Even to the Edge of Doom

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

-Wm. Shakespeare


Just a few nights ago I saw what has become a very rare sight in this brave new racially diverse world of ours. I saw a white soloist, with an all white chorus, singing traditional Christmas carols to an all white audience. It was a wonderful sight. When I was growing up I took such wonderful sights for granted. But for the last thirty years or so I have not taken such events as an all-white Christmas celebration for granted, for the simple reason that the liberal oligarchy in charge of my nation does not want anything that is exclusively white to exist.

Diversity and inclusion are the god words of the liberals. When they utter those sacred words, we are all supposed to fall down on our faces and worship the nearest colored person. But who is being served by such slavish worship? Certainly not the white man who used to live in a racially segregated world where the God-Man, not the colored man, was worshipped. Nor are the colored people being served by inclusion and diversity. If there is no one to light the lamps, how can the barbarians of color find their way out of the darkness?

Inclusion and diversity are code words which mean the destruction of the white race. Every time I see an all-white celebration of Christmas, or see a painting or read a novel from the European past, I feel, along with my love for the particular European art work, a hatred for the liberals who want to destroy everything from the white Christian culture that sustains us all. Never believe the lie that European culture can be sustained without the survival of the white race who created that culture. Our skin color is part of our soul, and individual human souls cannot be transposed into the bodies of other humans by saying the magic words of diversity and inclusion. The liberals themselves could not live in a non-European world, but they are possessed by a satanic hatred of Christ, so like their Jacobin predecessors they attack the creator by effacing His image in man. God’s image was at the heart of European culture, and Satan’s image is at the heart of the colored cultures. To destroy the former culture and worship the latter culture is the liberal agenda.

Before the physical conquest of a people can take place, the soon-to-be-conquered people must have already either lost faith in their own God or wavered in their faith in their God. The Moslems were defeated in 732 A.D. because the Europeans still believed in Christ. The Moslems are triumphing now because Europeans do not believe what Charles Martel believed. But I do not want to dwell on the Moslems, or the Jews for that matter. I want to focus on the technological barbarian hordes that have made Christendom into Satandom: the liberal tribesmen.

The majority of white people have not taken liberalism to their bosoms, but their faith in the European vision of Christ has been shaken enough to make them defenseless against the passionate Christ-haters. And that very term, “Christ-haters,” which so accurately describes the liberals, makes the white grazer cringe. It sounds too extreme, too uncharitable. But look at the world the liberals have built. Is there anything in this new world that Christ would approve of? Just briefly, after the re-election of Obama, many white grazers saw past the liberal façade of diversity and inclusion and beheld the face of Satan. They were willing to listen to terms such as “satanic liberals” and “negro worship” without running and hiding under their beds. But those moments of white sanity passed after they spoke to their clergymen. They then returned to their passive, apprehensive state of existence, hoping that somehow the liberals and their barbarian allies would leave the churches intact (and of course they will because the churches are liberal), and convert to the more moderate mishmosh liberalism of the white grazers. Such a consummation, which we do not wish for, will never happen. The passionate always devour the lukewarm.

Most of the preliminary work of the liberals was done prior to the 20th century. Aquinas, Rousseau, Voltaire, Robespierre, Darwin, Freud, Marx, etc. all prepared the way for the revolution of the managerial rationalists, the bureaucratic men of science who aspire to build a better world than the world created by God. When the white grazer sees through his eye, instead of with it, and perceives Satan behind the rationalist façade, the grazer will become a European again. He will refuse to worship the liberals’ black gods. Such a refusal is not a futile, insignificant gesture, it is the essence of the counter-revolution. Satan’s “I shall not serve” set the satanic revolution in motion, and the European’s “I shall not serve Satan” shall set the European counter-revolution in motion. One case in point – after the Obama’s re-election, when the liberals and the colored tribesmen made no attempt to hide their glee, a mild-mannered friend of mine, a middle-of-the-road Christian woman, told me, “I feel like I’m surrounded by devils dancing around the throne of Satan.” The young woman modified her extreme statement a few days later after talking to her reasonable, responsible clergyman, but for a moment she saw the truth about liberalism. When such moments can be sustained, when one moment of insight becomes a permanent part of a grazer’s heartfelt faith, the grazer will no longer be a grazer. That is a consummation to be devoutly wished for, and devoutly fought for.

