Nearer to Thee

“We are the friend of popular government, but only so long as conservatism is the interest of the governing class.” – George Fitzhugh


H. C. McNeile, the author of the Bulldog Drummond adventure novels which were published in the 1920s and early 1930s, always made fun of his own intellectual prowess and of his hero’s. But McNeile’s Drummond had wise blood. He was always battling a seemingly divergent coalition of rich financiers and radical leftists. Each group had slightly different reasons for wanting to destroy Britain, but they were united in their desire to destroy old Britain.

McNeile was on to something. The financier does not want the restrictions that come with a traditional Christian society: he wants the “freedom” to pursue unlimited wealth, while the left-wing destroyers want freedom from anything that inhibits their pursuit of Babylon.

Writers, especially when they act in a body, and with one direction, have great influence on the public mind; the alliance, therefore, of these writers with the monied interest had no small effect in removing the popular odium and envy which attended that species of wealth. These writers, like the propagators of all novelties, pretended to a great zeal for the poor, and the lower orders, whilst in their satires they rendered hateful, by every exaggeration, the faults of courts, of nobility, and of priesthood. They became a sort of demagogues. They served as a link to unite, in favour of one object, obnoxious wealth to restless and desperate poverty.  – Burke

Against the evil coalition of capitalists and radicals was Bulldog Drummond. He came from that “happy breed” of men who believed in God, Crown, and race. He and his followers proved more than a match for the destroyers. And lest we doubt for one moment that McNeile’s Drummond was anchored in reality, we have only to refer to Jay Henry Mowbray’s account of the Sinking of the Titanic. What a breed of men! We shall never see their like again.

When the last boatload of priceless human life swung away from the davits of the Titanic, it left behind on the decks of the doomed ship hundreds of men who knew that the vessel’s mortal wound spelt Death for them also. But no cravens these men who went to their nameless graves, nor scourged as the galley slave to his dungeon.

Called suddenly from the ordinary pleasure of ship life and fancied security, they were in the moment confronted with the direct peril of the sea, and the absolute certainly that, while some could go to safety, many must remain.

It was the supreme test, for if a man lose his life he loses all. But, had the grim alternative thought to mock the cowardice of the breed, it was doomed to disappointment.

Silently these men stood aside. “Women first,” the inexorable law of the sea, which one disobeys only to court everlasting ignominy, undoubtedly had no place in their minds. “Women first,” the common law of humanity, born of chivalry and the nobler spirit of self-sacrifice, prevailed.

They simply stood aside.

The first blush of poignant grief will pass from those who survive and were bereft. But always will they sense in its fullest meaning this greatest of all sacrifice. Ever must it remain as a reassuring knowledge of the love, and faithfulness, and courage, of the Man, and of his care for the weak.

“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend.”  – Sinking of the Titanic

When faced with the supernatural courage and charity that can only come from a kith-and-kin, bred-in-the-bone Christianity, exhibited by the men and women on the Titanic, we can do one of two things. We can acknowledge that we are as nothing compared to those heroes of faith and ask God to give us the grace to follow, however falteringly, in their train, or we can sneer at that happy breed of Christians and worship the graceless gods of color represented by the Orientals on the Titanic who rushed to get on the lifeboats with the women and children.

I was just preparing for sleep when the crash came, and throwing on some clothes, I rushed on deck with my husband. In a short time we were told that the women would be sent in the boats. I did not want to leave my husband, but he laughed and told me that the boating was only temporary. There was very little confusion when we put off and the men in the first and second cabins were absolutely calm. Mr. Stengel kissed me and told me not to worry, that he would come in a later boat, unless it was decided to bring us back on the ship.

For some reason no attention was paid to the men who were put in our boat. One of them was an undersized Chinaman and the other was an Oriental of some kind. When the lifeboat struck the water they crawled up in the bottom and began to moan and cry. They refused to take their places at the oars and first class women passengers had to man many of the rowlocks. Still none of us thought that the great Titanic would sink. We rowed two hundred yards away, as they had told us, watching the great ship. Then the lights began to go out and then came a terrible crash like dynamite.

I heard a woman in the bow scream and then came three more terrific explosions. The boat gave a sudden lurch and then we saw the men jumping from the decks. Some of us prayed and I heard women curse, but the most terrible things was the conduct of the Chinaman and the Oriental. They threw themselves about the boat in absolute fits and almost upset the boat. They were a menace during the whole night and in the morning when the light began to come in the east and when the women were exhausted from trying to man the oars, the two of them found some cigarettes and lay in the bottom of the boat and smoked while we tried to work the oars.

The fact that the liberals have chosen to build an anti-civilization on the ethos of the later group of individuals sickens me beyond words.

McNeile’s Drummond was a heroic English, European type who has now faded from the world’s stage. He was a conservative defender of the status quo, as all good men and true should be when their government is conservative. But when the radical leftists and the liberal capitalists coalesce, take control of the government, and use colored barbarians to destroy the religious and racial core of your nation, a conservative must cease to conserve: he must be a counter-revolutionary determined to destroy the existing government.

There are no conservative governments, governments that are committed to an all-white Christian nation, anywhere in the European world, which is fast becoming the non-European world. In fact quite the contrary is the case. Every single European government is now committed to the extermination of the white race and the destruction of the Christian faith. Words such as democracy and equality are used to cloak what should be obvious: the white race is being destroyed by the liberals and the colored tribes. The liberals’ so-called democracy has nothing to do with the democracy of the antique Europeans. The democratic element was only present in the British system, for instance, as part of a threefold power structure that included the monarch, the nobility, and a select number of white males. Democracy, when used correctly, does not entail equality, because all men are inherently unequal. No self-respecting European would ever consider giving voting privileges to the colored stranger anymore than he would give voting privileges to the criminal or the lunatic. Such a flagrant sacrilege would lead to the destruction of the European people. But of course such a sacrilege has been institutionalized throughout the European nations, and it has led to the destruction of the European people.

