Our Race is Our Home

The true lawgiver ought to have a heart full of sensibility. He ought to love and respect his own kind, and to fear himself. –Edmund Burke


While viewing the “Boston Strong” celebrations after the capture of the second Moslem terrorist, I thought of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. This might seem like an odd juxtaposition, but it was not a forced association: the link between Goethe and the white grazers of Boston seemed quite natural to me. Goethe was a great genius and a son of Christian Europe. In his masterpiece Faust he reveals a great understanding of the nature of evil and of the divine mercy of God. But in his work as a whole Goethe shows us a man divided into three parts. He is part Christian, part pagan, and partly the man of the future, uttering hopelessly banal trivialities about the profundity of the Hypsistarians (a religious sect that venerated what was the “most perfect that came to their knowledge”). The Christian poet Scott praised the Christian insights in Goethe’s Faust, and the militant atheist Shaw praised Goethe for stepping outside of Christianity and looking forward to a new cosmic, non-Christian religion. Neither Scott nor Shaw was incorrect. Goethe was a confused and divided man without a spiritual core.

The modern European grazers, represented by the white grazers of Boston, are like the confused and disordered Goethe. Their hearts are Christian enough to weep for the victims of the Boston massacre, but they are not Christian enough to give up their liberal sponsored sporting events long enough to challenge the liberal oligarchy that permits the massacre of their own people, in the name of diversity. And make no mistake about it – this most recent “terrible tragedy” was a manmade tragedy. It was not an unpreventable tragedy like a flood or a hurricane. This tragedy was ideologically driven.

Let me go back a number of years to my college days. I was asked to be the student representative at a religious department sponsored, intercollegiate, intercommunity roundtable discussion of Islam and the West. Besides myself, the panel consisted of several ministers turned professors and several ex-priests, also turned professors. There was one secularized Jewish rabbi on the panel and one Moslem professor. Only the Moslem professed to believe in the tenets of his faith. The “Christians” and the rabbi no longer believed in their faiths.

When the panel discussion got round to the question: “Should Moslems be permitted to live and work in the non-Moslem countries of Europe and the United States?”, all the former clergymen and the rabbi said, “Of course, they should be allowed to live and work in the European nations.” I disagreed, stating that it would be more humane to our own people and to the Moslems themselves (there was some kind of Gulf War going on at the time) if we kept all Moslems out of the Western countries and then ceased bombing them in their countries. Surprisingly enough, or maybe not so surprising, the Westerners were horrified at my suggestion while the Moslem agreed with me. It was pointed out to him that if my suggestion was to become a policy of the Western countries, he, as a visiting professor of Islamic studies, would not be permitted in the United States. His response was quite revealing: “You are fools to let me in your country, because I want to destroy you!” No doubt the sponsors of the religious roundtable were quite disappointed. They couldn’t get all smarmy over such an unecumenical outcome from what was intended as a celebration of humane diversity.

The Moslem and I did not shake hands and become friends after the conference. I knew he hated Christians, and he knew I hated Moslems. But we had achieved the clarity that can only come when two people actually have beliefs. If you believe in nothing, as the former clergymen did, you can come together in a hazy ecumenical unity of nothingness. I would prefer to believe in something besides polite ecumenical nothingness, but then I’m full of the prejudices of a by-gone era, brought on, no doubt by an excessive exposure to old books written by white European males.

I haven’t forgotten the point. We were talking about the Boston Massacre and the white people who see nothing wrong with a government which bombs innocent Moslems over there, but then thinks it is somehow necessary and beneficial to let Moslems live, work, study, and worship over here. What evil lurks in the hearts of a governing body of people that think their own people, such as that eight-year-old boy blown to bits at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, should be sacrificed to preserve their satanic ideology of diversity? The shadow knows and so do we. It is better that one man should die so that we, the pagan Jews, can live, was Caiaphas’s belief. The liberals think it is better that Moslems, blacks, Mexicans, Asians, and every other anti-European religion and race should have free reign to murder, rape, and terrorize whites so that they won’t have to give up their faith in a multi-racial world, minus the white man, which is consecrated to Satan, through his conduit, the noble black savage.

The white grazers will claim that their government officials love them dearly because they killed one Moslem terrorist and wounded another. That’s all well and good — I wish they had killed both of them – but the grazers must be told that the government responded to the Boston massacre because the bombers terrorized people at a state-sponsored celebration of diversity. Attacks upon the liberal state will be punished. But the on-going rapes and murders of white women by Pakistani and Afghan Moslems in this nation and throughout the European nations will be ignored. No one in the liberal oligarchies will seek to punish those Moslem murderers and rapists. Nor will the liberal rulers seek to put an end to the ongoing black reign of terror throughout the major cities of the United States and many of the European cities. Quite the contrary, they will continue to aid and abet the black race in their war efforts by continually attacking white people in print, in pulpit, and on television.

