Clerical Devils

The Bishop was there in his lace and lawn,
And the cassocked priest, — I saw him yawn,–
The rich and great and virtuous too,
Stood smug and contented, each in his pew.

-Thomas Nelson Page “The Needle’s Eye


Let’s first state what the satanic Pope Francis did, and then we shall put what he did in its proper context. Pope Francis went to Lampedusa, a small island off the coast of Italy, and criticized Europeans for their indifference to African “refugees.” The spawn of Satan said that he felt a “thorn in his heart” when he thought of the poor refugees. What did he feel for the Italians who are being displaced by the “poor Africans”? And is there no thorn in his heart for the white South Africans, who are being tortured and murdered by government fiat in South Africa? Of course not. Pope Francis has the satanic faith called liberalism, and as a devotee of that satanic faith he must worship the black and hate the white. From the depths of hell he can hear his satanic master urging him on to greater and greater blasphemies. From Pope John XXIII’s loving “charity and forgiveness” for black torturers and murderers, through the now “sainted” John Paul II’s inspired love for all non-white races and all non-Christian religions, to the present Pope’s hatred for the European people and his “love” for the murderous negro, the apostasy of the “conservative” churchmen is a tale written in blood, the blood of the white man. There was a time in my life when I bent over backwards to attribute good, albeit misguided, motives to negro-worshipping clergymen. Now, having observed these creatures over a longer period of time I no longer apply the ‘good but misguided’ label to the modern clergy. If they just loved the negro, we might call them misguided, but they worship the negro and hate the white man. Such blasphemy and such hatred does not stem from men who are merely misguided, it stems from men who have given themselves over to Satan. The Roman Catholic clergymen preceded the Evangelical Protestants in the rush to embrace negro worship, but the Protestants have caught up to the Catholics. The worship of negroes, which entails the hatred of the white man, along with the deification of the unrepentant Jew, is dogma in all of the “conservative” churches.

There is nothing new about the worship of the noble black savage and the deification of the Jew. This has always been the essence of liberalism. Burke makes repeated references to the alliance the Jacobins forged with organized Jewry. And he also points out the terrible consequences to the whites in Haiti when the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity were applied to negroes and mulattoes. What is new is the institutionalization of liberalism, comprised of the worship of the negro, the hatred of the white man, and the deification of the unrepentant Jew, within the conservative Christian churches which formerly considered themselves the bulwark of orthodoxy, fighting against the liberalism of the mainstream churches. Now, the conservative churches mute their criticism of the radicalism of the mainstream churches’ sexual politics and make negro worship and the Judaization of Christianity the major tenet of their faith.

The conservative “Christians” are proving Burke’s maxim: “You can’t have just a little bit of liberalism.” Once the conservatives abandoned their connection to Christ through their people, through their blood, they were fit for nothing but blasphemy and racial treason. Men cannot live without feeling some connection to a people whom they love above all other people, and they cannot live without a God to whom they feel connected through their people. When the conservatives abandoned the bred-in-the-bone Christianity of the antique Europeans they were lost in the desert of modernity, and they sought refuge in the oasis of liberalism. Now they have a people, the Jews, and they have a god, the negroes. Just as the antique European became one with God through his blood ties to his kith and kin, so do the liberals and their new conservative converts stay connected to Satan through their ties to their negro gods and the unrepentant Jews.

The liberal is a lapsed Christian. Like his progenitor he has a grudge against God for His failure to run the world according to the proper principles – Satanic principles. Unable to immediately dethrone God, the liberal, in imitation of Satan, seeks to attack God by destroying His image in man. And where did we see the image of God in man? We saw His image in the collective face of the antique Europeans. Destroy those people and their culture, and you have, according to the liberals’ beliefs, destroyed God. The great tragedy of the conservative churches is that they didn’t defend that which was essential to the faith, the image of God in man. They succumbed to the support-your-local-priest-or-local-minister heresy. Never mind that your local priest and your local minister have become universalists, loving the negro and hating the white. So long as they don’t recommend adultery and homosexual marriage, they must be okay. Is that the sum total of Christian orthodoxy? I thought it was more than a few ‘thou shalt nots.’ I would have thought, from viewing the Europeans’ past, that Christianity was a faith of passion and fire: a passionate fiery love for one’s own, that exceeded the love of the colored tribesmen for their own by a thousand-fold, which was rooted in a blood connection to the living God whose love passeth the understanding of mere rationalism.