A genuine faith, a faith that sustains a man against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and the wickedness and snares of the devil, is bred in the bone of a man at his ancestral hearth fire. Once separated from that blood faith, a man is in grave danger of falling prey to an intellectual man-made faith which cannot sustain him against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or against the wickedness and snares of the devil. The modern European, having abandoned his blood faith for an intellectual faith, has fallen prey to the devil. Our minds are not clever enough to do battle with Satan. Only our hearts, united to His sacred heart, can defeat mankind’s arch enemy. Satan plays a very subtle game. The mad-dog liberals he captures quite easily; they are full of intellectual pride, and “we shall be as gods,” is their fervent desire. The grazers are different; they are proud of their virtue.(1) So Satan appeals to them through that pride in their virtue. Through his liberal minions, he convinces the grazers to worship negroes. His liberal minions tell atrocity stories. We know how that gambit works. The grazer is given utopian glasses with which to view the antique Europeans. Though most atrocity stories are fictitious and the full story is never told — the black who was lynched was a rapist, the Indians were killed by the British in just retaliation for the Black Hole of Calcutta, etc. – let us still concede that some atrocities were committed by Europeans. That, up till now, has been enough for the liberals. They thrust the atrocities front and center and ask the confused grazer if he approves of such atrocities. “By God, no, I don’t!” the virtuous grazer declares.

“Then show us you don’t approve by worshipping the colored tribes,” the liberals respond. And the grazer complies.

But the antique European will not comply. He points out there is no such thing as atrocities in the colored tribesmen’s culture. What a white man would call an atrocity is a normal, every-day, go-about-our-business life to the barbarians of color. The atrocities in the New Orleans Superdome? “What atrocities?” the black man says. “It was only natural.” The same applies to the fiendish cruelty of the yellow races and the savagery of the brown and red races. Their atrocities are viewed as the assertion of their rights, or as “only natural,” but never as atrocities. It is only the white European who is said to commit atrocities. This madness must stop now. Atrocity stories are unknown outside of the European civilization, because mercy is unknown outside of our European civilization. As we welcome the savage hordes of color into Europe, atrocities will increase at an astronomical rate, but they will no longer be called atrocities; they will simply be the normal, everyday activities of the colored barbarians. Having severed their blood ties to their kith and kin, the Europeans have cut themselves off from the God of their kith and kin. A vague pride in their virtuous refusal to support European atrocities will not avail them against the colored hordes who commit atrocities as easily as an antique European prays.

And then we have the liberals themselves. They have institutionalized infanticide and turned their faces away from the atrocities the colored barbarians commit against white people. Why should they be permitted to condemn our European ancestors for the specks in their eyes, while they, the liberals, have gigantic logs in their own satanic eyes? Look at the liberals, look at the colored savages, and then look at those white people I saw the other night celebrating Christmas. Where should our allegiance be? For whom should we fight to the death, and who should we fight to the death against?

When I was a young man I believed that a deeply held passionate faith could defeat any force on earth that was sent against a man. As I got older I learned to hide my belief that Shakespearean passion could move mountains for fear of ridicule, but I never really modified that essential faith I had in the supremacy of the heartfelt passion over reason and ultimately over death itself. Now as an old man I feel that passion even more strongly than when I was young, and I no longer feel inclined to hide my passion for fear of ridicule. I love the European people; I love them because they showed me the face of Jesus Christ. Those Europeans who have gone to their rest in the arms of the Lord and those Europeans, like the ones who sang those Christmas carols a few nights ago, who still walk the earth will always have at least one heart that loves them and one champion who will fight for them. But I think there are others who feel as I do. That which is lost should constantly be before our eyes. And the anger that wells up in us against those who have destroyed Christian Europe and the love that makes us determined to restore Christian Europe will sustain us in the war against principalities and powers.

‘Too late’ and ‘not enough’ are terms the managerial types use. They tell us it is too late to turn back the colored invasion because there are too many of them. But aren’t the devil’s armies always legion? Numbers are only of significance in math class; they mean nothing in the spiritual realm. Sir Galahad’s faith is still our faith: “If God be for us, who can stand against us?” +


(1) Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall. – Measure for Measure

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