The Rulers of Babylon

And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. –Genesis 11:4


For nearly a century now the European people have been ruled by liberals. What can we say about them? Certainly nothing good. They are the most inhuman, cruel, tyrannical people that have ever walked the earth. And yet the liberals do not see themselves as cruel, inhuman tyrants. Why don’t they see what is obvious? They don’t see the obvious because they have reduced all of life to an abstraction. They never see individual human beings suffering terribly under their regimes because they have only an abstract idea of humanity that they lovingly caress in their own minds. They desire to help an abstract concept of ‘the people,’ which to them is all of humanity, and to reap the applause of ‘the people’ for their great benevolence. So the liberals keep “helping” their abstract, generic people while opposing all the ‘enemies’ of ‘the people’, and those ‘enemies’ are the real flesh and blood human beings that inhabit this earth. Any appeal to the liberals’ compassion from non-liberals will not only fail, it will bring the wrath of the liberals upon the appellant, because the liberals do not want anyone to challenge their abstract ideal of humanity and their vision of themselves as the great benefactors of humanity.

In the non-abstract world called reality there is no doubt that aborted babies are human beings, but for over thirty years the liberals have steadfastly resisted appeals on behalf of the murdered infants and the infants about to be murdered. All attempts to persuade the liberals of their cruelty and inhumanity are futile because they don’t recognize the humanity of the babies in the womb or the humanity of those who plead for them. It is the same with the slaughter of white people and the systematic eradication of their culture. No appeal to the humane instincts of the liberals will stop the extermination process because the liberals, having no genuine humanity, only an abstract idea of humanity, do not look on white people as human beings. Like Robespierre the liberals recognize only a small group of people as truly human. For Robespierre it was all the low class scum who fawned on him, and for the liberals it is the negroes.

The revolution goes on, but the ‘chosen few’ have changed. The concept of ‘the people,’ those persons who are designated as genuine human beings, has narrowed. Now it is only the colored races, with the negro taking precedence (some are more equal) that constitute humanity. And it is striking and very revealing to see how completely estranged, even those cohabiting, the black and the liberal are. The liberal doesn’t see the real black man; he sees only his abstract notion of a black man, and all that the black man knows of the white liberals, or cares to know, is that they are easy prey.

A culture based on a false abstraction, the belief in the Nobel Savage, cannot provide the spiritual sustenance to a people. White people are becoming extinct because they haven’t the spirit to survive. When the entire Western world becomes like Academia, where the abstraction rules, the white man will cease to exist, and the negroes, who are sustained by the white race, will become beasts of burden for their rival colored races. Having never been Christian, the colored rivals of the black race do not have the post-Christian disease. They do not view the black man as a Noble Savage.

When I was growing up a low budget movie called The Blob was popular. It has remained a popular movie to this day and can be seen on many of the old movie channels. It is difficult to see why The Blob remains so popular as it has no substantive plot. But then again, liberalism has no substantive plot and it remains highly popular. The Blob, who is the title character, starts out as a small, sticky, inhuman substance and grows, by feeding on people, into an enormous mass of inhumanity that needs to constantly feed and grow in order to survive. Hmm… is the Blob a metaphor? Yes, I think it is. That monstrous mass of inhumanity is what we now call liberalism. Within that mass of inhumanity is what is left of individual human beings. But they choose to extinguish their humanity and become part of an abstract monstrosity that has an overwhelming need to make all of humanity part of itself, the Blob.

About six months ago, I got one of those hideous summons to appear in court for jury duty. Since the summons came with a threat for non-compliance, I complied. Different courts use different methods of weeding out the undesirable jurors. Some courts get rid of the undesirables before selecting the jury, while others select the jury and then dismiss those who don’t pass muster. On this occasion the lawyers first picked the jury and then questioned them. I was selected as a juror, but then the questions began. Does anyone here know the defendant? Does anyone here know the defense attorney? And so on, and so on. Quite basic stuff. Then came the big question, at least from my point of view. “Does any member of the jury feel that they could not follow the judge’s instructions if his instructions went against their own personal beliefs?” I immediately responded: “My conscience does not belong to the judge. Of course, I’d go with my personal beliefs against the judge’s instructions.” I was on fire to continue; I wanted to go on about a morally bankrupt nation that gave legal sanction to the murder of infants. From there I wanted to talk about the necessity of making man’s law conform to God’s law. The judge was having none of that though. Despite the fact that he had debated with all other potential jurors who had brought up misgivings on lesser topics, he dismissed me immediately without any discussion.