You cannot love as God would have men love, in spirit and in truth, if you do not love through the channels of grace that God has so beneficially provided for mankind. Those small channels of grace are filled by our attachments to our kith and kin, and they only flow outward into larger tributaries when they are maintained as separate channels, sacred and unavoidable. No one who betrays their own kind can truly love the stranger. The good Samaritan did not, after tending to the stranger’s wounds, invite him into his home and force his daughter to have relations with him. He cared for him outside his home and left him at an inn, because he had learned charity at home. If the good Samaritan had been a liberal, he would have passed the stranger by, gone on to his work, and then signed a petition for the enfranchisement of all aliens and the disenfranchisement of all Samaritans. The true Christian missionaries such as Edmund Hodgson were racial segregationists who evangelized the stranger because they were thoroughly European. The great “love” of the modern Pope Francis-type clergyman is pure egotism. “See how good I am by what I do for the negro while attacking the white.” Such colossal egotism does not come from God, it comes from God’s satanic antagonist.

The history of the white man’s experience in Haiti as chronicled by T. Lothrop Stoddard and the history of the white man’s experience in Africa as chronicled by Anthony Jacob have shown us the difference between the white and the black. At their worst white people sought wealth in Africa and Haiti, indifferent to the fate of blacks. But at their worst the whites did not torture, murder, and rape the blacks. And most whites helped the Africans while helping their own as well. In contrast, the blacks have committed outrage upon outrage against the whites, and the liberals of the European world have stood by and applauded them. No, applause would imply some human characteristics: the liberals have howled like jackals.

The liberals have been telling us for centuries that liberalism is moral evolution. I don’t quite see this moral evolution. How can they maintain they have morally evolved when they have consecrated themselves to the negro, who now does the same things in the cities of New York, Pairs, London, etc., that he has done since time immemorial in Africa, namely, rape, plunder, and murder? Such a morality is only a moral progression if the religion of Satan is superior to the religion of Christ. But that is the goal of liberals, to dethrone God. And the elevation of the negro to divine status is a major part of the dethronement process.

The white Christian missionaries were never able to Christianize the black. The witch doctor’s message of murder and sacrifice was always more appealing to the blacks than the missionaries’ message of a divine savior full of charity and mercy. A man has to have some sense of his own sinfulness before he can feel the need for mercy. And he has to have some stirrings of humanity in his heart before he can practice charity. This is the moral evolution we are supposed to lend our support to: A world ruled by black witch doctors, devoid of charity and mercy. Must we accept such a world just because our churchmen tell us we have to?

We’ve been over the false reasons the conservative Christians give for hating whites and worshipping blacks (see “The Evening Mists of Europe”). There is no need to go over them again. Let’s focus on the real reason that church men like Pope Francis worship negroes and hate the white: They haven’t any faith in the Christian God of the antique Europeans. Their faith is in this world only. To be courted and loved in this world, you must kiss the feet of the powers that be in this world. And the liberals are the powers that be. The churchmen use the language and the symbols of the Christian faith to cloak their treacherous betrayal of the Light of the world. They started with the betrayal of their race, and they will end up raising the banner of Satan in every organized Church in the formerly Christian nations of Europe.

There is always greater danger for the defenders of Christian Europe (and we defend a remnant who are bereft of their homeland) when a Bishop “turns insurrection to religion.” But that is the case. The Christian Pharisees who have made a god in the image of the negro are in open rebellion against the Christian God. It’s difficult in the face of such massive, institutionalized support for Satanism not to despair. That is what the liberals want: they want the white Christian to despair and die. For that reason, but not for that reason alone, we shall not despair and die. Our hatred of the liberals is only half of the equation. There is also our love of our people and their God that sustains us. From a purely biological standpoint an individual human being is a mere nothing, his life force can be taken away by a small germ, a clogged artery, or any number of biological accidents. But if we look at the soul of man, if we look past the biological façade, we can see that one individual soul is a universe, a universe of infinite wonder and spiritual grandeur, if that individual soul is connected to the heart of God. The truly great man is great because of what he loves. Those Europeans who love their God in and through their people are the “heroic brood” of God’s creation and they will fight this battle, begun by Satan, out to the end, in defiance of the white-hating, perfumed clerics, the liberal powers that be, and the murderous barbarian hordes of color.+

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