The Return Home

There, then, a while in chains we lay,
In wintry dungeons, far from day;
But ris’n at length, with might and main,
Our iron fetters burst in twain.

-R. L. Stevenson


The Swedish police response to the ongoing Moslem riots in their nation was what I would term malicious indifference. The police declared that they were not going to do anything to stop the riots, but they would move against any “right wing extremists” who tried to stop the rioters from murdering, raping, and plundering. And there were some young Swedish males (God bless them) who did walk the streets, defying the police order, in an attempt to protect their women folk. Some wore masks, which is a good idea. Why make it easy for the liberals to identify their enemies? I like the idea of masked white avengers roaming the streets at night and then behaving like normal, cowed citizens during the day. The time has passed for public demonstrations and petitions. The liberals love such public protests, because it gives them an opportunity to identify their enemies and deal with them accordingly. We, the white Europeans, are a captive people. We should not accept our conquered status as our permanent condition, but acknowledging that reality will make us masked avengers instead of ineffectual petitioners.

The basic premise of the liberals, which keeps them in power, is that democracy is the moral equivalent of God. Whatever is done by democratically elected leaders is good, because… well, because democracy is good: anyone can see that. The collective will of the people, which is always the will of a tiny minority who can manipulate the will of the people, holds sway with a despotic power greater than any divine right monarch or chieftain of a clan ever had. All democracies are divine because the will of the people is divine. Starting with the French Revolution and proceeding from there to all the European nations, we have seen that in a democratic nation, in which “the people” rule, everyone is not considered part of the glorious collective called “the people.” In France, the royal family and the aristocrats were the non-people who had to be exterminated so that “the people” could live. In subsequent years, as the democratic poison was allowed to course through the veins of the European nations, white people from all social and economic classes became non-humans, who had to be exterminated in order to make room for the colored people of the earth.

It is futile for white people to jockey for position within the democracies of the west, because white people are a non-people when they petition for their rights as a people, and they are an evil people, not fit to live, when the liberals need an evil devil to blame for the ills of the world. There is a group of black barbarians, based in New York City, who call themselves Black Hebrew Israelites. They perform a religious ritual in which white women kneel before them and kiss their feet in atonement for white people’s sin of racism. It occurred to me when I saw that obscene and blasphemous ceremony that nothing could better illustrate the current spirit of white people and the eternal spirit of the black savage. White people have denied the original sin, which the God of Christians says we all shared in, and transformed all sin and guilt to the “racist” white race. In contrast the black savage, who never did understand Christianity at the deepest level, knows only one thing: “The white man is weak and we can dominate him.” And everything that perpetuates or supports democracy perpetuates and supports such moral pariahs as the Black Hebrew Israelites and their white devotees.

We must see what a democracy is in reality, not what it is in theory. In theory a democracy is government by the people and for the people. In reality, a democracy is government by the few for a select minority of people. We can see the democratic phenomenon in all its glory if we look at the primary issue of the latter half of the 20th century: the unchecked immigration of the coloreds into European nations. In every European nation, if the European people had been asked to vote on the issue of colored immigration do you think they would have voted to be displaced? Of course not, so a vote was never taken. Liberal oligarchies only allow voting when they are sure of victory. Legalized abortion was not voted on until it had been institutionalized for over 25 years. And the destruction of the white race will not be voted on until the white race is destroyed. Then a few remaining liberals and the savage colored hordes will vote for what has already taken place, the destruction of the white man.

All seems cheerless, dark, and deadly for the white man. Determined bands of liberals, committed to the rule of Satan, rule in every European nation. And they keep their kingdom in order by a two-pronged system of terror. On the one hand, there is the law. All opposition to multi-cultural, diverse, white-hating Liberaldom will be opposed with the usual weapons of lawful persecution, such as fines, taxes, and imprisonment. And the second prong of the liberals’ attack is malicious indifference to the bloodletting of the colored barbarians. Some governments will feign concern over the murder of whites, and some governments such as the Swedish government will say it outright: “We don’t care.” But all the liberal governments throughout the European nations encourage and support the colored savages’ ongoing war against the white race.

White people are at the mercy of liberals and the colored barbarians who have no mercy. They are at the mercy of the former because the liberals have rejected the God of mercy, and the latter because the colored tribesmen never knew the God of mercy. What should the white man do in the face of such merciless foes? Should he vote them away? How can he do that since all voting is done within the satanic confines of democracy? Shall he plead with the liberals and the colored barbarians to let him live? Such pleading is doomed to fail. Why would a people without mercy listen to the pleas of a defeated foe? It seems like last post. But there is one last hope, which really was always our only hope. The European people conquered the world when they sought first the kingdom of heaven. That is the conundrum the European faces. He can’t defeat the forces of liberalism and colored barbarism, the forces of ‘this world only,’ unless he believes that Christ is the Son of God, who is a greater force than this world only.

