Courting the Friendship of the Wicked

It is a dreadful part of the example, that infernal malevolence had had pious apologists, who read their lectures on frailties in favour of crimes; who abandoned the weak, and court the friendship of the wicked.  – Letter on a Regicide Peace by Edmund Burke


I was a great deal less than ecstatic, but more than mildly pleased to see Simon Heffer’s article chronicling the Labour Party’s attempts to “destroy Britishness” through massive immigration. What I liked about Heffer’s article was his recognition that the native Brits had every right to expect their rulers and those immigrants who come to Britain to respect the native British culture:

In a society that remains more than 90 per cent indigenously British, it is ludicrous to be ashamed of national traditions, rooted in common values from a shared past.

And it is entirely right to expect those who come here to accept those values and traditions, and not be made – usually by mischievous, politically-motivated white liberals – to feel hostile towards them.

When even many atheists recognise the central importance of Christianity to the culture and institutions of our country – and I am one of them – it is offensive to the intellect as well as to the spiritual to seek to downgrade or marginalize that faith.

Our society needs an end to mass immigration.

What I did not like about the article was Heffer’s attempt to avoid both the racial and religious issue. He, like the members of the English Defence League (EDL), who wanted “all decent people be they black, white, Christian, Sikh, Jewish or Muslim…” to ban together for England, fails to come to grips with the fact that the non-white, non–Christian immigrants will never become good Britons. First and foremost they can’t become good Britons, because a good Briton, by definition, is white and he is Christian. There is no other kind of Briton. To suggest there can be an abstract British citizen, loyal to an abstract Britain with no racial or religious identity is to enter the utopian realm of Thomas Paine. And secondly, the Moslems and the people of color do not want to become good Britons. The Moslems want to make Britain into Islamabad, and the blacks want to rape and pillage their way through Britain.

Heffer, though an atheist, thinks that respect for Britain’s national identity, “Founded on Christian values of tolerance and decency…” is the best way to guarantee a harmonious future for all our people, of whatever racial background…” That sounds disgusting. Let’s all hold hands and sing the Coca Cola song. There are some nonbelievers, such as George Eliot, Thomas Jefferson, and Simon Heffer, who admire Christianity as an ethical system. Such “friends” of Christianity are dangerous because Christianity severed from the belief in Christ as the son of God becomes a secularized ethical system (I believe it’s called liberalism) in which faith, hope, and charity are replaced by “tolerance and decency” which translates to tolerance for evils, such as abortion and miscegenation, and respect for decency as defined by liberals. True charity, which stems from faith in Christ, is more often than not deemed too intolerant and indecent in the extreme by liberals who want white Christians to tolerate the evils liberals do and the moral indecencies that they glory in. 

Heffner has taken one baby step toward the light, but he will remain largely in the dark if he continues to ignore the obvious: Racial and religious diversity kills. Britain and every other European nation must be racially and religiously non-diverse if they hope to survive. 

Recent barbarian atrocities in Britain, a mild white protest of the atrocities, and a satanic liberal response to the mild protest, illustrate the present position of white people vis-à-vis the state and vis-à-vis the non-white cultures: In Rochdale, England (I’ve never been there but I’m told it’s in the northwest) eleven Asian men, at least they are called men, raped and assaulted a number of young white girls. In other words, the subhuman Asians are practicing pedophiles. When a few white teenagers threw rocks at the businesses of the offending Asians, the police threatened “robust” action against people seeking to “take advantage” of the racial tension in the town. And when the inclusive, “we love everybody” English Defence League (called an “extreme right wing” organization) planned a protest of the Asian barbarities, the police warned that “There are clear racial elements behind this. The EDL are coming to Manchester again on Saturday. We have a robust policing operation in place. I’m very confident of that policing operation.” The police went on to warn white Britons not to put anything inflammatory up on Facebook or Twitter. “We are, as a police service, monitoring all the sites. Where we see things that are inflammatory or trying to incite or corral people for criminal activity, we will act.”

It doesn’t matter what European country you look at; the same nightmare is unfolding. A sick, degenerate white hierarchy opens up their country to the colored hordes. They hope that the colored barbarians will dispose of the white grazers and then become loving subjects of the Atticus Finches of Liberaldom. The first part of the scenario is already taking place, the second part never will take place. 

Once they enter the formerly European nations the colored barbarians do what they did in their own countries — they behave like barbarians. The only difference is that in the white countries there is no one to check them. The colored barbarians have free license to murder, rape, and rob white people. If there is even the slightest murmur of a protest from white people the government responds as it did in the Rochdale pedophile incidents; it vows to crack down on white racists. And of course the crackdown works. Even mild protests are framed in such all inclusive language — “we respect all races and faiths” and “we deplore all violence” — that the protestors become a kind of support group for the barbarians of color, reassuring them that white people won’t become violent, and white people are not against all colored barbarians, just a few misguided, naughty ones.

