The Restoration of Innocence, Mercy, and Faith

“Endeavouring to persuade the people that they are no better than beasts, the whole body of their institution tends to make them beasts of prey, furious and savage.”  

– Burke


First Burke and then Taine, in their commentaries on the French Revolution, pointed out that the French revolutionaries had a pathological hatred for human beings. While professing to love humanity in the abstract, they hated any genuine manifestation of humanity in individual members of the human race.

This sort of people are so taken up with their theories about the rights of man, that they have totally forgotten his nature. Without opening one new avenue to the understanding, they have succeeded in stopping up those that lead to the heart. They have perverted in themselves, and in those that attend to them, all the well-placed sympathies of the human breast… Humanity and compassion are ridiculed as the fruits of superstition and ignorance. Tenderness to individuals is considered as treason to the public. – Burke

Such was the essence of French Jacobinism and such is the essence of modern liberalism. Burke warned that the death of Robespierre did not end the French Revolution. The snake had been scotched, not killed. And that hideous reptile has now grown to mammoth proportions, making its destruction impossible without the grace of God, which Europeans have ceased to pray for. “I serve the King and the King serves Christ,” is no longer part of the Europeans’ vernacular.

The utopian liberal (a redundancy because all liberals are utopians) builds his castle with the bricks and mortar of unreality. He lives in mortal fear of losing even one brick from his castle of unreality, so he employs masons to keep the castle strong and guards to protect the masons. And the keystone of the liberals’ castle of unreality is the sacred negro. If that brick is removed, the whole castle will come tumbling down.

The black man was not always the keystone of the castle of unreality. Originally the liberal tried using the father, the abstracted intellect. But alone the abstracted intellect could not capture the hearts of men. So the liberal added the son, in the form of the abstraction called ‘the people,’ to the castle of unreality. And to support the son, the holy spirit, science, was also brought into the castle. The son (the people) was always the keystone of Satan’s blasphemous mimicry of the Holy Trinity. Just as the Son of God represented, in His humanity, the highest form of humanity, so did the son in Satan’s trinity have to be the lowest form of humanity. So Satan moved toward the deification of the negro by degrees. The once Christian Europeans needed to worship the lowest dregs of their own people before they could be persuaded to worship the generic black man as the European messiah. But negro worship has come to fruition in Europe, which would seem to indicate from a Christian standpoint that the European people have reached the bottom of the pit and are now in the process of maintaining the pit against all invaders. Why would any European wish to defend a castle which consists of an interracial slime-pit? For the same reason the demons in the gospel wanted to be sent into the swine who plunged over a cliff. They hate the light and worship the darkness. Having lost faith in Christ the liberals need stronger and stronger doses of unreality in order to keep reality at bay.

What we are witnessing throughout the European world is the consolidation of the forces of liberalism. They have banned together to destroy anyone or anything that reminds them of Europe when Christ lived and dwelt among the European people. And who do they run to in their war against God? The descendants of Ham and Cush, whom we were expressly forbid to make our masters. We know neither the day nor the hour, but I often wonder why the halfway-house Christians who are so enamored of Israel because of “prophecies” do not look at the Biblical battle right in front of their eyes instead of the false Armageddon they have invented: The forces of Ham and Cush against the sons of Japheth and Shem. Why don’t those who call themselves Christian gird up their loins for that battle? Because they have not taken off the layers of unreality from their souls. All around them are the unChristian fruits of diversity, but they refuse to see, because in their hearts they have decided to stand with the liberals against Christ. The liberal disease took hold by degrees, but in the end it spread to the spine of the halfway-house Christians, and they, being unable to stand upright, could no longer see anything beyond the liberals’ pigsty. Now they think that racially diverse pig-slime is the only reality. If you suddenly showed them a vision of Christian Europe before it was turned into a pigsty, they would condemn it as a world of evil and unreality and proclaim their liberal pigsty to be the summit of beauty and truth.

A liberal kills all the divine longings in his heart so he can propound the abstract principles of his utopian brain. And with the circular logic of the madman, he always comes back to his own mind as the only reality. He will always find the imperfections of the King he hates and the culture he hates, because there is no perfect King and no perfect culture. But why does the liberal focus on the mote in Louis the XVI’s eye and ignore the log in the Jacobins’ collective eye? Why were the white South Africans condemned for compassionate apartheid and the modern negro rulers not condemned for the bloody massacre of whites and blacks? Why does Tony Blair tell us we must have a racially diverse Britain when racially diverse Britain is diametrically opposed to everything good and decent that used to exist in non-diverse, racially segregated Britain? The answer to all those questions is that the utopian liberal is criminally insane. Devoid of all humanity he uses his brain to support the inhumanity of liberalism, which holds the negro aloft as the holy God of Liberaldom. Is such a faith madness? Indeed it is. The negro worshipping liberal and the Jacobin are spiritually united.