The judge’s survival instincts were functioning properly. A government with no moral basis dare not allow courtroom discussion of the moral undergirding of its laws. As I was leaving the courtroom, I thought of Burke’s proud statement about the once great nation of Britain.

We are not the converts of Rousseau; we are not the disciples of Voltaire; Helvetius has made no progress amongst us. Atheists are not our preachers; madmen are not our lawgivers. – Burke

Ah, there’s the rub. We now are the converts of Rousseau, and madmen now are our lawgivers. Just as the satanic regimes of the French Jacobins and the Russian communists needed reams and reams of legal documents (90% of the Jacobin lawmakers were lawyers) so does our present government try to mask its moral illegitimacy by setting up a kingdom of legal documents. What kind of people do such governments produce? They produce an inhuman Blob of soulless people. I think many of those potential jurors, if you talked to them privately, would have assented to the proposition that God’s law trumps man’s law. But they would never apply that to their own country. Reared on the assumptions that what is lawful is right, and that a man’s religion is a private matter independent of the law, the seemingly human jurors became mesmerized zombies in the face of that triple-turned whore called ‘The Law.’

In reality all people structure their laws according to their religious faith. The liberals put forward the lie that liberal law is not religiously based so that they can keep the few remaining Christians out of the public debate. What kind of man agrees to leave his faith behind when deciding matters of great importance? A nothing man. All governments of the European world are now based on an inversion of the Christian faith, an unholy trinity that we encounter in every aspect of our lives: The Father – the abstracted intellect, The Son – the negro, and The Holy Ghost – science. All white children are taught the liberal faith, and they learn to practice it as they pass from childhood to zombiehood. The negroes? They hear of their divine status from cradle to grave.

It’s important to see that the liberals are conquerors. They have done to Europe what conquerors do. They have destroyed all that once sustained the culture they conquered. In religion, politics, law, and in civil society all vestiges of Christian Europe are gone. The fight must be to restore Christian Europe and destroy all vestiges of Liberaldom, not to beg the liberals for breathing room in Liberaldom. But the internal work against principalities and powers that St. Paul writes about must be done first, or all is done in vain. Superficial Christianity soon becomes liberalism:

Burnet says, that when he was in France, in the year 1683, “the method which carried over the men of the finest parts to Popery was this—they brought themselves to doubt of the whole Christian religion. When that was once done, it seemed a more indifferent thing of what side or form they continued outwardly.” If this was then the ecclesiastical policy of France, it is what they have since but too much reason to repent of. They preferred atheism to a form of religion not agreeable to their ideas. They succeeded in destroying that form; and atheism has succeeded in destroying them. I can readily give credit to Burnet’s story; because I have observed too much of a similar spirit (for a little of it is “much too much”) amongst ourselves. The humour, however, is not general.    -Burke

We need to ask our modern liberal Jacobins what Burke asked the French Jacobins: “Having destroyed the old order, whose laws stemmed from the Christian faith, on what principle do you propose to base your laws?” And of course their answer to Burke was an abstraction called Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity presided over by a whore called Reason. And our modern Jacobins are of the same spirit. In their minds, which are abstracted from reality, they believe in a racially blended world, sustained by science and presided over by the negro.

A world such as Liberaldom, which is opposed to reality, must have cradle-to-grave propaganda. The great push for a universal educational system from which “no child will be left behind” is a thinly disguised program to make every white man, woman, and child denounce their European rights of memory and consign their souls, which are white, to the devil.

From approximately 1914 to 1965 the great bulk of Europeans had forsaken the Christian faith. But during that time period the great bulk of Europeans still believed in the ethical system that stemmed from the Christian faith. Race-mixing was not rampant, abortion was illegal, and feminine virtue was honored. But an ethical system cannot survive long without the faith that created it. In the second half of the 20th century we saw the collapse of the ethical system which came from Christianity. Race-mixing became holy, abortion became legal, and female promiscuity and sluttishness were considered wonderfully progressive and ground-breaking (witness Madonna cavorting at the Super Bowl). There are no adequate words to describe such a moral collapse. It is a tragedy that only Shakespeare could describe. There is only one benefit from the death of the ethical system that was the result of a Christian hangover. The one benefit is clarity. When non-Christian Europeans of the Christian hangover era shared the same values, if not the same faith, as European Christians, it was much more difficult to do battle with them. But now, when the New Age heathens regularly worship at the altar of the negro gods and revel in the fleshpots of Babylon, it is easy to see that the sword must be drawn and the battle joined. Who, having known His Europe and having seen the liberals’ New World Order, would ever sheath his sword until Liberaldom is destroyed? +

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