There is more than just a small remnant of grace left in my people, the white grazers. But all their noble sentiments, exemplified by the “Boston Strong” hockey fans, have been turned against them. They’ll cry for the victims of a bombing at a liberal-sponsored sporting event and sing inoffensive generic songs without realizing that they are a captive people without a country. A nation consists of a people with one common faith and one common race. The land mass where they settle is incidental to their nationhood. A white Christian New Zealander, no matter if he never lives one day in Britain, is British, while a naturalized British citizen of Jamaican descent is an African no matter that he is called a British citizen. Race and faith make a nation, so it always has been and so it always shall be.

There are no European nations in existence anywhere in the world today for the obvious reason that there are no incorporate unions of European people committed to a nation of one faith and one race: the Christian faith and the white race. “Nationalist” sentiment demonstrated by the ecumenical, “please don’t call me racist, anti-semitic, or a Moslem-hater” English Defence League in response to the black hooligans of London, or by generic, interracial, non-denominational “Boston Strong” demonstrations, is not the type of nationalism that will help the European people. It will only help to fuel liberalism and bury the European people.

The European people are currently being pulled in every direction just as Goethe was. What could have made Goethe an integral man could also make the European people a people again. Goethe needed to believe that God entered human history in the person of Jesus Christ. Such a belief keeps a man anchored to reality, a reality that can only be comprehended through humanity. If God is in us and we are of Him, we can only know Him to the extent that we honor our ties to our kith and kin. We cannot go cosmic or ecumenical and still maintain our faith in the living God. Christ is not the God of religions or the cosmos: He is the God of human hearts who have been warmed at their own, not strangers’, hearth fires. Burke said that a cold relation made a bad citizen. And extending that thought we can say that a poor relation cannot comprehend Christianity, because the God who saved mankind from death because of His divine charity can only be known through charity, a charity that begins at home and perishes without a home. Our race is our home: it is Ratty’s river where all good things dwell –

“By it and with it and on it and in it,” said the Rat. “It’s brother and sister to me, and aunts and company, and food and drink, and (naturally) washing. It’s my world, and I don’t want any other.”

When the European people once again feel connected to Christian Europe as Ratty felt connected to his river, they will not permit Moslems, Jews, or colored barbarians to set foot on their sacred homelands. Provincialism is not racist, it is Christian.

It doesn’t’ hurt the colored barbarians and the heathens when they mix with the white Europeans, because they can’t become any worse than they are: they are barbarians and heathens. But when the white European mixes with the colored barbarians and the heathens he becomes the most odious human on the face of the earth. He becomes a traitor to the light and a man without a country. Such a soul-dead individual must become a second-hand colored barbarian and second-hand heathen in order to convince himself that still he lives. This type of individual is called a liberal and there are far too many of them in the formerly European lands. The great battle that is being waged right now is for the souls of the white grazers who are neither fish nor fowl: they still have hearts, so they cannot be called doctrinaire liberals, but they have lost contact with their racial home, so they cannot be called Europeans.

The first Europeans embraced Christianity because they felt that in Christ they had found their true King and kinsman. They didn’t bend their knees to power and might, hoping, like the colored tribesmen, to appease an angry God who demanded sacrifice. They bent their knees to Christ’s divine humanity. They saw Christ as the true hero, a loyal kinsman, and the living God. They saw and believed because Christ’s humanity spoke to their humanity. The colored tribes never adopted Christianity because they never were stirred by Christ’s divine humanity.

The liberals have set up a government that demands that the white man mix with and worship the coloreds because they hope that faith in Christ, as the one true God, will be turned into a lukewarm admiration for a great civil rights worker whose mission on earth was to facilitate the worship of the negro gods. It seems that liberals are going to reign in triumph for many years, but that is what Satan wants the Christian European to think because he wants the European to despair and die.

It shall never happen. We’ve been in the belly of the whale, we few, we Europeans, and now it’s time to speak, from the heart, to the people of Nineveh, our own people, and they shall respond, because they have sacred memories of a provincial European hearth fire, presided over by Christ, the one true God. Satan tells the confused and troubled European Ninevites, through his liberal proxies, that Christian Europe was all a dream, an illusion. It is the task of the European who still sees Christian Europe to tell the grazing Ninevites that Christian Europe was not a dream. It was real just as He was — and is —  real.

The old European nationalist battle hymns still resonate with us today because they take us back to a day when Europeans believed that so long as they stood firm for their people and their God they would never ultimately be defeated. Let it never be said of the European remnant, “Ye for the battle were not ready, Stand and never yield.” +

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