I see the suicide of the white race taking place before my eyes, but I still can’t understand it. How long will white people remain a non-people? Shakespeare is the pre-eminent European poet because of the breadth and depth of his poetic vision. He is always our contemporary because he imagined and depicted every aspect of the human condition. He speaks to us, the suicidal whites, across the centuries:  King Lear brings untold miseries on himself, his subjects, and his loved ones by his folly. But through suffering, Lear is ennobled. Suffering has not driven him mad; it has driven him to sanctity. And it is from that new perspective, the perspective of a saint, that King Lear realizes there are human beings so hideously evil that there can be only one response to them: “And when I have stol’n upon these son-in-laws, Then, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!” 

While liberals look to punish even so much as an angry word from a white grazer, they themselves choose violence to solve all their problems.  Does childbirth interfere with a woman’s right to be free and fulfilled? Then wipe out the children in their mothers’ wombs. Do white people pose a threat to the new Babylonian utopia? Then bring in the colored barbarians and turn them loose on the whites. The liberals’ hands are covered with blood, and the barbarians’ hands are covered with blood. Yet still the white grazers remain tolerant, supportive, and respectful toward the governments that have sanctioned the extermination of the white race. Young white males join their nations’ armies and navies to fight for the new, white-hating Babylonian world order. And white parents support school and church where their children learn to hate the white race and worship the colored races. How long, oh Lord, how long? 

The conservative American columnist Chilton Williamson recently predicted that the United States would soon be engaged in a civil war because of the irreconcilable racial groups currently residing in the land mass called the United States. A civil war would be an improvement on the present war in which only the liberals and the colored barbarians are fighting. It would be most heartening if white people actually started holding up their end of the war. A war in which only one side is fighting can hardly even qualify as a war, unless you call killing cattle in a slaughterhouse a warlike activity. Without a whimper Europeans have turned themselves over to the butchers. 

Should we just assume that the white race is a cowardly race of spineless jellyfish and leave it at that? We can’t if we want to get at the truth. White people have shown tremendous courage during national disasters in their own countries and when going to the aid of victims of national disasters in other countries. It is in defense of their own against colored aggression that they seem completely helpless. Why should this be so? 

White people cannot act in accord against a common colored enemy, because they believe what their leaders have told them, that they are a pariah race of people who must do penance for the sins of their ancestors. This is why whites always frame even their most mild protests against colored atrocities in non-racial terms: “… all decent people, be they black, white, Christian, Sikh, Jewish or Muslim…” The whites will remain in bondage, at the mercy of a merciless, hate-filled hierarchy of liberals and the colored barbarians, so long as they continue to seek redemption from the devil. And it is the devil who rules Liberaldom through the good offices of the liberal. The ideals of the French Jacobins have become the ruling principles throughout the European countries:

The rebels to God perfectly abhor the Author of their being. They hate him “with all their heart, with all their mind, with all their soul, and with all their strength.” He never presents himself to their thoughts but to menace and alarm them. They cannot strike the Sun out of Heaven, but they are able to raise a smouldering smoke that obscures him from their own eyes. Not being able to revenge themselves on God, they have a delight in vicariously defacing, degrading, torturing, and tearing in pieces his image in man.

If white people, such as the members of the EDL who try to stop white genocide with Coca Cola songs, would look to a different leadership, the leadership of their honored dead, they could find in that leadership the white man’s answer to the demonic rule of the liberals and the colored barbarians. It was with the backing and the encouragement of Satan that the liberals urged, and then when they got power they demanded, that all Europeans break with their evil past, which was racist, sexist, homophobic and completely unprogressive. And thus far the white grazers have been mesmerized by modernity. Some aspects of it might make them uncomfortable, but they are still too mesmerized by it to forsake it. So they keep hoping against hope that the liberals will be merciful to them and let them live in Babylon. But the god of Liberaldom does not extend mercy to the penitent. No amount of groveling will atone for the white man’s sins against the black gods of Liberaldom. The white man will not be forgiven even in death. And what was the unforgivable sin of the white man? He was the Christ-bearer: that was his sin. Asian pedophiles rape white girls in Britain, and black barbarians rape and torture whites in the United States, South Africa and every European country, because the liberal hierarchies of every European nation condone such atrocities. And they will go on condoning and defending such atrocities because they hate the Son of God and His people. As Burke said, they want to tear God to pieces by destroying the image of God in man. 

When the British police officials warned that they were going to take “robust” action against whites seeking to retaliate against the Asian pedophiles, what were they really saying? Let me translate. They were saying, “I love the devil and all his works, and I hate Christ and all His works.” If the whites with some spark of whiteness left in their souls, such as the Coca Cola songsters of the EDL, could see who really rules Britain and all of Europe, they might stop seeking redemption from the prince of darkness and turn to the God who defends the hopeless and those who fight for the hopeless. Tolerance of evil is not Christian. Hatred of one’s own is not Christian. And the support of Satan’s reign on earth is damnable. We all die in the end, but shouldn’t we die fighting for His reign of charity rather than Satan’s reign of darkness? +

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