan.

Wherever we turn in this land of Liberaldom we are confronted with the gospel of liberalism. In my own anti-white nation, for instance, the Secretary of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Shaun Donovan recently said that he was going to step up his campaign to ship negroes into communities in the United States that still don’t have those blessed creatures. His twisted reason? Because the areas in which blacks live are too crime-ridden, so he is going to send them someplace where they will be safe! That’s like removing tigers from the jungle so they won’t be attacked by large striped cats that have been seen prowling the jungle: and then, strange to tell, the same type of attacks started occurring in the areas in which the tigers were relocated.

The mad-dog liberals are beyond the ken of humanity; they are Satan’s own and there is nothing to be done with them except oppose them with all our heart and soul. The other whites, the grazers, are in the gray, misty region where they are too liberal to oppose the liberals, but too European to feel completely at ease with liberalism. Those whites need to see that we all — we Europeans of the post-Christian age — are born in the fetters of liberalism. Break all of those fetters, not just a few, but all, and the essential European will emerge, the man of spirit and blood who will not stay confined within the rules of the liberals’ board game. He will impose his own rule on the liberals, which is a very old rule and the prayer of the antique Europeans: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” +

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