“I must confess,” said he, “that for days I could neither eat nor sleep for excess of joy!” One day a Jacobin in the tribune declared: “We shall be a nation of gods!” – Fancies like these bring on lunacy, or, at all events, they create disease. “Some men are in a fever all day long,” said a companion of St. Just, “I had it for twelve years.” -Taine

Such a frenzy for satanic utopias is hard to maintain. As the faith in white Jacobins and Russian proletariat died, the faith in the colored people, especially the black, grew. Who could doubt, when witnessing the frenzy of the American and European liberals on the occasion of Obama’s election, that the spirit of Jacobinism, which is the spirit of the fallen angel, is alive and thriving in the negro worship of the modern Europeans?

Burke succeeded in turning his own people and the bulk of Europe against the bloody reign of terror. But he failed to convince the European people, after the blood-letting had ceased, just how deeply utopian thinking had penetrated France and Europe. If unchecked it would, Burke maintained, destroy Christian Europe. Every European liberal condemned Burke’s “wild speculations,” and even conservatives to this day claim Burke was “too extreme.” But ‘tis not so. What Burke feared, the destruction of the unbought grace of life, occurred.

I stand astonished at those persons who do not feel a resentment, not more natural than politick, at the atrocious insults that this monstrous compound offers to the dignity of every nation, and who are not alarmed with what it threatens to their safety… This pretended Republick is founded in crimes, and exists by wrong and robbery; and wrong and robbery, far from a title to any thing, is war with mankind. To be at peace with robbery is to be an accomplice with it. – Burke

The rest of Europe made peace with the robbers because they too wanted to spend the unbought grace of life in their own nations. They wanted to build abstract idols and worship those idols. All that was needed for Jacobinism to carry the day was a curb on the extreme blood-letting. Once that diminished, the Jacobin virus was allowed to spread slowly throughout Europe and slowly rot the spiritual spine of the European by killing the provincial virtues: love of family, race and place, and replacing those virtues with a love of abstract universal families, foreign races, and mother earth.

The mantra of liberalism is “always upward and always onward.” Toward what? Have we moved upward? Not in the Christian sense of the word. We have moved downward. We have moved onward though, onward to Babylon. And each stage toward Babylon, being that much further removed from Christendom, is crueler and harsher, more lacking in humanity, than the previous stages. So much so that liberals of former eras, men and women who tried so hard to be progressive and future-oriented, are not even cited or known by their liberal descendants. Bernard Shaw, who hated the British people for not allowing him to replace Shakespeare as the national bard and who attacked God by attacking His people, is an unknown to the modern liberal zombies. Nor does Bertrand Russell, Comte, Feuerbach, or Voltaire rate a hearing among the unthinking, unfeeling breed of modern Babylonians who have no idea that their modern pigsty was the work of centuries. Nor do they know that their progenitors still had some Christian lingerings that prevented them from completely living up to their cruel utopian plans. But we can rely on that no more. The new breed has no Christian lingerings in their soul. They are a final product of years of anti-European madness. Look around you. I have. There is no mercy, no pity in Babylon. The liberals have triumphed, which means Satan rules unopposed.

At the sight of European Babylon there must be a rage within the European that says, “This shall not go on.” Without that rage it is futile to oppose liberalism. One must love that which was lost and refuse to accept its loss. For one shining moment Dylan Thomas spoke for the European who refuses to accept the death of his loved ones and the death of his culture: “Rage, Rage against the dying of the light.” The European who is strong of heart will not leave the satanic liberals and their negro idols in possession of sacred Europe. They will rage against the death of innocence and the death of mercy and faith, until innocence and mercy grace Europe’s green and pleasant land again and faith is restored. Such a restoration is absurd from a democratic standpoint. But that will be the test. When Europeans stop thinking like calculators and start thinking with their blood they will know what Alfred and Tell knew: one man, who loves his people with a love and passion beyond the understanding of the liberal and the barbarian, will start a crusade or shoot an arrow that will eventually defeat the seemingly invincible forces of the utopian liberals and their heathen gods.

Before World War II commenced, King George VI of England read in his 1939 Christmas broadcast to the British Empire the poem “The Gate of the Year” by Minnie Louise Haskins. It was quite appropriate. Britain was already on the way to becoming a full-fledged Jacobin state at the time of that Christmas reading, but facing a world war the King instinctively reached into the past to inspire his people to fight for Britain. Old Britain was an “Into the Hand of God,” civilization, and it was the ethos of that older Britain that would see the British people through the war. We, the last remaining Europeans, are engaged in a war of infinitely greater magnitude than any of the preceding wars. This war is for the survival of the European people. If we refuse to let go of the “into the Hand of God” Europe, the segregated Europe which is religiously and racially non-diverse, we will certainly prevail over liberals who have placed their faith in science and the Noble Black Savage. There is no true strength emanating from such a perverse civilization. If the walls of Liberaldom remain intact it is only because we have not placed ourselves in the hand of God. Once we do so, the love that passeth all understanding will stir us to protect innocence, render the deeds of mercy, and destroy the liberal leviathan. +

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