The effects are not seen immediately, but the moment a European nation becomes an egalitarian democratic nation it ceases to be a white Christian nation and becomes a revolutionary Jacobin nation that must be destroyed. One looks in vain for any post-World War II conservatives who ever raised their voices, let alone their clenched fists, in defense of the European people as a separate, distinct people whose survival was all in all. Burke wanted to go to war with a foreign nation that had instituted egalitarian democracy. What would he have done had it polluted his own nation? What would any European who was still a European have done? They wouldn’t have bowed down to the gods of color: they would have fought for God and country.

It is now considered racist, immoral, and unChristian for a white man to love his own people and fight for their survival as a people. Yet it is not considered racist, immoral, and unChristian if the colored races want to love their own people and fight for their survival. It is only the white race that is supposed to commit suicide in order to appease the colored gods whom they have offended terribly. How have they offended them? They tried to take them out of their Babylonian night into the light of Europe’s day. Is that such a terrible thing? Now that French San Domingo is no more, has the great black voodoo republic of Haiti served as a beacon light of civilization? Now that white South Africa, that white pearl surrounded by ugly black soot, is no more, have the blood-soaked negro barbarians, who serve satanic Mandela, ushered in – as we were told they would once the whites ceased to govern them – a new Eden? None of this matters to the liberal, because he is not the least bit interested in truth. The worship of the black gods massages his ego and the hatred of the white man allows him to strike back at God for not running the universe according to liberal principles.

Once the European accepts the principles of democratic egalitarianism, which entails racial integration and the elimination of national boundaries, the European has accepted the liquidation of the white race. Numbers are insignificant when a few determined Europeans face the colored barbarians in battle: the spirited few will always prevail because they have that within which the colored barbarians do not have. But in the democratic egalitarian arena of the voting booth where the spiritual values count for nothing and sheer numbers count for everything the white race will be voted out of existence. White “conservatives” who accept the colored influx, legal and illegal, into their nations, hoping to “win them over” to the conservative side, are not conservatives, they are liberals. If we simply differ about the rate at which the white race should be liquidated are our differences that great?

So long as there are no counter-revolutionary white leaders, men who want to bury democratic egalitarianism and restore non-egalitarian, white Europe, the white race, the only race that ever created a genuine spiritually based civilization, will disappear from the face of the earth. But we shall not disappear from the earth if we break our democratic egalitarian shackles and become Europeans once again. The refreshing thing about Bulldog Drummond is that he has no regard for democracy or the laws that stem from democracy. He cares about the survival of that happy breed of men, his people. And that is what we should care about as well. These days, conservatives talk about the survival of democracy and the survival of capitalism while ignoring that which is essential, the survival of the white race.

If we go down into the boiler room of the devil’s flag ship, the luxury cruise ship called Liberal Lily, we can see that Satan has won the liberals over to his cause and confused and divided the white grazers by blending science and democratic egalitarianism. When the laws of the physical universe are applied to man, when he is regarded as mere biological specimen with no animating spirit within, he becomes subject to the laws of nature, and in nature we are all equal, subject to the same laws of birth, maturity, decay and death.

We need only look at the work of the degenerate anthropologist Franz Boas (is there any other kind of anthropologist?) to see how the scientific gambit is used to push democratic egalitarianism, which translates to racial diversity, which translates to the reign of the colored barbarians. Boas, who was the mentor of the sexual integrationist Margaret Mead, thought that the entire human race should blend with the black race so that all races would be equal. To further this end he became the foremost advocate of forced busing in America. This democratic solution to the race problem was pushed forward under the guise of science. Just as we progress in our accumulated knowledge of nature we advance morally, and the moral complement of a scientifically advanced people is democratic egalitarianism. Such is the liberal mantra, which is subject to the usual egalitarian caveat, “All are equal but some are more equal than others.” In the liberals’ pantheon the more-than-equal are the colored, who are closer to nature, which science tells us is the be-all and end-all of existence.

So long as the white people remain shackled to the scientific-democratic egalitarian heresy, they will be wanderers in the desert of modernity estranged from their past and their God. It is not just a matter of repudiating Darwinian evolution. Many who reject Darwin still accept democratic egalitarian evolution – democratic egalitarian race-mixing is seen as a moral evolution by the religious right. A man must repudiate the whole liberal ideology before he can become like unto and part of that happy breed of men who worship the living God in spirit and in truth.

The Drummond stories and The Wind and the Willows type stories represent a last look back at the “racist” Europeans, the last great breed of men. They were conservative in the true sense of the word. What they wanted to conserve was their people, and through their people, their faith in Christ, the one true God. My personal belief, which I have no scientific evidence to support, is that the European people will slowly emerge from their dark night of science and democracy and become Europeans again. God will not forsake His people. That same charity of honor that inspired those men on the Titanic to give up their lives for their kith and kin, will once again inspire seemingly ordinary Europeans to take arms against and defeat the numerically superior coalition of liberals and colored barbarians. Out of the depths we will cry to Him and He will answer our prayer. Even in their fallen state, in their modernity-induced stupor, I can see remnants of grace in the European grazers. Our people are not irredeemable. They are the Christ-bearers. If we light enough counter-revolutionary fires, our people will see the light and call on Him by name. +

So, by my woes I’ll be
Nearer, My God, to Thee,
Nearer to Thee.

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