The Sport of Demon Worship

The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s
In deepest consequence.

– Banquo in Shakespeare’s Macbeth


The official word has been pronounced on the Olympics: “Though it is only for two weeks it’s wonderful to see young people from all nations get together in the spirit of harmony and peace, which is engendered by friendly athletic competition.” Even if the competition was actually friendly, and a good deal of it is not, we should ask what end is being served by the “friendly competition.” The answer comes back, “Universal peace and brotherhood is being served.” But is universal peace and brotherhood, even if such a utopian scheme were possible, a desirable goal? The Olympic universal peace and brotherhood is the peace and brotherhood of a Babylonian orgy. The participants might be fairly peaceful immediately after the orgy, because they are tired, but in due time they will seek more of the unhallowed pleasures of Babylon. And they will quarrel, fight, and kill for their share of the limited allotments of the Babylonian pie.

Modern sporting events are the moral equivalent of the medieval morality plays, which were performed on the steps of the church as an extension of the religious ceremonies. Is there any doubt, if we view the “sports” of the modern Europeans, about the irreligion of the white man? The most abject, slavish worship that has ever been seen on the face of the earth takes place in the sporting events of the western world. Sports that do not have black participants are considered lesser sports. And when a white man succeeds in a sport that is dominated by blacks it is assumed that somehow the white’s success is due to prejudice against blacks. Our sports are part ritual, part drama, just like our church services, but the sporting events are purer, from a modern standpoint, in content than the church services because there is less of a Christian hangover at the sporting rituals. Sometimes old Christian creeds, slightly modified, are recited at church services, and some old hymns might sneak into a few services. No such problem in our modern sports. A Christian hangover might linger over some small issues of protocol, but by and large the sporting rituals in the western world have changed from Christian morality plays to pagan religious festivals. And the Olympic games are a syncretistic blend of all the pagan sporting events, which is why they deserve to be called the Babylonian Games or the New Tower of Babel Games.

Since there is a direct correlation between a people’s religion and their sport it should not surprise us that European sports have become less provincial and more corporate. When a sporting event is local and part of the life of a specific race of people living together in a specific geographical area, the sport becomes an integral part of the people’s identity as a people. The sport is not a good in and of itself, it is good because it allows for the dramatic enactment of the religious ethos of the people. In the case of the antique Europeans it was Christian values that were embodied in their sports. Sports were reformed or abandoned altogether according to how well they served the people’s need for dramatic, Christian morality plays. If you doubt for one moment the religious nature of sporting events, just look at how sports’ terms are used in a religious context. ‘When the great score keeper tallies up the score…”, “I’ve run a good race”, and on it goes. Desmond Young made a profound point when he said that the only way to make the English treat war seriously was to make them regard it as sport. Of course, sport is part of a people’s inner life; it must be taken seriously.

The Englishman who said that the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton was not being flippant. He was simply acknowledging that a nation teaches its young men, for good or ill, through sport. What are our young men, and our young women, learning from our modern sports? They are learning that negroes are to be worshipped and that loyalty to their race, and the culture that stemmed from their race, is outmoded and evil. Some future liberal historian will declare that the war against the white race was won on the playing fields of the European people. Of course after he pens those words, he too will be liquidated.

If we see sport for what it is — an extension of a people’s religious faith that has far greater influence than a church service, which cannot reach as many people — we can understand why we cannot view sport as something separate from the great liberal hydra that is intent on destroying the white race. Sport is a vital limb of the liberal hydra.

The late John Tyndall, who fought so nobly for Britain, once wrote of attending a football match (what we call soccer) between England and Germany. Naturally as an Englishman Tyndall went to the match in order to root for England, but much to his horror he saw that half the “English” team consisted of negroes. So he shifted his allegiance and rooted for the German team, which had no negroes playing for them on that particular day. Tyndall had the right type of patriotism, the only type of patriotism that is uplifting. He loved a particular people, his own people, not a propositional, generic people with a different race and culture from his own, who were polluting his homeland with their presence. Of course it was the United States that first championed the propositional nation over a kith and kin nation. “There is no black or white, Mexican or Chinese; there are only Americans.” What utter nonsense! Only the white man believes in such a dystopian proposition. The black, brown, red, and yellow people of the earth believe only in the triumph of their race, and the destruction of all other races.

