The 12th Day of Christmas

Dark and dull night, flie hence away,
And give the honour to this day
That sees December turned to May
*             *             *             *             *
Why does the chilling winter’s morne
Smile like a field beset with corn?
Or smell like to a meade new-shorne,
Thus on the sudden?—Come and see
The cause why things thus fragrant be.



The ghost of Christmas present tells us we must strive to keep the Christ Child in our hearts 365 days of the year, not just for one day. But the same ghost through his authorial voice, Mr. Charles Dickens, also enjoins us to be especially attentive to the Christ Child during the Christmas season. I heartily agree with Mr. Dickens; the Christmas season should be a joyous celebration of the birth of our Savior, but it is not always easy to celebrate Christmas in a Dickensian way. Death and illness don’t always wait till after the Christmas season to strike, and then, in our liberal age, there are the family quarrels. Sometimes liberals, who are members of one’s extended family, come to visit, and they do not think that Christmas is about the Christ Child; they think it is about booze, negro worship, and filthy sex jokes. It’s hard to feel joyous in such company.

This Christmas season I was fortunate. No illness or deaths in my family and no visits from liberal relatives. We stuck to the basics: the old Christmas carols, the old Christmas stories from such authors as Charles Dickens and Washington Irving, the appropriate readings from the Bible, and two of my favorite Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th Street and the Alastair Sim version of Dickens’  A Christmas Carol. A blessed Christmas indeed. But I am always conscious in the midst of my family Christmas celebration that I and the other members of my family constitute a dissident band of white people whom the liberals would like to eradicate. Our position vis-Ă -vis the world is the exact opposite of the repentant Scrooge’s position vis-Ă -vis the world: the Christian Scrooge left his money chamber to seek the company of good Christian men and women whose company he had shunned his entire life. The antique Christian European living in Liberaldom must invert Scrooge’s journey. He must lift the drawbridge, shun the outside world, and keep Christmas within the walls of the family homestead, which in modern Liberaldom must serve as the family fortress. The last thing a European Christian wants to do at Christmas time, or at any other time for that matter, is to go out into the surrounding community seeking Christian fellowship. Such a policy would be spiritual suicide, because the liberal scoffers, the misers and the money lenders, and the colored heathens, who used to constitute the dark and loathsome underground of Europe, have become the rulers of the European people. They don’t have to hide in dark corners any longer because their world is the overworld, and the antique European’s world is the underground world.

I take no delight in the fact that the Christian European people are a captive and despised people. I wish it were otherwise. But I think it would be self-defeating to lie to ourselves by trying to paint the halfway-house Christians into the Christian picture in order to make the painting brighter. A few can defeat many so long as they do not mistake enemies for friends. The problem with the halfway-house Christians is that they want to fuse Christianity with other faiths. Some want to fuse Christianity with Judaism, some with Islam, some with pagan philosophy, and virtually all the halfway-house Christians want to fuse Christianity with the negro-worshipping tenets of liberalism. Such a blending is not what our European ancestors had in mind when they celebrated Christmas. They worshipped a very particular, provincial God named Jesus Christ who was born in a manger in Bethlehem. He told us Himself that He and He alone was the “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”

The reason the besetting sin of our post-Christian age, miscegenation, was so abhorrent to the antique Europeans was because they believed that God took flesh and dwelt among us. Their God was not a Gnostic! They believed that their skin color was an outward sign of their immortal soul. Believing that, how could a European blend with other races? He couldn’t. It was only those who consciously rejected Christian Europe that sought to blend with the colored races. In Treasure Island we learn that the pirate Long John Silver has a negro mistress. Such was always the case in Christian Europe. The enemies of Christian Europe sought after the colored people. And in modern Satandom the enemies of Christian Europe have institutionalized miscegenation and made pariahs of the Christian Europeans who still believe that Europeans should fight to the death to preserve that which is essential, their race, that is part and parcel of their soul.

The coming re-coronation of The Obama would not be quite as depressing if white Europeans would view the spectacle as a new beginning for the European people. If they would commit themselves to a non-democratic Europe where ties of kinship and race are more important than abstractions such as universal brotherhood and peace and harmony, then they could reclaim their homeland. The brotherhood of the liberals is no band of brothers, because there can be no true brotherhood when ties to kith and kin are severed. Nor can there be genuine peace and harmony in Liberaldom, because the liberals’ brave new world is a very old world, that of Babylon, where all that is distinctly human is obliterated in one inhuman dunghill of barbaric faiths and barbaric races. To look for peace and harmony in such a blasphemous mixture would be like looking for peace and harmony in bedlam.

Burke said that we were spending the unbought grace of life. He was correct. And now that we’ve spent it all, what is left? Something that is worse than nothing. A world without mercy. The people we have turned our European civilization over to do not even have a word for mercy, but somehow this brave new world, this Haiti within Europe, is supposed to be a better world. But who will champion the Christ Child in an African Europe? Do mothers in Haiti sing “Away in a Manger” to their children? No, they chant barbaric songs about torture and murder.

The simple prayer, “Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask thee to stay; Close by me, forever and love me, I pray!” was at the heart of European civilization. We can’t have Africa in Europe and still keep Him by us. The liberals are determined to banish Christ and keep their black gods at their sides forever. Must we, because we live under their rule, also banish Christ and keep their black gods by our sides? No, we shall not bend our knees to the liberals’ gods. When Satan rules, “I shall not serve,” is the European’s battle cry.

I cannot separate Europe from Christ; He is in Europe and of Europe. If we abandon incarnate Europe where the Son of God had a local habitation and a name, what is left to us? A utopia of unsurpassed barbarism and cruelty, much like the state of Haiti.

Christmas is a time to renew our commitment to His Europe and His people. It is not African Europe that we belong to. There is no Christmas in such a Europe. We belong to eternal Europe where He stays close by us forever. Such is the glorious song of old that we learned at our European hearth fire. That hearth fire is now, and always shall be, our only refuge from the unholy night of Babylon. Be near us, Lord Jesus, thy people ask Thee to stay. +

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