The European cannot mount a charge against his liberal and colored enemies armed with a materialist philosophy or an intellectual affirmation of milk-toast multi-cultural, democratic Christianity. He must have that passionate bred-in-the-bone and in the heart Christianity which breeds men and women whose faith can move mountains, destroy liberalism, and defeat the colored hordes in the day of battle.

To be a true European a man must break the chains of democracy. He must cease to feel, think, and act like a modern devotee of democracy, diversity, and equality. The internal battle comes first. Louis XVI did not defend himself and his family against the forces of Jacobin democracy because he had doubts about the legitimacy of a Christian monarchy. He was willing to consider, just for a faltering moment, that Satanism might have some value for modern men. The result of such a faltering consideration of the merits of Satanism was the death of all Louis was supposed to protect and defend. We too, we Europeans, have witnessed the death of all we were pledged to protect and defend: our people and the sacred faith of our European ancestors. At the very least we can make the liberals and their barbarian allies know that amongst the seemingly cowed and frightened white men they see by day, there are masked midnight raiders who will never abandon sacred Europe for democratic Satania.

In his autobiography, the marvelous humorist and post-Civil War chronicler of the Southern people Irwin Cobb stated that he thought the teachings of the New Testament were sublime but undoubtedly a very impractical guide for living in this very hard, practical world. Minus the admiration for the sublime teaching of the New Testament, Cobb’s opinion of Christ’s teachings is the opinion of the white nationalists who have been advocating more democracy and more secularized pragmatism as a solution to white genocide. They have refused to come to terms with the satanic nature of liberalism because then they would have to acknowledge that Satan’s divine antagonist, Jesus Christ, is the only genuinely pragmatic answer to the seemingly hopeless plight of the white nations. “I’m not interested in metaphysical bull—,” the white nationalist intones. Maybe you should be, because that is what distinguishes the true white man from the colored barbarian: he has a passion for the “impractical” things of the spirit while the colored tribesmen seek the fleshpots of Egypt. I think the white nationalists’ obsession with the Jew as the only enemy of the white race, while they often ignore the white, post-Christian liberal, stems from their desire to have one easily identifiable material symbol of the enemy. But that ignores the reality that is staring us in the face: most Jews are liberals, but not all liberals are Jews. It is liberalism, the liberalism of Rousseau, of Voltaire, of Descartes, and a whole legion of anti-Christian Christians, as well as the Jews, against whom we are fighting. The key element in liberalism is a hatred of Christ and those who believe in Christ. The reason the white nationalists are always seeking for some kind of compromise with the democratic liberals is because they are of the same opinion as the liberals regarding the central event of history. They believe that Christ be not risen. And if you don’t believe Christ rose from the dead, you can never march into a European future while holding on to the threads of the past, because the past, in Europe, belongs to those who believed in Christ. The liberals are simply more consistent than the white nationalists. Since Christ be not risen, the white Europeans have perpetuated a falsehood on mankind. They don’t deserve to live in the future. So say the liberals. The white nationalists agree that Christ be not risen, but they want to be forgiven for the Christianity of their ancestors and accepted in Babylon on the basis of their intelligent genes. Hence their unwillingness to give up on democracy. They are always hoping that they can win the liberals over by intelligent pleading.

There is a second way of dealing with liberals, which I feel is the only way to deal with them. We should not reason with them: they are not interested in rational debate once they have ascended to power. When a liberal is outside the power structures he wants to discuss everything. “Why not legalize abortion?” “What’s wrong with gay marriage?” “What’s wrong with mixed marriages?” But once in power, all discussion ends, and the liberal feels called upon to defend not debate. He is a spiritualized Jew who has hardened his heart against the light:

I pray you, think you question with the Jew:
You may as well go stand upon the beach
And bid the main flood bate his usual height;
You may as well use question with the wolf
Why he hath made the ewe bleat for the lamb;
You may as well forbid the mountain pines
To wag their high tops and to make no noise,
When they are fretten with the gusts of heaven;
You may as well do anything most hard,
As seek to soften that–than which what’s harder?–
His Jewish heart:

This brings us to the second way. The one last and only hope for the white man. We can let go of the democratic, technological white man who is the pushy, nouveau riche fellow who comes to dinner at the old patriarchal estate and attempts to win the daughter of the patriarch by flash, glitter, and the promise of a golden future. But neither the patriarch nor his daughter is impressed. “Who are your people, where do you come from?” they ask. The nouveau riche fellow doesn’t think that is important.

“It is important,” the patriarch declares, as he pushes Mr. Nouveau Riche out the door.

The threads of the past! There are two Europes. There is storybook Europe, where white people dwell, people who cherish their own in the sight of Christ, true God and true man. And there is democratic, technological, race-mixing Europe, where the liberals, the colored barbarians, and all those who hate the light dwell. If we pick up the discarded sacred thread of our storybook past, we will not immediately end our Babylonian captivity. But we will have begun the battle, the only battle that ennobles a man rather than debases him. And when we triumph, all honor and glory will go to Him, the creator and inspiration of our dear land of storybooks. +

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