The sporting arm of liberalism uses the same tactics to spread and propagate liberalism as the churches use. The churches place the emphasis on the corporate structure and encourage their devotees to place their faith in the organization rather than a personal God. Using the same tactic in the sporting arenas, the liberals emphasize the organization rather than any specific individuals. No sooner does a modern white child place a picture of his favorite white player on the wall, and his favorite player is traded because it is the corporation that matters, not the individual. And to whom or what is the sports organization dedicated? To the negro, of course. The white child with a favorite white player is encouraged to be loyal to the corporation, not his people, which is why the corporation will try to ensure that only black players participate in corporate sports. Then every poster will have a black god on it instead of a white devil. The Tim Tebow phenomenon of last year, when he was reviled by the liberals and the blacks for being white and popular, was an example of the institutionalized hatred of the white and the institutionalized reverence for the black that is at the heart of all white nations.

It doesn’t matter if a white involved in sports follows all the stated rules of Liberaldom. He will be persecuted and eliminated simply for being white and successful, because the unwritten law of Liberaldom is the essence of liberalism: The white must die so that the black gods can live.

The ongoing hatred and post-mortem skewering of Joe Paterno is another example of the way liberals use sports to destroy whites, even if the whites whom they wish to destroy tried to adhere to all the principles of Liberaldom. Joe Paterno was a liberal! He coached at a college with an interracial football team, and he gave to all the liberal causes. But he was a liberal in a Republican-George Bush sense of the word. As such he was considered too white to be lionized as he was by the ‘God and guns’ people of western Pennsylvania. He had to be destroyed. The Sandusky affair had no more to do with the liberals’ motivation for destroying Joe Paterno than Watergate had to do with the liberals’ motivation for destroying Richard Nixon. Paterno was humiliated and destroyed because he was perceived (and the perception was wrong) to be a conservative white man, just as Nixon was perceived to be a conservative white man (also incorrect) because of his successful prosecution of Alger Hiss.

It’s not possible for the white male to appease the liberal hydra by trying not to be white. Even if he supports the propositional society of Babylon his whiteness will make him an anathema. When the white Americans were held hostage by the Ayatollah Khomeini, he kept harping on the evils of the white Christian West, even though the West had long ceased to be Christian. It’s no matter; so long as whites exist, the enemies of Christ will regard them as the Christ-bearers no matter how often and how vehemently they renounce Christ.

It’s only because I remember Edgar’s warning: “Who is’t can say, ‘I am at the worst’? I am worse than e’er I was…” that I refrain from saying that the white race has hit bottom. I can only observe that white people, as a people, have descended further down the slippery slope of idolatry and devil worship than ever before. Does their downward spiral have an end? It doesn’t appear so; we seem poised for centuries of devil worship through the devil’s proxy, the negro.

Kierkegaard once said that there is a type of martyrdom that comes about as a result of being trampled to death by geese. That is the type of martyrdom taking place in the majority of white hearths. Some whites are dramatically martyred in the streets of Babylon, but most are just beaten down by the relentless anti-white propaganda spewed out from the many-headed liberal hydra. School, pulpit, press, and sporting event all bear witness to the evil of the white man and the grace, beauty, and sanctity of the negro. We should be prepared to defend our people against the violent assaults of the liberals and their colored henchmen, but we should also – and in this the remnant European is woefully inept – be prepared to fight the daily battle, countering the relentless pounding of the liberals with a relentless pounding of our own. The Hamlet analogy — “We defy augury” — is also apropos. The liberals want us to feel that resistance is hopeless because they have the numbers and the magic called science on their side. But we have something purer, nobler, and deeper than the liberals’ magic; we have faith in Him who turns lost causes into triumphs. Even the last great enemy, death, has no dominion over Him.

Resistance to Liberaldom is only hopeless if the European stays on the surface of life with the colored tribesmen and the liberals. If the European seeks the depths, he will find that within which passeth the outward forms of this world. He will find, in the depths of his soul, the true God who will give him the strength to hurl his defiance at the liberals and their black gods. Liberalism is a disease of the soul, and it has become deeply rooted in all the nations of Europe. It would take a miracle to root it out. But we few, we Europeans, who are about to die, believe in miracles. “The sign of the cross, the spirit above the dust.” +

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